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Thanks to Netgalley, Jess Butterworth and the publishers for advance e copy of this book which I read with young family members.
This is great for children who love wildlife and would love to go on an adventure like wildlife photographers who get a chance to study animals in their native environments. In this case the dream assignment is to study red pandas in the Himalayas! It describes the hardships eight year old Tilly encountered and overcome (from long boring flights to falling off a yak!) but also the excitement of seeing these beautiful creatures up close while making friends at the camp. We liked the illustrations and diary entries and the end is an activity section which describes how to make a bug home for the garden, too, which is fun to try.
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Such a gorgeous book - my daughters 8 and 4 absolutely loved Tilly's adventures and journey of self discovery and friendship - obviously the addition of the red pandas and the beautiful illustrations helped, and really bought the story to life. 

Written in a diary style, Jess has a way of describing settings with such detail that the kids genuinely felt liked we''d been whisked away to another world!
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My 4 and 6 year old children thoroughly enjoyed this book as I read it aloud to them over the last couple of weeks. 
The story is exciting and full of adventure with lots of factual information about animals, nature and conservation. I also loved Tilly’s journey through the story as she learned to conquer her fears and realised just how capable and brave she was. Great role modelling for kids. Lovely illustrations and a great diary style layout. 
Thanks to NetGalley and Orion Children’s Books for this advance copy.
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This was a very cute book. I enjoyed the diary-style writing and that the story continued after the rescuing finished.

I think that it's a perfect middle-grade read and even suggests how kids can make changes to help the environment.
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Tilly loves adventures and recording them in her diary. She enters a competition and wins the chance to travel to Nepal to rescue Red Pandas. She makes new friends and has lots of exciting adventures. 

Imaginatively presented book about conservation, adventures and friendship, with lovely illustrations and some parts presented as postcards and diary entries. Even includes step-by-step instructions for making a bee hotel.
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Technical issues with the way this book loaded on my computer means I was unable to read all of it – a huge disappointment as I am a fan of Jess Butterworth’s books for older children.  I was really looking forward to reading this one as I think it will be a valuable addition to the collection in our library for newly confident readers.   The bit I did manage to access had appealing illustrations and the language seemed pitched at the level I was hoping for.  The star rating is based on a very small section that was loading properly.
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Such a lovely book! I am really excited about books that install environmental concern and a love for animals to children and this hit both!
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This is a delightful chapter book with all the ingredients for a fun read for children 7+. Animals, friendship, adventures in far away places and a little uncertainty too. The diary style and the visual playfulness of the text is a real draw, with lots of pictures and an authentic feeling child voice. 
My little girl loves Red Pandas so this was always going to capture her interest. It's a steady read that charts Tilly's Red Panda mission when she wins the chance to go on an expedition in Nepal to find Red Pandas – finally some adventure in her life! I loved the way she charts her objectives along the way and the obstacles that might stop her achieving them - it's a great way for kids to see solution focused thinking in action. There's highs and lows on the mission and lots to learn too. My daughter said 'she thought it was great and loved the Red Pandas' and we've been finding out more about them since.
What I found most appealing about this book was its environmental lessons - there's a real place for stories that explore our responsibility to our planet. The animal care and Tilly's wish to continue this work after the mission is lovely and inspired us too.
Although I read this too, I'd recommend this as a great independent reader for 7+ .
Thank you to Jess Butterworth and Orion Children's Books for the ARC
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Lovely, endearing early chapter book perfect for 7+. Younger readers will love Tilly's adventures and get so much out of the accessible format and rich information contained within this text. 

A brilliant start to what is sure to be a much loved series.
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A really nice story about the need to protect wildlfe and our environment.
It begins with Tilly making the very human comparison of her life (and the lack of adventures she feels she's had) and those of her peers, as she applies to enter a competition to visit Nepal and a red panda conservation project. To her surprise, Tilly wins and she sets off on her adventure. The story very neatly weaves in Tilly's aims and the obstacles to her completing those aims which gives the book a nice edge.
The thread of protecting the environment and helping animals is wonderful and it has a real practical note to it.
Really nicely written and expresses a clear passion about the environment.
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From Jess Butterworth comes a lovely new series that is perfect reading for all little adventurers, budding conservationists and animal lovers.

Eight-year-old Tilly really isn’t looking forward to the spring holidays. She longs for an adventure but while the other children in her class will be surfing in Cornwall, holidaying on narrowboats and going camping, she will be stuck at home with the babysitter.

That is until she wins a school competition and finds herself heading to Nepal on the adventure of a lifetime to observe red pandas. Along with two other children, Leo and Anita, Tilly will be helping conservationists and will get to do all sorts of exciting things. But when one red panda can not be found will Tilly’s dream adventure turn into a nightmare…

Love, love, love this first title in what I hope will be a series of many animal adventures around the globe. On this adventure, Tilly gets to work with a small team of animal conservationists who are monitoring and protecting the red panda population in Nepal. It makes for a very engaging and educational adventure that highlights the plight of the endangered red panda and the efforts that conservationists are going to in order to protect them

Tilly’s adventure is filled with awe and wonder at being in a new place and having a truly unique experience. Like all exciting adventures, there are challenges and bumps along the way and friendships are made alongside memories that will last a lifetime. Tilly’s excitement at spotting rare animals in the wild and riding a yak are lovely and her heartbreak at witnessing a red panda caught in a trap is a sad and all to real occurrence.

We need books that inspire children to take action and I loved that Tilly’s adventure did not come to an end in Nepal. Determined to help the wildlife that is on her doorstep she starts up her own conservation project to help bees and butterflies. Instructions for creating a bee hotel are included at the back and I’m sure many children will be enthused by Tilly’s actions and will begin nature projects of their own.

So much information is packed into the story and through Tilly’s encounters readers get to learn all about red pandas. Facts are regularly shared and include information on habitat, diet conservation projects and threats. There is also a wonderful eco-friendly theme that runs throughout with Tilly experiencing a ride on a plane powered by leaves (not sure if this is actually possible or a dream of the future), a compost toilet and solar-powered fairy lights.

The book is very visually appealing and uses a variety of features to keep young readers engaged. Written in the form of a diary, the story is interspersed with hand-written diary extracts, lists, postcards and plenty of Tilly’s black and white pencil illustrations. Rather than chapters, action is broken up into mini adventures each with their own objective and obstacles.

I definitely want to join The Adventure Club and I know that after reading this you will too!

Recommended for 7+.

With huge thanks to Jess Butterworth and Orion Children’s Books for the advanced reader copy that I received via NetGalley.
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This early chapter book is adorable and perfect for its animal-loving audience. I would have loved it when I was little! I thought the concept was fab, especially the creative scrapbook-style structure - a really smart way of breaking the text down without over-simplifying it. Full of great facts for nature geeks too, as well as clear but manageable messages for young readers on threats to the pandas and their habitat. I thought it was really good at offering something the child reader can do too - obviously we can't all head off to Nepal to see red pandas, but we can all take steps to help wildlife and the environment, and that is clear, and will be welcomed by the target age.
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As I read this I could picture some of the children I teach really enjoying the story.  The author has clearly researched the animals in the story very well, I learned facts about Red Pandas that I didn’t know! The book is written in the form of a diary, with little notes, pictures and so on interspersed within it which would really encourage a young reader to engage with the narrative. Using a variety of text types and fonts keeps the interest level high and makes it very accessible.   It has a strong environmental message and encourages children to take steps to get involved in green issues.  The Adventure Club is a lovely way to grasp the imagination of young readers, the idea that children can be part of a club that helps endangered animals will be very appealing to children who are interested in animal welfare and ecological issues on both a global and local level.
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It was good to hear about red pandas and why they need rescuing, and the message about conservation is timely, but I felt that this lacked drama.  Everything happened so easily for Tilly, she made a friend, the friend didn't mind when Tilly was chosen, no mention of the cost, let alone safeguarding issues.  But it was easy to read and younger children may enjoy it.
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Tilly has just moved to a new school and is finding it hard to make friends, then she is told about the Adventure Club and she really wants to be chosen to go to Nepal to help the Red Pandas.

Tilly is chosen and flies out to Nepal with the Adventure Club, in the Himalayas she meets the other members of the club and makes new friends. Tilly learns about Red Pandas and tries new things.

I really enjoyed this book that tells the important message of the danger that the Red Pandas are in in a gentle way. 

I am looking forward to reading about more of Tilly's adventures.
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Perfect for the younger end of the chapter book market, this is a brand new illustrated series by Jess Butterworth and Kirsti Beautyman. Told in first person diary format, it follows the adventures of animal-loving Tilly...

Tilly is over the moon when she is chosen to join The Adventure Club on a journey to Nepal. There, with the help of Anita, Leo and the adventure club team, she sets out to  monitor and protect the red panda population. But things soon get very adventurous indeed. With mountains and snow and yaks to ride, Tilly faces many challenges and when a red panda goes missing, the race is on to find her...

This is a simple, beautifully told story with great illustrations and an accessible format. The story is told through diary extracts, postcards and I particularly like Tilly's 'objective' and 'obstacle' boxes which keeps the story very focussed. Jess Butterworth conjures up beautiful visuals of Nepal and it's great to see an animal series for younger readers that reaches out to far away places and more unusual animals. As a result there's great scope for this series to run and run, focussing on animal adventures across the globe. 

A slight stretch of the imagination has to be allowed to believe that Tilly is able to go adventuring so far without her parents. However, I found the diary format very effective in exploring Tilly's thoughts and feelings about going on such a big adventure. There's nerves and wobbles and tears mixed with lovely euphoric moments and the reader is able to get completely invested in the challenges Tilly faces. It was great how Tilly applied her experience of moving house back home to her new experience in the jungle. 

The plot, although relatively simple, is entertaining and engaging. There's lots of twists and turns and we really felt we were there in the camp tents with Tilly. There's a gentle but important eco-message running through the story and what's particularly lovely is that the story doesn't end when Tilly returns from Nepal but shows us how Tilly uses her adventure to improve her school environment. The description of the red pandas are gorgeous and is sure to evoke interest in both these animals and wildlife in general.

A big thanks to NETGALLEY for allowing me to review a digital copy. Red Panda Rescue is available to pre-order and is released in July.
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I found that this book was brilliantly written , I am so glad that there is a book that has red pandas in it aswell, I love them and happy to see a book that raises aware for them in such a fun way and also helps children see that even though Tilly was scared sometimes , she overcame them 

The pictures in the book from Tillys diary entries were so sweet , the way the children interacted with each other was lovely to read, the book had a nice steady flow throughout it and made it easy for children to read it and keep their attention on it . I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has young readers and anyone who has children that love animals! 

There is a little addition at the end for how to make your own bee and butterfly garden which just adds too this amazing book!
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Thankyou to Netgalley and Jess Butterworth for allowing me early access to this wonderful little book.

A great story with cute little drawing to accompany it. It tells the story of Tilly who's gone on a visit to Nipel on a school trip to volunteer and help at a Red Panda Rescue centre.  She learnt how to find the pandas, replant bamboo, look put for poacher traps and much more. 

Only thing that made me laugh and got me questioning was one of their planes they travelled on was powered by this possible? If so thats very cool.

I loved the whole concept and idea; making children aware of endangered species and how we can help them and look after them. I like how Tilly took what she learnt from her time in Nipel and applied it to her life in England and create a bee and butterfly garden. (At the end it tell us what we can do to help solitary bees)

A great book for any child who loves animals, wants to learn more about travelling, or wants to know what they can do to help animals in need not only abroad but on their door step.
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Wonderful read for young nature lovers, with exotic travel & frontline conservation: wild adventures abound!

Print version will be a beauty with gorgeous illustrations & fun expedition-log-style layout. Must-have for Year 3 classes!
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What a lovely adventure with Tilly and her friends. Will definitely be buying this series for my little adventurer. 
Loved the pictures & diary extracts that mixed it up a bit to keep you get audiences interested.
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