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The Night When No One Had Sex

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This was a cute, easy YA read with a brief hint of something more. I liked that it was a mostly fun, light-hearted look at prom night, but also had the characters deal with more adult issues (a sick family member, a serious medical crisis, conflict about the future, etc.). I liked some characters and plotlines more than others, but I didn't dislike any characters which certainly made for an easier read.
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Thank you Netgalley for this ARC for an exchange for an honest review.
I thought it was light and easy read.  I enjoyed it.
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It's prom night and this group of friends has decided that tonight is the night: they will all have sex with their significant others before wrapping up their senior year and continuing on to college in the fall.  What's the big deal about virginity anyway?  One of the girls has an uncle with a fancy cabin in the woods, so they even have a nice place to be.  But then so many things go wrong and it looks like no one will be having sex after the prom: one kid's grandma is rushed into emergency surgery, one kid is suffering from an autoimmune disease, another is petrified of the cat, who just happens to be inside the cabin.  Told in alternating points of view, which moves this story along quickly. 

Okay this did remind me a bit of high school and our crazy priorities.  The only things that were off were: One, a character's crazy obsession with her mother (what kind of awkward teen calls her mother throughout the night on prom night, even at 2:30AM? I would assume it would be the sheltered, weird kid) and two, they mentioned twice that the siamese cat had green eyes.  GREEN eyes, people! Really?  No.  Siamese cats have blue eyes.  Trust me on this. Sometimes, they have crossed eyes too (like one of my two who is watching me type this).
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Thanks NG and Publisher for this erc! 
I really enjoyed this novel! This was a good quick read! With great characters.
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This was the perfect read for a summer day; it was light, fluffy, and cute. I'll admit that some plotlines and characters intrigued me way more than others, but I still enjoyed this book.

My favorite plotline was definitely the one about Alex and his grandma. I was most invested in his relationship with Leah, and the lottery ticket added a fun side to it. I was always looking forward to their chapters, which was both a good and bad thing.

My least favorite plotline has to be the one about Morgan and Madison. I didn't care about Madison as a character, and her chapters bored me. I think that other people will like them though!

Although this is classified as a romance, it's definitely more of a contemporary or general fiction. It's a tale of friendship and first love, not just a romance. While I'm not sure if I'll reread this, I really enjoyed it!

Thanks to Netgalley and Kalena Miller for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review
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Very grateful to the publishers and to netgalley for this arc. I thought this was a very lovely yet not to complex novel. I see many teenagers liking this book and possibly some adults.
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***Thanks to NetGalley for providing me a complimentary copy of THE NIGHT WHEN NO ONE HAD SEX by Kalena Miller in exchange for my honest review.***

A group of friends makes a pact to lose their virginities to their dates at a cabin on prom night, but things don’t go as planned. 

Kalena Miller’s story takes place over a night, a milestone night for high school seniors in America. I didn’t go to prom, I spend the evening babysitting, talking to a friend on the phone guessing who had and hadn’t “done it”. It was the early 1980s, okay. Prom night was The Night girls who hadn’t yet had sex reportedly decided to “do it.”  Sex positivity was definitely not yet a thing. I was intrigued to read THE NIGHT WHEN NO ONE HAD SEX to see how things had changed and stayed the same.

I liked how each teen was dealing with a challenge, a grandmother needing emergency surgery, a chronic illness, worries about a twin etc. The issues they had will be familiar to readers of all ages. I enjoyed the different points of view and the growth the teens experienced during the book.

THE NIGHT NO ONE HAD SEX is a good light, fun read, nothing too heavy. I’m not sure it’ll stay with readers, which is okay as long as they enjoy the story.
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