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Buzz Books 2021: Fall/Winter

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This is a great book to use for future purchasing for the library. I like looking at the books soon to be published so that I can make our patrons aware that their favorite author will have a new book coming soon.
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As usual, love reading about upcoming books and discovering new favorite authors.  I look forward to these previews.
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Love looking at these and planning out the library's book buying for the next few months. So many things I'm excited about!
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I always love the excerpts and sneak peak into what is coming for the next season.  It gets me excited about the upcoming releases so I can be looking for them in my bookstore and library.
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Thank you, Publisher's Lunch for continuing with these publications.   5-stars as usual.  There are several books that I would have totally missed if not for your excellent summaries.  I really appreciate the effort that goes into the making of Buzz Books!
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“Adams was always my first choice because of Will. Another bonus was the school’s placement in [Washingon] DC: a busy city with a relatively high murder rate.”

This is an excerpt from an excerpt of "Never Saw Me Coming" by debut author Vera Kurian. It looks chilling and fascinating. The narrator is one of seven people chosen to attend a university as a subject in a psychopathy study. She knows there are six others but not who they are.

She carefully chooses her dorm room as a small one facing a brick wall so she can sneak out. The chapter ends with her planning an ‘activity’ for a day when riots and protests are forecast, so the police will be too busy to follow up other crimes.

“It was the perfect day to kill Will Bachman.”

There are countless new books listed in the beginning of this edition, and I mean countless. Pages of authors and titles. Only some are chosen from which to include chapters, usually the opening of the book, I think. The categories are adult fiction, debut fiction, non-fiction, and young adult books.

I have already read and reviewed Claire Keegan's "Small Things Like These" and "The Man Who Died Twice" by Richard Osman, but you can read a whole chapter of each here to try them out yourself.  A few others of the many included are Mitch Albom, Bernhard Schlink, Tea Cooper, Lauren Groff, and more.

I will mention a few I liked, one of which is "Anthem" by Noah Hawley, who wrote Before the Fall and has a long list of credits on his Goodreads bio.

“PS29, Brooklyn. The hushed reverence of boredom commonly known as a children’s recital. 6 p.m. on a Thursday. The elementary school auditorium is like a chapel, a non-denominational holy space where adults congregate to worship the promise of their young. Piano, piano, dance troupe, Mozart violin screech, inappropriately suggestive pop ballad, ginger magician. It’s April 2009 and the stock market is spiraling.”

When one little girl pipes up singing the US national anthem, they are all caught by surprise and have to stand up (as you do), just as some of them have finally sat down to rest their legs. We already know there's a lot of conflict going on - looks good.

Then there are a couple of debut novels I’d like to read. The first is "Olga Dies Dreaming" by Xóchitl González. The protagonist is a wedding planner who is improving her lot in life by working for extremely wealthy families. She is extremely careful. She has to be.

“(The wedding of a rich person also had, at least for the workers involved, the looming possibility of litigation hovering in the near future. Not-rich people’s events had forgettable glitches. Gaffes to the ultra-wealthy were unforgivable grievances that only the courts could remedy.)”

Her most trusted manager is Jan. He’s got everything she needs. But he hasn’t turned up and she’s furious.

“Jan, the best floor captain for one of the finest caterers in the city, was on her frequent rotation. He was, in many respects, her emotional security blanket for her toughest jobs. His elegant appearance, soothing demeanor, and unplaceable European accent pleased her clients in the front of the house. His first-generation American work ethic coupled with a robust supply of dirty Polish jokes pleased her team in the back of the house.”

She explodes, calls, threatens and is shut up only when the owner of the catering company tells her through sobs:

“Jan isn’t coming to work because Jan is dead.”

Yep – I think that looks like a promising debut too.

Another debut I think I like the sound of is "Out of Love" by Hazel Hayes. A young couple are breaking up after five years together, or more accurately, he is leaving her. This scene is a couple of months later, when he’s returned to pick up a few more things. The first chapter, at least, is told by her.

“He asked if we could have a break but what he meant was a breakup. He moved most of his stuff out of our apartment while I was home in Dublin, crying on my mother’s sofa. He stopped loving me a long time ago but wasn’t brave enough to tell me. And so our relationship kept trundling forward like a wagon down a dirt road, with me tied to the back like a rag doll. I imagine myself bouncing about in the dust, with a stitched-on smile and vacant eyes, just happy the rope is holding. The image is so morbidly funny that I have to conceal a grin.”

From here, the story winds its way back to the beginning, a format that did not sit well with some reviewers. I, however, enjoyed "Us" by David Nicholls, which works in a similar way and which managed to be poignant and heartfelt without being depressing. But neither partner had someone else waiting. This guy apparently does. This may not be for someone raw from a breakup.

Another debut is "The Family" by Naomi Krupitsky, about a couple of girls who’ve been best friends since they were born. Their parents live next door to each other and their fathers work together . . . for the Mafia. They aren’t aware of their special ‘connections’ but others obviously are. “Book One” is 1928-1935. Their mothers are pregnant together, and thus begins their story.

Each book is introduced with a description, some of which are very long, so you have a pretty good idea of what you're in for.

You can download these Buzz Books for free from NetGalley or Publishers Lunch. I can’t add a link for them, but if you replace the dash with a dot, it should work.

Thanks to NetGalley and Publishers Lunch for my copy.
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This was a compilation of synopses of upcoming fiction titles and it was helpful in choosing what to read.
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Maybe I hadn’t paid close attention to the categories in these books before but there seem to be a lot more social Issue books coming out and I like it!
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Great resource for all reviewers, very helpful to have a guide to new material coming out. I look to this guide to organize my reading and reviewing schedule. Extremely accurate and concise.
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Thank you NetGalley and the publishers for this fall/winter preview! I've added many books to my TBR.
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Every season I read this cover to cover and compile a list of what I want to read. It’s so useful and well made!
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I look forward to reading these every season. I added a lot of new books to my to-read list. Thanks to Netgalley for the preview.
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always great to see new books coming out. Thank you to Netgalley for giving us the heads up on that! Its always great seeing them
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This is such a remarkable resource to keep you posted on great upcoming books! I also have found books I normally never would have ever ever thought to try except I gave them a shot because they were in this book and were given such rave reviews! I would recommend anyone wanting to look out of there normal comfort zone for some wonderful reads this is a valuable resource tool and I have used them twice! 

I would recommend this book for anyone wanting to find great books!

I received an advanced copy from NetGalley and these are my willingly given thoughts and opinions.
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I love when NetGalley offers these catalogues with sneak peaks into upcoming books! This specific one is for overall "Great Reads" for Fall/Winter 2021 and covers multiple genres. I'm primarily a mystery and thriller consumer, and there are a few good looking ones there! But even I will be known to wander to the other genres for a few special authors. I'm always moved by Mitch Albom's stories, and was excited to see he is included here, releasing a new book this year. 

Always recommend reading the Buzz Books upcoming release previews! I know many of us are constantly saying "my TBR list is too long". However,  we all know how much fun it is to add new books that we can't wait to read!! Add away my friends, add away!

*Thank you Publishers Lunch and NetGalley for the digital reader copy.
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I'm glad these are available for the users. Was able to find more books to read. Will be waiting for the next one.
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These books are essential in my library. They contain many excerpts of upcoming books chosen by publishers that introduce us to books we might want to read in their entirety. Also, there are full lists of books coming this fall in both fiction and nonfiction categories. Terrific and useful volume to browse and help plan your reading choices in advance. Highly recommended. Thank you, NetGalley and Publishers Lunch, for offering Buzz Books to the eager reading public.
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I always appreciate these previews of the upcoming new releases so we can get a peek at what is coming out soon.
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Thanks a lot. As I can see there are many, incredible and exciting books waiting for all of us. I can't wait to read some of these books! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
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All of my thanks to Netgalley and Buzz Books for providing such a helpful insight on many of the new releases coming out soon! This was really helpful to take stock of which books I want to read that will be coming out soon, as well as of those that I would like but wasn't aware of before. Truly excellent for creating TBR lists, as well as trying to narrow down what exactly I might pick up at my local bookstore!
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