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Well, that was different. 

A graphic novel in which four bored parents looking for something to keep them busy while their kids are in daycare get themselves into serious supernatural trouble.

The four parents remind me vaguely of the crew from Scooby Doo as they battle the creepy evil demon-thing they're inadvertently set loose from where it was trapped.  Beneath the stage. In the auditorium. Of their kids' daycare building. 

Enter a hard-boiled old priest and a woman in contact with the fae (this is set in Ireland, after all), and the team is ready to fight evil...while conveniently neglecting their children.

This one has highs and lows for me. Supernatural evil that must be fought: awesome. Kids that don't speak or behave like any three/four year olds I know: makes me wonder if the author actually has kids. Bit of folk horror mixed in: awesome. Completely irresponsible parents: meh.

But in the end I enjoyed this and it seems there is more to come so I'm curious to see what other trouble these guys can get into.
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