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I think there's a lot of potentian and this could become a good cozy mystery series.
I liked the story but I found the characters a bit unlikeable and the mystery was quite easy to solve.
I want to read the next story.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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After breaking up with her boyfriend Chloe has come home to Whispering Cove to help her sister start her new business, Paint with a View.  The town Chloe grew up in is simmering with tension as the newspaper’s new reporter, Fiona Gimble, seems determined to write bad reviews of every small business in town. Then, on the evening of a preview event at the shop, Fiona ends up dead in the alley behind the shop.  Suspects abound as Fiona had written scathing columns about many of the local shop owners and Chloe is on the list since she found the body. The handsome detective Hunter Barrett is working the case and to complicate matters for Chloe her ex-boyfriend shows up from the city to try and win her back. But all Chloe wants is for the murder to be solved before her sister’s business suffers more.

A pleasant start to a new series. The setting is picturesque and the characters are believable. Chloes does keep the detective informed for the most part and, surprisingly, while she gets herself into a pickle at the climax she gets out of it without being rescued by either of the men vying for her attention. I look forward to the next entry in this series
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Another awesome new mystery by a new-to-me author with a great sense of humor that shines through to her characters. Her main character Chloe isn't as funny or snarky as Chloe's sister Izzie or some of the others, but Chloe did have some great one-liners and knew just what to say.

Gotta say, I was really ready to loathe Ross's character being that he was the ex-boyfriend, and everyone knows how those guys are usually jerks in books, am I right? But Ross turned out to be a decent and likable character. I'm not sure I'd want Chloe back with him (I'm Team Hunter already, lol), but he's a super good friend to have and promised he'd always be there for her. That cute ball of fluff on the book cover is Max who's just a good little friend to Chloe and not a crime fighter, yet anyway. The sisters had a great relationship, and their parents, while sometimes a little flaky and out there, were good people who loved both their kids unconditionally.

At one point in the book, I started suspecting the person who ended up as the killer, but this clever author eventually steered me off course. The showdown was a good nail biter one. There were a couple of side mysteries that got cleared up as well, so there are no hanging storylines in this series. I'm awfully eager now to read the next book and am hoping it comes out more than once a year like some series.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the publisher via NetGalley, and my opinions are my own.
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Bailee Abbott is a new to me author.  This is a good start to a cozy mystery series.  There were many characters having issues that detracted from the murder mystery.

I see a lot of potential with this series.  I found the killer easily identifiable.

Looking forward to seeing if this series tightens up.

I rate this as 3.5 and since we can only give whole numbers, I will round up.
I am not required to give a positive review.

I was provided an advanced readers’ copy by Netgalley & thank them for allowing me to read the first in a new series and introducing me to a new author.
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A Brush with Murder by Bailee Abbott is the debut of A Paint by Murder Mysteries.  Chloe Abbington returns home to Whisper Cove, New York to help her sister, Izzie with the opening of her shop, Paint with a View.  After the first event with local shop owners, Chloe finds Fiona Gimble, a local journalist, dead in the alley behind the shop.  The scene haunts Chloe so she works to find who is responsible the critical journalists death.  A Brush with Murder takes us to the charming town of Whisper Cove where on Artisan Alley, Izzie has located her new venture.  Painting classes with friends and family are becoming popular especially when wine and food are offered.  I liked Chloe but was not a fan of her younger sister, Izzie.  Izzie tends to be bossy and has a laissez-faire way about running her business.  You can tell she wants it to be a success, but then Izzie fails to show up for planning meetings and leaves the first event in hands of Chloe and her shop assistant, Willow North.  Fiona Gimble is not well-liked in the town thanks to her nasty reviews of the local shops.  It is not a surprise when she turns up dead.  Chloe finds herself preoccupied with the crime.  She decides to do a little snooping. There are multiple suspects in her death including Chloe’s sister.  There are clues to help readers solve the crime if you pay close attention.  The resolution was complete which I appreciated. Chloe’s New York boyfriend arrives in town determined to win her back.  I did not feel this storyline was necessary.  It will only cause a love triangle with Chloe, Detective Barrett, and Ross (and I for one am not a fan of love triangles).  I also found it odd that when Izzie decided they needed to pass out flyers to promote the business, she felt it necessary for them to wear costumes (Minnie and Mickey Mouse) as well as sandwich boards.   I liked Chloe’s cute dog, Max.  He was a sweetie.  It will be interesting to see what happens next at a Paint with a View.   A Brush with Murder transports readers to Whisper Cove where there is a wrathful departed reporter, pleasurable paint projects, shop owner suspects, a cuddly canine, a determined detective, a bothersome ex-beau, and a curious Chloe.
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A Brush With Murder is the first book in the A Paint By Murder Mystery series by Bailee Abbott.

Chloe Addington’s expectation of becoming an artist in New York City is falling short of her hopes, and recently breaking up with her boyfriend. She has decided to move back to her hometown of Whisper Cove and help her sister, Izzy, with her new business, Paint with a View.  As soon as Chole arrives at her parent’s home, Izzy insists that they go to the shop.  They find Willow, Izzy’s assistant, getting the shop ready for the pre Grand Opening painting session when they arrive.  Izzy asks Chloe if she can handle the evening’s program as she has someplace she needs to be.  The painting class seemed to be well received, and Chole sets off to clean up the shop.  After cleaning up, the only thing left before leaving is to take the trash out to the dumpster.  As she is about to step into the alley, Chole stumbles against something.  Turning on the flashlight on her phone, she finds the dead body of Fiona, a columnist for the Whisper Cove Gazette, with a paint knife embedded in her neck.

Fiona had had words with several of the attendees, and Chole was worried about what kind of review she would do for Paint With A View.  Fiona’s reputation is well known around Whisper Cove.  Fiona has nothing good about anyone and has written some scathing columns about various residents and shops.  For the most part, Whisper Cove is surprised that it didn’t happen sooner.
As Chole found the body, and with the disturbance Fiona caused, Chole will become the prime suspect.  As will Izzy who refuses to talk with the police.  Chole will have to start her investigation to clear Izzy’s and her name.

The story is exciting and held my interest, and it reads at a good pace.  There were enough twists and turns that I was surprised as to who the killer was.  The characters were interesting and believable.  The character that I did have trouble with was Izzy.  She didn’t seem to spend much time at “her” shop and treats Chole more as an employee rather than a sister who was willing to help with the business. 

I will be watching for the next book in this new series.
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A Brush with Murder by Bailee Abbott is the 1st book in A Paint By Murder Mystery, and it's off to a good start.  Wow this book grabbed me from the very first page, and kept me going. This book has more twists and turns, that kept me reading page after page. Just when I thought I was on the right track, I realize I wasn't. I found this book to be a quick read, with a well developed plot and characters. I am looking forward to reading more books by this author. 
I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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When Chloe Abbington and her beloved dog Max, arrived in Whisper Cove after driving for nine hours from New York, she was exhausted. Her sister Izzie was starting up a small painting event business within the next couple of days and Chloe was happy to help out. She’d been in New York for a few years and with a broken relationship behind her, coming home to Whisper Cove was a balm to her stressed soul. Their Mum and Dad owned a fancy boat on the lake their home fronted and sitting, gazing out at the wildlife and calm lake was peaceful. But there wouldn’t be any peace for awhile…

Chloe and Izzie’s helper Willow were at the shop preparing for upcoming events when Fiona, the local newspaper reporter (with a known sting in her tongue) visited. But it was later when Chloe went to put trash in the bin behind the shop that she received the first shock – Fiona was dead out the back of their shop. Detective Hunter Barrett was immediately on the scene and with Chloe being alone, she was a suspect. Chloe was unable to locate Izzie, but her parents soon arrived. The detective was frustrated at every turn and with Chloe also investigating, the danger escalated. Would they find the killer before another person died?

A Brush With Murder is #1 in A Paint by Murder Mystery series by Bailee Abbott and it was quite enjoyable. I did find it was a little drawn out, but my biggest criticism was how the author had Izzie hiccupping all the time. It was constant and after the first few times, it broke the story while I rolled my eyes. Instead of ‘she said’ or ‘she replied’ or even ‘she sobbed’, it was ‘she hiccupped’. I think at least 30 or so need to be removed! Apart from that, I enjoyed the location and the plot, and didn’t pick the killer! Recommended.

With thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my digital ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.
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I like the idea of a mystery series set around a paint shop. But I’m afraid I found the execution of the story in A Brush with Murder to be a bit choppy. 
The main character Chloe is volatile and kind of abrasive. Her temper is on a hair trigger. She is rude to family, friends and old boyfriends. 
The story may have been choppy because there were multiple things going on in addition to the murder of a mean columnist. I can’t go into all the pieces because it would spoil the end of the story. There were too many threads. I feel like a first book should have a tighter focus since the author is introducing a whole cast of characters as well as solving a mystery. 
This was a good effort. I finished but I don’t feel drawn to continue following the story because I’m not really into the main characters.
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This was an interesting mystery with a great plot filled with secrets, lies, and an annoying ex-boyfriend. The main character moved back home to start her life anew in a place where she had friends and loved ones to support her. I liked her and her openness to try something new with her life. There was not enough action for me, and I felt that the mystery dragged a little bit. The climax of the story was the most exciting part, of course, and had me at the edge of my seat. I became confused at times, and couldn't tell some suspects apart. Otherwise, this was a good read! I received an advanced reader's copy from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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Chloe Abbington has given up her hopes of making a name for herself as a painter in NYC. She has ditched her boyfriend, too. Going back home to the town of Whisper Cove seems like a good change and that includes helping her younger sister, Izzy, open her painting event business. The whole family and most of the town is artsy with lots of galleries and boutiques. Sounds idyllic until the night before the stores official opening. There is a local critic who is super critical of just about everything and everyone. Chloe and Izzy really need a good review. Instead Chloe finds the critic stone cold dead behind the store. Fiona won't criticize anything ever again. Somebody stabbed her with a paint knife and Chloe found the body so, of course, the police put her at the top of their list of suspects. It isn't long before Chloe has lots of company on that list. The list of people who even remotely liked Fiona is very short.
The mystery itself was written well enough to keep me engaged to the big reveal. The setting of Whisper Cove was a place I would like to visit in real life. The loss of at least one star came from the fact that I found both Chloe and Izzy annoying and their behavior (and secrets) kept pulling me out of story. That may be due to this being the first in the series and the author was trying to set the stage for future books. The other thing that I'd like to see changed in the future - Max needs a better presence in the story. If there is a cute pet on the cover of a cozy that pet has to have a bigger part in the main character's life than Max does. Will I read the next in the series, Kill Them with Canvas? Probably - with the hope that Chloe and Izzy will be less annoying.
My thanks to the publisher Crooked Lane and to NetGalley for giving me an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.
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I had high hopes for this book with it's darling cover. Unfortunately, the cover is the only cute part of the whole book. I found none of the characters to be likeable and Chloe Abbigton to be a rather boring protagonist. Her sister Izzie is flighty, unreliable and downright rude at some points. The constant misdirection of red herrings in this book did nothing to endear me to it. I honestly felt disgusted reading the book because the characters were so distasteful. Hard pass on this one.
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I am always on the look out for new cozy mystery series to try. A Paint-themed cozy mystery seemed like a fun cozy series to try, after all I do a bit of oil-on-canvas in my free time.

I have mixed opinions about A Brush with Murder. I had trouble following the dialogs or liking the characters. At the same time, the mystery behind the murder and the mispers kept me guessing till the end. The identity of the perp was unexpected and so was the twist in the second half of the story.

Overall, this was an okay read.
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I enjoy discovering new authors....and the first book in a new series. Sometimes first books can be hit or miss, but the author did a good job with this one. I liked Chloe and her sister, Izzie - although both seem to be keeping their own share of secrets from each other (I'm sure we'll find out more about those secrets). The mystery was well-written with a few intriguing twists and red herrings. Could the detective be a possible love interest??? 
I adore pets in a cozy mystery so I hope Chloe's dog, Max, gets to help a little more with sleuthing and solving mysteries.

Many thanks to the publisher, Crooked Lane Books, and NetGalley for an advance copy of this book. My thoughts and opinions are my own and without bias or favor or expectation.
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I enjoy reading cozy mysteries and love discovering new authors. This one had good characters, an interesting plot and a nice mystery to solve. I liked the author’s style of writing and will look for more books by her!
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Fiona might have written a bad review of Chloe and Izzie's shop but neither one of them murdered her.  But who, among the many shop owners in Whisper Cove, did?  Or was it someone unconnected to Fiona's work as a critic?  Chloe's moved home to idyllic Whisper Cove after another critic was nasty about her painting and her love life fell apart.  She's adjusting to life with her family (Izzie can be a pain) and now she's got something to look forward to- investigating with Izzie and her little dog (never forget the pet in a cozy).  There's a gruff but personable detective in Hunter Barrett as well as a possible love interest. Since this is the first in the series, there's some world building and character establishment.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  A very nice debut cozy.
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Chloe is heading home to the quiet little town of Whisper Cove, New York to help her sister open Paint with a View. However murder, arson and vandalism disrupt the formally peaceful town and Chloe finds herself in the middle of it all. 

A good start to a new series. The story introduces a lot of characters and relationships that will be interesting to see develop as the series progresses.  Thanks to Crooked  Lane and NetGalley for an ARC. The opinions expressed are my own.
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Abandoning her plans to make it as a painter in New York City, at least for now, Chloe returns home to help with the grand opening of her sister's painting-event business. When the body of a local journalist known for her scathing reviews and commentary is found behind Izzie's shop the night before the opening, the sisters become prime suspects in the murder, and Chloe is determined to set the record straight. 

This is the first book in a new series by a new-to-me author, and I was eager to read it. When I realized it's set on Lake Chautauqua, not far from where I grew up, I was even more excited about the premise of the book. Although the writing itself was good, the book, unfortunately, was not. The sisters should not even have thought about opening a business until they were ready to take it seriously. Izzie, the supposed owner of the shop, was irresponsible and far too secretive about too many things. Are the police really going to let someone who refuses to answer their questions roam free while they're conducting a murder investigation? She seemed like a petulant, spoiled child who pouted when things didn't go her way – and big sister Chloe always stepped in to smooth the path. Chloe was also keeping secrets and yet got annoyed when Izzie did the same. I was disappointed that Max, Chloe's dog, was simply a pet and not a significant part of the story as was implied by the book blurb: "With the help of her affectionate canine buddy, Max…" The identity of the killer, and especially the motive, took me by surprise, which was a bit of a saving grace, but this series is not for me, and I will not be looking for the next book.
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I really enjoyed A BRUSH WITH MURDER, the first in the A Paint By Murder Mystery series from Bailee Abbott.  Chloe Abbington returns home from New York City to her tiny, small town, Whisper Cove.
Abbott really paints a picture of the little town, and it was a very soothing place for me to visit (despite the murder).
Chloe comes from a family of quirky family of artists, and Whisper Cove itself hosts a tourist friendly assortment of crafters and boutique businesses. I really liked how central Chloe (and her sister, Izzie’s) art business, Paint with a View, was to the story. The store is the setting of our crime, and we get to see the sisters hosting Paint Your Pet by Numbers classes, planning unique-sounding future projects and doing the unglamorous groundwork of promoting the store. Seeing Paint with a View running was probably my favourite thing about the novel, and I’d absolutely love to visit the shop myself!
The mystery itself was well-crafted and the investigation well-designed to let readers get a good tour around the town, introducing a wide range of potential suspects and characters for future instalments. I felt there were lots of red-herrings to keep me guessing, and some loose ends left for picking up in future books.
A warm and charming cozy.
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This was a nice escape.  Chloe Abbington has come back to Whisper Cove to help her sister Izzie with her new Art shop.  On their opening night, a newspaper reporter/critic from the local paper shows up.  She is crabby and kinda mean.  The girls are worried about her review of the shop.  Later that evening,  she is found dead at the back door of the shop.  Killed by a painting knife.  Since Chloe is the one who found her, she becomes the main suspect.  While trying to help her sister and wade through her secrets, Chloe is trying to figure out who murdered Fiona so she can clear her name.  Throw in the ex-boyfriend from New York who tries to win her back and she is very busy.

This was fun.  The town sounds small and comforting.  Lots of friends and family.   A new puppy and and new love interest make it absorbing.  I like the sisters and the town.  The mystery kept me reading.  The murderer was a surprise.  This was an enjoyable read.
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