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The first chance she got Dillon Stitch escaped her small town life and headed for the big city, but life seems to have other plans for Dillion when she loses her job and no place to stay, heading home back to the small lake town is her only option. With her brother having broken his leg and her father needing help with their family construction business it seems like a win, win. However Dillon definitely did not factor in her new very hot neighbor, Van Firestone.


Van has been working non stop since the passing of his gran but finally he has managed to calve out a bit of time to head to Pearl Lake and take care of the cottage that she had left to him. The last thing Van was expecting to find in his cottage was his feisty neighbor. Soon the two find themselves butting heads at every turn but when something shifts the Van and Dillon find themselves trying to navigate these new steamy waters.


I absolutely love me a good Helena Hunting book and Love Next Door was just the angsty small town romance that I was looking for! It was so easy to instantly get immersed in Dillion and Van's story. Both main characters were brilliant in their own right but together they were electric! I absolutely loved the chemistry between these two, with their steamy back and forth.


It took me a little while to warm up to Dillon but once I did it was impossible not to love her. But it was Van that really stole my heart. I loved the guy and that he was genuinely a good guy. I absolutely loved that this was not just a romance but there was a good dose of mystery involved with who was trying to frame Van and what was the story with Billy.


Love Next Door is the perfect slow burn small town romance that will have you itching to know what happens next with Dillion and Van and all the drama that seems to fall them!
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Love Next Door is the first book in Helena Hunting’s new Lakeside Series. It is a cute small-town romance a perfect summer read. Dillion Stitch and Donovan “Van” Firestone are the main characters in this enemies, then turned friends to lovers. 

This story opens with Dillion just losing her job and breaking up with her boyfriend.  Then getting a call from her father asking if she can return home to help with family business after her brother had an accident.  Except for holidays she has not been home much since she left after high school.  At the same time Van arrived in town to check on his Grammy Bee’s property which he inherited.  This property just happens to be next door to Dillion’s family home.  Dillion was very close to Grammy Bee, when she notices that someone is at Grammy Bee’s house, she goes to check on it.  What she finds is a very naked just out of the shower Van!!  And the fun begins the chemistry sizzle and the banter flies!!  There is some deep in this story the growth of both of the characters was evident.  Dillion working so hard for her family business was great!!

There are also several side stories and some very interesting secondary characters. Did I see a hint of something between Teagan Van's sister and Aaron??  Maybe they will be next?? Hope you’ll pick this up and enjoy!!
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Dillion left home after high school, and with the exception of family visits she had hoped never to return. However, she suddenly finds herself between jobs and her most recent relationship just ended along with it. Her family is suddenly needing her help in the family business, so she packs up and heads back home to help out. There she runs into Donovan, her neighbor's grandson and the two of them have a first meeting that doesn't go well and the sparks fly. With each meeting they rub each other the wrong way until things take a turn where the chemistry they have takes a turn.

I loved being immersed in this small town romance and getting to know Van and Dillion as they get to know each other and have to deal with each other, their family's dramas and the good and bad of living in a small town. This was a nice change of pace for me from all of the darker and heavier books I've been reading, although this does touch on and delve into some heavy topics. I also loved how complex characters were. This was such a great small town, heartfelt romance!
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A wonderfully written book about learning who you really are, where you are supposed to be and finding love when you least expect it.  Van is a man who is finally going to his grandma's house to settle her estate, even though he doesn't really want to because he still misses her.  Just when he gets there, he receives a phone call that is the beginning of a tumultuous few months.  Dillion is a woman who couldn't wait to get out of her home town and live her life.  Now, she is back without her boyfriend or her job, because her family needs her help.
  These two definitely get off on the wrong foot and don't seem to know how to interact civilly with each other.  Although, part of it is on purpose because he loves to push her buttons and see her reactions.  The chemistry between the two is great and I love how they first start to see each other differently.  Every interaction they have is important and meaningful, even when they are fighting.  
  I loved seeing his sister and her brother, which I hope they get their HEA's as well.  I am on the fence about his brother, Ms. Hunting would really have to redeem and change him in a lot of ways.  Just when Van and Dillion think they are happy and nothing can break them, someone insinuates themselves into their relationship and it might be too much to overcome.
  I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.  I received an ARC in exchange for an honest, voluntary review.
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~Donovan "Van" Firestone & Dillion Stitch

Hail to the ♛ Queen♛ that is Helena Hunting for this masterpiece!

Arrgh! I love this story! I LOVE IT!
Love Next Door gives a vibe of a small-lakeside-town, light enemies-to-lovers, and reunion.
It is such a warm story to read and I can guarantee you will smile by the end of your read.

Dillion has left Pearl Lake, her hometown, in the hope to make a better life for herself. When life throws her a curveball and she has to go home, she has to face her past demons and make amend for severing some precious connection.
Donovan "Van" Firestone has always had the best memories at his grammy's cottage at Pearl Lake. Facing terrible accusations, he ends up living at the cottage right next door to Dillion's home.

Sparks fly ..... or more like some hot banters occur ><

One misunderstanding, one misconception, and one hell of a bad mood later, Van and Dee are at each other's neck. The entirety of their banter is hilarious, Helena's writing makes sure of it. I also love how Helena changes their relationship dynamic. It is so flawlessly sewn into the storyline, making sure everything is at the right place and time. Moreover, I love Helena's sneakiness in this story 👀

Overall, I love this story! This is a standalone and I can only hope she will write more in this world.

*Thank you Social Butterfly PR for the ARC!
ARC received in exchange for an honest review
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I really enjoyed Love Next Door by Helena Hunting. This story is definitely for all people, who needs hope, that love can find us everywhere, even just around the corner or... next door. 

Dillon, Van and Helena have taken me for an amazing journey. From the first pages I felt like I'm living with these characters in the book. The story line  was refreshing and also very heart warming. 

My heart was captivated by all the emotions that was boiling between Van and Dillon, the chemistry was very intense, that I couldn't put the book down. Besides few things that made my feel little sad for Van and Dillon, I could tell that banter between this two, all the funny situations around made me  smile so many times. 

Van and Dillon couldn't be more perfect but also, I really adored how author put the rest family in this history. It made me feel like I 'm visiting old friends, where I can feel safe and loved. 

If You're looking for a story that have not too much drama, but brings lot of smile and steam ... Love Next Door is definitely for You.
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It’s been a few months since I’ve read a book by Helena Hunting and I forgot how much I enjoy her writing. You can always expect sweet with heat in her books. This is the first in a series and you should read it if you like:
Small Town Romance 
Antagonistic antics to lovers 
A dash of suspense

Two big city (aka THE city) dwellers find themselves back in the small town to help out/hide out with/from their respective family problems. 

I LOVED Dillon, she is feisty af and I love a feisty MC who can take care of herself and doesn’t take shit from anyone. 
The chemistry between the two MCs was good but there was a teeny tiny something missing for me. I think maybe their transition from annoyed to enamoured happened a bit early and quick for me but take that with a grain of salt. This is a very personal opinion from a slow burn, build up the tension lover. 

I’m hoping in future books we get more of the small town life/gossip mill. I enjoyed the side characters and I wanted to know more about all the goings-on there. 

All opinions are my own and I am sharing them voluntarily.
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Say hello to my new favorite HH read. I absolutely adored this one from start to finish and cannot even tell you how excited I am that it’s the start of a brand new series. I’m a sucker for a small town romance and combine that with the authors trademark humor and sexiness and this was an awesome summer read.

I felt like this was slight departure from some of the authors other books, this had a more mature feel to it that I really appreciated. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed all of her past books that I’ve read but this one seemed more sweet and tender and I am here for it. Dillion and Van had an amazing connection, both physically and emotionally and there’s just something about a romance with feelings that just gets me right in my feels. I loved the quaint little lakeside town and could see so many options for additional books, I see the breadcrumbs HH was laying out and I’m following them for sure. There were a couple of side plots that were interesting as well and they only added to my enjoyment instead of distracting from the main plot. All the stars for this one, romance fans shouldn’t miss this!
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„You’re my summer love that turned into forever.”

Well, this one was definitely surprising! I've read almost every book from Helena Hunting and loved both her hilarious rom-coms and angst-filled stories, but this tender and filled with fuzzy feels small-town romance is definitely something I haven't seen from this author yet. Slow-burn, family drama, soul-searching and enemies to lovers trope- that’s just the taste of what can you expect from this refreshing book from Hunting. 

I really liked the relantionship’s development between Van and Dillion. From their banter, to the charming romance, this couple brought entertainment and lots of emotions. The side characters were also great, but I think that sometimes they were overshadowing the main couple. 

Overall, Love Next Door is an emotional, charming and heartfelt story. Helena definitely rocked the small-town trope and I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.
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3.5 stars

This small town romance set at Pearl Lake was the perfect setting for a summer read. Dillion and Van are neighbors and don't get along at first. I'm a huge enemies to lovers fan so this was right up my alley. Their banter made me laugh for sure! I loved watching Dillion get all riled up. Her and Van pushed each other's buttons and it made for some of the best scenes.

In the first about 40% of the book, there weren't enough scenes between Dillion and Van. I loved these two together and wanted more from them. Also, sometimes I got bored and found myself skimming through paragraphs that weren't adding anything to the storyline.

I received an advanced copy in exchange fir an honest review.
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Helena Hunting stuns again with the first book of her new Lakeside series. Love Next Door tells the tale of Dillion, a small town girl returning back home to help out the family business. Dillion has her heart set on helping the family, avoiding staying in Pearl Lake and making time count. However; when she meets her new next door neighbor Donovan "Van" Firestone, things quickly change. Van is in town to avoid scandal and fix up his grandmother's cottage. When the two collide, both realize: is home where the heart is? Or is home where everything is not meant to be? 

Love Next Door was a quick, eventful read. Helena Hunting's words spoke highly of home town life and the nature of returning back. The characters were likable and are sure to show up in the next book of the series. This book is the perfect beach read or outdoor, sitting on the patio experience. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading romance novels and small town tales. This book reminded me of the Virgin River series.
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This was a lovely small town, summer vacation town townies, falling in love unexpectedly story. There was a lot of heart in this story, from Dillion and Van, for their families, their memories, this town. Both of them have had life derail their plans and that brings them both to town at this time. While they certainly do not hit it off from the start, things eventually turn around for them. Those things that interrupted their previous lives play some havoc, and cause some issues and heartaches, but they work through it. Smart, sexy, sweet, and steamy, this was a great read!
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“You’re the best part of my day and the one person I look forward to seeing more than anyone else. I’m lucky to have you in my life.”

What an absolutely sweet and sexy summer read! This book had witty banter and some hilarious laugh out loud moments, plus the small town aspect that I just love in romance. And let me tell you, Dillion and Van’s first encounter had me laughing out loud!! Nothing like seeing ALL of your neighbor and arguing with him while he’s wearing absolutely nothing

“Seriously? He lives right next door to you. How are you not taking advantage of that situation?” “I don’t even like him.” “You don’t have to like him to ride him.”

Van and Dillion’s sexual tension filled banter absolutely made me fall in love with their slow and tentatively built friendship that eventually turned into so much more. Once Dillion realized that Van really wasn’t the bad guy she presumed him to be,
I loved seeing her discover the sweet man underneath all the charm. But that sweet charm isn’t all she discovers, Van certainly knows how to put that hot body to good use!! With both of them trying to re-evaluate their lives while back in Pearl Lake and some family drama in both of their lives, they finally had someone they could lean on when things got tough. Being back home is nothing like Dillion expected and her journey to happily ever after with Van had me smiling and swooning, the perfect summer read!!

“I want more days with you than without you. I want to put down roots and build a life, and I want to do that here, with you.”
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Dillion finds herself back home in the small town she couldn't wait to get away from to help her father run the business after he brothers accident. Things may seem straight forward until she finds a naked man in her deciest neighbour's hood. Non other than her favorite grandson Van is here to antagonize Dillion and make her life difficult, or so it seems. Both their lives seem to be on hold at the moment and a little bit of a mess so if they could just stop fighting they much just find sooo much more in each other. A funny, small town romance that hits all the spots you've come to expect from the Author.q
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Oh my heart! I loved this book. I am a sucker for fated romances and Dillon and Van are soulmates.
Dillon moves back to Pearl Lake after an accident leaves her brother unable to work for the family business. She swore once she got out of this town, she would never come back, but when her family needs her she can't refuse. Her favorite neighbor Bee has passed away. Bee was like a grandmother to her and Bee loved Lynnie like her own, so she left Dillon to be executor of her will. She has been corresponding with one of Bee's grandson's and isn't happy when she finds out his plans for the property.
Van always loved visiting his grandma in Pearl Lake, so when he inherits her house he comes back to go through things with the hopes of fixing it up. There is a big scandal back home so he stays in Pearl Lake longer than anticipated while it is sorted through and the media circus is tamed down. He doesn't count on his feisty neighbor giving him a reason for wanting to stay in this small town.
Dillon and Van knew OF each other when he would come to town each summer but they never were really friends. When dots start connecting as to who Dillon really is, they realize that maybe there is more to this than they originally thought. While going through Bee's things, they start to uncover secrets she left just for them and it brings them closer together. 
This was such a cute romance and I can't wait for more in this series. Thank you to Netgalley, Montlake and Helena Hunting for an early copy.
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Helena Hunting has this amazing ability to bring us into her world and completely captivate us. Each character is unique and I couldn't help but fall in love with Van and Dillion. Their passion and loyalty towards their family were inspiring! I loved their little moments and I couldn't help but not re-read a few interactions because I couldn't help but not swoon!

This small-town romance is a complete escapism read. Helena captures the town and the characters perfectly. Even the secondary characters were so well developed, yet not overpowering. I loved how much they loved Bee and wanted to best for her and to preserve her memory. 
There was also a sense of drama and mystery regarding Van that I couldn't wait to get to the bottom of. The pace was perfect, it gave enough away that kept us interested, but not too much that it was predictable.

Overall I loved this book and I highly recommend it.

Thank you to @Netgalley and @Socialbutterfly_pr for a copy of this e-arc in exchange for an honest review.
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Oh holy wow…

Just when I thought Helena couldn’t make me love her characters any more than her past ones she goes and proves me wrong with Dillion and Donovan, holy hell these two are to die for adorable, I’m all in my feels with them right now. 

Love Next Door brings us two different people but both wanting to escape busy city life. One who returns home after wanting to escape it and another who treasures memories of past times there. 

A story about a man and a woman who both are facing difficult times and family drama. 

Donovan is sweet and charming and so loveable it hurts. You just can’t help but love this poor guy and wish all the good things for him and the same goes for Dillion. She’s lovely and will do anything to help anyone out, she’s one of my favourite female characters hands down. She’s so selfless and badass and I just love her so much. 

And I just have to say… the name drops in this book had me smiling so big, had me remembering the exact moment what this author talks about in the book which in turn had me laughing so hard. 

No one will ever take my Lance’s top spot BUT Donovan is currently sat up there right beside him keeping him company. I’m in love with this man and how precious he is, damn it!

Love Next Door is a feel good kind of book, one that’ll have you smiling and swooning then laughing your ass off at their banter. It’s beautiful and emotional and extremely captivating, I couldn’t put it down. This book is so beautifully written I’m going to find it hard to read any book after, I feel a major book hangover coming. 

I never ever hesitate to read a book from Helena Hunting because I know without a doubt, she puts her all into her characters and storyline and it’s always show in the pages of her books. I’m in awe of just how incredible her writing is and I’m always ALWAYS ready for the next book.
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*3 Stars* 

ARC kindly received for an honest review. 

I don't really know how to write this review, because whilst this wasn't a book I totally loved, it wasn't terrible either. It took me nearly half of the book before I started to feel like anything much was happening, and to work out if there was even anyone in this book that I liked. I know that sounds terrible, but this was a really slow starting book.

I did like Dillion and Van, and particularly the memory of Grammy Bee, but there was just something missing in this one for me. I hated Dillions family, and Van's weren't much better - aside from Teagan, who I would be interested in reading about.

Van and Dillion themselves somehow seem to work together, but it all kind of happened really fast and in a weird sort of way. The small town vibes were very real and strong in this, really well done. Overall this book was just ok for me. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either.
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I absolutely loved everything about this story and can’t wait for more in this beautiful small town series. As always this author has a way with words. I get excited each time she releases a new book, because I know whatever story is coming my way is going to move me. “Love Next Door” did just that. 

Dillon Stitch has not only lost her job, her boyfriend, but also a place to stay. So, when her father calls with news of her brother’s latest mishap and asks for her help with the family business she goes back home to Pearl Lake. The small, gossipy, home town she couldn’t get out of quick enough. Only to come face to face with her new neighbor in a compromising state. (We are talking full frontal nudity here people.) HOT!

Donovan “Van” Firestone is back in Pearl Lake to figure out what to do with his Grandma Bee’s cottage that is part of his inheritance. But being back here is not only hard but also nostalgic as he had some of the best summers of his life with her here in this quaint small town. But what starts as a week vacation to settle loose ends, quickly turns to a uncertain future when a scandal lands in his lap. 

Oh these two…what starts out with witty, snarky one liners, outrageous bickering, disagreements, and in your face animosity, all over town. Soon turns into a slow burn romance with sizzling results. It’s the sort of swoon that leaves your heart thudding in your chest and leaves you a little bit breathless. With the most magical of matchmaking from beyond the stars, Grandma Bee. The time spent in her cottage are so magical and life changing. But these two do not have it easy as they each are dealing with some serious family issues. But will love conquer all? You will need to read to get all the juicy details.

Dramatic, romantic and utterly lovely.
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4 Stars!
Dillion Stitch left her hometown over a decade ago for life in the big city. Now she's packing up her life in Chicago and returning to Pearl Lake to help with the family business when her brother gets into some trouble. She's twenty eight, and feeling a little lost after a few setbacks, but could use the time home to figure some things out.

So much in the town she always wanted to escape has stayed the same. It's full of nostalgia and the familiar. She's settling in when she notices there is someone new at the house next door. Donovan Firestone is her neighbor's gorgeous grandson, and she soon learns he's also quite annoying. They clash from the moment they meet, and he loves to get under her skin and push her buttons.

Donovan has taken time off work and is looking forward to a peaceful vacation in Pearl Lake. His grandma's cottage on the lake was his haven growing up. Every year he looked forward to spending his summers there. He is there to take care of a few things when he crosses paths with a feisty beautiful woman that intrigues him. She's so fun and easy to rile up, and just the distraction he needs from his troubles. Sparks fly and soon he wants to explore their chemistry. Will his stay be temporary, or will he start to see the town in a whole new light?

Love Next Door by Helena Hunting is an enemies to lovers, small town, slow burn, neighbors summer romance full of fabulous banter and undeniable connections. It has angst, emotion, scandal, family drama, and a ton of heart. I really enjoyed this story about community, friendship, family, trust, love and fate bringing two people together, and I can't wait for more in the Lakeside series! <333
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