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A Season of Change is the third book in the Amish Inn series but the first in the series I've read. My husband has read all of them though and loved them, recommending I read the first two, which I hope to make time for soon. With that being said I do feel as if I could easily read the other books in the series to quickly catch up in this series as there are many repeat characters especially the main characters.
This is such an emotional book with so much going on. I just loved all the characters especially the two older 70+ ages sisters who run the Amish Inn. One is outgoing and a bit pushy the other compliments her perfectly, she is reserved and not as apt to try new things or circumstances.
At the inn they have a cook/housekeeper named Rose, now this sweet Amish girl has a beautiful personality, is bubbly and outgoing and if you let her she'll talk your ear off. The inn's guests love her for it. When Rose overhears the sister's talking about her saying maybe the reason she can't get another date with the men she goes out with is because she talks too much, she takes it to heart.
She is so excited to go on a date with handsome Benjamin and knows she'll put into practice her "quiet" self. Benjamin is quiet himself and needs a mate that is a bit more talkative to balance him out . Benjamin is so disappointed that Rose is so quiet and though he can't stop thinking about her he can't go on another date with her because she is so quiet.
I did like the character Gus as well, a man living in one of the cottages on the property. Gus has a secret he's keeping. Rose, Gus, and innkeeper sisters Lizzie and Esther all have things in their past holding them back that they need to work through.
Keep the box of Kleenex nearby you're going to need it multiple times in this emotional and compassionate love story.
I greatly look forward to the next book in this Amish series.

Pub Date 05 Oct 2021
I was given a complimentary copy of this book.
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I just finished another great novel by Beth Wiseman, A Season of Change. The highlight of this novel for me is the theme of forgiveness. We are commanded by God to forgive one another, just as He forgives us. It is not a negotiable thing, but something we are to do out of love for another. This does not mean we forget an offense nor agree or condone an action, but the act of forgiveness is truly an act of obedience to God. Beth does a great job of sharing this concept throughout this novel. The relationships are convoluted and messy at times, and it shows how God created each of us in His Image, but unique to one another. These personality traits are not "wrong", just different. And so the thread of love and forgiveness throughout the incidents that occurred in this novel, as well as the display of compassion, humility, and understanding, make A Season of Change a must read for anyone! Thank you NetGalley and Zondervan for sending this book for review consideration. All opinions are my own.

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Due to personal reasons I have altered the genres I am reviewing and I will not be finishing this book. I'm sure it is an enjoyable read however it is not for me.

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Season of Change is the third book in Beth Wiseman's series surrounding The Peony Inn, and sisters Esther and Lizzie, who own it. At the end of book 2, An Unlikely Match, they had taken on a new employee, Rose Petersheim, Season of Change focuses on Rose.

Esther and Lizzie love nothing more than matchmaking, but their newest employee has them stumped. When Rose is nervous, she chatters. Nonstop. Subject to subject to subject to subject, whatever pops into her head tumbles out of her mouth in a flood of words. If she gives them a headache, what man would want to listen to that all the time? Rose needs a calm, quiet man who is a good listener. Newcomer Benjamin King seems to fit the bill. Shy, quiet, and right around the same age as Rose, Ben seems a perfect match. Working with his mother, Lizzie sets them up on a blind date which ends up being a disaster, because Rose, determined to change her irritating chatty ways speaks only when spoken to, and since Ben doesn't speak much at all, the date is not a success, at least in Ben's eyes. Rose is ecstatic, thinking she's finally found the man for her, but when he doesn't call for another date, her hopes are dashed. What went wrong?

As if Rose's love life isn't enough, Esther receives flowers and a love note from a mystery sender, which puts both sisters into a tizzy. Then, they learn that their renter, Grumpy Gus, has a pretty big secret he's been keeping. Some things meddling can't fix. Is Rose's love life one of those things?

When I first met Rose in book 2, she gave ME a headache. I listened to both book 2 and 3, and the narrator did a fantastic job of "playing" Rose! I was amazed that she could read as fast as she was speaking. When I learned her story, I was much more sympathetic and understanding toward her.

I definitely enjoyed A Season of Change. It was especially good to catch up with the characters from books 1 and 2. Esther and Lizzie are the Abbott and Costello of the Amish world, made even funnier by Lizzie's ill-fitting dentures. If you enjoy Amish romance with a few snickers, mixed in among the deep pain of some of the
characters, you should start with A Picture of Love, move on to An Unlikely Match and finish with A Season of Change. Visiting the Peony Inn through these books was a hoot, and I can absolutely recommend them.

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A Season of Change is the third installment from Beth Wiseman's Amish Inn series. I thought it was a good Amish read. Four stars.

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Apart from the charming love stories and the homey setting, I also loved this book for the acceptance of people’s differences. So some are grumpy and some are chatty, some are blissfully oblivious, some are righteous, but all of us have something to contribute to the world. Just get yourself with the right people who will appreciate YOU!

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A Season of Change by Beth Wiseman is a very enjoyable book. This is the third book in the series and although I have read the other two I think you could read it as a stand alone. You can’t help but love Lizzie and Esther and their antics. And Gus is a real treat!! I highly recommend this book and the series. Thanks to Net Galley and Zondervan Publishing for the complimentary arc of this book. The opinions are my own.

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Yes yes yes! I absolutely loved the next portion of this story! There were some sad scenes but it helped to continue and close a book on some special people. If you want to read this one out of order, it will still make sense but I highly suggest you binge them from her first story to this one. Loved it!

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A heartwarming read of new romance and faithful friends.

Lizzie and Esther have all they can handle, matchmaking for their new employee while trying to get to the bottom of who could be Esther's secret admirer/stalker. A heartwarming read, filled with charm, humor, and plenty of heart.

I think this was my favorite book in the series, Rose and Benjamin are so adorable together, a sweet story of opposites who attract. I loved revisiting Lizzie and Esther, as they get up to their usual mischief, bring heart and hilarity in equal measures. I especially loved the way that Gus has grown so much as a character over the course of the series with a kind heart under all his gruffness, and I loved his friendship with the sisters.

Overall, this was a satisfying read, filled with sweet moments, as well as others that tugged at my heartstrings. A heartwarming novel of romance, friendship, faith and community.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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A Season of Change by Beth Wiseman is the third book in The Amish Inn Novel series. While this is a series that is best read in order, the stories are well written and make good stand alone stories as well. This is a series of sisters Ester and Lizzie that run a Bed and Breakfast, the different employees they have, and the different couples to get together. In this story they encourage their new employee Rose to date Benjamin. Rose talks non-stop while Benjamin is very quiet, so the sisters feel they are a perfect match. But Rose finally decides to not talk so much during their first date and she is not at all the person he was led to believe.

This is a fun story to read. I enjoy reading of the sisters bickering and caring for each other. The mystery of the letter and flowers is fun to follow. It is enjoyable to read how the community gathers around Gus during his time of need. The struggles Rose has concerning her family history is very touching.

I received a complimentary copy of this story from the publisher through NetGalley, this is my honest review.

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A Season of Change by Beth Wiseman

Sisters Esther and Lizzie run the Peony Inn. Rose works at the Inn and is very talkative. She would love to find the right man to marry. Benjamin and Rose seem perfect for each other until they have a date.

Several people in this circle of friends will evaluate and reevaluate their thoughts and emotions throughout the book. We don't know what is best for others. We should ask God for guidance before we give advice.

I liked this book but beware the emotions are on a roller coaster ride.

This book was provided by NetGalley and the publisher. The review is my own.

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The final book in the Amish Inn series. It was so wonderful to see old friends again! The sisters, Esther and Lizzie are such a delight! Esther is a larger woman and more practical than her tiny sister, Lizzie. While Lizzie is doing better at keeping her dentures inside her mouth, she does still, on occasion, spit them out or even move them around inside her mouth. It's so easy to picture the two of them running the Inn and doing their matchmaking.
Their employee is Rose, who showed up in the previous book. While Rose is a great housekeeper, she can't seem to ever stop talking. It can be tiresome and overwhelming to the two older sisters. It also seems to be a deterrent to Rose finding a husband. Well, actually even finding someone who wants to date beyond the first date.
Then, there's Gus, the grumpy old man who lives on the property. But, when Gus gets back news, everyone is there for him. You'll even begin to love 'ole Gus.
Rose gets another first date, and after overhearing the Sisters discussing her 'constant talking,' she resolves to be a better listener and talk less. Far less. That date is a disaster as her date is shy, and was actually looking forward to going out with a girl who liked to talk. Rose, on the other hand, thought the date went well since she had talked so little. Talk about perceptions!
This was my favorite book in this series. Don't shy from reading it if you didn't read the previous two books in this series. You'll still love it! Great characters and great writing!
I was given an advanced ecopy by the publisher, Zondervan and Netgalley. I was under no obligation to leave a positive review.

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Thank you to NetGalley for the chance to read A Season of Change by Beth Wiseman. Like all of her books, this one did not disappoint. Come back to the Inn where Esther and Lizzie are still matchmaking. This time they are trying to get their new helper Rose the perfect man. They think they’ve found him in Benjamin, a new man to town. However, the two get off to a rocky start and it’ll take some craziness to get them back together. Then Esther gets flowers from a secret admirer and she and Lizzie set out to discover who it is. When they learn some news about their renter Gus, things change though. Filled with hope, grace, and redemption, the story will make you laugh and smile and cry. Happy reading!

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Excuse me while I finish sniffling. I am NOT OK! This book was nowhere near as lighthearted as the first two but oh it was just as good. A moving tale of overcoming your past to find love.

If you have read the previous two books you know the nitpicking and poking Lizzie and Gus do to one another. They continue that sparring but we come to understand more of the reason why. From the beginning of the series, Gus has been my least favorite but by the end, he became my second favorite. We learn so much about Gus and realize he has a heart under that tough exterior.

My favorite character is Rose. She just needs love and understanding to find her way and what better place than the Peony Inn.

I suggest you read this series in order so you can experience the full emotional range of all the characters. If you chose not to read in order you will be ok.

Warning: Do not read the last 20% in public unless you want others to see you ugly cry.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions expressed in the above review are entirely my own.

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I tried so hard to read as slow as I could because I didn’t want to end this journey. The characters have become like family to me and I don’t like goodbyes. Esther and Lizzie are so fun to read about. They made me laugh and shed tears when they faced difficult situations. They are back to meddling in someone’s love life again. Poor Rose will now be the focus of these ladies until she finds her true love.

This book gives a deeper insight into the characters and I enjoyed finding out more about them. Esther is a sweet person who finds good in everyone. She is patient and always willing to help others. Lizzie, well she is a feisty person who shares more than she should at times. They both mean well but Rose will have to endure their well meaning meddling.

Without a doubt my favorite in this entire series is Gus. Oh I know he is a grumpy old man, but deep down he is a hurting person who wants to be loved. I have always thought he had feelings for Esther so I was anxious to see where the author would take their relationship. Lizzie and Gus have this love/hate friendship but we all know they act like brother and sister. We get to see a softer side of Gus at one point which made me cry. This man so desperately wanted to know God and this part of the story is very emotional. It is an exceptional lesson about forgiveness and redemption. I won’t give anything away but don’t overlook the message that it is never to late to have a relationship with God.

Rose starts to deal with her past and realizes she needs to talk to someone about her childhood. I cried for the little girl who was abused and felt unwanted. I felt her pain when her mother didn’t protect her. I prayed that she would give her bitterness to God and find peace. The author delivers a look at child abuse in a sensitive way and takes readers through Rose’s personal struggle with forgiveness.

Benjamin is perfect for Rose if she could just learn to trust him. He tries so hard to seek a relationship but something is holding Rose back. Benjamin never pushes her to share and shows her patience while she fights the pain of her past. He is a good character and I liked how he never gave up on Rose. His compassion will help Rose see that she can trust him and allow him to be a shoulder to lean on.

I’m sad to say goodbye to this series but I know I will always remember each character. They play a big part in showing what family is and being an example of what unconditional love is. “Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of it’s hope…”

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and the author. The review is my own opinion.

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A Season of Change is book #3 in The Amish Inn series by Beth Wiseman. This story focuses on Rose, the talkative Amish employee that we met in book #2. Lizzie just knew that she had matched the perfect man with Rose when Benjamin, a very shy Amish man, moved to town. I loved this story so much. We find out why Rose was so talkative and it just broke my heart. The author’s characters are so well-developed that I felt like I knew them. We get glimpses of Naomi and Amos and Evelyn and Jayce while we get to know Benjamin. Gus’s story is so sad and I cried during the last chapter. The epilogue was sweet. Thank you to Netgalley and Zondervan for the copy. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Third book in series of the two matchmaking sisters who own The Peony Inn. Chatty Rose has difficulty controlling her thoughts and her continous chatter. Mathew on the other hand is quiet as a church mouse. The sisters decide this is a perfect match until Rose's past becomes a struggling point to their relationship. In the mean time Ester receives flower from an admirer, who could this be? Gus is keeping secrets these days and until he is discovered taking a bit of a vacation of AC and tv in the summer heat. He has some explaining to do. Another good book, thought it was touching and it addressed some big dark secrets. One thing i did not like very latw in the book was when the sisters all of sudden start using the word Hun. What Amish uses such Baltimore slang, tastless. Cost you 1 star.

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I absolutely fell in love with the characters in this book! It was a great read at the end of long days of work. I loved the relationship between sisters Lizzie and Esther. It was touching to see how two sisters complimented each other so well and did such a great job nurturing Rose as she tried to find her way through the pain of her past. Benjamin was the perfect match from the beginning for Rose. It was fun to watch them find their way together. I also loved the added storyline of Gus finding his way to God before his life on earth came to an end. This story was a great mix of emotions all the way to the end!

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I received this book from netgalley it is out now. I loved it I thought the ending was sad, it such a great story and I never get disappointed in Beth's books. my favorite character was Gus. I can not wait to read more of Beth's book'.

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A Season of Change is a delightful story filled with relatable characters that had flaws along with beautiful characteristics. It was nice to catch up with the characters of this series and being introduced to Benjamin. Rose and Benjamin are opposites but Esther and Lizzie were still sure of a match. I laughed often reading this tale with the antics of the different major characters. Beside the lovely romance story the theme of overcoming the past and finding peace with God was lovely woven in. There were tender and emotional moments that had me in tears with a character facing death. This is my favorite book in this series with the wit and pain of the characters and the unpredictability of what was going to happen. I couldn’t stop reading till the end. I highly recommend reading the entire series in order for fans of Amish fiction and romance.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Zondervan through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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