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We Know You Remember

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I like the way Alsterdal advances this story—in fits and starts, just as actual crimes are solved. The narrative is multilayered, and although one crime is solved, several others are not.
Interrogation methods, ethics, memories, family loyalty, and the difficulty in disappearing are all themes in this engrossing novel. Four stars!
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This was a well written, twisty, whodunnit!  I enjoyed the writing style, character development and story layering that the author utilized!  Would highly recommend it to my fellow murder mystery lovers!  It’s an intense read at times, but in the best way!  Highly recommend!  

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** spoiler alert ** I liked to read what the authors write when I finish reading the book and I really liked what Tove had to say about the new laws that were made after several of the actual outstanding crimes that had taken place. It's good to hear it from someone who wrote about it. Brings me closer to the actual book. This is a story about a family where the kids in it were a lot of years apart while growing up and a girl disappears, thought to be killed. Tove lets us believe what we want to. She puts several things in the way as it happens. A grownup being murdered as he was taking a bath. The son finding him and boys smoking him out as a rapist. Several things happened, Eira (the main character) finds out her brother (Magnus) was the boyfriend of the murdered girl (Lina Staved) and her mother (Kerstin) was his alibi. Eira was smitten with another policeman (August) and helped him find other evidence which proved that Magnus killed another male in jealousy of Lina. Many more things happen which never get brought up again, but Tove stays with the noir concept. At least thats how she left it. I really liked this book and give it five stars.
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We Know You Remember
by Tove Alsterdal
Pub Date: 28 Sep 2021
Good mystery. It can be a little confusing due to the differences in names, places, etc. As it is a Swedish novel. I kept having to go back and see who was whom.
Some nice twists well-executed and it keeps you guessing throughout. 
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Wow, this mystery is impossible to stop reading. This is one of those books that make you a little sad when you complete it, because it means you are done reading it. 

1. The mysteries- 
Because there are multiple mysteries, are really interesting and will keep the reader guessing.
2. The characters-
oh the characters! I love Eira, a strong female protagonist that is working hard to become an investigator and take care of her mother who suffer early dementia. Eira reads like a real human. She is flawed, but she knows it. She struggles to keep up, and when she can't even finds herself lo0king for her addict brother for help. The pull she feels towards her big brother and his friends, despite the fact they stand for everything against her own occupation, is so real. 
3. The themes-
Serious themes here that handled so well! 

Can we please see more Alsterdal translated for English-speaking readers?
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