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Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

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Very cute illustrations and wonderful message. My daughter loved the fun rhymes and the bright, girly colors!
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*received for free from netgalley for honest review* 3.5, this is a good book though idk about the idea that you'll get more if you're patient is ideal, this would be a good book paired with others about patients.
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Being patient is sometimes difficult for kids to learn.  This book uses a story about Cora June, who "can't wait" to get her favorite slushy after school.  The illustrations and colors give the impression of watching a children's cartoon, and the overall message is both important and useful.

The last page of the book indicates that patience is a skill too often lacking in kids and adults, then lists 6 tips for helping children practice and learn patience.

If I could interview the book creators, I would ask why two adults who quote the signature  phrase (not quite a poem), are holding up two fingers.  Is it for trying again?  It isn't made clear.  And how does patience make you great?  (Kids are going to wonder even if they don't ask.)  It seems a nebulous concept with no goal in mind.  Later in the book it says it "makes you strong," and I wish that had been the primary message.  My last question would be "Is it a good idea to teach kids patience by telling them to hold their breath and count?"  I would suggest a slow inhale, exhale, then count while breathing normally.  The author proudly presented the method as a way to divert a child's attention.  There are so many better ways to achieve this goal, it is both ridiculous and sad.

I love children's books.  And as an aunt, I've read a fair number of them and own quite a few.  I feel that this book tried very very hard to be fun, but the writing was stilted and uneven.  And the tone seems heavy-handed.  The ending is fantasy-like and improbable.  Will waiting always give you a two-for-one price on a treat?  I consider this very misleading.  Not only is it unlikely, it encourages waiting as a way to get something free, but not patience.  Cora Jane's parents had the responsibility to prepare her for real-life probabilities such as a seller running out of something long before she worked herself up into manic obsession!  It happened to me last night.  (No strawberry shake because they had ran out of vanilla frozen custard.)

The recommended age for the book says PreK to 5, but the words used indicate that the age of readers would be far higher than the story and illustrations suggest.  

Based on the back cover, the book appears to be part of a genre of "life lessons to learn" books that parents or teachers read to children.  However, as an adult who loves to read to kids, I would not choose this book for the reasons stated.  Although, it could be a good way to bring up the subjects I mentioned, and discuss them with kids.

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the free preview of this book!

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This book was great, I finished it in less than an hour but the great lesson it leaves us is crazy. I can't believe the lesson I just learned today. "You don't always have to get things the first time, let alone be impatient to get them fast."

This is the story of a girl who is very excited to buy a unicorn smoothie, which is why she had been in such a rush to try it, until life teaches her to be patient.
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This book was incredibly cute! It teaches children the benefits of being patient over time and in situations where they may not have been. It also teaches children that they can’t always get what they want the minute they want it. The artwork was amazing and I loved this book all the way through!
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A great book that teaches children the rewards that can come by being patient.

This book was exceptionally helpful as we try to teach our son about being patient. It has been a struggle because, like any other six-year-old, he tends to want things to happen immediately. This book was perfect to explain to him reasons to be patient and to help him navigate his feelings when he gets impatient. It also provided a great lesson about how good things come from waiting, and how he needs to learn this skill as he grows older.

Overall a fantastic book with a great message.
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"Good things come to those who wait" may be a line we have been told for decades but this quirky, bright, rhyming book revitalizes the popular cliche in a way children can digest it's message. Realistically depicting anticipation, patience, disappointment and regulation strategies, the book follows Cora June's quest for an infamous Unicorn Yak slushy. Patience is never easy but this book can make teaching it a little easier. 

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for the gifted copy.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an electronic copy to read and review. 

Julia Cook is always a safe bet! Thus book looks at developing patience in children and helping them learn to wait in a calm manner. I know my 4 year old and 7 year old will benefit from the lessons in patience.
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Patience makes you strong.

Cora is learning patience when she is unable to get the slushy right now. Maybe you know someone that has a difficult time waiting. Maybe you are that person. With Cora we learn that good things do come with those that wait.

Learning what patience is and how it develops critical thinking. We become less selfish and develop more self-control. Along with Cora, your child will learn a life-long skill that will make a responsible adult. Along with these series of virtues, the last page gives parents skills to take this further. It is growing together! Highly recommend.

A special thank you to Boys Town Press and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.
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Waiting is the most annoying thing to do. Moreover for this instant generation where everything can be done in 3 minutes or less, waiting is rarely an option. Then we got angry for not having our orders as fast. 

Here we learn about being patient. It is hard to do, but if we can do it, there's a reward greater than our imagination.
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“Good Things Come To Those Who Wait,” 2021’s next award-winning and fantastic children’s book by Julia Cook, simply exemplifies tips and strategies for mastering one of the hardest personal traits, and eventual leadership skills — Patience. Vivid and engaging illustrations, combined with the scope of a relatable child’s point of view, makes this a 2021 must-have addition to all school and public libraries!

Thank you to Net Galley for an ARC, in exchange for an honest review. 
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I love this author. I have purchased many of her books and will definitely add this one to the LMC collection.  I can see teachers and school guidance counselors using this book for lessons.
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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait is a book for children aged 4-7. Here, a little girl named Cora June wants her favorite drink. But, waiting for it until after school seems a long time for her. Then, her mom teaches her an important lesson, "Good things come to those who wait." 

This book teaches patience to little kids. In this world hyper-focused on instant gratification, patience is a very important soft skill to have. The illustrations are very beautiful and the color scheme and design make this book very attractive.
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Cora June can't wait for her school day to finish because her mom is picking her up and taking her to her most favourite place in the whole wide world... Slushy Shack. She knows exactly what she will order.  She will politely ask for a yummy Unicorn Yak slushy!  She announces to her class in a loud, disruptive voice, that the Unicorn Yak sushy includes cotton candy with sprinkles on top!  Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! She's pumped to go. 

The day drags on and Cora June gets more and more excited as she awaits the arrival of her mom.. who is late!  Oh my! Where is she?  Finally she hops in the car and they are off to Slushy Shack. When they arrive she discovers the line-up is long and she gets even more impatient.  When it's her turn to step up and order she is devastated to find out they are all sold out of her favourite drink and she bursts into tears.  She is told to come back tomorrow.  Her dreams are dashed and she doesn't know how she can hold her emotions together until then.  

Her wise Mom helps Cora June develop her patience muscle and convinces her that good things come to those who wait.  The illustrations are fantastic, full of emotion and fun.  This book is perfect for parents, caregivers, and educators.  The author includes tips for adults on how to help children practice patience, stay calm, and make good choices.  Both children and adults can benefit from the wisdom in this book. I highly recommend it.
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*thank you to Netgalley, Boys Town Press/Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) and Julia Cook for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

3 stars.

What I liked - the cover and illustrations for this are so well done. The colour combinations are beautiful together and the softness in the details are definitely a thumbs up.

The message sent to children is a positive one and important as having to wait for something you are really super excited for, is something we all experience and always will from time to time. So to teach kids how to get through the waiting, is a great idea. I could feel the fustration of Cora trying so hard to wait and I think it was displayed pretty well. The rhyming was fun too.

What I wasn't so keen on - well, I can't quite put my finger on it but overall it was an average read. It wasn't amazing but it was still likeable. There was also really only one example of how to be patient while having to wait for something you are wanting. I think because we all have different ways of coping with things, that this one example would limit who it would work for. 

Overall this was a good book and I liked the added touch that it was based on the author's own Daughter.
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What a fun book! I absolutely loved the colors and story! I will definitely be utilizing the rhymes in every day life to help my daughters remember  patience! They want to read this story over and over!
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This is such a good story to read with your children covering patience! It seems to be one of the biggest teaching struggles to go through with your children but this book covers it in such a relatable way for the children. I highly recommend you add this one to your bookshelf!
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I am a little torn on this book...
It is clearly designed to appeal to young female readers. There is a lot of pink, purple, sparkle and unicorns going on. And overall this did not at all appeal to my 6 year old boy. He just wasn't the target audience, which is fine. However, once I got him to look past the pink-ness of it all, he really enjoyed the story, and he surely benefitted from a lesson on patience! 
As a parent I would have enjoyed more varied strategies to practicing patience than just counting to ten repeatedly, and the same little mantra got a bit boring for me. 
Overall, middle of the pack book for me, but if you have a very impatient young girl (or boy) at home who loves unicorns, give it a try!
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This was such a sweet story! I love children's stories that have a positive message, and the importance of patience can be so difficult to teach. The rhymes were sweet and funny, and the illustrations were so bright and colorful! I would definitely get this book for my kids and recommend it for any parent. I received a free copy of this book from netgalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.
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Such a sweet book on teaching patience for young readers. The story is catchy and definitely teaches an important lesson especially in today’s day and age where everyone wants everything immediately. My sons keep asking to read this one again and again. Thanks to Boys Town Press and Netgalley for the Digital review copy.
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