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Blade of Redemption

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Lilly's life has never been easy - her mother abused her as a child, she fell in with a sociopathic crime lord, and when she tries to turn it around - she winds up in prison despite turning state's evidence to the FBI.  Lilly is now on probation, being sent to live with her aunt in the small town of Garnet where no one is who they seem to be.  Lilly is part of a tribe she never know existed; one that serves an ancient goddess; one that has a plan for her and the mystical knife that never seems to stray far from her hand.  Now if only anyone would explain what's going on, Lilly might just make it out alive.

Another stellar book by Lee Roland.  Lilly is the best type of heroine - she is flawed, has a storied past and is trying to do better in a bad situation. Pax is just the right foil for her - though I guessed his secret quite a while before he got around to confessing.  I look forward to the next title in this series.
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