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I follow the author on Instagram and love her account.  I read this book more for myself, rather than to preview it for my library. It was a good, entertaining read. It has great tips, lots of advice and some fun stories.
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Yes, You Can Wear That is an exuberant and whimsical ode to body positivity and genuine joie de vivre by Abby Hoy. Due out 9th Nov from Simon & Schuster on their Tiller Press imprint, it's 160 pages and will be available in hardcover and ebook formats. 

The author has a whirlwind & exuberant style of writing and the book's vibe is very chatty and informal. I can imagine that she'd be the friend you always wind up having the most fun with (and she'd be the one who couldn't bail you out of jail because she'd be right there with you saying "was that a blast or what?!"). 

Although this is a really *bouncy* book, there are a lot of serious and important underlying themes. Self-care, a good support network, compassion, love, generousness, kindness, mental health, getting the help you need, and taking your meds are all discussed here in addition to the fashion quips (stripe it up, baby! Yes mix plaid and whatever!, etc). I really think that in addition to young people struggling with body positivity because of not fitting into impossible beauty ideals, this could be an uplifting source of info for queer folks struggling with body issues and wanting to dress their outsides the way they feel on their insides as well. 

The tone of the book is young, resourceful, resilient, and very millenial. Given that, there certainly are valuable takeaways here for non-millenials. I wouldn't say the book soars as a -strictly- fashion conscious how-to guide for developing readers' own styles, but given the other (bigger) mental health encouragement and kindness, it really does work. Not a definitive guide, but a very fun, useful read.

Four stars. This would be a good choice for public or school libraries, home use, or possibly gifting to a friend (or yourself).

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.
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Abby Hoy is an absolute icon. This book is summing up years of growth and wisdom learned through adversity. This will be so wonderful to see on shelves, I want girls, boys, and people of all ages to look at this cover and know that they can be fat and be joyful and be on the cover of a book that tells them, as the title says, no matter what anyone ELSE says, you CAN wear that.
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I’m not into fashion, but I do enjoy reading books that suggest ideas of how to dress, what looks good on what shape, etc. With “Yes, You Can Wear That”, the answer to the question, “Does this make me look good?” is, “Does it make you feel good? Yes,  then you look good!” Who doesn't want to hear that when trying on clothes?

This book was a delightful read, both positive and inclusive. I enjoyed how casual the language was, it was something I would expect to hear from a girlfriend. With each chapter, you will find the author demonstrating her fashion advice. For folks who may be insecure about their bodies, seeing the author’s smiling face in different outfits will not only inspire, but give ideas of things to look for the next time you are shopping.
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Thanks, NetGalley, for a copy of this book to review.

This  book started slowly, and I really felt that I might not get too much from it. Not that there was anything wrong with it, it was just written with a younger audience in mind. I was somewhat surprised at this since I'm a casual reader of the author's blog and felt that she comes across more adult and mature there. The book got better. In some ways it was almost a tale of two books in that respect, and I do recommend folks push through the slow start. 

There's some very useful advice in here on what might be OK for one place, and not an other, while still being totally OK to wear -- the bathing suit at Thanksgiving analogy is a good one. Overall, she has some god advice for a younger audience, and really it's always helpful to hear that if you're happy, it doesn't matter what someone else's opinion is.
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Fantastic and body-positive!  This book is a great read for anyone who's struggled with their self-image.  Though it focuses on those with larger bodies, I think the uplifting encouragement throughout this book is perfect for anyone.  We should all strive to be this kind and loving to our bodies, and this book will help remind you of that.
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We ancients remember when Emily Post, Ann Landers, Heloise, and others taught us, in their newspaper columns and books, how to dress with style while keeping within a budget. The genre goes back at least a century and a half to the advent of ladies mags and the Sears Robuck catalog. Abby Hoy's book goes down this lane while at the same time assuring plus size women that they should be developing their personal style through their fashion choices. Unlike the earlier efforts, though, which were much more bossy, there is no "avoid this" "choose that" discussion because fashion is personal and all OK.

I received a review copy of "Yes, You Can Wear That: How to Look and Feel Fierce at Any Size"
by Abby Hoy from Tiller Press through
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I loved this book. I love how real Abby was and she gave great tips. I like how she gave background information on her life and experiences.  The tips she gave are wonderful and I really enjoyed the random potluck advice that is just a handful of random life skills/information everyone should know. This is a great read and I recommend it to everyone.
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NetGalley review:  Yes You Can Wear That

I really struggled with this book initially, and only a few pages in, I dreaded that I actually HAD to finish this book.  It’s really written in language that are just not for women who are in my age range.  I mean no harm- i really thought that it’s just not written for a person who has lived longer in life and the person who doesn’t care about basing life on someone else’s opinions.  

I had never heard of the author before and I didn’t know that she already has a blog or website based on what she does or doesn’t decide to wear. Visually, I thought that she was like me- “fluffy” is what I like to call myself.  She looked really cute on the cover so I thought, “Oh hey! Let’s see what cute clothes she will be wearing…”. I should’ve known it was not just about that.  She is an influencer and I like a lot of her messages in this book, but for me, for instance, I don’t need to know why I need to wear clothes that are WITH company policy, not AGAINST accompany policy.  But some that read might need a lesson about that. Not me. 

A lot of the thoughts seem like common sense, but again, I’m not in my early 20’s or a teenager.  They might benefit. Some things did make me think, “Hmm.. good point!”  But much of it was too basic for me.  That was at first.  As I got into the last 1/2 of 5he book, it got better- MUCH BETTER! She shared a lot of good information, and the content matured greatly.   Yes, there were phrases I didn’t understand…. But overall- it was pretty good!

I applaud her confidence and the attempt to inspire confidence to others- that is commendable.  Some of it I don’t agree with and I think an editor needs to review it once more, but I just do t agree about several subjects - (i.e. if it comes in your size, you can wear it….. As long as fits you, you CAN wear it.). Editors should’ve caught that.  Also, we need to remember the videos of people shopping at a famous American store that used to have spectators on YouTube laughing at some pajama choices (or non-clothed people) that would enter their store wearing.  So yes, you CAN wear it, but, in the wise words of my mother- no, just because it fits you does NOT mean that you SHOULD wear it. Sure, you CAN wear anything you want, but if you run into your supervisor at the store, wearing what you’re wearing because you can fit it, you might want to rethink that promotion that you suddenly CAN NOT have.  Hmmmm- maybe you should NOT have.  I’m just sayin’! 😊. I think that example falls under her own guidelines of “Dress Respectfully”- on the paragraph on that same page. 

That was just one example but on the flip side- she had a ton of great points on a variety of subjects.  

I would like to point out one great point on page 51.  I constantly interview for positions at the place that I manage.  For point number 7- read and apply that closely- it was a FANTASTIC point and I’m thrilled she mentioned it!

Later in the book, she refers to her hubby, Preston, and it sounds like they have a great relationship.  You can almost visualize what it was like when they finally started dating. 

I think the thing that seriously bothered me- that she had nothing to do with- especially when she discussing how cute and kitsch her wedding was- it sounded so visually appealing- was that EVERY picture was in black and white.  Of course- this was due to the preview copy, and when the real copy comes out- I would love to see how beautiful she will look in many of those outfits. She is obviously a fun-loving person so it fell flat to me that the early copies show only black and white photos?  It didn’t capture what she describes in her book.   I think that is a huge disservice to her!  She deserved better than the black and white photos! 

If you’re reading this book, enjoy it!  All laughs aside, she means well and for that, great job!  I flipped my thoughts on this book by the end.  Bravo!  Nice job of putting the bow on this book by the end!
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I love the inclusive focus of this book. While some of the information is pretty basic, it's a great resource for anyone who wants to try thrift shopping.
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Things About Yes, You Can Wear That by Abby Hoy. 

1. So much fun! 
2. I’d never heard of Abby Hoy prior to reading this ARC and now I’m a super fan of her Instagram which, like this book, is equal parts fun, self-love, and vulnerability. 
3. You exist. You fill space. Be/where/live as you wish! 
4. Style advice, yes. 
5. Life and self-love advice, YES!
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This was such a fun (and empowering read) with a lot of great pictures and actually practical fashion advice. I am now a huge fan of Abby Hoy and will recommend that my library purchase this book so more people can enjoy her story.
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As someone who followed Abby on social media semi regularly, I was already familiar with her body positivity going into this title. It is a fun read, but also an empowering one. That being said, it didn't stand out to me as a must have fat feminist text the way anything by Jes Baker has...I felt I could take it or leave it. Nothing negative to say, but also nothing earth shattering.
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What a delightful, charming little book full of witticisms, great advice, and fun stories.

This will be a must for basically anyone who is remotely interested in fashion, or wants to dress for success.
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This cute, fun book is full of encouragement and practical advice for plus-size women who are interested in fashion and want to overcome negative beliefs about themselves and their bodies. Abby Hoy is an plus-size fashion Instagram influencer, and she shares reflective stories about her experience with body image, insight into how she developed her platform and business, and fashion and life advice for other women. 

Abby strikes a solid balance between emotional and practical advice, helping women overcome self-limiting beliefs and societal prejudices while also sharing guidelines for thrift shopping, sizing, selecting outfits for special occasions, etc. The pictures throughout the book are only of Abby, so people who are looking for insight into how different clothes work on different plus-size body types won't find that here, but this is a fun combination between a memoir and a fashion guide, and it will be a great option for fans of the author and people who are interested in the topic.

My draw to this book is the feeling of rage that I get every time I walk by the fashion books at the library. They are mostly dated to the late 2000s or early 2010s, written by men, and full of shame-inducing messages that sometimes even directly mock women's bodies and what they wear. I personally am straight-size, and cannot provide a perspective on behalf of this book's target audience, but I wanted to read this book as something I could potentially recommend as a purchase for my library as an alternative to books like <i>How to Never Look Fat Again.</i>

This book isn't all that I would have hoped for that purpose, since it's primarily focused on the author's life and doesn't include images of other women or detailed tips for different body types, but this is a fun, encouraging book with lots of good advice and insightful perspectives that go against common social messages. Abby also seems like a very likable, delightful person, and even though I was not familiar with her before reading this book, I enjoyed her personal stories. She also does a great job of sharing personal opinions about life, clothes, style, and relationships without being dogmatic or alienating people who don't share all of the same views.

One thing that I found particularly striking was how she handled the chapter about sex. She didn't shame anyone who would feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with the content, and said that if you weren't interested or ready for it, you could just skip it, and it would always still be there if you wanted to come back to it. Since I am used to influencers with online fame being aggressive with their opinions and creating tightly knit communities of people who all think and feel the same way, I appreciated her thoughtfulness and balance.

Abby seems like a genuinely delightful person, and because of that, this book can have broad appeal beyond her fan base. I would only recommend this to readers who are high school aged or older, due to occasional language and sexual content, but this is a great book for plus-size people who are interested in fashion, body positivity, and encouraging role models, and I would also recommend this to straight-size readers who want to learn more about other people's life experiences and can pick up general fashion, special event, and shopping advice along the way. I will definitely be recommending this to my library for purchase when it releases.
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What a delight this book was. Humorous, self-depreciating, real and relatable. The anecdotes were great and at times when the book could feel a little redundant the stories really kept you connected. Loved the advice throughout and just thoroughly enjoyed this book.
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I was unfamiliar with Abby Hoy as an influencer before requesting this book as an eARC. Of course, as soon as I saw her handle I had to run to Instagram to check her out! Her feed is so lovely and bright and she looks amazing in every outfit she posts. After scrolling through for a good little while, I went back and read the book in one sitting. It is a fun and fast read with lots of photos and lists and little asides, all things that help keep my attention when reading a book like this. And her realistically positive attitude really shined through on each page. It’s nice to feel like you have a friend out there hyping you up, letting you know that YES, you can wear that! And just that YES, you can do the thing/go to the place/be the person/etc etc. A great read that I would recommend to anyone looking for a little bit of validation and encouragement.
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Plus size influencer Abby Hoy dishes out sound and sincere advice for us plus sized girls.   Filled with positivity and confidence she narrates her journey and life experiences as a plus size entrepreneur.

This book orients itself to a young audience.  With me being closer to 50 than 30, I felt a little out of touch with her experiences, I.e. online dating.   

I would definitely purchase this for a daughter or niece.
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This was a cute book with absolutely darling pictures.  I can't say that this book convinced me I can wear a crop top (that is a mountain likely to never move, regardless of my size) but her body positivity is admirable. Again, this book is great just for the pictures alone - Abby is very photogenic and she has a lot of great ideas. 

I think some of the tips in this book are for younger people. While some of Abby's suggestions are universal, some of it did not ring true to an old geezer millennial like myself (I'll be 38 this year). I have always struggled with self image and my weight but unlike Abby I am not at the point of loving my body regardless of size. However, the cheery tone of this book made me slightly more optimistic about some things I can wear. Again, the pictures are just fantastic, I cannot say enough good things about them.
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A wonderful addition to the collection of body-positivity books that have come out within the last few years. Abby Hoy is a beloved body positive content creator and her book provides so many wonderful tips and insights into how to feel fierce and confident in the clothes you wear at any size.
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