Cover Image: The World of Psychics, Mediums and Spirits

The World of Psychics, Mediums and Spirits

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Wasn’t a fan of this. Have read a lot of books 9n these topics and the writing style wasn’t it for me. Was hard to finish for me.
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This book is a good reference book with information that can help those interested in this field progress.
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Feel the need to do your homework on what psychics and mediums have to say  about what lies beyond earthly realities?

This book claims so to do. David Hack, wife of medium Linda Lee, has certainly does his homework. Hack is no psychic himself, and certainly no theologian, but he has conscientiously read the material and background of psychics all the way from the table-wrapping Fox Sisters to the current day. The work of Kardec, founder of spiritism, is discussed, alongside that of Michael Newton, who writes of lives between lives. Different types of clairsentience are described.. 

Iain Stephenson's painstaking research on reincarnation makes an appearance, 
alongside the life and writings of Cayce and rhe channelled works of Helena Blavatsky. 

Jane Roberts, who initially channelled her discarnate intelligence Seth through  an ouija board, is mentioned next. 

Later on, are transcriptions of Hack's wife's sessions whilst under regression, as well as messages from the Beyond about what 9/11 was really all about. And it is here that my inner sceptic did begin to surface. 

The thing is, as Hack does also point out, if there is any kind of afterlife, perceptions about it will certainly be beyond what any earthly ego might be capable of understanding. That may well mean that any kind of hopes and fears for the future, especially for Humanity, are ripe for all kinds of projections mixed alongside whatever other truths may be buried within the voluminous writings of all these psychics, mediums and channellers. 

As said, Hack Hack certainly did do his homework, and does give clear directions for where to follow up on this topic. Meanwhile, perhaps what is sometimes predicted and claimed for the future should perhaps be taken with a pinch of salt.
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