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Such a cute book! I want to go to Harper Landing! This book feels like it was made to be a Hallmark movie. The enemy to lovers trope is satisfying and not overly done. The use of a dating app and the challenges are cute. I will say there are a lot of characters to keep track of, so if you struggle with names, you might need to draw a diagram. I thought the character of Katelyn was annoying, but she was made to be that way, I think. I didn’t even like her when she became kind of nice. I just didn’t find any qualities in her that were good. Also, Marlo’s parents relationship was weird and I didn’t think the book needed the extra conflict with their weirdness. Otherwise, a strong book!
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A sweet enemies to lovers book where we can see the potential long before they ever will. It's a welcome trope in romance, and this book managed the storyline well.
Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Overall I enjoyed this read. This book was well-written and the story was entertaining. There were some clichés with some of the side characters that were unnecessary. The story lagged a bit in the middle, but I still wanted to find out what happened. Marlo and Ben were adorable. They were longtime frenemies in a very small town, and while they orbited each other, they were never friends. They each harbored animosity towards the other. All of which quickly evaporated with simple conversations. Much of the book is spent with the main characters going on terrible dates while building a sort of accidental friendship and feelings for the other. Once they get together things move very quickly. This is a clean romance with a hefty dose of chemistry and a feel-good HEA.
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4 Stars.

Marlo and Ben have both grown up in Harper's Landing, and have been enemies since childhood. They both also have terrible luck in the dating game. When they match on a dating app, will their luck change?

Good Catch is the second in the Harper Landing series, and it was good to be back! This is a sweet, funny romance novel that was a quick and easy read - a nice change from a lot of the heavy crime novels I've been reading lately. If you're after a cute and clean romance, this is for you!
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This was a solid read.  Good storyline and good characters.  I didn’t like how quickly they got engaged, but I also understand the romance genres need for the happy ending.  I liked a lot of the characters they were super cute and quirky, I can see lots of materiel for future books too.  Overall I thought it was good,
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This was a great read. I extremely enjoyed it and her previous book as well. Highly recommend this author
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This was a sweet, feel good read. Marlo & Ben have been arch enemies since school and definitely had no plans on changing that. Interfering parents cause some havoc and a cute enemies to lovers romance is born. I really enjoyed this small town cute read.
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𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗣𝗹𝗼𝘁:
Marlo Jonas is a former professional ballerina for a Seattle dance company who suffered a career-ending injury and now works at her parents' gym teaching barre and spin classes in the Washington town of Harper's Landing.

Her childhood nemesis, Ben Wexler-Lowrey, is a journalist for the Seattle Times and helps his parents at their local bakery when he can.

Both have been unlucky in love, and unbeknownst to each other, sign up for the dating app Good Catch and embark on a series of less than successful dates.

𝗜 𝗧𝗵𝗼𝘂𝗴𝗵𝘁:
This book is the second in the Harper Landings series, and even though I enjoyed the first book, I liked this one even more. The author said she was in a very happy frame of mind when she wrote this edition, and it comes through in the book.

The Harper Landing books are often compared to Hallmark movies because of the charming small-town vibe and slow-burn romance, and since I spend most of December watching Hallmark Christmas movies, that's just fine with me. These books, however, are not overly sweet, and the characters contend with meatier issues their television counterparts usually don't face, such as struggling to earn a living wage and housing affordability.

I especially love the fictional town of Harper's Landing and all the Washington details (Archie McPhee, anyone?) that make me want to visit the Emerald state soon.

This charming romance story is perfect for some cozy reading or a break from heavier Spooky Season reads.

Thank you to @letstalkbookspromo and @amazonpublishing @jenniferbardsleyauthor for the copy of this book and book tour. Opinions are mine.
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This book sounded like a romantic comedy movie, and I knew that I needed to read it. I was lucky enough to be granted a copy by the publisher as part of a blog tour. It was so worth it.

An enemies (kind of) to lovers’ story with online dating mishaps. It’s the perfect concoction. The dates are my absolute favorite part of the book. I love the bonding between the two leads as well, but I’m a sucker for a horrible date. It was also great that none of the dates felt cliché. They each felt uniquely horrible in their own ways.

Our two mains were amazing. I loved that they were both clearly dedicated to their jobs and trying their hardest, even while they were struggling. I also loved the connection that the two made with each other. They both had resistances and preconceived ideas, but they were able to slowly strip away those ideas as they interacted more with each other. The two had a very cute connection. I don’t particularly know if I thought there was a lot of steamy chemistry between them, but I think that’s more my thing than anything else. I definitely loved the romance though! It felt well-earned and solid. The epilogue was absolute gold.

I do want to talk a little about the side characters as well. They were amazing. Ben had some very interesting friends, and not-so friends, that added a lot of personality to the story. Marlo seemed to have less people that she interacted with, and her friend was a bit more traditional than Ben’s. Both characters had friends that fit well with them. I don’t like Marlo’s parents but that’s because they give me secondhand embarrassment. I am a little obsessed with Ben’s sister. She’s a side character that we don’t see a whole lot about, but I love her. 

I will admit that I was overwhelmed at first by all the names and connections between the main characters and the side characters. The fact that some of them went to school together and others had crushes on each other just had me stumbling a bit. I was able to get everyone set straight in my brain after a while, with a couple of notable exceptions. The exceptions were definitely the parents. I am very unused to books where characters refer to their parents by their first names and it threw me. I had a hard time placing the parents.

I don’t think there was really any specific thing about the book that I disliked. That feels weird because it’s not a 5 out of 5, but it’s true. My general feelings towards the book are what lead me to give it a lower score, but that definitely doesn’t mean that it’s a bad book in any way.

I thought this book was a lot of fun and would adapt well to a movie. It was funny without being overly silly.
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Good Catch, and its prequel, Sweet Bliss are set in the fictional Puget Sound town of Harper Landing. Marlo, a former ballerina, and Ben, a Seattle Times journalist, are childhood enemies brought together as adults through a bet about dating, family business issues and small town drama. Although they're both trying to get back in the dating game through an app, Good Catch, Ben and Marlo spend more and more time together trying to help their families' struggling businesses. 

Both this and Sweet Bliss are light, fun, clean romances. I love a good small town romance and these have tons of good characters and town antics to keep the interest going while the romance builds. I enjoyed the Fall vibes and the character depth with dyslexia representation and coping with career-ending injuries. It's a shorter read. As a Puget Sound resident, I loved all the local details. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Montlake for the e-arc. All opinions are my own.
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I absolutely loved Sweet Bliss so I couldn't wait to read Good Catch. It unfortunately had less of the small town, Stars Hollow, feel to me that I loved in the first book. I also had a difficult time connecting with the characters, especially all of Ben's weird ex girlfriends, overall, I enjoyed the story. 

Thank you Netgalley for my #gifted advanced copy.
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Good Catch is a small town, slow burn, light hearted enemies to lovers story set in the town of Harper’s Landing. Ben and Marlo have known each other since kindergarten and have been at odds since. Ben is a journalist and avid cyclist. Marlo is a former ballerina now working as a fitness instructor at her parent’s club. Reunited at a mutual friend’s wedding, Ben and Marlo’s parents criticize them on their dating histories and challenge them to date people they typically wouldn’t. Both download the app, Good Catch, and have a serious of interesting dates all the while unintentionally spending time together.

Marlo and Ben are equally matched characters but childhood grudges initially prevent them from truly seeing the other. As they spent time together they realize that they are perfect for each other and waste no time making their intentions known. I appreciate that overall it was a slow burn romance and once they got together they got together with no games. If you love hallmark movies this is the perfect small town romance book to read. 

Thank you @netgalley and @katerockbooktours for this eARC in exchange for my honest feedback.
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First off, thank you for letting me review this book! I really enjoyed the story and the characters of this book! The storyline kept me reading until I finished! I loved the characters and how well everyone connected
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Good, cozy read. A book for people from the Pacific Northwest and people that love that area as it is heavy with references. It read like a book about a small PNW community as much as it did about Ben and Marlo's love story.

At times it felt like we were getting off track and I wasn't sure where the story or plot were going. I could see what the author was trying to do and it was very heavy handed (Ben's journalism and Marlo's dancing being allegories for their personalities and experiences).
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Good catch is the second book in the series and after reading Sweet bliss , I wanted so much to see where the author will take this world that she build. It gives me such a cozy little comfort feeling while imagining myself in Harper Landing. 
A slow burn romance full of interesting banter and so many laugh out loud moments, an enemies to lovers story that fulfilled my craving heart in every aspect. 
I loved it and if you want to read a romance book, this is a must read for sure.
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Marlo and Ben have known each other since they were kids. But they are not friends. Nuh-huh.
After their parents' insistence they try to date new people, Marlo will try to date not so handsome men and Ben will try to date a little more glamorous women.
That's how Ben decided to join Good Catch, a dating app.
It's a story about the different dates both of them have with the wrong people. And how they start to discover that they don't really hate each other anymore.
Honestly, I couldn't finish it. It was too slow. I tried, but there was a moment I thought I was wasting my time. Sorry...
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This was such a heartwarming story. I related to Ben most. I also have a mild case of dyslexia. I loved that the author educated us about dyslexia. It isn’t just reading and writing backwards. I tend to read very slowly unless I listen to audio while following along. I just really like Ben a lot. I did not read the first book in the Harper Landing book and I was able to follow along. This book does well as a stand alone. I did however love the characters and I would like to go back and read the first book in the series.
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I received a copy of this through NetGalley. I didn't actually listen to this via audio, but rather sent the copy to my kindle and read it. It took me a day to read this book.
It was a lovely, quaint little romance novel. Very subtle and easy flowing. It is a slow burn but there are plenty of heartwarming moments to feed you need for the warm fuzzies. The author did a wonderful job developing the characters; Marlo and Ben being the main characters. Sentence structures are well formed and flow without effort. This truly was an easy read. The interactions between the characters seem genuine and relatable. 
Marlo comes from a well to do family and there were some misconceptions between Marlo and other characters in the past, but she is sweet and caring young woman who has a habit of picking guys who are just not good for her. Who can't relate with that?.. Ben is a good looking guy, but he is too nice and has some insecurities that land him in awkward situations with women. He is a "yes" guy. 
While assigned to sit at the same table at the wedding of a common associate, Ben and Marlo find themselves in a bet with their parents. Marlo is to find someone based on inward appearance instead of looks. Her father thinks she chooses men based on outward appearances and this is why she keeps finding herself in relationships with toxic or unsuitable companions. Ben's mother has a similar opinion of Ben stating that he dates only women who are beneath him and that he should put more effort into finding "attractive" women. Marlo and Ben both find themselves on the Good Catch dating app where they are matched, but Marlo blocks him based on childhood memories that turn out to be misconceptions of the man. 
Regardless fate had other plans for the two. Through several mismatched and failed attempts at hookups with people via Good Catch the two still end up at the Nuthatch alone after hours one night. Marlo and Ben had escaped together, she was escaping yet another humiliating public display of affection by her parents while out to dinner and a show one night. Ben just happened to be there with his Good Catch date, who was googoo eying a member of the band... Ben's best friend.  Ben and Marlo end up going to Ben's family restaurant afterwards where he cooked dinner for her. The rest is really history because there, they found that the both had misconstrued memories and ideas of one another. They truly had met for the very first time. They both shared and for the first time made a real connection. The rest was history because the end up falling madly inlove with one another despite their pasts and all the hurdles the two had to overcome to realize they were a GOOD MATCH. 

If you are looking for a light and easy to read romance novel. This story felt like it was straight out off of the Hallmark channel. It genuinely was a lovely, lovely read.
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If you're a fan of Hallmark and enemies to lovers this is the perfect read! It's a feel good, curl up under the blankets kind of a book. I really enjoyed it and thought it was well written with that slow burn feel. I look forward to future works from this author!
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Thank you NetGalley for this ARC. I was anxious to get to book 2 after reading Sweet Bliss. I enjoyed this book and it gave me all the Hallmark Movie vibes my heart enjoys in a book, as I turned the pages... Marlo and Ben have all the quirkiness of a fun and charming romance. Some parts moved a little slow, but I still enjoyed the book and will continue to keep an eye out for more books by the author. A perfect second book to pick up when needing lighthearted pages to escape in.
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