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I enjoyed this book because of it's writing style, unique topic, and the fact that it really provided a thought-provoking experience. Recommended for readers who want to read slowly so as to take time to process.

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A plethora of books about diversity have been published in the last two years, so you may wonder why another is needed. Diversity Playbook, written by Michelle R. Lloyd-Paige and Michelle D. Williams and published by ACU Press, brings unique insight into this field and is well-worth your time. Written for and by professionals in the field of Christian Higher Education (CHE), Diversity Playbook is grounded in scripture and first-hand examples illustrating the importance of this topic. While Lloyd-Paige and Williams are diversity professionals, their audience is not limited to those who include diversity in their official job description but includes anyone and everyone in CHE who is interested in this topic as well as other fields. The book is divided into three parts which are For the Diversity Professional, For the Outliers, Allies, and Co-Conspirators, and For the Organization. Everyone is highly encouraged to read all three sections regardless of where you fit in your organization. Each chapter opens with scripture and ends with a summary titled Takeaways. The authors take turns sharing their stories and experiences using Michelle L. or Michelle W. to indicate whose perspective is being shared. Most chapters also include several footnotes. Lloyd-Paige and Williams have a very conversational tone in their writing which provides inviting, you can do this encouragement to readers.

Diversity Playbook is highly recommended for any Christian organization not just higher education. While some examples may not be relevant, most information can be applied to any organization. I found the section For the Diversity Professional appropriate for anyone in, or aspiring to, a leadership position. Diversity Playbook is highly recommended for libraries in CHE institutions, has potential to be used as a leadership textbook, and should be required reading for CHE administrators and boards. Beyond CHE, any Christian organization will find this book immensely useful as will Christians in leadership roles who wish to bring a Christian understanding of diversity to their own organizations.

A complementary copy of Diversity Playbook was provided to me from ACU Press via NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

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