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Five star READ!!!

I have not felt this great after reading a thriller I’m awhile. It was so well written and grabbed my attention from the very start. I really enjoyed this creepy atmosphere and definitely recommend this book! 

So good!!!
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✨Book Review✨

Last Girl Ghosted by Lisa Unger 

⚠️Trigger Warnings: abduction, assault, stalking, abuse. 

✨What I liked: this book was so well written, and had just the right amount of creepy vibes! It definitely gave me some goosebumps along the way. Throughout the book, the main character Wren makes some terrible decisions that’s are anger inducing, but it works for the plot. For myself, the ending was the perfect amount of surprise! This was a slow burn with the right amount of excitement to keep you reading! 

✨What didn’t work for me: I could have done with out the references to covid. There wasn’t very many, but when I’m reading I like to escape from the current world, and I felt like the references were out of place and unnecessary. 

Thank you to @hbgcanada @harpercollinsca for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review!
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This is my second Lisa Unger book I have read and I’m not sure if I enjoyed it as much as Confessions on the 7:45.  

It was an interesting concept however with the risks of online dating and social media, which I guess gave it a creepy vibe since this is common now. The chapter setup was a little bit confusing for me, as it just seemed off for some reason, but then you quickly get the hang of it. 

I lost a little bit of interest near the end but of course I kept reading so I could know what was going on!
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This was a solid thriller that begins with the main character, Wren , meeting a handsome stranger on a dating app. Wren instantly connects with Adam and it quickly becomes more than casually dating. Wren has strong feelings for Adam and he seems to return those feelings. As their connection becomes stronger Adam stands her up and completely disappears from everything, leaving without a trace. Wren assumes that she shared too much of her troubled past and blames herself. She decides to search for Adam and answers. In the process she becomes involved in something that is much bigger than she imagined and must face the ghosts from the past in an effort to confront the danger she finds herself in.

This was a very good story and the first half was so good. The last half fell a little flat but I enjoyed it all the same. 
3.5 Stars

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with a digital copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Wren Greenwood is urged by her best friend to try online dating revive.  Wren agrees reluctantly to do it.  She picks an online service where she picks Adam as he quotes Rilke on his platform.  Wren falls for him.  They have a terrific whirlwind romance  when he stands Wren up on a dinner date.  She is text  a note that says “something has come up and I have to go. I’m sorry.”  She discovers she has been ghosted.  There is no profile on Torch, no cell phone service and has abandon his apartment.  She doesn’t understand. When Private Investigator Bailey Kirk shows up looking for leads on Adam and telling her that 3 girls who dated him are missing, wren worries about telling him about her past.  She decides to find him.  Will she search for Adam with Bailey Kirk?  Will she find Adam?

This is a chilling novel about online dating and the dangers it may pose for love.  It is a true pageturner.  Wren is in an all too real situation that turns all too dangerous.  I loved her for not giving up and being smart having Bailey as her “partner.”  The story is not a slow read even with realizing how everyone is not really who they are.  The auth writes with compassion and psychological insights giving a story that is shocking and emotional.  I didn’t want to do anything else — just read to the end of the suspenseful novel.
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All reviews are my own. I was given a copy by Harper Collins Canada. The book was enjoyable and it was a great distraction. I would say it kind of stretched out too much and dragged out a bit in the second part although it started off well. I much preferred confessions on the 7:45 by the same author. It does have potential though! I wish the author much success! It’s not a bad book just not up to my taste!
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Wren finally gives into her best friend’s urging and joins an on-line dating site.  After a couple of misses she meets Adam, who appeals to her in a way no one else has.  Just when Wren thinks she’s found a man she can truly love, he disappears.  Adam’s last message seems to indicate that something is wrong and Wren wants to know why he is ghosting her.

Last Girl Ghosted is an interesting and cleverly written book and Wren’s childhood is slowly revealed as the story moves between past and present. I enjoyed Ms Unger’s latest book, although it became a little repetitive in places, with the backstory somewhat longer than I would have liked.  A little tighter story would have provided overall improvement to the book.  But, nevertheless, I enjoyed Last Girl Ghosted. The author has once again demonstrated her grand ability as a storyteller. I will give this latest book 3.5 stars, rounded to 4.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing a copy of this book for review.
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Last Girl Ghosted by Lisa Unger is an exciting thriller, that I really enjoyed.  I have been a Lisa Unger fan for years, starting with Beautiful Lies.  Wow this book grabbed me from the very first page, and kept me going. This book has more twists and turns, that kept me guessing   I found this book to be a quick read, with a well developed plot and characters. I am looking forward to reading more books by this author.   I highly recommend this book and this author for anyone who enjoys a good mystery thriller. 
I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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After a tragic childhood, Wren has reinvented herself. She has a popular advice column and supportive friends. All that's missing from her life is true love. When she connects to a man online, she thinks she's found Mr. Right. After meeting him and enjoying several dates, she thinks she's found the one. And then he disappears. All she has is a text message saying he's sorry.

Enter a private detective. Like Wren, he's trying to find this man. It turns out she's one in a long line of women who have been involved with this man and all have disappeared. Could her Mr. Right really be all wrong?

Last Girl Ghosted started strong. It bounced back and forth between Wren's past and present, but it's easy to keep up. Eventually, the story takes unusual turns and left me asking several questions as to whether I'd missed something while reading. 

It's still an absorbing suspense novel. For that, I can give it high praise. I just wish some aspects had been a little clearer.
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Looking for more than a hookup, Wren thinks she's found her soulmate when she meets Adam on a dating app. After months together, Wren is shocked when Adam ghosts her and a private investigator shows up with shocking claims. The more Wren digs into Adam's true identity, the more obsessive she becomes, blurring the lines between predator and prey. Last Girl Ghosted is a dark thriller that starts out strong but loses its way as the improbably back story comes into play. Still, it's an entertaining read for anyone who likes Lisa Jewell or Gillian Flynn.
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This book was an intense thriller. The story line is highly relevant to our digital age with online dating and ghosting. It demonstrates the depths of deception that people are capable of. This latest story by Lisa Unger is definitely worth the read.
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My last Unger read was a home run for me. I was hoping this one would match but it fell just shy.

Love the title and by the end you get the full picture of all that captures. Clever. You know what’s gonna happen by first few pages but get sucked in anyway. By chapter 10 you’re hooked. I liked the way Wren and her history is revealed a bit at a time. Love, love, love Jax. Who wouldn’t want a friend like her? The Robin character? Eh, didn’t really work for me. 

Towards the middle I felt like the book took a turn and I put it down a few times.  Maybe dragged on a bit. Though some reviewers thought the end was cliche, I enjoyed it. I don’t read fiction for realism. I bought it and stayed up reading late into the night to see how it would wrap up. 

Overall it was a win for me, but I’m hoping her next one will top Confessions on the 7:45. 

Thank you to Netgalley for the ARC which was provided in exchange for an honest review.
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A good read - not the best book in its genre but very enjoyable and worth the read. I tend to enjoy books about darkness, damaged people and the journeys their life leads them on.
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4.5/ Star Rating
This premise sounded so intriguing to me. Being ghosted by a guy but with a twist as Wren pursues her ghost to find out who he was really.    I recently read Confession on the 7:45 by Lisa Unger and I definitely wanted to read more when I spied this ARC on Netgalley.  I became intrigued with the storyline as Wren became obsessed with finding out the truth.  In seeking the truth, Wren goes down a dark rabbit hole as the mystery of who Adam is and what is his intention. I love strong women characters who are resilient and stop at nothing to make sense of things that just don't add up. Wren suffered a lot of trauma in her life but was able to move on from that and build a good life until Adam entered her world.  Some people would be weakened by this past but Wren is strong and unwilling to be made a victim because she is a survivor. Wren and Adam both had secrets that were slowly revealed as the mystery of their pasts unfolded.  Characters are introduced and you find out later how they relate and who they are and all the questions in your mind will be answered at the end.  I was immediately immersed in this story. The conclusion was nail-biting and suspenseful with a satisfying end.

Thank You to @NetGalley and  @Harlequin  for a digital copy of the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you so much @parkrowbooks and @netgalley for my e-arc copy of LAST GIRL GHOSTED by Lisa Unger! It publishes October 5, so you can go grab a copy today!

Have you ever been ghosted by someone? 

This was my first book from this author I read, and I’m officially a fan! It was intense and creepy at times! This one, tho maybe slightly too long, in my opinion, shows us the dark side of online dating websites and profiles. People aren’t who they seem to be. In real life and online.

What I found interesting about this book, is that it shows how people live “off the grid” preparing for the end of the world, or what some people refer to as “doomsday preppers” It actually reminded me of The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah, with regards to how a lot of men return from the war, suffer PTSD or other mental illnesses and it’s left untreated. They tend to want to go and live off the grid, because they think it will help heal them. That’s exactly what happens in this book, and Wren (15 at the time) must now live with the tragic events that happens so long ago. It’s shaped her entire life. Everything that happens to her in this book, is from the trauma from her past. 

I really loved Jax, Wren’s best friend. She stuck by her side throughout everything, showing what a true friendship is. We all need a Jax in our lives! 

Also, this book touches very briefly on the very early days of the pandemic: hinting at some virus from China that is starting to spread all over the world. It’s interesting because this pandemic, is exactly the kind of thing that doomsday preppers are preparing for… how many of us stock piled food during the early days of the pandemic and lockdown?!
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Overall, I liked "Last Girl Ghosted," though it dragged in parts, and it took me ages to read it. It was very dark, and a good creepy October read. 

There were some parts that could have been bette, or at least better-explained. Imaginary friend Robin, for example. She seemed such an unnecessary component to the story. Did she add anything? Not really. I was hoping there would be a huge twist involving her, and that it would turn out she was the ghost of Emily, or a child from Wren's past that turned out to be real. Missed opportunity there.

I like reading books that make me scratch my head, especially when the questions are all answered in the end. But this one did not answer all of the questions. 

I like Lisa Unger's writing and have enjoyed her work in the past -- but this one was somewhat of a miss for me. 

Thank you NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for my ARC in exchange for my honest review. 

3.5 rounded to 4 stars.
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I went into reading this one with high hopes seeing it all over Bookstagram and sadly it fell short for me. In the beginning I was really enjoying it but then about halfway through it just fell apart and started getting repetitive and felt a lot of it could have been left out and a lot shorter. I felt Wren was a bit desperate when it came to finding out who Adam truly was. I will say this was a very quick read for me but like I said I was disappointed and was hoping for more.
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Wren meets the perfect man through social media. Until he ghosts. She quickly realizes she’s not the only one looking for him.

I like social media thrillers, but I’m not sure id categorize this as such. It was more of a straight up mystery. It was definitely unique and interesting, with some loveable characters. The “bad guy” character felt a little cliched to me and I didn’t really understand motives or the why of the matter, but it was still an entertaining read.

“Over the last few days - few days?- you have been lover, leaver, mystery, demon. You have been a wraith, slipping Way and back through whatever shadowy doorway you used to enter my life.”

Last Girl Ghosted comes out 10/5.
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This is one of my favorite authors to read. I really enjoyed the plot twists, and the storyline in general for this book.  I had a general idea where the story might be headed, but I wasn't completely convinced. I also loved how the author wove COVID, and other recent events, into the story. 
The story follows a young woman named Wren, and cycles back and forth between her childhood and her present life as a young adult. Wren is convinced to join an online dating app by her best girlfriend, and she ends up meeting the man she thinks is the one; until he ghosts her. She refuses to let him ghost her though, so she sets out to find him, but is that really the best idea?!
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Boy, is this a book for the times. Lisa Unger always writes exciting psychological thrillers, but she’s really outdone herself this time. Wren thinks she’s found the perfect man through an online dating service, but then he disappears and along with him, so does his online presence and his phone is disconnected. Then a private investigator comes looking for him. A client’s daughter has disappeared, and they think Wren’s boyfriend is involved. He may also be involved in the disappearance of several other girls. And yet, I felt this book took on so many different issues, it never really dealt well with all of them. Readers will enjoy it, but I wonder how many, like me, are left wondering at the decision Wren made about her baby at the end is realistic.
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