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Mind Mechanics for Teens and Young Adults

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This is a useful resource and I can see it being used in a variety of individual/group/class scenarios. I like that there is information about physiological and psychological systems to be shared with learners. I would have liked to see a bit more evidence within the sections for teachers, some of the evidence sources cited were not peer reviewed or from government bodies so perhaps not the most reliable of source. A good resource nonetheless and I will use aspects of it in my teaching.
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A much-needed resource at the moment. A timely release of a resource that can be a great help to those working with children and young people who are facing and encountering distressing, confusing and frightening experiences prior to and during the pandemic. 
Helpful information for supporting individuals and whole-class activities to support the emotional well-being and resilience of young people. Great CBT tasks and explorations which aid teens to develop awareness, and understanding, of emotions and difficult experiences. 
Age-appropriate, although I would say for the lower teens rather than mid/late teens, and a valuable resource for classrooms and for those who work with children in the community.
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This was a really fun read! I was hooked from the first page and gulped it down in one day, would recommend to anyone who has an open mind and afternoon! So informative!!!
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As a teacher I am always on the look out for new resources, and new ideas when it comes to mental health. Having suffered with my own mental health in the past, it is a topic incredibly close to my heart!
This book is full of great ideas for the classroom. I love how it looks at the science of the brain, and the science behind mental health as well as the triggers and how to deal with various issues.
I thought this book was brilliant! This will be an absolute godsend for us at school.

I was lucky enough to be sent an early electronic copy in exchange for an honest review, but I will most certainly be buying the paperback version when it comes out next month. 

I really hope more schools, and more teachers get their hands on these resources!
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