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Excel for Microsoft 365 Reference and Cheat Sheet

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I received this e-book ARC of Excel for Microsoft 365 Reference and Cheat Sheet by
i30 Media Corp. through Net Galley from IBPA in exchange for a truthful review.

As a reference/cheat sheet for Excel for Microsoft 365, this worked as expected.
This 4-pager only had cheat sheet material for the Home ribbon and didn't have cheats for the other ribbons.
But the Home ribbon cheats and worked out examples are a good starting point for becoming familiar with Excel.
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STAR RATING            ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sincere Appreciation Goes to NetGalley and i30 Media for Providing this Advance Reader's Copy for Review 

Excel for Microsoft 365 Reference and Cheat Sheet – The Unofficial Cheat Sheet for Microsoft Excel  By in 30 Minutes 

I frequently use Microsoft Excel on my iPad and MacBook for simple columnar spreadsheets.  This, and sorting the columns in alphabetical order, is about the extent of my familiarity with the program.  Therefore, having a comprehensive four-page cheat sheet like this well-designed and easy-to-understand summary of how to execute Excel’s basic functions is a terrific reference tool.

The summary sheets give brief bullet point instructions for making spreadsheets; generating cells and graphs; using control key short-cuts; developing formulas; designing page layouts and themes; and so much more.

This easy to use guide is a “must have” for every Excel user.  I know that it will be a welcome addition to my computer reference library.  This is a well designed, beautifully executed and professionally developed usage guide.  
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I would like to thank i30 Media Corporation for providing an electronic review copy of their “Excel Microsoft 365 REFERENCE & CHEAT SHEET” for Windows and macOS.

This was a fun item to review since I use Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint professionally on a daily basis. My primary goal was to see if I could learn something useful and determine if this is something I could recommend to friends and co-workers. This product is exactly as claimed. It is a very usable and highly summarized four page reference/cheat sheet for Microsoft Excel. It accurately covers key functionality and procedures that most users would use.

Although most of this content seems to be already available to a good internet sleuth, there is certainly value to having this information formatted and summarized on paper without having to fumble with a web browser to refer to. For those that would like to see exactly what they get before purchasing, at the time of this writing, all four pages are included as product images on Amazon.

I learned a few tricks reviewing this that I look forward to using. I didn’t realize that there is a feature to hide columns and rows. (Honestly, if I need to do this, I usually put things in separate sheet in the same book…) The inclusion of static cell reference is very useful!  I have this written down on the bulletin board in my office since I keep forgetting the exact formatting. The inclusion of importing csv or text files is good since this is something I find myself often explaining to others. I know there are a huge number of functions, but I didn’t realize that there is a specific randbetween() function. This seems like it could be useful. Likewise the option to filter data is very useful.  And I now realize that I need to do a better job of remembering shortcuts since, for example changing cell format type with a simple keystroke seems very efficient.

On my wish list, it would be nice to have more about creating charts, though this is certainly a complex topic. And a brief explanation about setting read/write passwords might be useful.

As mentioned before this is good reference material. But for me, since I do not need to refer to content like this frequently, I’m not sure if I would purchase it at full value, but it would certainly be appreciated if included with a reference book, or perhaps purchased at a discount as a set.
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The Excel for Microsoft 365 Reference and Cheat Sheet is so helpful! This has and will continue to help me at work.

Thank you NetGalley and i30 Media Corp. for this ARC!
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Being a person that uses Excel on a regular basis, I find this cheat sheet very helpful.  Thank you to NetGalley and the Publisher for the opportunity to read this and for providing this resource!  (This review is also on GoodReads.)
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Much like other sheets in the series, this item provides a brief overview of the most common features of Microsoft Excel. This it does we

On the other hand, it has the same weaknesses found in earlier “books” in the series. Because the four pages cover both the Windows and Mac versions of the software, users of each will find wasted space devoted to the unused OS. Also, because it focuses on the Windows and Mac versions of the software, it offers no explicit coverage of the mobile versions or the on-line versions of Excel. Finally, because it covers the most common features of the program, it offers little or no guidelines on some of the powerful features offered by Excel. For example, it offers four steps, six lines, on creating graphs; it offers no details on creating or using a pivot table.

These problems could be addressed by creating a web site addressing features that differ between different environments and the features needed by power users. As best this reviewer can tell, no such web site exists.

Given these strengths and weaknesses, I give the EXCEL for Microsoft 365: Reference and Cheat Sheet three stars.
This review is based on a free electronic copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review. The opinions expressed are mine alone.
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Uno strumento eccellente per sfruttare al meglio Excel, programma potente ma non intuitivo. Utilissimo, chiaro e ben organizzato.
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Super helpful! Loved having this around it makes my job much easier and I use Excel for personal use now as a result because it seems less terrifying because of this reference packet
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This is a very basic review guide of Microsoft Office Excel. It has a clear and easy to follow layout that makes finding the relevant section easy. This reference tool may be helpful to new users of Excel, especially those who do not have experience with other Microsoft Office products.

Overall, I do not think this guide offers much more information than Excel's embedded hover text and help tools. Most users who are beyond the beginner level will likely be better served by a quick google search for the relevant topic.
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Great sheet. I will get this and hang it near my computer at work and at home so I can refer to it a lot.
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--Useful and to the point--

I received a review copy from the publisher through NetGalley and here are my thoughts.

It does what it says it will do on the tin. If you want a quick guide to Excel functions...this is it.
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This is a perfectly acceptable cheat sheet for Excel.  It's no better worse than others of its type.  As a reviewer it's difficult to give this a full trial when it can't be printed.
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I appreciate the last page as the shortcuts are very useful and can save a lot of time. Overall, it’s a nice little reference and cheat sheet, that is good to have on hand.
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A very concise and useful tool for people like me who simply can’t figure out Excel. Very helpful and I would recommend this for anyone who is new or not-so-new but clumsy (like me) with spreadsheets.
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Excellent information to have at your fingertips.  I was unaware of many of the shortcuts and tips.  This reference and cheat sheet would be a good resource for many to have by their computers.
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This is awesome, I have forgotten so much from being a SAHM the last few months.  This will be very useful when I go back to the workforce this fall.  Thanks so much NetGalley and In 30 Minutes for this!
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This is a fantastic 4 page reference for using Microsoft Excel. Many users only learn and need certain things for a long time, then suddenly, need more functionality, maybe because of a change in job or project scope, etc. This gives the basics, some examples, then the shortcuts. I'm still shocked when I work with team members (younger and older!) who have no idea there are keyboard shortcuts that make everything SO much easier. This reference should be given to everyone who uses Excel!
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The cheat sheet fits a remarkable number of the most useful Excel functions into a very small (but legible) space that is much less intimidating than having a whole book. Ideal for those of us who just need to know the basic functions of this powerful software, and I was glad to see that it also includes a few Mac commands on it (even though the title focuses on Microsoft 365). This cheat sheet is a great reference tool for anyone just getting started with Excel or who needs a refresher (including those getting used to new versions of Office). This tool will be useful for my students in the Humanities who may have avoided learning about spreadsheets or who only use Excel for certain more quantitative research tasks. I could also see this cheat sheet being a useful purchase for new teachers or graduate students who are managing their own gradebooks for the first time. So glad this useful tool is on the market!
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A multi-page reference sheet for Excel perfect for beginners and experienced users. It briefly covers a huge variety of tasks and gives an extensive list of keyboard shortcuts. 

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for providing this ARC.
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I was so excited to see this available on NetGalley!!  It is an excellent resource guide for using Excel for Microsoft 365.  If you are a new or even an experienced user, this is a handy reference tool to have around!!
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