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This was an interesting book. It explains very well how we might not breathe correctly and how this might affect us. It, also, presents exercises that should help the person in need to start breathing properly. Now I need to see if in time all these exercises will work. I hope they work and so I can ditch my asthma treatment.
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3.5 stars

Over the past year and a half, I've been more focused and intentional about breathing/deep breathing, so this was an interesting read. The exercises seem like they'll be easy to add in to a busy day, as well as beneficial. Some parts were a bit more detailed than what some average readers may prefer, but it was informative.
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It took me a while to read this and I didn’t get to finish it all by the time the book was removed from my list, but boy was this good ! I will be buying this and also sharing this with those I know need it. I learned so much from the chapters i was able to read and it’s really changed the way I see myself throughout the day
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Thank you to the publisher and to Net Galley. My review opinions are my own. 

I appreciate the detail in this book and the remarkable breathing program the author has created. This comes at a time where we are all considerably more stressed and breathing incorrectly so it is a timely book to improve your breathing health.  The program is time intensive yet easy to follow and incorporate into your daily routine. Breathing correctly makes all the difference in your health and this book is worth exploring and learning from. 

I highly recommend this book .
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As someone who suffers from severe Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), I am always interested to read more about breathing, even though OSA only effects you while you sleep, and the medulla oblongata - the part of the brain that controls/regulates your breathing plays such a crucial role in prompting us to breathe that we should know more about how it functions. There is a lot of insightful and accessible information throughout the book and not only does it help you to understand breathing, why the way you breathe is important and how to breath in a healthier fashion, it also provides practical tips and exercises to carry out, too. The evidence of how breathing can lead to or exacerbate certain illnesses or disorders is thoroughly absorbing and worth remembering. Overall, an interesting read on a subject people ought to know about. After all, it is closely linked to heart rate and even the mechanism that allows you to swallow. We all do it so we all ideally should try to understand it a little more than we currently do. This goes for all biological processes and bodily functions.
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Patrick McKeown is a prominent teacher of the Buteyko Breathing Method. In The Breathing Cure, he summarizes a great deal of research on breathing and describes exercises to improve breathing efficiency. 

Although the language is generally understandable for the layperson, the book is densely detailed and exhaustively comprehensive. Fortunately, all you really need to read is the introduction and relevant portions of the first two chapters. That is enough to understand the reasoning for and benefits of this breathing method and to learn the exercises.

I appreciate that the author provides suggested training programs to resolve different breathing issues, as well as recommended resources such as downloadable apps, mouth tape, and nasal dilators. However, many of these suggested programs involve an hour or more of breathing exercises each day, and the author states that it may take months of diligent exercise to resolve some problems. During the short time that I have been working with these exercises and using the recommended mouth tape, I have noticed slight improvements, but it is too soon to say if this program will work for me.

Additional chapters provide more detailed discussions of how to optimize breathing and work with various medical conditions, such as stress and anxiety, sleep-disordered breathing, high blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy, and sexual dysfunction. Most people should find something of interest here.

I wouldn’t read this for entertainment, but if you or someone you love snores or has sleep apnea, asthma, anxiety, or other breathing-related issues, this should be helpful assuming you have the patience and persistence to practice the exercises. 

I was provided an unproofed ARC through NetGalley that I volunteered to review.
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This is an amazing book about breathing. We breathe so many times a day that we don’t think about it. But breathing techniques are so powerful. I practice yoga and meditation and I am not new to breathing techniques. But I found this book very interesting, supported by research, and providing a lot of information and techniques. Those I tried were indeed very helpful and they gave me new opportunities. This is not a quick fix book though, it is very detailed and requires some level of dedication to get the benefits. An audio accompaniment would be helpful and make it easier to work with. This book definitely brings breathing to a whole new level.
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I suffer from asthma, allergies, anxiety and anemia. All four health issues can be significantly improved with breathing better - sounds easy, right? Well it wasn’t, until I read this book. It was so helpful to read and learn about something as basic as breathing. We take breathing and the ease of it for granted and frankly we get lazy. I will be recommending this to my doctor to recommend to others!
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Such an extensive book about breathing, and how we can do it better. There is something for everyone, and I especially recommend this book to people with asthma, other respiratory problems, snorers, and people with stress and anxiety. I think this would be a helpful read to them, and many others. In fact, there are hardly any people left behind in this book. There is a lot to take in. It is extremely detailed, and it has to be read with thought. 

I think we should all learn more about breathing, and different techniques. In the end we are talking about one of the most natural things we do, and we can easily work on it to get our body to function better.
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Amazing book with so much information about how our breathing affects all areas of our lives. Not only does the author provide information, the reader is given practical step by step instructions for how to apply the power of the breath to different challenges/circumstances. This is a game changer for me that has already helped improve my mental/physical wellbeing.
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The Breathing Cure  is an excellent book for learning new techniques for learning to breath better and more effectively.  It is filled with well researched information and lots of detail (sometimes a little too much).  Techniques are presented to increase oxygen uptake and delivery to the cells, improve blood circulation, help to open the airways of the lungs, enhance blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain.  This in turn can help improve sleep and help bring a state of calmness.  The benefits definitely make this book a good read for the sake of your health.
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Amazing book, so much research and factual information within it. I had read James Nestors breathe book and was enlightened to a point of wanting to understand more, could i start new habits to improve my sleeping, asthma and oxygen levels. I can, and have continued to learn so much, this is a book i will come back to again and again to be reminded of the techniques and benefits. Thank you #NetGalley for the copy to review.
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Useful and extremely detailed! I believe everyone can one hundred percent benefit from focusing more on their breathing and using strategies described in this book.

My only feedback would be it is a bit lengthy so it is a LOT to take it all at once.
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I have read all of this author’s books and they are all wonderful.  He is very detailed so there may be too much minutia for some readers. But there are jewels in all of his books that really leave you feeling much better.  Well worth the read
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This is very good. There are times when it a bit detailed, but it's helpful. It also includes some nice illustrations and charts, and covers a number of mental and physical challenges that may be reduced using some techniques. It seems unlikely to me that anyone that utilizes the advice, exercises, and techniques here will benefit. Recommended.

Thanks very much for the ARC for review!!
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A useful book for a very specific person. I picked up because of the mention of anxiety help but not something I would nessssarily recommend to others specific to anxiety.
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26 easy self-practice breathing exercises for adults, children and teens.
Understand breathing from three simple dimensions. Discover comprehensive research and new scientific advances.
We all breath instinctively but what if we breathed differently.  How would it improve our health ?
Throughly enjoyed this book and will be putting into practice many of the breathing exercises.  From panic attacks to breathing from the chest I’ve done it all so look forward to continuing practicing from what I’ve learnt in this amazing book!
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This book might as well have been titled ‘ The Breathing Cure for YOU’ because WOW! It lists different types of breathing solutions to a multitude of issues I deal with, and I am really hopeful for continued success! I will be sharing this book with family members too!
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Great exercises to help with breathing for all stages of life and for different health issues such as diabetes. Seems the author did a lot of research in writing this book. Suggested for anyone looking to improve their breathing and quality of life.
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The book claims that  poor breathing patterns can significantly affect dysfunctions such as asthma, hay fever,snoring, sleep apnoea. 
That it can improve debilitating conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy,lower back pain, PMS and high blood pressure. 
Psychological conditions like anxiety, insomnia,and panic disorder. 
As I suffer with several of the above I decided to take the opportunity to read up on breathing techniques. 
The most common cause of breathing pattern disorders is said to be chronic hyperventilation. 
It looks at 3 fundamental factors which impact on breathing functions. 
My initial bolt score was 12 seconds which strongly suggests a breathing pattern disorder. I know that I am a mouth breather and regularly gasp for breath. 
It has various sections for different conditions with studies which support the authors use of slow light breathing techniques. He also uses testimonials from people in each group. I know that the author is trying to demonstrate that the breathing techniques are grounded in sound research but the level shared I would equate to that of a breathing instructor rather than a lay person looking to rectify their breathing techniques. 
Because of the difficulty of finding the breathing exercises in the kindle version I’ll write them down in a notebook. I don’t feel able to try the walking breathing exercises yet. I am finding the breathing exercises on their own challenging. 
I am not sure about the practice of using tape over my mouth as I have sore and cracked lips, but I am going to try a chin strap to use in conjunction with my CPAP. 
It suggests that it is important even using CPAP to use the correct breathing techniques and avoid mouth breathing in the treatment of sleep apnoea. 
I have previously seen group therapy teaching these breathing exercises although they are very expensive. I do think it would be better to have more affordable group supervised sessions than for individuals to be trying this home a lone. Or even self help groups gathering for support. 
As I have only just read the book, it’s too soon to be able to rate it on effectiveness. I can only rate it on user friendliness. 
It is something that I would like to try to implement. I have tried before after watching videos, which to be honest is easier to follow than reading a book. It would be good if there were bar codes that linked you to to the relevant you tube breathing exercise videos ( like my cook book has ) and perhaps a link to an online support communities. 
Previously I didn’t maintain it. It’s not easy experiencing air hunger and persevering without guidance and support.
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