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This is the third book of Tom Bradby's trilogy featuring Kate Henderson, an operative MI6 agent specialist of Russia. The first two were "Secret service " and "Double agent". Triple cross is, in my point of view, the best one.

In this episode, Agent Kate has demonstrated all her talent to lead a difficult investigation and to resolve the enigma of who was Dante, a traitor and russian agent operating for years in the heart of English government.The first suspect is the Prime Minister himself and Kate agreed again to conduct the investigation to unmask the culprit. She has also tidied up her private life and got closer to her children.

Tom Bradby shows in this book all his talent as a storyteller. He gave us a story full of suspense and twists. He also showed his mastery of current global geopolitical and strategic issues in the world.

I enjoyed reading this book and I recommend it.
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PLOT - A spy thriller about a Russian spy at the top level of British SIS. All leads point out to the current PM as the suspect. He asks for the help of Kate Henderson a former SIS agent to help clear him and find and expose the real mole.

A strong female lead who is kick-ass with great instincts!
There are several twists but I figured out the mole quite early on.
It's the 3rd part of trilogy though it can be read as a standalone. I would highly advise to read the previous 2 books just to get to know all the characters and their interactions!
Fans of spy thrillers do check this out!
Thank you Netgalley and the publishers for this arc in exchange for my honest review.
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Third book in the trilogy would have been more appreciated if I’d read the previous books. Lots of international intrigue with good characters.
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This is the third of a trilogy of suspenseful spy stories about a Russian mole embedded at the highest level in the British SIS.    There has been speculation that the current British prime minister James Ryan is the mole, although there are other candidates.   In this finale to the trilogy, Kate Henderson, a former SIS senior executive is tasked by Ryan to finally unmask the traitor in order to clear the PM.  Her reward would be permission for her estranged husband Stuart to return to the UK.  He was previously uncovered as a Russian spy and exiled to Moscow without ready access to his children.   Kate is driven to agree to help the PM for their children's sake.  

The story begins in the south of France where Kate and the children are having a clandestine meeting with Stuart.  Then it really gets underway in Istanbul, and moves on to London, Prague and finally Moscow.   There's a spectacular denouement to the story as Kate and Stuart race to the Russian border crossing to escape capture.   After that, there's the shocking and devastating revelation of the mole's identity.  It's a pitch perfect ending.

There's plenty of strong women characters supported by several weak men.   Kate is the strongest of all, which makes the revelation of the mole's identity all the more poignant. There's  a strong hint that Kate's story will continue.

I agree with the author that this book can be read as a standalone without too much difficulty.  However, the previous two books in the trilogy are excellent reads and should not be missed.  Tom Bradby is a talented and skillful storyteller.

Grove Atlantic the publisher gave me a complementary advance reading copy of the eBook via Netgalley for my independent review.   The comments about it are my own.
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I received a copy of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley.

Definitely read the first two books in this series before tackling this one. I read this in one sitting and enjoyed it, although as I think I have said about each book, I don't think I could really summarize the plot coherently - I just go with the flow. Kate and Stuart's relationship is resolved, and the 'mole at the centre of SIS' is finally revealed. I had had flickers of suspicion about that person throughout the series, so I was pleased with myself. It looks as if there is going to be a new series with Kate on the China desk - I look forward to it.
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While Kate is seeking to put the past betrayal of her husband behind her, she is interrupted in a reconciliation vacation by the pm, who makes her an offer she can't refuse.  Find the mole at the head of the service, or lose her husband for good.

Conflicted and emotionally battered, she begins what might be an impossible task.

A top-tier spy thriller.  Filled with twists and turns, this book is a great read.  I couldn't put it down.
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