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As a pug mom to 3 pugs, the cover totally got me! The absolute best part of this book is Doug the Pug. The story is told from his point of view, and that was so cute and funny. He's the best part, because the human characters are idiots! 
I thought this was a easy, light read that's perfect for someone who loves dogs.
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A brilliant light hearted read that will have you chuckling to yourself the whole way through- if you need a book to lift your spirits/get you out of a reading slump - this book is perfect! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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I enjoyed the story, written from Doug’s point of view.  Doug is Julie’ s dog, and he is a very intelligent Pug.  Julie is having an affair with her boss Luke, who keeps promising to leave his wife, but always has an excuse as to why he cannot do so. He also manages to never have his wallet with him on the rare occasions they go out, or even order in!  Then Julie meets his wife, and realises that despite all Luke says, she is heavily pregnant with twins, and her own adulterous relationship with him predates their conception.  
Despite her friends telling her she should finish with him she clings to the hope that they will get married one day, and when she at last realises that is never going to happen she turns to wine for comfort.  Our clever little pug does all he can to steer her towards someone more available, and in the park she meets Tom.  He is a vet, and rescues Doug when he gets attacked by an Alsatian. Julie likes him, but neither of them have the gumption to do much about it.  It takes our hero Doug to get it sorted!
It acts out like a farce in some ways, lots of misunderstandings and not enough ‘oomph’ between Julie and Tom to get their relationship going. It takes several events happening almost together to set them on the right track. There are a lot of humorous moments, mostly created by Doug, definitely the star of the show.
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This is such a fun and funny story with a pug as the main narrator!  Pug Doug’s owner Julie is dating her boss Luke but Luke isn’t good for Julie, and Doug knows it.  When Luke comes around to Julie’s house after work one evening, Doug manages to ward him off with his evil stares.  But it’ll take more than that to get rid of Luke for good, and Doug is determined to help Julie see that Luke is bad news for her, by finding her a new romantic partner.  There’s only one problem though, the potential perfect guy just happens to also be a  V-E-T!

This is such a fun story and I instantly fell in love with Doug the pug’s narration from the start!  The whole story is told from Doug’s point of view and I love this interesting take on the typical romantic comedy, as there are lots of fun references to things that Doug does.  Doug’s owner Julie can’t see that the relationship she’s in is bad for her, how her boss Luke is only stringing her along and isn’t really committed to a long term relationship with her.  Julie’s character was a bit naive, but I still loved how this story went with Julie slowly wising up to how things really are in her current relationship and what Luke is really like, the further the story goes on.

Quite a few things happen with some great and funny moments, and heart-warming ones too, while Doug tries to not only sort out Julie’s love life, but also gets involved with her dad’s life as well.  Doug’s character is so likeable and I love how intelligent he is and how the whole story keeps being shown from his point of view, with the odd funny doggy reference to things like an ‘aromatic lamp post’!.  The story is good, if a little predictable in places, with some great moments, especially when we later see Sarah and also the slow development of things with Tom.  There are some moments that I really enjoyed like what happens at the event Julie puts on for work and later the brilliant way things end up for all the characters at the end of the story.

I like the ending and it was one that really made me smile.  Doug’s final act in that chapter is just perfect and I love how this book’s ending just put a big smile on my face.  I also like how things ended up with Luke and Julie’s neighbour too.  It was just such a great ending and one which just seemed perfect for the story!  There are a few uses of the f and s swear words in the book, but only very occasionally.  The story feels as if it’s meant to be set in Britain with the way people talk and references to things like corner shops, carrier bags costing “5 pee”, as Doug narrates it, and the whole feel of the story, the way Dot and Jim talk and the use of the word pavement.  However what did annoy me a little was that there were quite a few American terms or spellings in this book too, at least in the digital arc copy I got (which might not be in the finished version), like favour, elevator and Q-tips instead of their British English counterparts which made the story feel a little off whenever I read one of these words.  It didn’t spoil the overall narrative and atmosphere of the story, but it was something that was a bit annoying for me personally.

Overall this is such a fun and lovely story and I’d recommend everyone to try this book if you’re looking for a fun romantic comedy with a canine narrator!  I just loved the cover of this book and the story is so funny, with moments where I actually laughed out loud, and my only big disappointment is that I can’t spend more time with Doug and his owners as I just really loved having him as the narrator to this love story!
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So yeah this was a first time for me to see a story through a dog. Doughs owner Julie has a relationship with a married man. And Doug wants his Julie to be happy. Luckily for him, Julie finds very soon that Luke is more than once lied to her, and like a good boy he finds Julie a new man. I have a few issues especially with Julie like how she more than once justified Luka's behavior and blindly believed him, and I'm sorry but all those Wine come one- promoting alcoholism one big no. I so didn't like her not at first she improves toward the end. I like Tom he is a good guy, don't forget Doug the pug such a god boy. 
I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for NetGalley
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This is a wonderful heartwarming story of Doug the rescue pug. I love that the story is told from Doug's point of view and I laughed along with it, it's a nice quick read too.
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I thought this would be a cute whimsical read.  But actually, the silliness of a pug dog narrating the story just grated on me. Not for me. DNF at 25%. An extra star for the title though!
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The pug was definitely the saving grace of this book. The main character Julie was an idiot and I did not feel sorry for her at all. I was definitely drawn to the pug on the cover and had i took more time to read the synopsis I may have not read it but I did and it just wasn't for me.
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A story told by a pug? Well that's a no brainer. I like a bit of light relief between thrillers & police procedurals so this seemed to be perfect. I loved Doug. He was definitely the most sensible person in the house because his owner Julie drove me demented! Being alone &unmarried isn't the end of the world but Julie is so desperate she hangs on the Luke, her married boss. If Julie is one of the most annoying characters I've read in a long while, Luke must be the most obnoxious! Attempts by Doug, her best friend Priya, her Dad & Dot, the local cafe owner to steer her in another direction seem doomed. Doug even puts him in the position where he needs to go the the V-E-T to set her up with Dot's son Tom (who is much nicer that Luke but at times as irritating as Julie!!) 

Irritating characters aside, I couldn't help loving Doug & that kept me reading right to the end. Thanks to Netgalley & the publisher for letting me read & review this book. I'm off to read a police procedural- at least the characters should be a bit more sensible!
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First of all I’d like to say a big thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for accepting my request to read this book because it is everything that I wanted. I mean it’s a story told by a Pug, called Doug with romance and humour. 

This story was just so cute, from the very beginning I could not put this down because I wanted to hear more from Doug and what he was going to do about his owners poor relationship with, let’s face it, an arsehole. I loved seeing the situations that he got himself as well as Julie into. And the part with the pet exercise and how Doug feels about it? Utter perfection. 

Apart from the cute narrator we also get a charming and well intentioned love interest called Tom and Dunn could not have written a better love interest. I could not put this book down until I got to read about Julie’s happy ever after.
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Pug Actually is a sweet and light hearted read, with the story narrated by Doug the Pug, a dog with a big heart and a sight more intelligence than many humans!

Determined to break his best friend Julie up from her awful married boyfriend, Doug goes to extraordinary lengths to make her see the truth. Together with Julie's best friend Priya and her wonderful Dad, Jim, Julie is forced to confront some uncomfortable home truths.

And in all good romances, the path of true love does not run smoothly but ultimately Doug's heroic actions save the day.

Nothing heavy or mind blowing, but a lovely, uplifting story.
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I was so excited to read Pug Actually as it sounded like a cute story, but unfortunately, I was not a fan of this one. I loved the idea of the book being from Doug the pug's POV but I just could not stand Julie's character. The bulk of the book is Julie trying to justify her relationship with Luke, a married man, to her friends and family, while Doug tries to set her up with someone better. I don't think that her character grew throughout the story and it just wasn't my cup of tea. I would definitely read other books written from a dog's POV though, as I thought that was  really neat!
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I was so hyped about this book as I have two pugs and they are truly a great dog with all there expressions etc. But unfortunately i couldn’t like the main character she was just so weak and a bit stupid, so I was getting very frustrated with her and her story I didn’t feel sorry for her, I just wanted the book to be over. I love the title though
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I have to start by saying that this is not my usual type of book, but I love pugs so I thought I'd give it a try. 
From the first page I was hooked! Many people that I've seen in the book community don't like books written from the perspective of animals but I found Doug the pug, our narrator, absolutely delightful.
His owner, Julie, is in a doomed relationship with the very much married Luke who is going to leave his wife "soon." Of course, it's as clear as day to a clever boy like Doug that this is not going to happen. Animal instinct and the fact that Luke hates him prove that!
It's up to Doug to get Julie to see the error of her ways and lead her to the much more suitable Tom, even though he's a V E T.
Doug captures the heart without ever being unbelievable. Anyone who owns a pet knows how clever they are and I fell in love with Doug, snorts and all!
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The title of the book totally pulled me in, and then when I realised the story was been narrated by the pug I was sold. And that aspect of the book didn't disappoint. Doug (the pug) was by far the star of the story. 

Unfortunately the gimmick of the book wasn't enough to compensate for the generic romance story behind it all. The female lead was frustrating, the reason behind her questionable actions I didn't feel were justified, and I wasn't convinced of the chemistry between the two leads. 

Doug though (and the Dad) were very entertaining resulting in a pleasant read, if not that memorable.
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Let's be honest, you cannot beat a Matt Dunn classic and Pug Actually is sure to be one of those classics. This was such a fun read as the story is told from the point of view of the dog! Yep you read that correctly. And this makes the book a much more enjoyable read. In my opinion. 

Doug the Pug makes it his mission to help his mistress Julie in finding a more reliable man for her life. To be honest thank goodness for Doug as he knows best. Better than Julie and her trying behaviour when it comes to her manipulative boyfriend Luke. 

If we had had the book from Julie's perspective, it would have been a very different read. And as Julie annoyed me a lot, I am not sure that I could have kept reading. But instead we have Doug who keeps us, and Julie on the right path. 

For me Julie was a bit of a Bridget Jones character who shambles along with life and ends up where she is with more luck than skill. But there is something about Julie that makes her a loveable person who you just want to do well. 

Pug Actually was a fun heartwarming read, that took a different perspective on the telling and showing how some people see more things than others around them. This was a joy to read and one that I cannot wait to read again.
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I was drawn to this cover because of the Absolutely Adorable Pug on the cover.
To find out the book is actually told from Doug, the Pug's point of view made this book all the more appealing. Dogs are so much smarter than we give them credit for.
Our main character is having an affair with a married man, never a good situation there but she feels like at her age, 35 she can't get anyone else interested in her for a long term relationship.
I mean come on 35 is not old at all. You haven't even hit the prime of your life at this age.
Smart boy Doug gives so many hints and clues in his own doggie way to Julie, our main character about dumping her main squeeze Luke that if she had only listened she would have saved herself a lot of heartache and tears.
One thing I didn't like in the book is how often she cries, like every little thing sets her off and I found this annoying.
The book is fun and Julie does find someone else who may be interested, it's Doug's V-E-T .
With Julie's head in the clouds after Luke promises her the moon will she be able to actually to see what's right in front of her or will she miss out this golden opportunity?
Doug is definitely the star of the show here. I want another Doug book!

Pub Date 29 Jun 2021
I was given a complimentary copy of this book. Thank you.
All opinions expressed are my own.
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witty cute and funny. I love this author and I am usually leery of male authors but I am glad I tried this one. Charming characters and storyline. Thank you for writing this.
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Whimsical love story with a pug playing 💘Cupid: cute, sweet, funny😍

Doug the Pug observes the foibles of Julie Newman, his human, and realizes she needs his assistance in sorting her love life.  The plot was cute, not extraordinary, but it's so well done with the whole story told from Doug's point of view and a really engaging sense of humor.  Kept me chuckling, smiling and caught up in the action.

Perfect for reading when you need some lightness and whimsy to your day.  The writing is easy, breezy and makes the pages speed by, in addition to lraving me with a smile 😊on my face.  I will definitely be looking for more novels by Matt Dunn.

Thanks to HQ Digital and NetGalley for sharing a complimentary advance copy of the book; this is my voluntary and honest opinion.
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I have not read this author before let alone heard of him. I enjoyed the story, which was told by Douglas. Douglas is Julies dog - A Pug. The dog is very intelligent I believe this is set in the UK, because of the reference to Boots, as in the shop. there were a few American terms - They got there 'cell' out. In other words there mobile phone. Julie was seeing Luke, who Douglas did not like. Luke was a love rat and kept lying to Julie. Through the story we meet Julies dad, her mum had died a few years before. Julies friend and her husband. All the extras are introduced into the story, you do not get confused as to who's who. In places the story was drawn out a little. Also once again the 'F' word came into the story. I just do not like this word. Unfortunately it has crept into everyday language.

As a story I can recommend it.

My thanks to Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review which I freely give.
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