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Buzz Books 2021: Fall/Winter

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‘For book-lovers looking to discover their “next great read,” Buzz Books 2021 is a treasure-trove of what readers value the most: substantial excerpts from a curated selection of dozens of the most highly-touted books scheduled for publication this fall and winter.’

The following are a few of the MANY books in this catalog that spark my interest:


ONCE UPON A WARDROBE – by Patti Callahan 

ANTHEM – by Noah Hawley



PERPETUAL WEST – by Mesha Maren 

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Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this. 

This is my second time reviewing this style of publication and I really enjoy it. Every time I get to meet with new authors or even famous figures (like athletes I like) that are publishing their first book. I cannot tell you how good it is to have an opportunity to read a chapter or two ahead of time so you know which book you might be interested in reading.
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I love theses Buzz Books, they provide a fantastic look at upcoming books and links to available e-galley's.
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I really love to be always up to date on new book releases and BuzzBooks are always a very precious guide. They help me to complete my reading list every season.
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always a great overview of what is coming in the next season. I enjoy knowing what might be seen on the publishing shelves.
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This is truly a treasure trove for book lovers such as myself looking ahead at the best books coming for next session.  I loved how the list is broken down by genre and I can easily search for my favorite authors.  I'll be sure to look for other Buzz Book catalogs in the future to create my TBRs.
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I'm so happy that I got this. 
It's so very useful to check out what the new book releases will be.
And I love the sample chapters. They really help with deciding.
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So many fabulous books to look forward to! Thank you for choosing such diversity of authors and genres.
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Thanks for the chance to review what i up and coming.  
My favorite has been "Small Things Like These" - reading the ARC has caused me to buy several of Claire Keegan's other books.
WP, Chicago
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I love going thru the Buzzfeed guides every season! Looks like fall is going to be packed with some great non-fiction and memoir!
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This issue is the largest and most fantastic Fall/Winter Buzz Book ever! It’s full of information and excerpts of forthcoming books for Fall and Winter, just a snowflake away! Don’t blink.

Divided into sections:
Fiction has eighteen, yes, 18 new books, with excerpts and links to request galleys. 

Debut Fiction has 18, including excerpts and links as well.

Non-Fiction has 10, and YA has 7.

Plus, Lists! Lists and lists of books to be published later this year with pub date and publisher. 

Categories Include:

 Highly Anticipated
 Emerging Voices
 Commercial Fiction
 Politics and Current Events
 Social Issues
 Business, Science and Technology
 History and Crime
 Biography and Memoirs
 Essays, Criticism and More 

Some titles expand into the first quarter of 2022. Don’t miss this valuable edition of Buzz Books!

Thank you Netgalley, Buzz Books, and Publishers Lunch.
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I can’t wait to read the books I learned about in this little sampler! I love these and I wish consumers had access. Yay, bring on the new releases.
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I absolutely love that Buzz Books releases these every season! It makes it so easy for me to not only keep up with my favorite authors, but also to find new ones. This publication is also a great resource for writers to use as a tool in order to see current writing trends.
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It was very helpful to look through the titles coming out soon and get a heads up on what will be coming. I appreciate the excerpts too!
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These Buzz books are very useful. The lists of upcoming books let me know about some books that I should investigate further. The excerpts of new books made me add a couple to my want to read list. They also led me to remove a few books from that list, which was equally helpful. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.
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These are amazing as I always look forward to seeing what will be coming out in the future to request from my library or add to my goodreads account. It always helps me to figure out and plan what my coming reads will look like!
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Loved this catalog. Filled with exciting books that we've been eagerly anticipating, as well as reads we weren't familiar with, we can't wait to dig thru page by page for all the details. Thank you for sharing such a helpful link.
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I look forward to the Buzz Books each season. It's a great way to get a sense of what books are coming out and what I might be interested in reading and reviewing. I found a lot of books I didn't know about yet through reading this, and I'm so glad I got the chance to check it out.
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I love these Buzz Book compilations, and this one made my TBR explode. So many wonderful books coming out this fall. I highly recommend reading through the samples of each, as there are some premises that I felt less draw to, but the writing drew me right in.
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This is the first time I've downloaded the Buzz Books Catalog and I'm so glad I did. With in-person book conferences still not happening, this is such a great way to get a comprehensive list of upcoming titles I might be interested in and boy, did I end up finding quite a few to add to my tbr! Not only did I find books from familiar authors but also some from new-to-me authors I can't wait to give a try!

Thank you Netgalley and Publishers Lunch for the opportunity to read this!
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