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The Hotel at Honeymoon Station

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Emma is stuck in her hr job, she doesn't like very much and lives with her boyfriend, who can't be bothered to work and takes advantage of her. When she finds out that he lies to her, she just had enough, quits her job, throws him out and sells her house. She gets into business with her old school friend Tia, moving to Dorset to renovate an old station and turn it into a boutique hotel. Did she make the right choice? Only time will tell
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After ditching her useless boyfriend, Emma goes in with an old school friend, Tia, to buy the old Honeymoon Station to renovate and convert in to a hotel.
Nothing seems to go to plan, even with local builders Blake and Aiden on hand to help.  As Tia and Blake fall for each other hard and fast, Emma is more cautious, not wanting to rush in to another relationship, so will she give Aiden a chance?
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Emma’s fiancé lies to her.
Emma decides to go with her friend Tia to Honeymoon in Dorset to restore the old train station into a hotel
Tilly’s books have you hooked they are a real feel good factor
You won’t want to put it down and want to finish it in one sitting.
Loved this
Thanks NetGalley
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The Hotel at Honeymoon Station
By Tully Tennant

Set in the Dorset countryside, in the sleepy village of  Honeymoon, Emma is risking everything for a brave new start.

This story left me with a warm and fuzzy feeling.  Great escape from all worries.  All the characters were delightful.  I liked the light romance.  I recommend this book.

Thanks to Net Galley for sending me an advanced reader’s copy for review.
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Actual rating: 4.5/5

The Hotel at Honeymoon Station is about a new beginning, new starts. Emma isn't happy in her life and when Tia tells her about her project at Honeymoon, she jumps on the opportunity...
First, I really enjoy stories of new beginnings and this book didn't disappoint. While it takes a bit of time to really get into the actual renovation, I liked how the plot takes place and nothing felt too quick or too slow.
Second, the characters were truly enjoyable and each one of them had a back story which was pleasant. They felt relatable and real. As well as that, each character got his story wrapped up and it felt amazing.
Last but not least, the writing was awesome and perfect for a little town story. The setting just gave me the want to visit it!
Overall, a good read and perfect for a beach day!
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I thought that this story was super sweet! It was a nice change of pace from my usual reads and I honestly adored it. I loved each of the characters individually, and thought that they each had interested back stories, and brought interesting dynamics to the story, and together were just amazing. I truly thought that this was a great introduction to this author and truly enjoyed reading this story. I also loved that this book felt like a fast read, and it kept my attention. I would totally recommend to anyone who needs an easier read, or someone who needs a light delightful read!
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a simple story to read not much too it just an easy read were if you put it down it was easy to pick back up and carry on were left off not much more to add it just lacked that little bit more
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When Emma’s younger sister Elise moved to pursue her dream job, Emma also makes the decision to leave her dead end job and deadbeat fiancé and start a new business with her old school friend Tia. Their joint venture of converting an old train station in the village of Honeymoon seems likes a good idea at the time but with some building delays, a broken arm and a cantankerous opponent, Emma starts to lose heart and question her decision. With the support of her family and the majority of the townsfolk, Emma realises that good things do indeed come to those who wait. A great story of finding a happy ending and your happy place.
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Oh my I could not put The Hotel at Honeymoon Station by Tilly Tennant down. I loved all the characters and felt it was a lighthearted book that hooked me in from the first few pages. Another great book by Tilly and I absolutely loved it.
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The Hotel at Honeymoon Station by Tilly Tennant is a cute  romance about starting over, that I enjoyed.  Emma quits her dead end job, breaks up with her useless fiance because he lied to her, and moves across the country to start a business with a former friend.   When Emma arrives, the project needs a lot more work than expected.  I found this book to be a quick and fun read, perfect for an escape.  I recommend this book, and will be looking to read more books by this author.  
I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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This was a really good read. Easy story to follow, charming setting and great characters. Really enjoyed it.
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As a fan of Tilly's books, I always look forward to reading her new ones as and when they come out. I loved the cover for this one, so quaint like and very appealing. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this heartfelt story, getting to know all of the characters being Emma, Tia, Aidan and Blake and seeing where each of their stories takes them. There is a hint of romance/flirting throughout the story but there's also plenty of other stuff/dramas going on as well. It really was a light hearted and entertaining read from start to finish.  

The setting/location being the sleepy village of Honeymoon in Dorset Countryside sounded highly idyllic and beautiful, albeit being somewhat remote for me, I’d happily visit there but couldn’t live there.  Everyone was just so friendly and welcoming, well apart from the character of Sid, I’ll say no more on him know as wouldn’t want to let any spoilers loose. 

The whole storyplot, the characters and everything about this book was very well written, which is no surprise as author Tilly never fails to deliver. Having read a few of her books to date, I can very much vouch for that. Just love her books.
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I am always so so excited when I start reading a new book by Tilly Tennant. She is one of my top favorite author, she never deceives me. But this time and of the first time I haven't been totally thrilled by this book. The start of it is really good and then when you start getting towards the middle, the story starts to be a bit slow and not so entertaining. Fortunately the end is super good. All in all this was a good book but not to my taste. Maybe it was not the good time for me to read it? I don't know exactly but I felt like something more exciting was missing from this book. But maybe you will love this book so make sure to give it a try because Tilly Tennant is a really good author!
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I swear, Tilly is just wonder-woman at this point! She is treating us to gorgeous stories, left, right and centre, with the most stunning of covers. The Hotel at Honeymoon Station is a story of dreaming big and allowing those "what if?" thoughts to become a reality - Emma is completely stuck in a rut, with a dead-end job, a low-life boyfriend who brings nothing to the table and has very little belief in herself and her potential. Fortunately for Emma, she is reunited with an unexpected childhood acquaintance, who is about to turn her life upside down... for better or worse, however, is the question hanging so heavily above Emma's head.  

The idea of turning an old train station in to a cosy little hotel is honestly, the cutest little thing I've ever heard of and although Emma and Tia had a daunting task ahead of them, it was all about to be worth it in the end. I really did love the character of Emma, I see a lot of myself in her. The opposite of Tia, Emma always had the worst possible outcomes of their investment flitting through their minds, never able to fully settle and embrace the excitement of their new venture. I did find myself sometimes getting frustrated at how carefree Tia was around the project, disappearing too much and making decisions without Emma's authorisation as well - it seemed the two women were in completely different headspaces, as to how they were approaching this. However, that being said, I did also want to tell Emma to snap out of her mind full of doubts and just enjoy the new changes and friends surrounding her. 

The side characters - whilst not all friendly to start off with - were the most adorable set of people and brought a lot of life to a small town. I fell completely in love with Aiden and his brother, who were great additions to the girls lives, although I wish we had got just a little more from Aiden and Emma. I really enjoyed Aiden's little stories and the adventures he took Emma on - it felt like I was there on the adventures alongside them and everything was just so picture-esque and beautiful. 

This is a story of friendship, new beginnings and making dreams come true. Tilly created a beautiful town amongst Honeymoon, which was a great escapism and a perfect read for the current Summery (ish) weather. High recommend.
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I thoroughly enjoyed The Hotel at Honeymoon Station, from the build-up in the city, where Emma's life and the way she views herself is so relatable to the move to Dorset where with hard work, new friends and a little faith make her dreams come true. 

Emma and Aidan's slow brewing relationship was so refreshing, Emma being pragmatic and Aidan more romantic, there is no rush which is the polar opposite to their friend/brother Tia and Blake's burning desire.

I would have liked a little more detail at the end of the book, regarding Emma and Aidan, and hope they will show up in any future books from the area, just to see how they are getting on.

My thanks, as always, to #Netgalley the publisher #Bookouture and the author Tilly Tennant for allowing me to read and review #TheHotelAtHoneymoonStation available now on all good retail platforms.

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At one point, we all want to chuck it all in and start again: those dreamy moments when the ‘what ifs’ become reality and suddenly your life is changing completely.  And Tilly Tennant has done it again by bringing us Emma, Tia, and a decrepit railway station in the Dorset countryside.  But it takes us a bit to get there.  Emma has a dead-end job, a despicable ex and low opinions of herself and her potential.  Just when things are at their worst she runs into an old schoolmate, Tia: newly divorced and everything that Emma always wanted to be.  Tia has a dream idea – starting a guest house / hotel in the little town of Honeymoon in Dorset – but she needs a partner with money.  

Winning the auction was simply the first step: the building is far worse than they thought, not every resident in the village is interested in their rehab project and, much to Emma’s despair, Tia is an ‘all in” sort of person with a ‘get it done’ approach to everything, while she’d prefer to mull big decisions for big expenses over rather than just jumping in. When the agreed upon construction firm doesn’t arrive and Tia fires them, only to hire local brothers Aiden and Blake to do the work – even as Tia and Blake are sparking off one another with no holds barred.  Yes, Emma has a spark with Aiden, but she’s sworn off men and decided that professional and friendly are the best things to be.  

This was glorious!  Far from being the cakewalk change your life with minimal dramas: the work is difficult, the villagers are, for the most part, welcoming and lovely – and even the town’s curmudgeon isn’t without his clever moments. It takes a bit for Emma to get frustrated enough to stand her own ground and speak her mind to Tia, and to her credit, Tia wasn’t acting maliciously. The two grew up very differently and with Tia used to the ‘finer things’ in life – and having an endless supply – patience is something she really had to learn. Just as Emma needed to take notice of her own strengths and qualities, and perhaps notice that Aiden has it as bad for her as she does for him.  An escape read with depth, characters to love and a little village hotel in a Victorian-era railway station named Honeymoon.  

I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.  

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Another great book by Tilly Tennant, a lovely slow burner romance with a great setting in the dilapidated Honeymoon Station and the trial and tribulations of trying to sympathetically restore the building... definitely the sort of hotel I would love to stay in
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"The Hotel At Honeymoon Station": 3⭐

(Unpaid Review: thanks to @netgalley, @tillytennant and the publishers for allowing me to read this eArc in exchange for a review).

This book is the definition of friendship. Emma and Tia are great protagonists, different but fit well together. 
What drew me in to this story at first was the cover, because it's just so beautiful and it screams spring. But I was so happy to read the contents inside. I could easily envision a stay at The Hotel At Honeymoon Station.
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Another great read by tilly tennant. 
We start with Emma who leaves her area to go to ansmall village called honeymoon. As time progresses she gets involved with turning a station into a hotel. Not realising the extent of the work and most work men let them down. The girls get help from two brothers who start helping fix it up but its never ending. There is twists tales and will we find love? 
Read the book. 
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Such a cute, quirky story about a girl who is looking to shake things up! This story takes place in a romantic town with a great setting and it was unfolding well in the first 3/4 of the book, I did feel the end was very quickly rushed and they went from construction to completion in a matter of pages. Overall a good read.
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