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A Lot Like Adiós

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A warm and swoony delight with one of my favorite uses of friends-to-lovers.  The perfect follow-up to last year’s You Had at Hola.
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A Lot Like Adiós by Alexis Daria
I'm a sucker for the return of a lost love, so it was no surprise that I devoured A Lot Like Adiós. Gabe and Michelle grew up together, best friends and co-authors of the hit fanfic "Celestial Destiny." Both were secretly in love with the other, but they had time to get there. However then Gabe moved to California and effectively cut off all contact with his family and anything else that reminded him of his former life (including Mich). He had his reasons, but never really got around to explaining them. Now, thirteen years later, Gabe needs Mich's help opening a new location for his gym in NYC. Gabe is terrified, but Mich takes this as an opportunity to get some closure and perhaps begin best friendship 2.0. What neither expects is the degree to which their teenage attractions have escalated. Despite having much to work through, they just can't keep their hands off each other. But is that attraction and their newly rekindled friendship reason enough to admit  their vulnerabilities? I adored every second of this novel. Adiós is a wonderful follow up to You Had Me at Hola and perfect for anyone looking for a fun and steamy romance with just the right amount of angst.
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