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The Redemption of Bobby Love

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A knock on the door changed Bobby and Cheryl Love's life forever. An inspiring read about the powerful of love and secrets. I enjoy true stories. It gives us a glimpse into a life that might be very different from our own but we can always find some similarities. This book makes you ask "what would you do in this situation?" A great read.
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At first, I would like to thank Netgalley and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for allowing me to review this book. Keep in mind that my review, however, is my true opinion on this book.

“The Redemption of Bobby Love - A Story of Faith, Family, and Justice” by Bobby Love and Cheryl Love is the lovely book I will be reviewing today! This is such an inspiring book, and I would definitely recommend you reading it. 

This is a crazy story! And it is a true story! It is completely based on how Bobby Love and Cheryl Love remember their time and this crazy story from their life. 

One day, Cheryl Love woke up and heard a knock on the door. And this knock on the door was about to change a lot of things for her and her family. It was the police and FBI-agents. And Bobby Love was arrested. 

This is truly a story about faith, family and friendships. This is a story on misunderstandings, it is about secrets, and it is indeed about love. 

The book is well written, and you can feel the passion from the two writers as you read the book. They are very personal in this book and tell their story. And you can truly feel the love between them as you read the book. Even with the ups and downs. 

This book is very inspiring! 

I was blown away by this true story of the Love family.
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