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I am so happy to be a part of this tour, I absolutely loved this book and It made me laugh so much in places. It’s a really feel good coming of age story primarily focusing on the strength of friendships as high school comes to a close.
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Like the best teen movies, this book starts with a plan then everything goes hilariously awry. Miller got it all right. The characters were endearing without feeling phony. The humor was funny without being over the top. This book has a lot of heart & I’m so happy I read it. I’m looking forward to seeing what Miller comes up with next.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Albert Whitman & Company for an ARC of this book. All opinions in this review are my own.

This book was really fun, and even though this was nowhere near what my prom experience was like (I sat at home and watched movies with a friend after), I feel like there are a lot of aspects of this book that are still very relatable which makes it incredibly enjoyable. This book follows a group of friends who make a sex pact to all have sex on prom night - you know, typical high school stuff. It then bounces between the perspectives of a few of the different characters, and also lets us see into their group chat as they message each other their antics throughout the night. There is loss and love, heartbreak and new beginnings, and lots of teen angst. Based on the title it was assumed that the sex pact wasn't going to happen, and it was due to a series of unfortunate events, so reading the different problems each of them were dealing with that night was a nice change of pace to the more stereotypical prom night shenanigans. I did get frustrated with some of the characters behaviors at times, but then I remembered they are 17, and I am much older and have lived many more experiences than them, so I cannot say I wouldn't have done the same thing when I was 17 - so they get a pass.

If you are looking for a book that has a lot of different viewpoints so it can keep your attention, and you don't want it to drag out over a long time (I think this whole thing takes place over maybe 12 hours?), this is a fun way to live a very different after prom night evening than I think many of us would have had. 4.5/5
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Kalena Miller really captures the excitement, anxiety and angst typical of ONE NIGHT in as teenager's life. I laughed out loud so many times, seeing my own teenage years reflected in the characters. This was a highly engaging read, a romp (or not) through a night filled with chaos, ridiculous (in a good way) scenarios, and relationships that are in the process of growth and change. Highly recommend.
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honestly, this book sounded so good. but there was so many different povs in this book, that it honestly confused the hell out of me. and i feel like it was just so confusing for me to read and i couldn't connect to anyone, since there was so many things and people happening in this book. and i feel like if you didn't like every single character and every single couple, it would have been a bit of a mess. and the couple good characters weren't enough to save the book for me. 

zoe and morgan- i honestly liked that they were queer and that they honestly felt really real. and i honestly liked how they kind of talked about how they were sexual active, and not some cardboard cut out of a couple, since they are the only queer couple in the friend group. and i liked that we got to see zoe freak out about college and all of this. and how morgan didn't really want her sister to have sex with her boyfriend, and i honestly liked seeing how overprotective they were. 

alex and leah- they were probably the best couple in the books and i really liked that they were this blind date to prom, and i think it was just cool to see their dynamic about it all and how they weren't going to have sex and all of that. and i really liked how leah and alex went to go see his grandma once she has a heart attack. 

madison and jake- she has lupus and i really liked that this played into morgan's anxiety about it all, and the need to make sure she is safe and okay. and jake is leaving for college and is an athlete.
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This book was pretty good! I would give it 3.5 but round up to a 4. I thought the plot was unique and appreciated that it brought up a number of issues that young people are often think of, such as college decisions and what that means for friendships and relationships and the pressure to have sex. I also really liked how it talked about sex very openly, the author didn't decide to skirt around any topics that might be uncomfortable which is something I think we need more of in literature. The one flaw that sticks out to me is that there were a few times where a character would say something and I would have to take a step back for a moment because it just didn't seem to make any sense. Other than that though, I would for sure recommend this book to a customer or friend.
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I enjoyed this book because it could be a real story. The friendships and relationships came across as genuine, and so did the struggles each character faced. The realistic struggles around sex in this novel were great. There are characters figuring out lube, role playing, vaginismus, chronic illness, and more.

I also liked the emphasis on plans gone awry. There's so much change going on in a teenager's life and pressure to meet certain milestones and make big decisions. The way that the characters dealt with these roadblocks in the book wasn't always rational, but it was real.

Overall, this story about the escapades of a tight knit group of friends on prom night was charming, light-hearted, and authentic.
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Thank you to NetGalley, Albert Whitman & Company, and Kalena Miller for the opportunity to read The Night When No One Had Sex in exchange for an honest review.

This novel is told in various perspectives featuring four couples who decide to make a sex pact after their senior prom. Zoe's uncle is out and his cabin in the woods is up for grabs (not a creepy story, I promise!). Each couple plans to make the best of the night and come away having had a wonderful (sexual) time with their significant other. But as John Lennon says, "Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans." 

Alex and Leah: Leah doesn't know about the sex pact, but sex pact member and lab partner Julia pushed Leah to go to prom with her friend, Alex. After prom, Alex rushes to the hospital because his grandma had a heart attack. Leah, even though she and Alex never really talked before, remains a faithful prom date and goes with Alex to the hospital, instead of going to another party that is being held. Leah might have a little secret of her own for going to the hospital with her prom date. Demon Cat will make an appearance with Alex eventually...

Julia and Kevin: Both determined, but Julia has severe pain every time she and Kevin try to have sex. They attempt numerous things to try and make the magic happen without pain, including a whole bottle of lube and some role-playing from her favorite book series. Also, Julia hates cats, and Zoe's uncle's cat, dubbed "Demon Cat" by Julia, happens to be in their room of choice...

Jake and Madison: Madison has lupus, a disease where the immune system attacks its own tissues. Some symptoms include fatigue, rashes, joint pain, and fever. Sometimes stress or too much activity can cause Madison to get a flare-up, and the pain scale varies. Jake knows about her lupus but tries not to have that on his mind or ask her about it. Instead he pushes to keep the sex pact in tact and find a fun way to spend time with Madison, which might involve climbing on the roof...and getting interrupted by Demon Cat.

Zoe and Morgan: Morgan is Madison's twin sister. She spends far too much time worrying about her sister's condition and tends to make frequent phone calls to her mom at moments a phone call should not be made. Zoe was on a waitlist for Yale University and was actually accepted. But she also wants to go where Morgan is going to college so they can remain together. This choice causes Zoe some severe anxiety throughout the night, and she isn't sure how to tell Morgan what she wants to do. She isn't even sure what school she wants to attend. To top off their night of not-so-much-romance, Zoe's uncle's cat disappears and she continues to stress, needing to find the cat or face the wrath of her uncle.

Demon Cat: also known as Bulldog, this orange male kitty is a beloved comic relief throughout the tensions of high school senior teenage romance drama. 

Part of me requested this novel because the drive to read teenage angst books was really hoping this would be more romantic than it was, but it definitely had its real relationship moments. Not all relationships are perfect, but working through conflict is how relationships grow stronger. These high school seniors are about to enter adult life and will need to take those problem-solving skills with them. Maybe they didn't get lucky, as things do not always go according to plan, but they certainly each come away having gained some life/worldly experience from the night.

This is a quirky, fun book that a teen reader may enjoy, and I had fun waiting to see how each relationship would turn out at the night's end.
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The Night No One Had Sex follows a close-knit group of friends, enjoying their last glory days of high school before adulthood with a sex pact. If you’ve ever wondered what the inside of a bunch of horny high schoolers looks like then read this book for one hell of a group chat!

I adored the multiple POVs as the storyline follows 8 characters (4 couples) and readers can fully appreciate the dynamic relationships and the ability to canvas each character's thought process and emotions. The character representation was eclectic from LGBT couples, chronic illness, anxiety disorders, plus-sized characters, and a plethora of ethnicities- this novel offers something for everyone and I approve of the inclusivity. 

At its core, this novel touches on the struggles of transitioning from a teenager to adulthood, planning for college to the uncertainty of what the future may hold. It imparts such an integral lesson to the younger generation which is to live in the moment and stay true to yourself. The writing style is extremely sarcastic and comical and 100% entertaining.

There’s a level of uncertainty as the author wraps up the story, that is very vague and open to interpretation which I don’t usually like but somehow it works with this story. There is almost a whisper of, "this isn't the end of their journey but merely the beginning." 

This was a highly entertaining coming-of-age story about love, friendship, and family. It provides an extremely sex-positive, straightforward overview of teen sexuality and common issues of teenage life. 

Thank you to the author, Albert Whitman, and Company and NetGalley for providing me with an arc in exchange for an honest review.
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Aside from Alex's arc, most of the other characters in the novel are not overly likable. They either don't respect themselves the way you'd expect someone in their position to (Madison) or obsess over an Ivy like a cliche YA protagonist (Zoe). And the weird sibling/girlfriend/parent triangle is just...a lot. However, Alex's arc is enough to keep me engaged. Others may be more receptive to the melodramatic pieces, but to me, they felt like overly trodden ground.
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Hilarious texts and awkward moments, The Night When No One Had Sex is a series of unfortunate events that may keep all of these teens from having sex.

A group of high school friends all make a pact to have sex with their significant others right after prom in this comedy of a novel.  For me, the best parts of this book happened when the entire cast of characters were texting in their group texts, interspersed throughout the novel.  They felt honest, humorous, and perfectly encapsulated the drama of all the events that unfold.

It is refreshing to read a book that sets the stage for sex and the complications or difficulties that might come up when the couples try to have sex. Throughout, there were these laugh out loud moments, these hilarious back and forth be it the text messages or a certain couple finding ways to get aroused, as well as genuine concern for each other, particularly for Alex and his grandmother, as things progress over the evening.

With multiple character points of views,  Miller’s debut is a combination of the unpredictable and interestingly hilarious take on teens and their night after prom.

Happy Reading ̴ Cece
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This fun, quirky and very relatable cast really had me laughing and cringing in the best way.

Nothing ever goes like the movies, especially a friend pact to have sex the night of prom. But Julia and her friends all still hope and as each one faces a problem that hinders their goal, remember you don't need to have sex to prove you love someone, prove a relationship is strong, or to feel ok. Just having someone romantic or platonic is a vital thing.

This book is extremely realistic, and if my friend had done this, it would have gone like this.
There are some ridiculous problems, but they are done charmingly, and even when I didn't love how the character responded or acted, I could see their side, and I enjoyed them otherwise.
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This was such a fun read! The characters were so entertaining. All of the different scenarios were either hilarious or heartbreaking. I do wish we had gotten to maybe spend a little more time with the characters, maybe an epilogue that showed where and how each of the characters are in a year. It's definitely a finished story, but I always appreciate epilogues showcasing the characters a year or so later. I do with some of the character names had been more unique. Some of them are quite similar which almost makes it difficult to remember who is who at the beginning, but they definitely grow into their own characters as the story progresses.
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This was a fun and breezy teenage romcom-esque adventure that was funnier than I thought it would be with more heart as well. Each of the separate plot lines were engaging and fun to follow, with the culmination being worth the read.
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Full of humor, romance, and a wonderful examination into the troubled thoughts of teenagers anticipating life after high school, Kalena Miller’s novel The Night When No One Had Sex is a hilarious story that depicts a group of friends that try - and fail - to enact a sex pact on their prom night. As the title suggests, this night obviously does not go as planned. Yet, by the end of the novel, you are still left fulfilled by the resolutions that the teenagers reach about relationships, friendships, family, and what will happen during college and beyond.
While the initial plot of the story appears to be a group of teenagers looking to fulfil a sex pact on their night of their prom, the evening takes a turn toward the inquisitive pretty quickly. The question of what will become of relationships and friendships within the group once they attend college is brought forth, and these teenagers’ resolve in sticking together is extraordinarily admirable. 
Kalena Miller interjects sections of the teenagers’ group chat, and many times, this is where a lot of the characters’ personalities shine through. Sporadically intercut with emojis and ALL CAPS EMOTION, these chat threads felt like a true group chat shared by seniors in high school. The care and affection that they all share with one another is also apparent in these threads and it feels like such a genuine group friendship. 
The Night When No One Had Sex also has a good amount of representation. There is a sapphic couple - Zoe and Morgan - that have a healthy relationship with one another, and even their arguments are punctuated with the fierce love they have for one another. Madison, Morgan’s twin sister, is chronically ill with lupus, and the novel dives deep into how this affected her life and mentality. 
The story makes a point to directly note that Kevin is a bigger man, but there is an underlying message of body positivity whenever this is brought up in the book, both directly and indirectly. Alex is an Asian-American man, and while he undergoes a journey in figuring out who he is outside of the boundaries of his room, he is extremely close with his family and appears to make an effort to understand the language of his culture.
Kalena Miller’s The Night When No One Had Sex is a feel-good story full of good-natured humor and If you are looking for an uplifting read, this is a great book to start of your September.
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I am LOVING this new trend in YA where authors dive into real things that teenagers think about and experience aka sex and the concept of virginity 

Told through multiple POVs and the group chat, we follow a friend group on the night of their senior prom, attempting to complete a Sex Pact. Pretty quickly hijinx ensue and the rest is pretty amusing.

This was a really quick and witty read that I greatly enjoyed and will definitely be recommending
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This is so fun and funny. I think it perfectly sums up how whenever we make plans, they always fall apart. Expectations ruin so much when you’re in high school because so much of the reality of life has yet to sink in even when you believe it has.
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A huge thank you to Albert Whitman Teen and NetGalley for providing me with an eARC in exchange for an honest review!

3.5⭐️ 2🌶

This was such a cute, fun and light read that I enjoyed devouring within hours! I think the fact that the events in this book took place in a span of one night made it fast-paced but quite enjoyable!

I liked how I got to explore all these interesting storylines from the multiple POVs of this group of friends as they spend the night at a secluded cabin for their planned sex pact after prom night. It was so easy to get to know each of the characters really well so I didn’t get too confused from all the alternating chapters. Though I found some storylines to be more interesting than the others, I liked how there was a balance of laugh out loud, ridiculous moments and those heavier moments where serious topics were explored especially with the pressure they of having their first time that night, their plans after high school and all their individual issues. I enjoyed Alex and Leah’s storyline the most as it was exciting and sweet all throughout! I also loved how teen sex positivity was highlighted in this book!

Overall, this was such a quick, entertaining read about teenagers dealing with the problems life throws at them! I highly recommend this if you’re looking for a light, fluffy read!
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this was cute and fun, but there was no substance to it. dnf at 25% because every character felt/sounded the same, and I got tired of the constant whining. I’m sure this book is decent, but I like books that are a little deeper. so it was good, just not the right read for me
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This book was truly something different, truly delving into the experience of being a teenager by focusing on the stories of several individuals. Kalena Miller crafts so many unique characters, nuanced, whether or not we ge to se the story from their point of view. Instead of focusing on attempting to create teenagers that are very timely, this group is relatively timeless, and even if there isn’t one specific character that fits all your experiences, you will find someone to identify with here. 

THE NIGHT WHEN NO ONE HAD SEX tells the story of a group of teenagers in the hours after prom. They all made a pact to have sex that night in a cabin in the woods (not as horror movie-esque as it sounds), but when various personal issues arise, from a grandmother’s heart attack, a chronic illness flareup, the secret of surprise acceptance to Yale, and getting locked into a closet while roleplaying, the pact quickly falls apart. 

This book is highly character driven in all the best ways, not only does it completely delve into each and every one, but Miller accomplishes the difficult task of both making each and every one individual while also beautifully illustrating how intertwined they are. TNWNOHS was such a fast paced read, and considering that the story takes place over roughly 8-10 hours maximum, not a minute is wasted. Every character’s story intrigued me, especially with the interweaving of the groupchat within the story. 

Speaking of the groupchat, this book is truly something in that it accomplished fairly realistic teenagers, especially in a story centered around teenage experiences. Kalena Miller doesn’t rely on current slang or trends to portray this teenagers (which is completely to her benefit), instead going to the core of what makes a teenager a teenager. The slight taste of autonomy, the yearning and anxiety about what comes next, and ultimately the awkwardness. It’s easy to picture book characters as these idealised humans, but Miller makes sure we as readers don’t forget that these characters are just teenagers. They’re good people, but they’re not perfect. They get excited about perfectly mundane things, and so much more. This characters are so beautiful and nuanced and clearly written with so much love. And I think someone reading this book in ten years could feel exactly the same way. 

Ultimately, one of my main qualms was with slight difficulty in keeping up with individual characters at the beginning of the story. While I appreciate the way that this book doesn’t weigh itself down with exposition in the describing the setting sense, there are moments where I kind of forgot who I was reading about, especially in the text messages. And while the character development was top tier, there were a few storylines that ultimately ended up feeling a little rushed (primarily when it came to Alex and Leah).

I really enjoyed this book, and I never wanted to put it down. It’s so realistic and beautiful, and clearly heartfelt. Really the epitome of what a stand alone book should be. A beautifully character-driven book in the best way possible and an absolute recommendation all-around.
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