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The Dunehaven Council

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3.5 stars

The Dunehaven Council is a book about nature and how it is so important for us to respect, love and to protect from a young age. Teaching the young and future generations to cherish our mother nature is the most important legacy that we can leave to them and this will be by making them see how animals, plants and the environment are so fragile and in need of our help and our care for we need them even more.

A beautiful book with such an amazing art made by the author herself that I loved to look at and to admire her wonderful skills in portraying the beauty of nature. However, even if the book had a great message to pass on, I didn't like the author's writing style. I found myself losing interest at some parts of the story or just spacing out, so I don't know if this book will keep the little reader interested from the start to the end of the book. 

Anyway, I hope that there will be more books of this kind and that the author's next books will be greater.
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In this short book, the animal residents of Dunehaven gather together to introduce new members, talk about their community, and share stories and concerns, creating the Dunehaven Council. In the meeting the book opens with, two children have discovered the council and communicate with them to help find solutions to their concerns. The illustrations were woodsy and lovely, each page had interesting facts, and the animals all had strong characterization. However, the writing and pacing didn't flow very well and unless a child is already intrigued by animals and wildlife, I'm not sure they'll find the story and characters compelling. They would probably love the visual 'Art Walk,' though!
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Discover the Wonderful World of Dunehaven

Four times a year, the animal residents of Dunehaven gather together to introduce themselves to any new members, talk about their community, and share stories and concerns. It’s called The Dunehaven Council.​

The animals meet two curious young humans who can communicate with the Council and help find solutions. Come join the Council and learn how animals and people can work together in this wondrous place.

Every page reveals the amazing wildlife, surprising facts, magical sounds, and fantastic colors that make up Dunehaven.

In The Dunehaven Council, author and artist Patty Ritchie creates inspiring illustrations of animals, woods, and lake shores, and provides readers with a unique “Art Walk” through the book.
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