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Your Intuition Led You Here

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I was honestly expecting a bit more from this book, so ultimately I was disappointed by what I was given. It had a decent concept, but the entire thing just felt a little too contrived for my taste. I wish I had better things to say, but for what it was--- great. A coffee table book, and nothing more.
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I was impressed with this book! Lately I've been getting into spirituality/witchcraft, and this book was a good way to sort of get your feet wet if you're interested without being too overboard or overwhelming. I adored the author's story and I like how she tied her own beliefs and life story into the rest of the book.
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Excellent manual for positive change and living. This book is written in a friendly and easy to understand manner. The spells and rites given use common ingredients and not hard to find items, Everything is described. From why you might want to do the ritual to what to focus on . My favorite activity was the ancestor recognition and honoring ritual. I read how to do it and did the exercise as written. I felt a connection to those I loved as well as a positive peace that was not what I usually felt when thinking about my loved ones who have passed over. This book is excellent and full of common sense ways to remove the and and bring in the good. Obviously the authors have real experience in the areas they write about as it feels real and doable.
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