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3-3.5 Stars! I did enjoy this book but feel like I’ve read it a couple times before. It’s the 4th book in the ‘Hazards of Dukes’ series, can be read as a standalone and has a HEA ending. It’s a good story and I enjoyed reading it. This book had some really great ‘sexy times’, which had me overheating! It was so unfair how women were treated back in those days and I would’ve been a revolutionary right beside Jane, the main female character. And why it was frowned upon for men to dabble in trade, I’ll never understand. Good lesson to people on investing that the main characters’ father should’ve lived by - never invest more than you are willing to lose. And, one word - diversify! (Spread out to more than just one investment!) You’re welcome!
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After reading 2 books from this author, she may not be for me, I really liked the heroine, and the tension-filled moments were very well done. At times I was really into the dynamic between the two main characters, and other times the writing took me out of the story. A lot of the time it felt long-winded and repetitive. I don’t know how many times I needed to read that Thomas needed a rich wife to save his family from financial ruin and how that got in the way of the HEA. There was also a lot about Thomas being “the most charming man in London” but I didn’t see much in the story to paint him as exceptionally charming. Still, there were plenty of sweet moments, and if you like the brother’s best friend trope, you may like it.

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I really liked the take of this book. Some of these regency romances can be a little repetitive, not so with this one. I loved that the woman took hold of her future and made her own choices while still being an acceptable part of society. She wasn't completely reckless with her choices and was still able to be true to herself. I also liked the character growth of the gentleman as the book progressed. The questioned each other and helped the other grow while still maintaining an atmosphere of safety and respect. As it should be in all healthy relationships.
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This is the typical "need to marry for money" book.  What makes it not the typical book are the characters. Jane turns into a free thinking, independent woman.  Makes an outrageous deal with Thomas.   Thomas in turn decides to be an independent man. Great story!
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This is a review of Gentleman Seeks Bride by Megan Frampton and is Book 4 of 4: Hazards of Dukes 

Thomas Sharpe needs a bride to save his family from poverty. Lady Jane Capel’s engagement ended leaving her broken hearted. Jane did not want to continue looking for a husband and so her parents cut off ties with her and she went to live with her half-brother, Percy. Jane offers to help Thomas find a wealthy bride and in exchange he escorts her so she can have more fun experiences. 

I have enjoyed other stories by this author more than I did this one.  I had read the last book in the series and was looking forward to this one.  I liked the resolution at the end and some of the secondary characters like Percy. A lot of the conversations were repetitive and the characters actions and conversations seemed more modern than the times.

Thank you Megan Frampton, NetGalley, and the publisher for the advanced copy of the book.
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Gentleman Seeks a Bride follows Jane, a woman who was left at the alter 2 years before and then outcasted by her family, and Thomas, a man who's family lost everything on a risky investment. Now he must find a wealthy woman to marry in order to care for his family.

I didn't read the other books in this series and I'm going to now! It does standalone quite nicely.   

I enjoyed the story, very ~spicy~. Well written with loveble characters.

*Thank you to the publisher for this eARC.
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This one took me a while to read. It was a very good story but it wasn’t great. I would read for a while, then it would start to lag so I would stop. I would read more and it would start picking up the pace, the. It would lag. The only thing that bothered me about this book was the I was frequently reminded of why Jane and Thomas were/weren’t together. It began to get a bit annoying. Overall I enjoyed the book and will try another by the author!
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Jane and Thomas's story was an enjoyable read, I especially enjoyed how light-hearted and humorous it was at times. There was certainly some angst over Thomas's need to marry an heiress but the author didn't allow it to overwhelm the story.  

I also especially enjoyed the characters' siblings and their obvious affection and support for each other. Jane's brother, Percy, is infinitely loveable due to his steadfast support for both Jane and Thomas.  Thomas's sisters, Julia and Alice, were at the core of his worries and their love for each other was also endearing.

I loved the chemistry and affection between Jane and Thomas most of all, though. Their easy banter and attraction to each other from the jump made it hard to put this down!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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This was my fourth back to back historical romance that was three stars. Usually these types of books are my bread and butter, feel-good, soak in some enjoyable, easy reading romances. Not the case lately, much to my regret.

The premise for Gentleman Seeks Bride was interesting enough. Thomas was the one who needed to marry a wealthy heir to help his family rather than the heroine, so that was refreshing. What wasn't refreshing was hearing Thomas lament about it constantly. 

Jane was much like your typical sheltered, inexperienced young lady, and I liked the idea of the heroine getting out and doing atypical things. However, that whole endeavor fell a bit flat for me. It shouldn't have because they had interesting outings and activities, but somehow it seemed lackluster.

Another gripe I had was hearing about how attractive Thomas and Jane were. Both characters mentioned how they each were exceptionally handsome/beautiful multiple times. We get it. 

Also, Thomas was supposedly the "most charming man in England." I didn't get that vibe. Not that he wasn't charming, I just thought that claim was over the top along with both characters' level of attractiveness.

***I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy generously provided by the publisher via NetGalley.***
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Thomas and Jane have known each other for years. They come into an agreement of how they will help each other out of their situations that they are in. Thomas needs a bride with a dowry to help his family and Jane will help him if he shows her all there is to life. The chemistry between them was entertaining. I enjoyed revisiting of other characters. I also thought that they worked well as a team in order for them to reach a HEA. Overall, it was a fun and easy read.
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3.5 stars 

Gentleman Seeks Bride by Megan Frampton is the fourth book in the Hazards of Dukes series. Our heroine is Lady Jane Capel, who we met in the last book in the series (A Wicked Bargain for the Duke). Jane has been living with her brother in London after being cast out by her parents for her refusal to immediately wed after being left at the altar. Our hero, Thomas Sharpe, is Jane’s brother’s best friend. He must marry for money to save his family after his father made poor financial decisions. His parents are sick and he has a young sister to worry about. 

The pair enter a mutually beneficial relationship. They both believe their can control their feelings for each other. Neither ends up being who the other expects. It’s a really sweet story and I enjoyed the journey our characters went on to achieve our HEA. I almost wasn’t sure it was going to happen.   

I haven’t read the other 3 books in this series, but I definitely will. Jane’s sister, Lavinia is a really fun character and I’d love to read her story (A Wicked Bargain for the Duke). This book makes a great standalone, but it makes me want to read more from this author. The side characters are great. I’d be interested in reading books about Alice, Thomas’s sister as well as Miss Grosvenor. I also like how the book handles a side character’s homosexuality with acceptance and grace. 

This book is steamy! The intimate scenes start about halfway through the book. There are multiple erotic scenes including sex, oral sex, masterbation, and voyerism.  My only criticism of the book is that our hero can be a bit whiny regarding his obligation to marry for his family. In his world, women did this all the time, but he felt a little too “poor me” about the whole situation.  

I was invited to read an ARC of Gentleman Seeks Bride, through Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are mine. #GentlemanSeeksBride #NetGalley
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Gentleman Seeks Bride is the 4th book in the Hazards of Dukes series and proved to be a delightful read. I knew that this book was going to be different right off the first few sentences in the beginning chapters when Thomas thought, it was up to him and that young ladies had been doing it fro their families for centuries.
Thomas Sharpe is smart, well-bred, and most importantly handsome. This last quality he certainly has a great need for as the loss of the family income by his father, means that he desperately needs to marry a wealthy bride. With sisters having not made their debut, and older parents needing looking after, the sooner he finds that heiress, the better.

Independent Lady Jane Capel is the sister of Thomas’s best friend. Having had a failed engagement and moving in with her brother she is somewhat looking for adventure and world worthy life experiences. This leads the two to enter into a very delightful bargain, that will ultimately culminate in their finding their HEA. This romantic story is fresh and engaging, just as are the characters. One watches how when the shoe is on the other foot for the male in regency era that the women are just as nasty and mean spirited as the men. Thomas just like a woman is used and sought for his pretty face, and yet not good enough to marry. One ends up extremely delighted that these two found each other amidst all the cruel realities of the mundane world by the book’s end. This review was given on the ARC copy I received from the Publisher via Netgalley in return for my honest opinion.
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This was my first Megan Frampton book. There was a lot to like in this one. I really liked the heroine, and the tension-filled moments were very well done. At times I was really into the dynamic between the two main characters, and other times the writing took me out of the story. It was sometimes choppy and sometimes long-winded and repetitive. I don’t know how many times I needed to read that Thomas needed a rich wife to save his family from financial ruin and how that got in the way of the HEA. It was the whole premise of the book. There was also a lot about Thomas being “the most charming man in London” but I didn’t see much in the story to paint him as exceptionally charming. Still, there were plenty of sweet moments, and if you like the brother’s best friend trope, you may like it.
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Gentleman Seeks Bride is book 4 in the Hazards of Dukes series. I actually just binged the first 3 books of the series last month and had to jump right into the ARC of this 4th book even though it isn’t out until later in the year. And this super sexy historical romance was so much fun, I loved how this brother’s best friend trope played out.

The story starts out with Thomas Sharpe’s father losing the family’s income and Thomas realizing he has to go on a heiress hunt to save his family and help his younger sisters. While he knows a love match is out of the question, he’s at least hoping to have a genuine like to the lady he marries. But when two years in to his search and he still has no bride, he is getting quite desperate. Enter Lady Jane, his best friend’s sister and daughter of an Earl, who says she can help Thomas find exactly what he’s looking for.

Jane is an unmarried lady and wants to partake in all the experiences, go to all the places, and just enjoy all the independence a man has. So when she runs into Thomas okie evening, she has a proposition for him…she’ll help him find a wealthy wife to wed if he helps her experience life like he enjoys, getting to go to places usually off-limits for her, experience new things, and even learn the ways of the bedroom… 

I loved Thomas & Jane’s adventures together! They had a really easy banter and friendship that made you believe in their connection. All the side characters were great and I adored both of their siblings, Jane’s relationship with her half-brother Percy and Thomas’ relationship with his younger sister Alice. But the best part was seeing Jane getting to explore new places and try new things: parties, dance halls, circuses, trying new drinks (ale), trying new dances (polka), a trip to the fair, a sexy hot air balloon ride 🔥, and a super hot trip to a voyeurism club. 🥵 

Thank you to the publisher (Avon & Harper Voyage) for an e-ARC via NetGalley in exchange for my honest thoughts & review. Gentleman Seeks Bride will be published November 30, 2021.
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I enjoyed the witty parts of this story. The writer has the promising talent of being a good author. I thought the book show moments to where the story shared some real moments. The characters are written with entertaining personalities. I like the flow of the story. I also enjoyed some of the comedic moments from the story. I like the romantic story line. The romance was cute and sweet.
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Don't you love books that embrace their own tropes? We do! And Gentleman Seeks Bride is one of them. As our heroine, Jane, puts it: "What with asking for a kissing education, and helping a gentleman land an heiress, and the gentleman being my brother's best friend .... It would be altogether too much if you were to put all those things into a book." Well Megan Frampton takes the challenge and we adored it.

Also those kissing lessons go wayyyy beyond kissing and we were HERE FOR IT. This is super fun, super sexy, just a little angsty, and had a denouement to die for. If this sounds like something you'd vaguely like, you will. Just read it.
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Absolutely loved this book!! Everything about it was perfect! The characters were remarkable. Thomas & Jane get up to some wickedly adventurous times during their exchange of services. This book is on fire in the chemistry department and the heat between the characters is blazing hot!! 

I feared there would be no HEA for Thomas & Jane — but Author Megan Frampton brought this book to a very satisfying conclusion!! 

Full RTC — Don’t miss this book!!!!
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Gentleman Seeks Bride (Hazards of Dukes #4)
by Megan Frampton 
• historical romance 

Rating:  5 +++ stars 

Lady Jane Capel was left at the alter 2 years ago. Her parents tried to push her back into society to find another match, to which she refused, quickly becoming the family’s black sheep. So she moved in with her beloved half-brother Percy. 
Thomas Sharpe, Percy’s well-bred best friend with a charming and somewhat rakish reputation, is in desperate need of a wealthy betrothal. Thomas’s family is in dire straights financially and the only solution is for him to marry money….and quickly. 
Running into to each other one daring night, Jane and Thomas strike up a deal- She will find him a rich wife and he will give her all the worldly (and sometimes wild) experiences she’s missed out on in her adult life. 

Thoughts: All I can say is, GET THIS BOOK. This was my first time reading Megan Frampton and I’m about to buy her entire back list. 
This book has it all as far as historical romance concerned. I read it in 24 hours and gave it 5 stars before I finished! It checks all my boxes: swoon-worthy, brother’s best friend, strong heroine, teach me, charming hero, experienced vs inexperienced, voyeurism, sexual tension off the charts, public trysts, dirty talk and more. My favorite thing about Jane was that she owned her sexuality and desires. Also Thomas was such a supportive, willing, and giving partner *unlocked new book boyfriend.

Things to Note: This is book 4 in a series. Each story can be read independently, but there are spoilers for the previous stories. 

Interest: 5/5
Romance: 5/5
Heat: 5/5 
Stand-alone: [see Things to Note]
Cliffhanger: no
Would I recommend: yes

*** I was given a copy of this book for an honest review by the author/publisher through Net Galley.
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I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

I really enjoyed this book. It held my interest from the very first page. And I loved the characters.
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It’s a well-known fact that when a man is in search of a bride, a good dowry is never a hindrance.
Thomas Sharpe is handsome, well-bred, and desperately in need of a wealthy bride. His father has lost their income, his sister needs looking after, and so to save them all from a life of poverty he travels to London in search of an heiress.
Enter Lady Jane Capel. After her fiancé ended their engagement two years ago, Jane boldly left her parents’ home and moved in with her half-brother Percy. What does one more scandal matter to a family with such a curious reputation? Jane is independent, but not as well versed in life—and love—as she wants.
The two of them strike a deal: Thomas will show her all there is to know about the world —and intimacy—and Jane will help him find a bride. But the more time they spend together and the closer they get, the two of them soon realize that things aren’t so simple when it comes to men and women...

I enjoy this story. Good plot and exaction.
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