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The Night When No One Had Sex

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Thank you so much Albert Whitman & Company and NetGalley for the chance to read and review this book in exchange of an honest review.

When Julia and her friends make a sex pact, involving a secluded cabin in the woods, no parental supervision and condoms, they expect to have a fun night, but nothing goes as planned. Alex's grandmother is undergoing emergency surgery and his date, a girl he barely knows, decides to keep him and his family company, Zoe is struggling with her college decisions, Morgan, her girlfriend, is obsessive about her twin Madison, who has a chronic illness and who only wants to live without fear and like a normal teenager with her boyfriend and Kevin and Julia are trying to have sex, but she ends up locked in a closet. So, what about having the sex pact?

I loved reading The Night When No One Had Sex! It's funny, it portrays realistic relationships, between siblings, friends and lovers, common teen fears and doubts and it's really sex-positive.  The story is hilarious, told by different POVs and their funny and brilliant group chat, while they navigate this disastrous night, their relationships with one other, fears, doubts, desires and strong bonds, family's issues and pressures. The characterization is brilliant, they are complex and relatable, funny and moving, their interactions well written and realistic in their intricicacies and dramas and desires.  Zoe with her doubts and her strong relationship with Morgan, who is supportive and a bit obsessive, Madison, who is struggling with her disease and desires, Julia and Kevin and their strong bond, made of laugh, understanding and love, Alex with his family's problems, his relationship with his parents and grandmother and they navigate their own problems, expectations and unexptected problems on their prom night. 

The story is really good, hilarious, sometimes moving and utterly amazing. I totally recommend this book to those who wants to enjoy a funny book, well written characters and plot. 

And there is also a Demon Cat in this story, so what are you waiting for?
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This is what I think prom night is for most kids. Everything that can go wrong does and it turns into a hilarious rom-com of teens realizing that maybe sex on prom night just isn't in the cards for them.  No matter if you are a teen getting ready for your prom night or you're an adult that already had one. This book is a fun read that will have you laughing and crying all at the same time. Although this book was totally ridiculous it was such a fun read and learning about each couple.  I would love to see this one the big or small screen.
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This was a fun book to read! The story follows a group of high schoolers the night after their prom who have all made a pact to have sex that night. What could have been full of cliches and weirdly focused on teenage sex lives was an interesting look at relationships, stress, life changing decisions, and youth. I thought maybe the title was going to be a bit of a spoiler by nature, but Kalena Miller's fun, lighthearted storytelling made it a compelling read! Although at times it could be a little adult pretending to be a teenager-like, the characters were all fairly likeable and the story definitely avoided a lot of cliches I was expecting. If I could give half stars, I would say this book falls more at a 3.5 than a 4, but worth the round up since I have to choose.
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This is one of the most fun books I've read in a long time. I love the conflicts that played throughout the condensed timeline. I LOVE how well-developed each character was, including their hopes/fears/wounds/wants. I truly could not put this story down and I can't wait to tell my students about it.
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This book, which is half romance and part modern friendship narrative, is deserving of all the excitement it will receive when it is released. I’m in the same year as the protagonists in this book, so it was incredibly wonderful to have so much of the plot revolve around college plans and concern about the future.

Julia Harmond has arranged for her entire group of friends to accompany her in losing her virginity on the night of her senior prom, after gaining access to Zoe’s uncle’s lake house. However, she is frustrated because her previous attempt was too painful, and she is keen for things to go according to plan. There’s also the issue of Zoe’s uncle abandoning his cat at the house, which Julia is terrified of.

She spends many hours imprisoned in a closet with her boyfriend, Kevin, as they try roleplaying for the first time.

Zoe Blackwell and her partner, Morgan, have been having sex for nearly a year, but she’s delighted to go along with Julia’s plan since she needs a break after her recent Yale acceptance (where she is a legacy student). She doesn’t know how to tell Morgan that she might be moving across the country, and telling her family that she might not want to go after all will be much more difficult. (In fact, her uncle’s house has an entire bedroom dedicated to Yale memorabilia.) Yale has always been her ambition, so it couldn’t possibly alter now, can it?

My favourite aspect of this novel was that, despite the fact that it appears to be about love relationships and friendships, the most of the drama stemmed from other sources (like college plans, pressure from family, and chronic illness). There’s no misunderstanding or “everything goes wrong” moment in this story. There isn’t a single instance where the group is engaged in a major battle.

Also, NO EXTREME PARTY CULTURE IS ALLOWED! I was hoping it wouldn’t be an over-the-top party with everyone getting drunk and high on the nice furniture because the majority of the story takes place at a lake house with no parental supervision. No, it’s not at all unrealistic.

Even though they primarily just sit around and talk, they’re more interesting to read about than any other “crazy party” in any book.
And then there’s the GROUP CHAT. There are multiple situations where the characters have a group chat, and the names they come up with are hilarious.

If you’re nearing the end of high school, a student who is worried about the future, or if you simply miss your adolescent years, read this.
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This is a cute story. Alex's is going through a bit of a tough time at the moment.  Leah am not kean on. Julia was talking about a sex pact? So a pact what could actually go wrong or right. I like the progressive in this book it flows very well.
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I almost DNF The Night When No One Had Sex. I skimmed through some of it, and Zoe's chapters I simply only read the dialog. I powered through, though, because some of it was interesting.

Julia and Kevin might've been my favorite couple of the book, followed by Alex and Leah. Although Alex and Leah got a little repetitive, and there wasn't a whole lot going on between them . . . it was still cute watching them developing the feels. The situation that Julia and Kevin got themselves into was both equally funny and serious. I love how sweet and caring Kevin was during the whole thing.

Morgan and Madison really bothered me. I get that they're sisters and they protect each other. However, it just got to be too much. Yes, your sister has lupus and can have a flare at any moment. However, you need to just let her live Morgan!

A lot of things that happened that prom night had me shaking my head thinking none of this stuff actually happens in real life. Then I stopped and thought about how things aren't the same as they used to be when I was a teenager. Anything can happen these days! It was a nice change in pace to see a group of teenagers hanging out without any alcohol involved, too.

There was a lot of ridiculous laugh out loud moments, followed by a few heart to heart and serious conversations. What started out as a pact between a close friends group of seniors in high school ended in a whole lot of mishaps and drama.
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I wanted to love this book but I couldn’t do it. Part of it might be that it was weirdly formatted in the ARC, but I also don’t think there was enough distinction between characters and their voices
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A group of friends on prom night go to a secluded cabin to complete their sex pact. Julia and Kevin have been together for a while and have decided to move to the next step. Zoe and Morgan have done it before, but are hoping for a romantic night together. Madison wants to prove that Jake is a good guy and that she can do anything her friends can, despite being the "sick girl". Alex just wants to go on a date and maybe get his first kiss before graduating high school. 

Only, nothing goes as planned. Alex's family emergency cause him and his date, Leah, to change course. Julia and Kevin have scary cats and elf problems. Morgan and Zoe can't get on the same page regarding college. While Madison tests her limits with Jake, which leads to rooftop adventures and a surprising decision. At least it'll be a night they never forget. 

The Night When No One Had Sex left us laughing for the most part. Told from Julia's, Madison's, Zoe's and Alex's points of views, we get insights into these four couples. Reading about Alex and Leah was probably our favorite part. Leah takes charge and despite not knowing Alex well, is there for him right away.  They have instant chemistry and probably the most unexpected night. 

Madison also had an interesting story arc. We felt bad for her since she had lupus and everyone, including her family, treated like she was breakable. Jake had his faults, but the best thing about him was how he treated Madison like everyone else. 

Zoe's point of view wasn't as enjoyable just because her girlfriend Morgan was so annoying. As Madison's twin, Morgan is like an overbearing mother and won't let her sister be independent. She also needed to be more invested in what Zoe needed. 

Julia and Kevin were adorable and quirky couple. They probably had the most hilarious mishaps, but they were as strong as ever. They had a strong love of fantasy characters and Julia's fear of cats had us sympathizing. Seriously, we're dog people...not cat people. 

The only problem we had was the abrupt ending. We thought it needed at least two more chapters to see what happened next. Despite the ending, we enjoyed the antics of this friend group and felt the characters were realistic in dealing with the high school to college transition.  

Overall, if you want to laugh and need a quick read, The Night When No One Had Sex is for you.
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Thank you Netgalley for the ARC. 

Julia made a sex pact with her friends (eight in total) and went to Zoe's uncle cabin in the wood without parents supervision to have the best night of their lives but will they? 

Alex and Leah: They couldn't join with the pact because Alex grandma is in hospital and they have to go there. Alex found out that Leah is a daughter of a millionaire and freaked out that her father is a mortal enemy of his grandma. 

Madison and Jake: Madison and Jake tried to have a sex but Madison lupus flare comes in between and they cannot have, much to their disappointment. So they took Cheetos and went to house roof to have a romantic night. They had a hard time climbing up and down the grass-filled trellis. Jake is naked and Madison while climbing down isn't a good idea because her flare isn't cooperating at all. 

Morgan and Zoe: Morgan and Madison is a twin and whole night she is worried about Madison's health. On other hand Zoe didn't like the idea of her accepting to Yale University and she wants Morgan to say she don't want her to go but seeing Morgan's supporting her isn't what she's expecting at all! 

Julia and Kevin: Zoe's uncle has a cat which Julia despise cats so much. They closed their door blocking the entry and try to do elfish role play for sex when Julia ends up locking in a closet when Kevin accidentally breaks the lock. 

All of them really want to have a best night of their lives in the night of their senior prom but it seems like they are going to learn a lot of things. 

From each of the characters perspective narrate their own thoughts and story about their uncertainty of their life after high school and transition into adulthood. 

I really loved this book and enjoyed every pages and the scenes and the hilarious dialogue of course! Every part of the book is so relatable, funny, and emotional. It really shows the life of young people and how they see things from their eyes. 

This book is so gonna be the best book of 2021 for me.
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I wanted to love this book- REALLY LOVE IT- and I just sort of loved it. It was fun, cute, well-written, and a nice fluff read. But the premise had the potential to blow me away, so I was a little disappointed.

I was diagnosed with lupus in my second year of college, and I devour any book with lupus representation. So far, I've been pretty disappointed. I know that everyone's experience with autoimmune diseases is different, but this was dramatic. The book was the same way about endometriosis (although that was flagged as dramatic by other characters). Lupus does not make a person too frail to have sex or live their lives. Endo is extremely hard to diagnose and more traumatic than painful sex. 

Those personal issues aside: it was a fun book about a group of high school friends having a last hurrah where everything goes wrong. The book takes place in just one night. Loved the sex positivity and real situations and emotions the teens go through. Will purchase for my library!
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This was a cute, quick, contemporary read. The characters are interesting, and it focuses on them dealing with different things (illness, death, uncertainty about college, etc) over the course of a night where everything that they had planned seems to all go awry. It was enjoyable, and I think anyone that wants a nice filler book, or a break in between YA fantasies would greatly enjoy it.
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What a wonderful read! I loved the dynamic of the characters and the characters as well. It made me feel like I was in that friend group and I was going through the same dilemmas as them. I laughed out loud so many times! Such a fantastic and fun book.
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This was… fine. 
It was a very easy story to consume and didn’t take much brain power, which makes it a nice, cute contemporary read. Even though the story was predictable (it’s in the title!) this didn’t draw away from my enjoyment.
I would’ve liked less talk of how long distance just doesn’t work. It was brought up three times with no discussion - just nope. That doesn’t work.
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Thank you to NetGalley, Albert Whitman & Company, and Kalena Miller for the eARC of The Night When No One Had Sex in exchange for an honest review. 

When Julia makes a pact with her friends for their after-prom activities, she has no idea what she is getting herself into. Everyone starts out with the same goal, but over time something other than sex on all of their minds. Told from alternating perspectives, follow Julia and her friends as they have to navigate friendship, relationships, family, and of course, sex. 

I was worried at first when I saw that this book was told with so many different perspectives because they can all get confusing and start to mesh together. I'm happy to say that this book didn't do that and it was easy to remember what storyline I was supposed to be following within a specific chapter. With that said, I sometimes felt I was reading two different books. Alex's story line seemed so far away from the others' that I would frequently have to remind myself that they were all supposed to be in the same world and that everything was happening simultaneously. 

I don't really know how all of these kids are friends; they seem so different. Other than the respective couples, they all just felt like acquaintances. I wish the friendships between the other characters had been more fully developed. 

I'd recommend this to anyone in high school who likes books narrated by a lot of different perspectives and have the ability to pay attention to a lot of different story lines. 

I'm giving this book 3/5 stars because the book felt all over the place at times, but had some good moments and some funny scenes.
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this was an interesting book, however the formatting of the arc hindered my enjoyment of it. I loved the premise and found the characters interesting. it's a solid ya contemporary, in my opinion!
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I thought this would be fun and a little cheeky - it literally tells you what's going to happen in the title. But it was super slow and the characters felt so immature. I was picturing a Can't Hardly Wait type of situation. It felt on the very young side of young adult.
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This one was a bit of a slog to get through.  A friend group of couples go to prom together. Since they are all going to Zoe’s uncle’s cabin in the woods, they make a sex pact for prom night. 

The couples:
Zoe and Morgan- queer couple who are sexually active; Zoe is freaked out about being accepted into Yale; Morgan is freaked out because she is extremely protective of her twin, Madison. She doesn’t want her to have sex with her boyfriend Jake. 

Madison and Jake- Madison has active lupus and is overwhelmed by Morgan’s constant need to protect her; Jake is a high school athlete who is leaving for college. 

Julia and Kevin- longtime couple who want to lose their virginity to each other. Unfortunately, things don’t go as they planned. 

Alex and Leah- blind dates to the prom; they are not part of the sex pact; when Alex gets news that his grandma had a heart attack, both he and Leah head to the hospital. Leah stays to help Alex and his family, even though he is not her boyfriend. 

I thought most of the book was boring- however the chapters with Alex and Leah were good and I wish the author had focused on their relationship.
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E-ARC graciously provided through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review!

This book was super cute, and I will DEFINITELY be buying it sometime soon! I have a little trouble reading ebooks from time-to-time, so I read this bit by bit over the course of a few weeks. I’d love to buy my own physical copy and read it in one sitting. Heck I might even love it MORE that way. 

This book is the perfect read when you don’t want something too serious. As usual, there were some characters I loved, and some that I could have done without entirely. Example: I LOVED Alex, but I didn’t care about Madison (or Morgan really) almost at all.

I loved and looked forward to anything Alex related. He was by far my favorite character, and his relationship with Leah was something I found myself invested in, yknow?

Okay, I take back what I said earlier. Morgan was FINE. I didn’t hate her or love her. But Madison? Her parts bored me and I couldn’t connect with her, so it made me hard to like her pieces of the story. 

I will DEFINITELY reread this story, though classifying it as a romance is a touch misleading. I would definitely take it more to the contemporary side, because the main plot deals with a lot more than just romance.
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This book was not for me. It just had too many things going on that it wasn't realistic at all. All this drama drama drama. So much angst. It was just too much for me.
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