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Margaret Moore's daughter killed herself. Margaret is still grieving when two detectives knock on her door, investigating a mysterious tip. Detectives Ryan Kirkpatrick and Kate Hutchinson use words like "homicide" and "suspect," and Margaret doesn't understand why. When an autopsy reveals the death was indeed a homicide, Margaret defends her innocence as all the clues point to her. Sure, she and her daughter didn't always see eye to eye, but that doesn't mean she killed her own flesh and blood. Margaret quarrels with her husband, as Ryan becomes embroiled with the family. When Ryan's fiancé ends up dead, Ryan is suspected, but he accuses Margaret. Kate sets out to prove Margaret's guilt and Ryan's innocence. As her investigation connects clues and whispers, each new discovery is more shocking than the last.
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A thriller told from multiple points of view, this was definitely an interesting book!  There were so many twists and turns in the plot that kept me at the edge of my seat.  Because it’s told from several characters’ perspectives, I was constantly trying to determine who was reliable, who was telling the truth, and who was covering up the truth. 

Thanks to NetGalley, the author, and publisher for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my review.
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This one wasn't easy to follow. It was too convoluted and needs more editing. Beyond that, I don't have much to say. I didn't get far and nothing about the writing or plot and the pacing had enough to make this good and worth pushing through more.
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Besides the fact I think I got a bad copy with all the sentences that end and pick up somewhere else, this book was extremely hard to follow. None of the characters were likeable, the story jumped around from person to person. I think the real story was all of these people were in an insane asylum and this was their reality.
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Thank you to NetGalley, Woodhall Press and Laura Dembowski for an ARC in return for an honest review. 

This is the first book by Laura Dembowski that I have read and there are certainly no complaints. This story’s is told from different characters POV. It was a little difficult to keep up at the beginning. Plenty of twists and turns which I love! I can’t wait to read more by Laura.
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Thank you Netgalley for granting me a copy. A slightly disturbing story of the Moore family. When the adult daughter Lana is found hanging in an alleged suicide detectives Kirkpatrick and Hutchinson suspect foul play. This complex storyline has twists, turns and one final surprise.
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I was granted a free copy of this text by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This book is told from a variety of unreliable narrators and it was a bit convoluted because of this. It was not a bad book, but with some editing and revising chapters, it could be a much better text.
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Quite a strange one! Margaret’s adult daughter is living back at home with her parents and does not have a job or a social life and seems very reliant on her mum and dad. When she is found dead it seems like a fairly straightforward suicide at first, but is that really the case? 
There are quite a lot of characters and it seems a bit confusing at times but the twists and turns of the plot were enough to keep my interest.
Definitely don’t trust anyone or take anything in face value. Worth a read.
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Thanks to #NetGalley, #WoodhallPress, and author #LauraDembowski for the ARC of #CauseofDeath.

This was a very interesting book.  It took me longer to read it than it normally would.  I wouldn't classify it as a difficult read, but it did have places that left me wondering about things.

Sometimes the plot and characters seemed to switch and it was a tad hard to keep up with.  The style the author used with some run on sentences or a character was interrupted with a different sentences from someone else.  At times that made it difficult to follow.  

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the plot of the book.  Our main characters are Margaret, Dave, and Lana.  Other people weave in and out of their lives, but the main three have lots of conflict.  The perspectives they have makes you not know who to trust, which I loved.  

The three of them live in the same house Margaret and Dave are Lana's parents and when the story begins we have the impression that Lana left a great job to come home and help take care of her mom.  

Is that really why?  Or is Lana loosing it?  No one can be certain of anything other than the fact that Margaret and Lana have different opinions about almost everything.  

Just so you know, the opinions above are mine and mine alone.  Grab a copy of #CauseofDeath wherever you like to buy your books on 5/4/21.  #HappyReading!
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Margaret Moore's adult daughter Lana has moved back home, much to the consternation of her mother, and then dies from what looks like suicide. The story is told from the POV of various characters, and I had to start thinking 'Whoa, somebody's lying'; their perceptions were so contradictory. Talk about your unreliable narrators. I was so anxious to get to the bottom of the occurrences in the book that I flew through it pretty quickly in spite of problems I experienced with the formatting. I switched to the Netgalley app on my phone and it was better but the print was SO small I was giving myself a headache. That's my excuse for missing the publication date of May 4, 2021, and I'm sticking to it! This book put me in mind of Best Day Ever or You Were Made for This and I highly recommend it. I'm a little ambivalent about the ending but what the heck, it's fiction after all. I'm really looking forward to whatever Laura Dembowski writes next.

I really liked the cover of this book, especially the colours. I just finished Every Last Secret by A.R. Torre and the colour scheme of that cover was similar. I found it very calming.

Many thanks to Netgalley, Woodhall Press and Laura Dembowski for granting me access to an ARC of this book.
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As Margaret Moore tells it, her daughter is extremely unhappy, and constantly finds ways to make her parents suffer. They 'made' her come home after she lost her job, she has no friends. As daughter Lana tells it .. she came home because her mother cried and cried about her being gone. Lana feels smothered ... she can't go anywhere without getting the third degree.

But those things will happen no more. Kate is found in hr bedroom, having been hanged. Suicide? There's no note, at least not one that's been found. If not suicide, who would have access to their home, to her room without anyone else in the house hearing anything.

Detectives Ryan Kirkpatrick and Kate Hutchinson receive an anonymous call ... they say that Lana did not commit suicide. When the Medical Examiner reveals that this was, indeed, a homicide, Margaret and husband, Dave, defend their innocence, but all clues point to Margaret.

So much going on in this story ... lots of twists and turns. Who's lying and who isn't? The family seems jinxed when other members start dying. Ryan is attached to the family in a personal way and Kate is left scrambling on her own. The characters are deftly drawn but in the beginning I didn't like any of the main players. The more I read, the more I wanted to read. I was a little indecisive about the ending, however, a good read all the same.

Many thanks to the author / Woodhall Press / Netgalley for the digital copy of this psychological/crime fiction. Read and reviewed voluntarily, opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.
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This is an actual mindbending thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat until the last page.  Perfect for readers that like excitement and mystery.
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Margaret is mourning the death of her daughter, lost to suicide. But then the police come knocking and use words like homicide and murder. An autopsy has revealed that there was no suicide, Margaret’s daughter was murdered and Margaret is the prime suspect. The truth is Margaret’s family fights…..a lot. And when her ex husband, Ryan’s fiancée ends up dead, he tries to blame Margaret for that murder too. Luckily, a police woman assigned to the case, champions Margaret, but that still doesn’t answer the question, who is killing members of the Moore family
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