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Wow, what a story!!  A psychological thriller that was interesting but much of it was completely unbelievable!  Amelia and Fritz hire a photographer Delta Dawn to photograph their 11 year old daughters birthday party. 

Delta obviously was psychotic!  She did some crazy mind blowing things but it still fell short from reality.  Delta was very stalkerish but never really did anything. I saw the ending coming. It was a good read but I hoped for so much more. 

Thank you NetGalley for allowing me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review.
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The Photographer was a good book! I went into it not knowing anything about it other than being drawn into the amazing cover! Delta Dawn (the photographer)  epitomizes obsession overload!  I listened to the audiobook thank you to Macmillan audio which was narrated by the author - and I think that she did a pretty good job.  I was able to finish this book over a couple of days.  Delta Dawn was such an interesting character.  It was interesting to read about her and see how she calculates each action she says or does to get to her desired conclusion.  Amelia was a bit much at times - somewhat of a self centered drama queen. - and Natalie - a bit of a brat at times but considering her family - I think that's on par.   Overall - great character development - I was really intrigued with this story  - I am a true fan of psychological thrillers and this one was good.
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The Photographer is about Delta Dawn a photographer who captures moments. Although, she creates more than just memories with her photography skills. She creates a story. 
Here’s where the real fun begins. Delta isn’t your typical photographer. Her talent lies within the captured image itself. She’s a dark character with an inquisitive imagination. Photography is a relationship she builds with families. Her photos tell them the story they long for. She’s performing a function as an outsider looking in that likes to create an illusion with her images. 

Delta was a peculiar character paying great attention to detail by observing the families she photographs. Her curiosity drove her character forward propelling the compulsion for friendship with the Straubs. The Straubs were visual artists much like herself. Delta’s fascination with the Straubs tethered along the lines of invasive. The way she analyzed every situation was clever and quite brilliant. She takes obsession to another level. Having chosen the Straub family brought out Delta’s inner darkness. 

Amelia was a charismatic, glamorous woman who came across as focused and determined. As her relationship grew with Delta we got to see a desperate vulnerable side to her. 
Delta was unquestionably a smart and perceptive character. Her willingness to do anything to help the Straubs compelled the story. 
Then there was eight year old Natalie who became friends with Delta. Natalie in her own right was very intelligent and perspective. The bond between Delta and Natalie raised a few suspicions. 
The relationship that really came into question was Delta and Fritz. Delta’s wonderful imagination really blossomed with Fritz. 
The Straubs became more than friends to her they became family. There acceptance of her in their lives opened a door for Delta.

Performed by the author herself. Mary Dixie Carter narrated the Photographer. However, the sound quality was garbled. I could hear an echo periodically or the sound of her mouth speaking too close to the microphone. It came across as an echo. I listened at 1.25x speed then switched to 1.5x the speed. While the distortion was still present I much preferred this speed. This is my first time listening to an audiobook using the Netgalley app. I’m not sure if the distorted sound I’m hearing was from the recording or the app play back. After awhile I was able to ignore the sound quality and focus on the performance.

When I read a book I don’t give much thought into what these characters look like or sound like but. Investing in the audiobook is an opportunity to give voice to the characters. With these voices my mind begins to conjure images.

What I enjoy about revising a book especially an audiobook is the ability to follow along with the narrator. The narrator gives voice to the characters in a much different way than I could have imagined. Not to mention I’m privy to the outcome so I can redirect my focus on other aspects of the story. In this case I paid particular attention to Delta’s character and the way she analyzed the Straubs. 

This was an unabridged audiobook. Although, I did notice a few character names were changed on the audiobook not matching the names in the ebook.
It’s written in the first person offering an excellent interpretation of Delta’s frame of mind. This was skillfully written and performed by Mary Dixie Carter herself. She was voice of Delta bringing her to life. Mary not only brought her talented writing skills to the table she also brought her acting skills to the audiobook. It’s evident in her performance creating an intimate connection. 
Listen until the end where a twenty minute interview provides additional information regarding the Photographer. 
The Photographer checks off all the boxes I look for in a steady paced dark psychological thriller.
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Have you ever hired a professional photographer for a major event in your life? What would you think if you found out this photographer was altering the photos of you, your husband, your children do her own pleasure? Beyond creepy.

Delta Dawn (yes, that’s her name) is hired by wealthy families to photograph children’s birthday parties. When Amelia and Fritz hire her for their daughter Natalie’s party, Delta finds a way to insert herself into virtually every aspect of their lives.

The writing is overly descriptive which adds to the creepy voyeuristic nature of the character. This was an entertaining, fast read.

Thanks NetGalley and MacMillan Audio for this audio ARC.
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This book definitely succeeded in conveying the creepiness of the main character, a photographer who inserts herself into an affluent family's life. I liked the juxtaposition of the false reality of the family living a life to by photographed and displayed and the photographer trying to live a false life through them. Delta, the photographer, has a very flat affect, and although this does make her feel more creepy, it also limits how much the reader can dig into her psyche. For a psychological thriller, that's part of the thrill, to dig into what makes a character tick. The other part is feeling fear for a sympathetic character under threat, but this family wasn't all that sympathetic. Overall, great premise, but it needed more depth and emotion. 

I was able to listen to the audio version in addition to the ebook and the narration was extremely slow. It fit with the main character's cold, flat persona, but it made it very hard to listen to for long stretches. 

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Delta Dawn is a professional photographer capturing pictures of New York's elite and their families. When Delta is taking pictures at Natalie Straub's birthday party, he finds herself wanting to be part of this family's lives. She slowly gets in their inner circle, by babysitting Natalie, becoming the mother's friend, and spending more time with the father. But no matter how close she gets, it never seems to be close enough.

Wow what a creepy book. Fans of the You series will enjoy this one.  Delta's obsession with the Straub family is disturbing, but you can't stop reading about it. This is a fast-paced and gripping read, and although it is fairly predictable, the drama keeps you intrigued the whole time. I would have loved to get even deeper in Delta's head and learn more about WHY she is the way she is. She was a fascinating character and I ended the book feeling bad for her. If you are looking for a quick psychological thriller, this is a good one for you!

The narrator of this audiobook was phenomenal. Her voice was the perfect amount of creepy for this character. The audio quality was also great.
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What quickly started off as innocent turns into a tale of obsession and desperation. In the photographer the protagonist Della Dawn wants to emulate the perfect life that she created in her mind. Mary Dixie Carter wrote a tale that was full of intrigue and had me second guessing everything that I thought I knew about Della. Thank you Netgalley for allowing me to read this hidden gem, and now I want to read more books by Mary Dixie Carter.
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Delta Dawn is a child photographer for the New York City elite. When she is hired to take photos for Natalie Straub’s 11th birthday she decides that she wants to be more than the hired help. Delta being at the right place at the right time soon becomes Natalie’s full time babysitter. But Delta has ulterior motives and quickly inserts herself into every aspect of the Straub’s lives. 
 I listened to this as a audiobook and couldn’t get enough. Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to listen to this audiobook for an honest review. I give this book 5 stars.
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I tried reading this book and listening to the audiobook. I could not get into it and did not finish. This book just wasn’t for me but I’m sure others will love it.
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Hmm. I could not get into this. I couldn’t tell if the story didn’t grab me and I was completely disinterested, or if it was because I couldn’t sink into the story because of the narrator’s voice. I was not a fan.
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This debut novel has some good moments, but for a domestic suspense novel I don't feel like it quite goes far enough.
Delta Dawn is a photographer specializing in children's parties of the upper crust of New York. She has a talent for making the best out of every situation and giving the parents the "look" they desire in the photos, even if it requires some careful manipulation of the photos. when Delta photographs eleven-year-old Natalie's party, she finds herself drawn to Natalie's parents and doesn't just want to be a friend of the family, she wants to be a PART of the family.
I alternated between listening to the audio book (narrated by the author) and reading the print copy. I liked the narration because I could feel Delta's aspirations and her delusions radiating from the voice.
Although Delta is pretty delusional, there's a method to her madness that you don't quite get until the very end of the book. I grew to somewhat admire her gutsiness and lies--both the lies she tells to others, but also the lies she tells herself. She has major blind spots when it comes to herself, and that just makes the book more readable.
Unfortunately, the thing that is the major shortcoming of this book is that we don't know WHY Delta is the way she is. There are veiled references to her family and upbringing, but a few well placed flashbacks would have made this book so much better. We know Delta is "off" but we don't know why she is that way.
Overall, this is a decent debut novel and I look forward to seeing what the author comes up with next.
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My thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for allowing me to enjoy this really good listen. 

Delta Dawn(like the Tanya Tucker and Helen Reddy hit) is a children's photographer hired by Amelia and Fritz Schaub to take pictures at their daughter,  Natalie s birthday.   Amelia becomes obsessed with the family and first, becomes a babysitter to Natalie, a friend and confidant to Amelia, and then inserts herself into the family to manipulate many events to go in.her favor to be a part of the family.  Things don't quite go her way.

I really enjoyed this audio...Easy listen.  My only issue is I have seen this plot before in the Robin Williams film One Hour Photo, but still enjoyed and recommend.
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I requested this one because it might be a 2021 title I would like to review on my Youtube Channel. However, after reading the first several chapters I have determined that this book is not my tastes. So I decided to DNF this one rather than push myself to finish it only to give it a poor review.

I thought this one would be more of a thriller, but it read too much like a regular contemporary novel for my tastes.
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This book was not for me. I did not enjoy the characters or the story. I didn't understand the premise. Who has someone babysit after knowing them for like 1 minute? I wasn't engaged in the story at all.
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A photographer with the unlikely name of Delta Dawn has clawed and pulled her way out of poverty and made a successful career taking pictures of the children of the wealthiest residents of New York. She’s satisfied with her life until she take photos of Natalie Straub at her 11th birthday party . Delta is consumed with a desire to be on the other side of the lens, part of Natalie’s family. And really, wouldn’t she fit in much better than Natalie’s mother, Amelia? She befriend the family, becoming a trusted friend and confidant, determined that the perfect family becomes hers
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This was so so good. It was beyond creepy, which translated really well on audio. The narrator was superb. It was a tale of ultimate obsession. The main character was so twisted but seemed so normal. This was an overall winner from start to finish.
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The narrator of this book was very good. It was easy to keep track of each character.

The overall writing style was great and the book was entertaining. There were times when it felt a little slow moving but overall a fast read.

The main characters name is Delta Dawn, if that does not put the song in your head then you just don’t know the song. She is a little bat shit crazy to say the least. She fixates on people and wants to insert her life into their‘s. She is a photographer and takes photos of people’s life events. She takes photos of a birthday party for this one family and all of a sudden she is now babysitting and hanging out with them. I don’t know that I would call this a psychological thriller but rather a domestic drama. So if you like a little bit of a domestic drama you might like this unstable family/babysitter combo.
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“The picture is real because they want it to be”

You know the gif from Blink182’s, “First Date” where the girl scrapes her retainer on the street and Tom DeLonge says, “WTF”? You know the one. That’s my entire face while reading The Photographer. 

Mary Dixie Carter is a phenomenal writer. I thought the reader was even better. Then, I realized the reader IS Mary Dixie Carter as well. Mind completely blown. It was so well done and executed so well, I think the audio truly gave me the jeebies that I got from The Photographer. This toxic fascination and obsession with Amelia and Fritz was off the charts. 

I will say, about 85% or so I didn’t know exactly  where we’d be taking this journey. I liked the build up to get there, I just didn’t know if there was going to more, or we’d see what Delta’s big final plan was. Like, what’s the end game? Just to be in their life? And, why? I realize then Delta Dawn just wanted some friends y’all. A very bizarre way to get them, but she just wanted some company! She didn’t mean much harm! 

If you are a fan of “You” and Joe Goldberg, or loved that Robin Williams movie “One Hour Photo” y’all need to meet Delta in the Photographer! She’s the gentler version. You kind of feel for the gal, like c’mon Amelia, be her friend. Thank you Minotaur and MacMillan Audio for the gifted copy. The Photographer is out May 25th.
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This is a great audiobook.  The writing draws you in from the onset. Delta Dawn is a seemingly nice, person who is living her life as a divorced parent of a young boy and supporting herself with her career as a photographer.  She appears to be kind, thoughtful and cares about those around her and her work. As the pages go by things slowly things take a turn and you realize that she is one scary major whackadoodle. She is insidious in her ways and weaves such tales about herself that you never know what she is going to do and or what happens next.  Just how crazy is she?  Is she a good friend? Is she safe around your family?  Can a single thing she says be believed?  Does the life she shares with others really exist or is she a complete and total psychopath who only wants to usurp the lives of others?  This is so beautifully crafted you’ll never know until you get to the end.  And then there is still more surprises to come.  There is not a single decent human in this story and yet you keep wanting to know what comes next.
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Thank You to NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for gifting me with an Audio ARC of The Photographer, by Mary Dixie Carter. In exchange I offer my unbiased review.

The stalker/ unhinged female trope has been written before but author Mary Dixie Carter has created a fresh approach with her debut. Delta Dawn, a talented photographer uses her skill to integrate herself amongst the NYC elite, by offering home photography sessions. When she’s hired to shoot the birthday party of 11 year old, Natalie Straub, Delta becomes transfixed with the Straub family. Quickly she finds a way to become a prominent part of their lives. 

I enjoyed parts of this creepy story but I also found some illogical actions and plot holes as well. The audio narration was ok, but when the narrator attempted to alter her voice it sounded robotic and unnatural. 

Overall this was just an ok and will probably not be a book I would want to reread. I appreciate the opportunity to have an early listen 🎧
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