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Wow.... What did I just read? It was so crazy that it was bingeable. I had to know what was next. The title may suggest they are "good", but better words would have been "horrible", "snarky", and "bored". Case and point: in one scene, they were all shooting each other with blanks inside a mansion for fun. 

Don't read the book summary for this one. It's best to go in completely blind, anticipate craziness and eye-rolling one-liners, and enjoy the wild ride.
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Eliza Jane Brazier immediately became an autobuy author for me after her debut If I Disappear, and I have to say book 2 is not too shabby either! Good Rich People involves (shocker) rich people behaving badly, and both Lyla and Demi end up caught in the middle of it. There is a game that is mentioned in the synopsis but not expounded upon, and I don't want to explain this part because I feel like it is a small spoiler. All I will say is that it is a very devious and mean game, and I hope the uber-rich aren't actually doing things like this when they get bored, or we are all screwed. Good Rich People is filled with unlikeable characters and unreliable narrators, but if that is your style you should really enjoy it.

And just like I loved the book itself, I also loved the audiobook - go figure. It is narrated by Karissa Vacker & Sophie Amoss, and they were SO GOOD. Everything I could ever want and more in a 'full' cast, and they each voiced their characters perfectly. This was a total binge read as well, and I finished it the day I started it because there was no way I was going to wait to see what would happen. There are some great twists, especially at the end of the book, and Good Rich People had an ending to die for. Some books out there make you smirk a little at the end, and that is exactly what I did here. It was fitting for the story, and I couldn't have created anything better myself. Thank you Brazier for writing another messed up book that was just what I needed, and I fully intend to keep this one on my shelf.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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This one just wasn't for me. I couldn't get over the writing which wasn't exactly enjoyable for me. There wasn't anything that caught or gripped my attention. I tried, I really did but I just could not finish Good Rich People. I'll give it 2 stars though because I'm very drawn to the cover and I could see the potential, it just wasn't for me.
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I DNF'ed this one.  I got so bored and I just didn't like the characters or the story.   
I guess it just isn't for me.
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WHAT THE MOET?  You will either be so wrapped up in this book OR you’re going to completely lose your mind and check the lost in found to try to get it back. This is a book that makes you question everything you think you know about rich people. I had little to know clue of what I was getting into with this one. This is not a simple story, it’s downright crazy. There was a twist that starts off right away and it made the rest of the story so unpredictable. While this book was just insane, I did appreciate seeing the two perspectives in this book, where the exact scene would repeat but with a different character. The chaos that follows reminds me of the movie Ready or Not, if that gives you any sort of clue of how you can prepare for this one.  Just say a little prayer before you read this one. The last thing I will say is, I would rather be poor and also drink Cook’s.
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Another interesting and unique romance from Eliza Jane Brazier! This had me super intrigued to keep reading and figure out what was going on -- you won't want to put it down!
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I enjoy Brazier's stories because they are so unique and definitely don't fall into the thriller tropes that have been overdone. She's clever and creative and I always feel like there a bit of a "cult" factor - which is my favorite. 

This one definitely grabbed my attention right away and I flew through it. It was really fun to read. I enjoyed to power dynamics between the excessively rich and the down and out homeless - it was a such a juxtaposition of POV's as it went back and forth between them and I loved the extremes and that feeling of almost whiplash as you enter each narrators thoughts.

I do wish it had been fleshed out a tiny bit more in the beginning for the rich people's past - as it did for Demis past. I craved more of "the game" (does that make as wicked as them?! lol) I wanted to know how it started - how past games have been played - and wish the details had been more thoroughly provided for us. I think maybe having a POV of Graham - or even his mother. Or even just more of their pasts.

I loved the concept of it and how it went down at the end so much. Rich people behaving badly is so frustratingly fun and always makes for an enjoyable read.
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This was a very strange thriller, and while it was a quick book to read, I found it to be a bit over the top and difficult to follow. I decided not to finish this one so I cannot speak to the entire book, but it was not a thriller I would typically recommend!
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Thanks To Berkley Pub for gifting me this book. The first book I've finished in March and it was an absolute doozy! I loved this wild ride, and that ending was FAB!! Cannot wait to see what Brazier comes up with next. Super fast paced, unreliable narrators, and not one character was without fault. I LOVED it!!!
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I put off reading this way longer than I should have and I’m pretty sure it was because of the cover. Although it’s a fitting cover, it was just a little off putting for me. The story however is amazing. The characters are sociopaths and the best kind of twisted. I love a book where I find myself actually kind of loving the bad guys. This book is wild and I immediately wanted to read it again.
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I loved this book! It did take me a minute to understand the snarky dark humor tone, but once I did I had so much fun! It is one of those books where I kept thinking about it when I was not reading it, and I would love to see this be a movie! Highly recommend to anyone that is interested in the topics of class and wealth in America.
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I enjoyed this one more than Eliza Jane Brazier's last novel, If I Disappeared. However, I feel that her writing style simply isn't for me. This one lagged a good bit, but I overall enjoyed it.
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This book was mind-blowingly "what the @#$% am I reading." I'm still thinking about it a week later, if that tells you anything. It was dark and I hated most of the characters--but that seemed to be the whole point. It really spoke to the nature of rich vs. poor and the game of cat and mouse. But it also spoke to the reality of the way those who have money are allowed to thrive and those who don't are a waste of space. I really enjoyed this book, even though there were times I wanted to throw it across the room because I was irritated with the characters--but in a good way! I can't wait to see what Eliza Brazier comes up with next!
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I’m conflicted. The author’s ability to write a captivating and absolutely engrossing novel is 5 star worthy. The story and character development just were not my thing. I read reviews stating how disturbing this was and I suppose I was waiting for more shock factor. Perhaps it’s my messed up mind that won’t let me enjoy this one more 😆. If you’re looking for unique writing please try this one though!
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Usually I appreciate a book with dual perspectives, but I felt like the way this book was formatted it led to a lot of repetition of scenes with the dual POV. You would read two different very similar accounts of the same scenes over and over. I had trouble getting into the story because of this. I also really hated the ending. I didn't feel like it was worth all the work I put into the book.
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this book, which posits itself as a satirical look at the wealthy, should have been right up my alley. I even marked it as "can't wait to read."

But this is some shallow satire.

The thing about satire is that it (supposedly) dares to be Subversive. It is (usually) clever and cutting, bringing the reader in on an inside joke that (often) involves laughing at powerful people and / or Society.

Or, it can be obvious.

Welcome to Good Rich People, in which people with money ruin the lives of poor people as part of a game, from a mostly glass mansion (where they don't throw stones but they do shoot paintball guns!).

On top of that, I had other complaints:
- A dual perspective with the POVs slightly staggered, meaning you're treated to moments like reading a conversation and then reading it again two chapters later verbatim except from the other point of view
- An ending in which even the extremely graspable threads of the point are lost
- A deeply cruel depiction of homelessness, in which every unhoused person is either an addict (not to say addicts are bad at all, but that this isn't exactly a complex portrayal of addiction!), violent, or otherwise amoral
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There was a lot of praise for this book but also some people that hated it. I found the characters to be detestable and I wasn’t a fan of the storyline. I found the advertisement for it to be misleading.
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Things I loved about this book:
- the setting 
- the premise 
- the plot was original
- I was invested to find out who “won”
- the author is a talented writer

Things I didn’t love:
- there were holes in the plot line that didn’t make sense
- the timelines of the two women who tell the story didn’t line up, and it was unnecessary
- the ending was semi-satisfying but not totally
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What a wild ride! I've heard this book called a sort of dark Alice in Wonderland and it sort of is! The shootout in the rose garden!? Loved this crazy story. Very original and the writing was very fast paced and easy to follow
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I loved this dark and twisty satirical thriller! From one bad behaving character to the next, I had no idea what was in store for me while reading.

With most reads, I typically have to have characters that I care deeply for, but in this case, it was just fun to see what calculated moves would happen next with this set of awful characters as they stake claim on their next victim to play their “game”.

Lyla and her wealthy husband Graham live in Hollywood on a large property owned by his wealthy mother Margo. Their “game” includes choosing a new person to live in a guest cottage on the property with the goal to ruin them both financially and emotionally.

*many thanks to Berkley and Netgalley for the gifted copy for review
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