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Senior prom is over, but the night is just beginning! They’ve got a secluded cabin, and the group has made a pact - they won’t be virgins anymore by night’s end. At least, that was the plan. Told over the course of one night across multiple perspectives, we get to see the chaos that unfolds and catch up in the group chat over a truly unexpected few hours.

I really enjoyed reading this! I loved the range of life events and decisions that weasled their way into this night. Madison was the first character I’ve read who has lupus, and I was so interested to learn more about it, and see a glimpse of what it’s like to deal with that. Another great surprise was seeing someone who experienced pain during intercourse. It’s a problem that many people don’t seem to think about unless it happens to them, so seeing light shed on that was really nice. I wish we could have seen the outcome of it for her, but I get that the format didn’t allow for anything outside of that night. Also, Alex was one of my favourite perspectives to read, though all were enjoyable! The writing flowed really well and kept me wrapped up in the story.

Overall, I thought this was a fun, lighthearted, sex-positive read that dealt with interesting topics, and I would recommend it! (Side-note that isn’t important to the story: this cover is stunning)
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Kalena Miller's The Night When No One Had Sex was really good. The different points of view were enjoyable to read. It added to the sense of friendship between them. It had a great voice and a very intriguing narrative.
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This was such a fun read! I loved getting passed back and forth between the different character's POVs. It made everything so fast paced. And it gave really great insight into the depth of the friendship between the group. I also loved the group chat sections. Every time the chat name got changed it made me laugh out loud! I love narratives that take place over the course of a short period of time, like prom night. The fact that all the action takes place after prom was kind of cool too. Prom is usually the end of a lot of teen stories but this one explores what happens beyond prom and all the anxieties of a looming future. Just like the characters don't really know what's going to happen next in their lives I had no idea what was going to happen next in the narrative. I'm rooting for all of these kids.
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A very cute and fun read! This novel was a great comedy of errors that accurately depicted the social pressures and anxiety high schoolers face. I especially loved the depiction of chronic illness.
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This book was a cute quick read about a group of friends and their after-prom plans not going the way they expected.  

The main thing I want to say is that this book made me smile. I felt really nostalgic reading this. While my high school friends and I didn't get into anything like what was going on in the story, it brought back some fond memories from my own silly experiences during that time with my friends. But the book wasn't all cutesy, though. It also touched on deeper topics such as illness and family expectations.

Overall I really enjoyed this book! The characters were interesting and relatable (I would have happily been friends with them). I also think the multiple POVs were well executed. This book was a fun, easy read. 

Thank you, Albert Whitman & Company, Kalena Miller, and NetGalley, for allowing me the opportunity to review this book!
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I went into this book with no expectations, I read the synopsis and it sounded like a interesting read. And it definitely was interesting, but in the best way possible. Our main cast of characters was very diverse and I really enjoyed that. There's LGBTQ+ rep, plus size, chronic illness and Asian representation. I thought that these were presented in a really good way and it didn't feel forced to the story. The problems in the story are real and you could really relate to them. The only thing lacking for me was that the plot felt very slow and dragged on at parts. Reading the title it really intrigues your interest asking "Does no one really have sex?" and I wasn't expecting what happened but I loved it. The change of perspective each chapter was a good choice for the story and it would keep you interested on where they left off (Leah and Alex in the hospital!). This book is a good read for anyone in high school and is worried about the pressures that come with it. It is a lighthearted read with important lessons throughout. 3.5/5
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I absolutely adored this book. I loved the concept and the different storylines. I loved seeing this central point (prom) and how each and every person had this story that was so unique. It was really a great perspective of how you never know what someone is going through.
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A nice read about a group of high school friends on their prom night. We follow a group of friends who are planning on having sex on their prom night. They were realistic characters. 

They plan to stay at Zoe's uncles cabin, but things don't go always go right. Right away, Alex, finds out his grandma had a heart attack and he ditches his prom date Leah to go to the hospital. Even though at the beginning of he night Alex and Leah barely knew each other, they grow closer by the end of the night. 

Julia and Kevin are determined to lose it that night, even though they've tried multiple times. Zoe and her gf Morgan have already had sex but tag along for the adventure. Morgan's twin sister Madison is spending the night hanging out with Jake. 

All the characters have different problems and struggles and I was equally invested in all of them. it was light hearted and funny though it did have it's serious moments.

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I really enjoyed reading this book;  it was easy, funny, and never got me bored. I loved how the characters had real problems, how we could see some different points of view and their group chat !!! But I kinda missed getting to know more about Kevin, Leah, and even Jake lol. The fact the chapters weren't so long, and that it all happened in one night made reading it even better. 
I will totally recommend it to my friends <3

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the Audiobook ARC!
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I had thought this was going to be comedic but this was actually heart felt. As these teens were navigating a new territory and each of them going through something really was resonating. Not everyone truly captures the uncertainty of the future of the perspective of a young teen transitioning into the adult world. Seeing these characters develop from the beginning to end was truly impactful. I never read a young adult novel that was so real like this one. I really enjoyed this novel. Made me reflect that time where I was transitioning from a teenager to adulthood, after graduation deciding where the road would take me.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an eARC in exchange for my unbiased review.

I gave The Night When No One Had Sex 4/5 stars! I am not usually a big contemporary fan (I am religious about my high fantasy novels) but this book was so adorable and I couldn’t put it down. 
📖 What I loved 📖
- Each character had unique problems, personalities, and voices. Alternating the POVs wasn’t confusing or a problem because each voice was distinct. 
- Everyone was realistic. It wasn’t obvious that an adult was trying to write in a teenage voice. Everything flowed fluidly
- It was hilarious. You feel for the characters, you can relate to what they’re going through, but they’re all hilarious nonetheless
- It really captures what graduating from high school feels like. The uncertainty of where your life will take you next. Will your friends stick around? Will your partner? Did you peak in high school? Where will you go from here?
- Enjoyable even though you know the outcome. The description tells you what happens. The title tells you the outcome. But it’s still an enjoyable read — with a few surprises along the way. I found myself wanting to be friends with these characters and I enjoyed their banter so much
- It’s light, fluffy, and cute
📖 What I didn’t like 📖
- There really wasn’t anything I disliked about this book. It was purely adorable and makes for a quick and fun read (especially between high fantasy novels). It’s great for keeping you out of a slump. I will say, though, that by branching off the characters into pairs, there will be storylines you’ll like more than others, but that’s only expected
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This was a lovely slice of life story about four teenage couples who just wanna have sex on prom night, dangit. Also that title is (pardon my word choice) a banger.

I felt like these characters could have, and would have, been my friends in high school. Their weird inside jokes, insecurities, and frank discussions with each other over what they want were super refreshing to read about. Zoe/Morgan and Julia/Kevin were so mature, even more mature than some adult relationships found in adult fiction--and that's not unrealistic to say, but it is uncommon in a lot of YA.

Alex/Leah were my least favorite couple because they were the outliers who didn't actually get to be with the rest having fun in the house. Secondly, I was bothered by Alex and his family's judgment of Leah just because of who her father was. I spent their chapters wanting to get back to the others.

Can't wait for more from this author!
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This was a fun Contemporary YA book about friendship and growing up. 

The book follows Julia and her boyfriend Kevin and their quest to lose their virginity on Prom night. Julia and Kevin don't want to do this alone so they invite their friends, Zoe, Madison, Alex, Leah, Jake and Morgan on their virginity pact. 

The plan is to stay at Zoe's Uncle's Lake House where they can put their pact to fruition. But suddenly the night turns out to be way more complicated than any of the friends could have expected. It starts with Alex finding out his grandmother has had a heart attack forcing him and his prom date Leah to ditch their friends to rush to the hospital. Leah and Alex barely know each other but Leah spends the evening supporting Alex and his family as they wait to see his grandma. Leah and Alex find themselves more attracted to each other as they night goes on even though they both know that they will have to go their separate ways this summer. 

After, Julia and Kevin try multiple times to lose their virginity to each other but ultimately this results with Julia being locked in a closet most of the night. 

Zoe and her girlfriend Morgan have already had sex but to keep in the spirit with their friends they decide to play along. Only Morgan keeps getting distracted worrying about her twin sister, Madison, and Zoe weighs her impending future of continuing her families legacy of attending Yale. 

All Madison wants is to feel like a normal girl and to not have her sister or her mom worry about her, especially with her illness. Madison spends most of the evening with oblivious, goofy, clueless Jake who doesn't quite know how to support Madison's illness but seems to do a great job at distracting her from herself. The night has Madison questioning if Jake is really who she needs after all.

I liked how the story unfolded, and each character had a set of different problems and different backgrounds that was entertaining to follow. I think I most enjoyed Madison and Alex's storylines the most as they both were going through more difficult situations than the others were. I loved the group chat between the friends and related to their witty and goofy banter as they shared their Prom night adventures with one another. 

In the end only one of the couples manages to lose their virginity, but I won't tip my hand as to who it was. 

Perfect for anyone looking for a lighthearted storyline with relatable characters.
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This was really fun and funny. The teens in this book encounter and deal with obstacles to their plans of varying degrees of seriousness, and the four point-of-view characters, and most of their scene and/or romance partners, all have really good arcs. The very amusing...


title though, was total false advertising! I was told that no one would have sex!

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***Thank you to NetGalley for providing a copy of this book for me to read and review***

This was a really fun read! There was a nice variety of characters who all had different yet interesting stories. As it seems from the other reviews, I am not in the  minority when I say that I liked Alex and Leah's story line the best. 

Although it definitely bordered on awkward more than once, I thought Julia and Kevin's story was also good. You don't often see depictions of sex in high school in which both parties are informed, fully consenting, and actively trying to make it a good experience while still having difficulties. It is important to show that what she was feeling isn't normal, and young women shouldn't accept it as part of the experience. 

There were a lot of really cute, funny moments. I actually laughed out loud more than once (the elf roleplay and Alex returning Bulldog comes to mind). 

Some of the characters were more annoying than not, and I was less invested in some of the stories, but it was still a good read for me!
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This was a diverse and fun YA romp! I could see this becoming a movie. I love a good prom retelling, and this one was a fun adventure filled with multiple narrators and many a bump in the plan which made for a fun read.

Thank you to the publisher and to NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This book will appeal to YA contemporary readers who enjoy a light, fluffy all-in-one-night adventure.  How many ways can prom night go sideways, after the prom has officially ended?

With a wide cast of characters, including 4 narrating characters, the author included folks with different ethnicities, body sizes, sexual orientations, and an autoimmune chronic illness.  Really appreciated all the rep in this book.
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Hello, best YA book of 2021! 
Part romance, part contemporary friendship story, this book deserves ALL the hype when it comes out. I'm currently at the same point in my senior year as the characters in this, so it was really nice to see so much of the plot devoted to planning for college and uncertainty about the future.

Julia Harmond has a plan to lose her virginity on the night of her senior prom, and she's gotten her entire group of friends to join her, after securing access to Zoe's uncle's lake house. But she's disappointed to find her first try too painful and is desperate for everything to go as planned. There's also the problem of Zoe's uncle leaving his cat behind in the house, while Julia is severely afraid of cats. And when she and her boyfriend, Kevin, try roleplaying for the first time, she ends up locked in a closet for several hours.

 Zoe Blackwell and her girlfriend, Morgan, have already been having sex for nearly a year, but she's happy to follow along with Julia's plan, as she really needs a distraction from her recent acceptance to Yale (where she is a legacy student). She doesn't know how to tell Morgan that she might move across the country, and what's going to be even harder is telling her family that she might not want to go after all. (Her uncle even has a whole bedroom in his house decorated entirely with Yale paraphernalia). Yale has always been her dream, so that can't ever change....right?

Alex Song figures that he's not going to take part, as he only met his prom date, Leah, five hours before when Julia set them up. But on the way to the lakehouse, Alex is called to the hospital when he finds out his grandmother had a heart attack, and he has no choice but to bring Leah along. His parents and younger sister instantly assume that they're dating, much to Alex's annoyance. But when a hunt for internet connection to look up the lottery numbers for his grandmother leads them across restricted areas of the hospital, Alex and Leah are forced to get to know each other after all. Leah is the daughter of wealthy parents responsible for the developments that got rid of Alex's grandmother's favorite park, and she's planning on going to Vermont for college in the fall, so he tells himself he can't fall for her, but what if he does anyway?

 Madison Alvarez, Morgan's twin sister, is happy to take any opportunity to be a normal teenager and spend time with her boyfriend, Jake. Madison used to be a hardworking ballet dancer until she was diagnosed with lupus five years ago. Ever since, Morgan has been extremely protective of her, but Madison wishes she had a little more freedom sometimes. But is her relationship with Jake really what she needs?

I think my favorite thing about this book was that even though it sounds like it's going to be focused on the romantic relationships and friendships, the majority of the conflict came from other thing (like college plans, pressure from family, and chronic illness). There's no misunderstanding trope here, and no particular "everything goes wrong" moment. No point where the group has a huge fight.
Also, NO EXAGGERATED PARTY CULTURE! Since most of the story is about the group and their partners at a lake house with no adult supervision, I was hoping it wouldn't be an over-the-top party with everyone getting drunk and high on the fancy furniture. Nope, it's actually very realistic. They mostly just sit around and talk, and yet they're still more entertaining to read about than any "wild party" in any other book.
And the GROUP CHAT. There are several scenes of the characters' group chat, and you'll love the names they come up with for it.

Read this if you're at the end of high school, a student who's scared of the future, or if you just miss your teen years.
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Thank you for the publisher for letting me review this title!

I can't believe my own prom night was almost 20 years ago, but I still remember the assumptions. The pressure. The fun of finding a dress, dressing up, getting my hair and makeup done. But I spent mine sitting around and eating Gyoza and Chocolate Dipped Strawberries because my bf at the time wasn't actually interested in going to the prom.

It's hard to realize, at a certain point in your life, that even if you think things are perfectly in place, sometimes things just don't happen how you planned or expected them to. This was a really cute read that took me back to my own mindset in high school and I really enjoyed this!
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Thanks to the publisher for providing an eARC of The Night When No One Had Sex in exchange for an honest review.

This was cute! I think one of the downsides to splintering off the main group into 4 pairs with different story arcs is that inevitably some stories are going to be more impactful for readers than others, but I don't even think it's chalking them up to personal bias when I say Alex and Leah's story was by far my favourite considering my rep starved brain devours anything sapphic and I still found myself rushing through the Zoe/Morgan scenes to get back to them. I think a lot of these characters were really flawed, but in ways that I can see making sense for actual teenagers (including Morgan's weird parasocial relationship with her mum that I already know people are going to read as 'no teenager ever has acted like this' but I promise I knew multiple teenagers in high school who would do exactly that) which I really like in YA. I also like how they were able to portray some relationship plotlines that didn't end in the stereotypical happy way without needing to use some big 11th hour twist where someone suddenly becomes a villain.

My one wish was probably more bonding with the whole friend group. Everyone pairs off really quick which would be fine if this wanted to be a series of interlocking stories instead of one about friendship, but the ending had big friendship theme vibes that I don't think really carried through the book. Once the split-up happens the only big interactions we get are through a text thread and I personally am not a big fan of texting in books so maybe it actually was strong on the friendship front and my distain for reading group text threads just ruined it for myself.
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