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I loved this book!!!! 
This was my first KT Egan book - after realizing that this it the second book in a series (that can be read as a stand alone book as well)  - that I just purchased for my kindle!  I appreciated the precious relationship between Cheyenne and her grandfather - and cryed with her at his passing.  I'm a foodie and totally appreciate any book having anything to do with food lol so I greatly enjoyed any mention of the bakeries lol.  I loved the build up of the relationship between Cheyenne and Jesse.  This sweet story was extremely realistic - especially with the children as they dealt with the loss of their own mother, and Jesse's mother in laws reactions - very real feelings and actions.  I was given this digital arc in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you Netgalley and KT Egan!!  Can't wait to read book #1, and I hope for many more to come!
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Cheyenne inherited her grandfather's Retirement Home upon his death and as part of the stipulation of the will she needs to move from Albany to Pennsylvania for two years. Jesse is a widow with two children who moved to the area after the death of his wife and does handiwork around Cheyenne's house as he did for Cheyenne's grandfather. Cheyenne and Jesse enjoy each other's company and Jesse's children feel very comfortable around Cheyenne, more than Jesse ever thought was going to happen. But when Jesse gets spooked when his son refers to Cheyenne as his stepmother and Jesse's mother in law interferes, he breaks up with Cheyenne.  He must realize that his past does not dictate his future, and must find a way to be happy with Cheyenne.

What makes a family? In The Family Recipe, there are many types of families portrayed, but does biology make family? Cheyenne treats Amelia and Miles as her own, eventhough they are Jesse's kids. Jesse's mother in law wants to make sure that he is happy, but does not want him to forget about her daughter. There are single mothers, friend groups, even Cheyenne's immediate family does not make one envision a "typical" family. Even Cheyenne's bakery staff can be considered her family.

A great summer read! Enjoyable characters, great location.
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This plot felt very fresh. There aren't a lot of stories that focus on the process losing a loved one in this kind of a way and/or romances like this one. I also really liked the way the MC's feelings about motherhood and children were handled. 
I did kind of skim the first third of the book because it was taking me a really long time to into the story and the writing style. The writing style wasn't really my cup of tea but I i think that's a me thing. It isn't bad its just not what I am used to and made me feel a bit distanced from the story. (Except for in the epilogue the word "tween" is used  like 18 times and that was making me go a little crazy. )
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Cheyanne moves from New York to Pennsylvania after her grandfather passes away and leaves her the house. She's trying to piece her life back together and make a new one for herself in this small town that she used to spend her summers at when she was a child. Little does she know that this would lead to romance and maybe even happiness. This book was a quick, cute, and light read, a small-town romance. The writing was was pretty simple, making it easy to read and catch on. All of the characters were so lovable, and their personalities came across really well, I appreciated this because there was a wide range of age between all the characters, and Egan did a great job of conveying that. Themes of grief, love, friendship, and perseverance are carried throughout the book, and I loved all the family dynamics as well. I feel like in romances, platonic and family relationships end up way in the background, but this book actually factored those relationships into the main romance plotline. I did not know that this was the second book in a series, but I had no trouble following along. I'm guessing the books are written to be like standalones. This book wasn't extremely deep, but it was sweet and had a Hallmark movie vibe to it.
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The Family Recipe is a very well written romance.  Loved the plot and the believable characters.  I recommend this book.
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So I’ll say it again, but by now, you’ll know I really like Romcoms by time to time and I love to read about food! It could be any food, but cupcakes and cookies and bread are definitely one of my favourites !

I got a Arc copy of this book thanks to Netgalley, and really, discovering Netgalley opened up a whole new world to me....

I loved this book. I really did. It was filled with sadness, grief, friendship, and love. And it was perfect. I honestly didn’t want it to end, and when I lay in bed at night after I finished it, I still thought about it. What doesn’t happen a lot !

I loved reading about Cheyenne, Jesse and the kids. This book is the perfect example of continuing your life after a death. It is possible to continue your life, and to even make your life amazing. 

I'd recommend this one to anyone who likes to cook, who lost someone special and to whom find love even in the most difficult moments.
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The Family Recipe by K. T. Egan is the 2nd book in the Anderson Creek romance series, and another enjoyable read. This book is a sweet romance, that I really enjoyed. Cheyenne, a NYC baker, who inherited her grandfather's house in Pennsylvania under the condition she lives in it for a year.   Jesse is her grandfather’s handyman and a widowed father of  2 children. Once I started this book, I kept reading until I was finished. Perfect escape read, which is so needed now. I found this book to be a quick read, with a well developed plot and characters. I highly recommend it to all readers who enjoy romances. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series. 
I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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My thanks to #Netgalley and #GenZpublishers for giving me the opportunity to review ‘The Family Recipe’ by K.T. Egan.

The book was a joy, easy reading with lots of cosy feels and a happy ending. The situation was believable regarding the blending of a family and the feelings of betrayal which helps. 
I didn’t realise that this was part 2 of a series, this did not spoil my enjoyment as I read it as a stand alone  novel without any difficulty.
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A deep book that takes a hard look at family and the relationships there in. Good solid storyline and interesting  characters.
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I really liked this book. I noticed that it was the second in a series, but it worked just swimmingly as a standalone. I was actually really happy when I learned that is was in a series because now I'm hoping for cameos of CHeyenne in the other books. 

But onto this book, I really liked it. It is definitely Hallmark-esque to me, especially the plot set up. And since I love baking, I couldn't help but fall for Cheyenne. I really liked her as a character. I think the beginning with her grandfather observing her really painted the scene of how close the two were and why this whole thing started. So that development was great. I also liked how Cheyenne developed as a person. 

I think my only real piece of critique would be the cover. I think the cover didn't contribute anything really. It wasn't particularly descriptive of the book itself or was aesthetically gorgeous. It was just "meh" or lukewarm to me, nothing that would really draw a reader in. 

But overall, a great read! I will definitely be reading the other books in the series.
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Every once in a while you come across a book that you....well... just want to be in. The Family Recipe is one of those stories. KT Egan has created a small town, characters and a story line that I identified with and loved. I will buy a paper copy so I can go back to Chey, Jesse, 'Melia and Miles' story whenever I want. From the loss that creates the beginning of the story to the loss that is an underlying reason to how the story develops; the friendships and relationships even the jobs that the characters have....I cannot recommend this read enough to fans of the genre or readers that are looking for the classic "good story". I found a new author that I will be searching out all books from. I was lucky enough to be granted the opportunity to read The Family Recipe by KT Egan from NetGalley. My honest review was the only obligation and I have presented that here,
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The Family Recipe read like magic. (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)

I thought it was a very well-written novel with characters that stayed true to themselves and their feelings until the end. All relationships were beautifully crafted and briliantly intertwined. I actually felt like I was a part of the Anderson Family. 

K.T. Egan has mastered the art of raw emotion in this novel. Nothing stayed hidden from the readers. Also, laughter and tears came with cookies, cakes and coffee, how can one stay indifferent? It was a perfect recipe for happiness. Touching. Sweet. Imaginative. 

My heart was full once I stopped reading, though I was left with a craving of some sort of grand gesture from Jesse, perhaps a surprise, to really finish this story off.

Thank you NetGalley for providing me a copy of this novel as an exchange for my honest review.
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This is the first novel I’ve read by K.T. Egan, The Family Recipe is a tale of redefining one’s life, of going toward happiness and of home even if you didn’t realize it.  Cheyenne, a bakery owner spent her summers with her Gramps in Penn Ridge, PA.  Gramp’s house - The Retirement Home holds many memories for her but her life and her bakery are in Albany, New York.  Jesse Kaiser is her Gramps maintenance man, a widow with two children, he is fiercely protective of his children and his heart. When circumstances bring these two together, the embers of love, laughter and a life unimagined by either begins.  But will two people who are independent and have a very different image of life in their minds see how life together really can be?   I enjoyed the characters and the writing style of K.T. Egan, the story flowed well.  Other characters such as Amelia, Jesse’s young teen, were just as interesting and dynamic as were the main characters.  This is not an overly dramatic romance, although there is some romance but a lovely story of becoming a family when you didn’t know you wanted to be in a family.
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I only got about a quarter of the way through this one before deciding I really needed to read the first book in the series to gain a better understanding of it. Looking forward to reading the whole series this summer.
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I didn't realize before reading this book that it was the second book in a series, but I was able to enjoy it without having read the first book. This was a heartwarming, small town romance that was quite enjoyable.
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The momentum from K.T.’s first book definitely carried over into book 2. I was really looking forward to this story, because the first was so beautifully written. Book 2 didn’t disappointment. I loved Cheyenne’s story. The story centered around starting new chapters in your life, navigating grief, second chances, and embracing change. It was such a sweet story and it was well written. And I’ve never lived in one, but I’ve always been a sucker for small town living and all the quirks that come with
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I enjoyed this latest book by K.T. Egan and didn't even realize it was a 2nd book in a series. I liked the story line and loved the characters. Cheyenne inherits her grandfather's whole estate when he passes away and the story revolves that and is also a nice little love story.  Very heartwarming. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this early release in exchange for my honest review.
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A small town romance with a cute kids and a adorable puppy.  
I did not realize there was a previous book but, I think this was fine to read as a standalone.
Main character is Cheyenne who owns a bakery in NYC.  Her grandfather dies and leaves her the family farmhouse.  But, it comes with the stipulation she has to live there for a few years before deciding if she wants to sell it.
The story revolves around family dynamics, dealing with grief and second chances.
Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and author for the opportunity to read this book for my honest opinion.  All opinions expressed are my own.
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My first time reading this author, but not the last.  I loved this wonderfully written story about starting over.  We jump right into the story as we are gathering for Cheyenne’s Grandfathers funeral at his home. She has traveled from New York and is surprised when the homestead is left to her.  She has decisions to make as Cheyenne has a successful bakery back home.  

Jesse is her grandfather’s handyman and a widower with 2 children.  He understands starting over.  The attraction leads to a journey to accept past hurts as part of the grieving process so that they can move forward.  Will Cheyenne and Jesse get a second chance at love?  Can Cheyenne make a life in a small town, or does she need the excitement of the city?  She has always been the favorite Aunt. Can she add the title of Mom?

 Thank you to NetGalley and GenZ Publishing for the advanced copy; this is my voluntary review
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This book immerses you immediately into the family dynamics of Cheyenne's family as they deal with the death of her grandfather.  Chey was her grandfather's favorite and he leaves her the beloved family farmhouse.  Because this is the second in this series, I felt a little lost with all the characters that kept appearing.  This is a book that deals with death and grieving and second chances at love.
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