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The "I Love My Air Fryer" 5-Ingredient Recipe Book

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This is a fantastic cookbook full of easy recipes using only 5 or less ingredients. No need to buy a multitude of ingredients (some that you will never use again). I love my airfryer.
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This is a really nice cookbook! I recently got an air fryer and I haven't been real adventurous with it yet. I'm hoping with these recipes, I'll feel more brave to branch out. It's really amazing how much you can make with this appliance! The recipes seem to be easy and healthy to make.
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I LOVED this cookbook. It is so useful in my everyday cooking. The ingredients are already normally in my kitchen so I don't have to go back out and purchase new stuff just to try out a new recipe.
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This book provided is a good jumping off point for me. I have had my air fryer for a bit now and have experimented with the frozen food aisle 🙄 and a few cuts of meat but not much else. This was great because it eased me into a few other categories I wouldn’t have attempted otherwise. 

I liked that most of the recipes listed ingredients that are easy to come by/have at home. I would have liked a bit more emphasis on healthier recipes which seems the purpose of air frying. Again, with this tool I feel I can tweak things a bit to compensate in that area. Oh, and pictures are sorely lacking which is a bit of a bummer. Overall though I think this book will help me throw a meal together in a pinch and be appreciated by many. 

Thanks to NetGalley, the author and Adams Media for a copy in exchange for a review.
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This was an excellent air fryer cookbook. There’s useful information about buying and caring for an air fryer, and some recipes I’d never seen before. There are delicious recipes for breakfast, which isn’t a meal I’ve used the air fryer for.  The only thing missing is picture for each recipe, which can be useful. 

My favorites so far are:  Blueberry Scones, Hash Browns, Cheese Crackers, Korean Style Wings, Garlic Parm Fries, Zucchini Fries, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Brown Sugar Mustard Pork Loin, Coconut Shrimp, and Apple Fritters. 

If you have, or want, an air fryer, this is a great book and you. 4 stars. 

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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I love this air fryer book! It helped me with my new air fryer and even my 7 year old thinks the recipes are yummy! He says 2 thumbs up!
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Thank you to Adams Media and NetGalley for an advanced copy of this title. 

+minimal ingredients
+mostly quick prep and easy clean-up
+almost everything sounds delicious

-most of the recipes won't work in a small, basket-type air fryer
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Love your air fryer? This wonderful appliance has taken the world by storm, and everyone, it seems, is using their air fryer almost every day. That’s why Robin Fields’ “I Love My Air Fryer" 5-Ingredient Recipe Book: From French Toast Sticks to Buttermilk-Fried Chicken Thighs, 175 Quick and Easy Recipes is very timely. Fields has chosen recipes that will appeal to everyone, even children, and all of the recipes are quick and easy, calling for only five ingredients. The few ingredients make for quick food good even for weeknight cooking and quick lunches and dinners. The first chapter includes hints and how-tos on using every type of air fryer for those who aren’t familiar. The hints will be helpful to everyone. 

The ingredients called for in the recipes are standard, and easy to find in any grocery store. The recipes are written in the traditional manner and are easy-to-follow and understand. I’ve already tried several recipes from this excellent cookbook and every one has turned out picture perfect and delicious. The one drawback to this cookbook is the fact that there aren’t many photographs; it would be nice to see what the recipes are supposed to look like. 

Anyone who loves air-fryer cooking will want to add this cookbook to their cookbook shelf. It will be used often, especially when time is short and people are hungry. 

Special thanks to NetGalley for supplying a review copy of this book.
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It can't have been easy to come up with this many air fryer recipes. But some of these seem pretty solid and like they might taste good and work well.
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I liked this cookbook a lot. It had quite a few colorful photos for some of the recipes and that is a huge plus for me. The recipes all look very easy to make and they are super easy to follow. I liked how it included notes and variations. My husband is vegan and some of the notes included ways for the recipe to be made vegan, so major plus for me. 

This cookbook includes nutritional information which is very nice as I hate guessing or having to calculate it on my own. The calories per a serving are reasonable.

Rating: 4 out of because I really want photos for every recipe. I know that is me being picky  but the photos really do make a huge difference to me. I eat with my eyes first.
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This is a must have for those who have an air fryer. I will definitely be getting a hard copy. The ebook was done so well too, especially for an arc. I recommend the chocolate chip cookies!!!
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The book starts with a chapter on Cooking with an Air Fryer. Recipes are broken into Breakfast, Appetizers & Snacks, Side Dishes, Chicken Main Dishes, Beef and Pork Main Dishes, Fish and Seafood Main Dishes, Vegetarian Main Dishes, and Desserts. Recipes have nutritional info. Some have customization recommendations.
I like the idea of 5 ingredients, but come to find out the author does not count "pantry staples," and in addition to things like salt and pepper she also puts vanilla extract and baking basics like flour, sugar, and baking powder into this category, so some recipes really have closer to 8 or 10 ingredients.
I was very disappointed by the lack of photos. It seemed like there were 2 or 3 per chapter.
Overall, there is a good selection and quantity of recipes, and this book would be helpful for someone looking to cook more with an air fryer. 3.5 stars
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I am an air fryer fan, but I would like to extend my use of it.  This book came in handy as it is filled with different protein selections for every palate, fish and seafood, vegetarian, and my favorite..desert.  There is even a selection on low-carb essentials.  I found most of the dishes to be easy to make and delicious.  a keeper for sure!
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The "I Love My Air Fryer" 5-Ingredient Recipe Book by Robin Fields is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in early August.

These are recipes with, yup, five ingredients or less that typically make 2-8 servings, then include the amount of prep & cooking time, nutrition facts, and suggestions for additional ingredients to customize it more to your liking. It's pretty simple, maybe a bit bland for some with a frequent use of convenience items, like readymade dough, coleslaw, bottled sauces, canned soup, seasoning packets, etc.
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I really enjoyed reading through this book. I love my air fryer but never know what to use it for. I am using this book to try the mini spiced corn cobs  I think it's interesting to try biscuits, muffins and cheesecake.
The ebook format was weird on my tablet. But still useable
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Thank you NetGalley for this uncorrected proof for review. 

AWESOME! My airfryer was second hand and the recipe cook had like 4 recipes and that was sad. 

I live in a very hot place and need (want) food that can be baked and fried without heating my house.

The book was easy to read, well laid out and had really yummy recipes. Well done! :)
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This is what I need in my life! Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with my air fryer! I cook everything from grilled cheese to frozen pot pie and everyone between in it but this book is full of recipes that I wouldn’t have thought of but I would totally eat! It covers everything from frittatas to Apple fritters and everything in between-even macaroni and cheese! The fried pickle chips hooked me! And the fact that the recipes are super simple and use things that most people have around and not fancy ingredients that you have to search out, makes this book even better. I will totally be buying it once it is released! 
Thanks to Adams Media and Netgalley for this Arc in exchange for my review.
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Thank you Net Galley for a copy of “I Love My Air Fryer” by Robin Fields.  I have had an air fryer ever since they came out on the market but never knew how I could put it to use.  But this cookbook is wonderfully full of delicious recipes to try.  I have tried several and was very pleased with the food!  Highly recommend!
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My new toaster oven did not come with an air frying option but after reading this cookbook, I think I might need one. Apparently, just about everything you cook in an oven you can cook in an air fryer oven. Seriously, some of the recipes are for things I would have never thought to make let alone use an air fryer to do it:  Strawberry Pastry, Pork Egg Rolls, Fried Mash Potato Balls and Yeast Rolls! I agree with another reviewer that the "Pantry Staples" section is not necessary and would prefer more details on which type of pan/tray to use. It did seem like almost every recipe used a 6" round cake pan which seemed both odd and really small for most recipes. I would have loved to see more photos and even though everyone buying a new cookbook has this complaint most do not including this one. So I took a star away for lack of photos.
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As someone who just received an air fryer a few months ago, I found this book to be one of my favorites. It has a great variety of recipes and ones that I didn't even know you could make in an air fryer! (Hello, cinnamon buns). 

Great for beginners and anyone else looking for an all round cookbook for their air fryer delights!
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