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I read this in early june, never got around to reviewing it. But the fact that I still remember each detail of this book that I devoured in is outstanding. This is a second book in the series, I personally didn’t read the first one, but if you didn’t read it either don’t worry about! This author was amazing in a way where she didn’t info dump things from the previous book on to this one which I truly admire because I can read the first one now even after reading the second book in the series. The book was fun and a very easy quick read that got me out of my reading slump! I do wish we saw more romantic development between the two, lots of sexual chemistry because whew where the spice scenes SPICY!!! but I really couldn’t connect with the romantic connection between them… but A+ for the spice! <3 3.5/5
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From the second I finished Royal Disaster, I couldn't wait to get my hands on Prince Alexander's book! And, boy oh boys does Jennifer Bonds give me all of my favorite things. Where Royal Disaster had a Cinderella meets Pretty Woman flare, Royal Trouble gives us the royals version of Gossip Girl. Gah! Love it!

Prince Alexander is no stranger to paparazzi and being the sole focus of the media's insane scrutiny, but now that he's gone from spare to heir, he's struggling to keep himself out of the spotlight. Finally able to enact a program that he cares deeply for, he is struggling to clean up his act and keep the gossip media at bay. 

Everly swore when she left Valeria that she wouldn't be coming back but a friend's wedding coinciding with a too good to pass up opportunity leads her back to her home country. In Valeria, she's fairly widely known as the bastard daughter of a Duke but what no one knows is that she's the mastermind behind Royals Gone Wild, the extremely juicy website that spilled all the royal tea. Now a chance meeting with HRH Xander has her tumbling back through her school days, except Xander is maybe not as shallow as she originally thought but secrets, lies, and the scandalous doings of the inner court threaten to expose more than one well-kept secret. 

I really enjoyed this book. As I mentioned above, the nod to Gossip Girl with the Royals Gone Wild site was just fab! I love how Everly had already laid down that mantle and was looking to make amends prior to her return to Valeria, it spoke of a level of maturity that was already established rather than doing a huge 180 in a matter of days. Xander as well had some maturity starting to burgeon but we got to see more of his personal growth, which was lovely. If it were both MCs it would have been probably a bit much. Plus, I always love when we get to see active character growth and development on-page.

The relationship development between Everly and Xander was also pretty yummy to see unfold. I wasn't a super quick lurve at first sight, which is greatly appreciated. Everly made him work for it which was awesome. Plus all the sticking points were laid on the table before things got... complicated, and it is just so beautiful. I hate relationships based on deceit. Plus, those two had some pretty decent steam going on.

I am really digging this series and can't wait for the next in the series featuring Liam and Alexander's sister! Yay!!

*ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*
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Xander is absolutely awesome. I wanted to just hug him, and chase all of his demons away. Everly has her own troubled past (and present), and she is just who he needs. A great story, and a great series!
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I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this series. While the second didn't disappoint, I enjoyed the first book more.
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A lovely, fast-paced royal read. I've found my mileage for these types of stories has lessened after the Harry/Meghan stuff and all that has been exposed about the royal family, but this one was delightful!
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Royal Trouble had two engaging and strong leads in Everly and Alexander.  You root for these two to get their HEA.  If you are looking for a quick, satisfying read-go no further!
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A fun and enjoyable fast-paced read!

I really had fun reading this one! I admit I just realized after that this book is the second installment from the series, however, everything's fine because it can be read as a standalone.

I was really invested in this book because of the character's witty and hilarious banters and their personal or fictional life in this book. You can see the character's development and their struggles that have made them both good morale characters. 

I admire how the characters are both passionate about what they love to do and they really look cute together. This book was engaging that made me finish it in one sitting.

Overall, it gives me so much joy diving into this new-to-me world, I guess I am really looking forward to reading more books from the author as well as to read modern Royal love stories!  This is my first book for the author and I'm both satisfied and delighted!

PS. I received an eARC of this book, thanks so much NetGalley and Entangled Publishing for the copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you so much Entangled Pub for sending me an e-arc via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review!

I'm so glad I started my birthday month (which btw I'm so happy that my bday happens to be in Pride Month) with this book. I seriously am so in love with it. It really honestly surprised me how good this was. I'm glad too that this could be read as a standalone (which I kinda love when series do that). I plan to get a copy of the first book as well!

I mean, who doesn't love a romance between a journalist from New York and a bad boy prince?? Like I love my bad boys, but a bad boy who is also a PRINCE?! Omg I'm dead. Don't even get me started on the steamy, smexy scenes cause oh boy were they good.

Xander and Everly (Super cute name btw) were perfection. I really appreciated that whenever a fight happened, they would quickly see each other to apologize. I'm not a fan of when something happens (like assuming someone did something they didn't do) they usually they would take a week or more to realize that they messed up and apolgize.

Anyways, in conclusion, I really loved this book and highly recommend it!

Recommended if you like: Bad Boys, Journalism, Royalty, Steam, Prince X "Commoner".
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This book was crazy good.  The background for the characters written as articles in a tabloid were fun.  It was nice to see the press getting things wrong.  Also karma hitting the one in the wrong.
  Wonderful book!
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I really enjoyed it!

This was actually better than I'd expected, I've been having a somewhat underwhelming run with rom-coms lately, so I expected the worst, but this was slightly better than expected! Slightly being the operative word.

I love the whole royal romance trope, I don't know, it's just amazing. And this one did perfect on that, I absolutely loved the execution; the whole troubled prince who seems like a womaniser and whatnot is actually a feminist softie thing is one of my absolute guilty pleasures.

I loved the way conflict was written in this, the guilt was so good I started feeling guilty on behalf of Everly. It was like second hand embarrassment but more horrible-feeling. The angst was amazing, it's literally everything one wants form angst.

This also has to be the first primarily romance book in a long time that I haven't classified as insta-love, because it wasn't. It was that good. This book just won my heart for that alone.

I also really liked that Everly confessed her faults before they had sex, because after would have been like using and like in my no-go zones...and I really like how Alexander handled it. I am still a bit surprised that her background check didn't put up red flags on a journalist front, but then again, she was unemployed, so there was a valid reason (looking at you, Love Match)

The only fault with this book would be that it was somewhat too rushed at times? Like, the ending seemed like it could have been slightly better flushed out, but the rest of it was amazing.

I'm not completely sure why I'm rating this 4.5 stars and not 5, but there's something about this that just didn't merit five whole stars? Not sure what, but there was.

I absolutely flew through this, and I would definitely be up for reading more books by this author, this was an amazing fast read with like complete enjoyment. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys the royal romance trope, the bad boy who's secretly a softie trope, the secret identity trope, with slight hurt comfort, amazing banter, and awesome angst.
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I enjoyed this book. The plot pacing was just right and the characters were well developed. I would like to read other books from this author in the future.
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This was such a fun read!  The chemistry between Everly and Xander is steamy, filled with witty banter and so much humor.  I absolutely loved the first in this series.  This was a great follow-up.  I cannot wait for the third in this series, when the boys' sister has to find a husband.  I am definitely a fan of Jennifer Bonds now!
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This is a cute, funny and sexy story. It's filled with humour, witty banter and steamy moments. I really liked Xander and Everly and their story. It was very well-written. I can’t wait to read the next book
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It was a quick read indeed. While some parts were enjoyable most of it was cliche. Everly's character was cool but very forgiving.
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Happy Friday y'all! I'm so excited about a long weekend! Wooo for more time for reading! I was supposed to have a pool day this weekend, but it's supposed to rain most of the weekend and be in the 60s, so definitely not pool weather, but for sure reading weather! Speaking of reading, I was transported back to Valeria this week with Royal Trouble by Jennifer Bonds (thank you so much to Entangled Amara and Netgalley for letting me read an e-ARC of this book) and man y'all, I love Valeria and this royal family. (Also, side note, this is book two in a series- if you haven't read book 1 yet, don't read this review- read my review for book one, then read book one, and then come back here). 

Royal Trouble 4/5 Stars 

Summary from Goodreads: 

It’s time for everyone’s favorite bad boy, Prince Alexander Stanley, to clean up his act. Given the rare opportunity to lead a new royal program that aids veterans and their families, Xander can’t afford to be making scandalous headlines anymore. He has only two months until the program launches. No more overindulging. And definitely no more women.
Then halfway into it, his good behavior streak is threatened by a devil in a fuchsia dress.
Everly Wilson has kept a secret for years. She was the mastermind behind the celebrity dirt website Royals Gone Wild, which exposed some of her home country of Valeria’s juiciest secrets. But once she was out of school, she left the website and her past behind, moved to New York, and became a serious writer.
A seriously broke writer. If she doesn’t find a fresh story to earn her top dollar, she'll be out on the street, with nothing but her laptop and a stack of unpaid medical bills to keep her warm at night.
But when a friend’s wedding brings her back home, it seems like the fates have aligned to deliver her the scoop of the year. Prince Alexander is suddenly on a mission to clean up his act, avoiding the escapades he once embraced—and she’s determined to be the one to catch his inevitable screwup. So when things between them start to heat up, and Xander's walls start coming down, Everly might be the one royally in trouble this time...

I barely remember Xander from Liam and Elena's book, but man do I remember how fun these books are! I love Valeria and the royals and the fact that both Everly and Elena are New Yorkers. I also love the interjections from the Daily Scoop- they're such trashy gossip articles, but at the same time, they're fun to read too. The story moved along at a great pace and while there were a lot of cliches within the book, they didn't detract from the reading experience in any way. I really enjoyed Everly as a main character and I wish we could have had more time/focus on her relationships that she has with her father's family. I also loved that Lotte made a recurrence in this book and that she was just as mean and vicious as she was in book one- the girl wants to be in the royal family and she's going to do whatever she can to make that happen. Now, I cannot wait to read Pippa's story!!! Royal Trouble came out on May 24, so make sure you go grab it today!
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First of all... A huge thank you to Entangled Publishing and NetGalley for providing me with an eARC in exchange for an honest review! I didn't realize that this book was the first in a series until I started it. If I had known that I probably would have gone back and read the first one before this one. I always like getting the context of the characters before I read the book. with that in mind, it didn't lessen my enjoyment of the book. I thought it was a fun and fast-paced romance, It had all of the elements of a classic rom-com, with a royal twist. The characters were very compelling and I really liked their chemistry. If you want to fall into a modern royal love story this is the book for you!
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Royal romances are such a ride on the wish-fulfilment train.  This book verrrrryyyyy closely parallels a certain other famous second son.  From the naked billiard playing photos to the charity work with veterans families.  Xander is definitely the picture of a playboy prince - except when he's not.  His life in front of the media has been filled with drunken debauchery - but away from that lens he has been a solid leader in the military and a devoted brother and son.  His teenage years were full of entitled rich kid things - that led to him being targeted by a Royals Gone Wild blog that shared his exploits with the world.  Basically - Xander lived down to the public expectations of him.  A lot of this stemmed from his uncertainty about his parentage - and how that was splashed across the the media as speculation.  What Xander doesn't know is that Everly Wilson was the source of the Royals Gone Wild blog and is now back in town looking for a story to sell to help pay her mother's daunting medical bills.

Everly's father is a Duke -and she is the product of his extramarital affair with her mother who was the nanny for his other children.  Her relationship with her father and half-siblings was non-existent other than the Duke paying for her education.  

I liked Everly and Xander a lot.  They have both been scarred by their past and their relationships with their families.  They also have quite a history that Xander isn't fully aware of at the start.  All of this has the potential for a BIG lie - but Everly comes clean to Xander about the past fairly quickly - and definitely before things progress too far between them.  I truly appreciated her honesty and taking responsibility for her past actions.  That level of maturity isn't often seen in romancelandia.  Xander is also at a crossroads in his life - and trying to change to be a better person and live a more meaningful life.  He shows a lot of growth in the book and in how he handles every situation.  Extending a lot of trust and openness out to Everly - even in the face of everything that has gone on.  

I feel like this is definitely a firm 3.5 stars - and I am definitely fully invested in the series at this point.  I felt like there were a few loose ends left in this story - so I am interested to see if they are eventually resolved.  

I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, but these opinions are all my own.  And BTW - you totally don't need to have read the first book to read this one.  Though - the first book was great - so I recommend it!
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This was a fun royal romance! Bad boy Prince Alexander Stanley needs to clean up his image. He's been tabloid fodder for too long, and with the looming deadline of his brother's royal wedding, Xander can't afford another scandal. He's also supposed to head up a new charity to aid veterans and their families. 
Everly Wilson has kept a big secret. She's the writer behind the infamous tabloid site Royals Gone Wild, where she exposed some of Valeria's biggest secrets. But after leaving school, she left the site behind and tried to become a serious writer in New York. Now she's broke and needs a fresh story to earn her enough money to pay off her mom's medical debt. A friend's wedding brings her back home to Valeria, and she might have found just what she needs- a royal rebel trying to change his reputation. Everly plans to get close and be there when he inevitably messes up. But as they grow closer and things heat up, Everly discovers Xander might not be who she thought he was.

I really enjoyed this one. Although it gives me very strong Prince Harry vibes, I didn't mind. It was a fun and easy read that kept me engaged and wanting more. I like that it didn't rely on the common romance trope of misunderstanding leading to mega blowups. Everly and Xander talked things out. And I liked that Everly's secret wasn't used to cause massive drama either. Not to say there isn't some drama and fights- this is a romance novel- but it wasn't overdone or cheesy. 
It's nice and steamy too, which is great. Overall, I definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a fun royal romance or even just a good contemporary!
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Who doesn’t love a British story?! This one was cute and well written, thank you entangled publishing for this fabulous ARC. I unfortunately did not read the first book in the series so I was a little lost
But I always enjoy a story about a troubling and scandalous prince!
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A fun, fairly light romance novel! this author was new to me, and I did not realize when I requested this book that it was the second in a series. Thankfully, it worked well as a standalone.

I am a total sucker for the royal/ commoner trope. This one also includes delightful aspects of reformed rake and enemies to lovers tropes. The MCs, HRH Alexander, aka Xander, and Everly had fabulous banter together., and their chemistry was amazing.

Xander has retired from his military service and is working to reform his reputation ahead of his elder brother's wedding.  He thinks having a steady relationship will help with that. He is also working to start a new foundation and career and trying to sort out who he is now.

Everly went to high school in the fictional country of Valeria where the story takes place. She is the illegitimate child of a duke, and moved to NYC after graduation because she hated feeling like an outcast. She had a lot of anger , especially towards the nobility and royalty she felt looked down on her, including Xander.  She is now a writer, which ends up playing a big part in the plot. She is also trying to take care of her mother's medical bills following her cancer treatments, without telling her mother that she is paying them. 

Some things I liked in the story were the aforementioned banter between the characters. There were also some great steamy scenes. The wine cellar- WOW.  I could have used more of that, to be honest. I also liked a lot of the character development. Seeing Xander and his brother grow closer, seeing Everly grow up and branch out was also great. I also liked that what I originally thought was going to be the main conflict between the characters was actually resolved around the halfway point, and then there was a new layer added to the story. 

That being said, I felt like there were some loose ends when I finished the book. Like, Everly reconnecting with her half siblings. And a lot of the story line including her mother.  I was also not sure what her final writing project was about. I think those things could all have used additional detail. And a follow up on Lotte at the end, too. 

Overall, it was a fun read. I don't know that I will go back to read the first book in the series, but I would maybe pick up the next one.
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