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Stuck in the Present

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The author would like to exhort Christians to be well grounded in history so as to best appreciate the faith.  

I appreciate the author's sentiment; as a preacher inclined toward history I see the effects of anachronism and a decontextualized faith because of the "tyranny of the present."  Thus, all who are encouraged to consider history better should be commended.

But I'm afraid the author often gets in his own way.  The work has a lot of personal anecdotes and principles and often veers off into various tangents.  The work seems to lack coherence, which is disappointing.
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This book has encouraged me to develop my love for learning and to learn with humility lessons from history. I see value in history but this is often a very dry study and I'm trilled that the author has framed learning history in such an eyeopening process. Love the passion and insight of the author.
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Stuck in the Present
How History Frees and Forms Christians
by David George Moore
Abilene Christian University Press & Leafwood Publishers 
Leafwood Publishers
 Christian  |  History  |  Religion & Spirituality 
Pub Date 11 May 2021

I am reviewing a copy of Stuck I’m the Present through Leafwood Publishers and Netgalley:

In his book Nineteen Eight Four George Orwell observed that those who pay attention to history have the potential to influence the future. Stuck in the Present offers a grounding in historical consciousness that allows us to better navigate the daily bombardment of information. Amnesia about the past makes one vulnerable to the shackles of our modern-day hucksters who try to convince us that the present is all that matters.

Stuck in the Present includes key interviews that Moore Conducts with leading historians.  The conversations invite readers to better understand relevant topics like the living legacy of the Puritans, slavery and the Civil War, and the current struggles for Civil Rights.

David Moore offers wise counsel while speaking to American Christians” that have grown up hearing stories about the past but have never taken history very seriously. With wit and grace, he encourages readers to avoid common historical fallacies and better understand the significance of the past. Stuck in the Present motivates readers to be lifelong learners of history. By doing so, we are enriched and better equipped to engage the complexities of our world.

I give Stuck in the Present five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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Moore makes his points excellently, building his points with references to many reputable scholars and writers. At the same time, the writing style is very clear, which makes a very accessible book for a layman audience as well as a scholarly audience. A terrific take on an important topic!
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