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I’ve enjoyed every book I’ve ever read by Noyes. She’s an immensely talented writer. She’s what I like to refer to as an omnipresent writer; she has an awareness of her reading audience and connects them to the storytelling in ways that many writers struggle. The edge she has is simple: She immerses her readers into the scenes. The storytelling becomes an extraordinary experience because of it. Her language and word building is consistently impressive, but she really outdoes herself with Pas de Deux. The descriptions and word choice for all things equine is beyond notable and extremely well done. I was totally engaged in this story, these characters and the horses until the very end.

Pas de Deux is a rich and complex story. It pivots around the love Caitlyn and Addie share for not only horses, but each other. It is that shared love that unites them and sparks a flame between them. This is not quite a second chance romance, but more of a story of reconnection. Built around the lovely themes horsemanship, friendship and love, it’s beautifully told and wonderfully crafted.

The romance between Caitlyn and Addie is sweet and tenderly developed, structured in such a way that readers completely embrace it. Most significant, though, is how Noyes scripts the intimacy between Caitlyn and Addie. That’s what really sets this romance apart. She cultivates it so truthfully and patiently. It’s humbling to witness the awkwardness of first time intimacy in such a raw way. Being privy to vulnerable moments between lovers in an honest and unfiltered light is more than refreshing. Watching them start and stumble, and then pause and adjust; it’s more than reassuring. Noyes’s efforts to “get it right” give the romance a charming depth and substance. Its compelling believability is hard to resist.

As far as the equine elements of this story, I know very little about competitive dressage. However, I walked away from this read with an understanding and appreciation for the sport. Noyes does an excellent job of showing readers what dressage is all about. She makes it sound so elegant and graceful; she puts readers right there, front and center. It’s simply entrancing. However, what’s most remarkable is her characterization of the horses. The way she depicts them is simply fantastic. I’ve read a good number of books that involved horses, but none quite like Pas de Deux. Noyes brings them to life in a way I’ve never experienced. She—dare I say—personifies them. By hitting on all of their quirks, mannerisms and personality traits, she helps readers realize just how glorious and magnificent these special creatures are.

Final remarks…

I love this book! Pas de Deux is an absolute gem! This is lesbian fiction at its best, for sure! The characters are so beautifully drawn and the storyline is so wonderfully constructed. The whole thing is completely mesmerizing. Noyes can surely mark Pas de Deux as another success in what is now becoming a long list for her. You won’t want to miss out on this one!!


**dynamic storytelling
**impressive knowledge of horses and veterinary medicine
**likable characters that readers can sink their teeth in
**realistic romance
**worthy of a reread
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It's hard not to enjoy a book by E.J. Noyes. She writes such thought out novels, and if you read the authors intro on this one, you know that this book in particular comes with a lot of knowledge. It shows for sure. 

I loved the inside knowledge about Dressage, as I don't know much about it at all. It was a world I had never read about, and so I found it pretty fascinating. Add in some great characters, with a not so great history they need to sort out, and I was into it right from the get-go. Also, no one could not love Dewey. You could tell that not only was Caitlyn in love with him, but E.J. as well. 

I'd say the only reason why I didn't give this book 5 stars was because I found it a little slow in some areas. Others may not agree with this assessment, but some of the lead up to the Olympics got a little draggy for me. Once it hit that timeframe, I felt like it really picked up. 

Side note, I really wanted Addie to lay into her boss. I so wish we could have seen her rip him a new one, but she's better than I am! 

Overall, this is still a great book, with a different environment that most of us have never read about. I'd recommend it for sure.
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I am such a E.J. Noyes fan. I have read just about all of her books. I plan to get caught up. This read is beautifully written about women and horses. More than that, the read is about second chance romance and enemies to lovers. Two tropes I enjoy.

Not realizing there was a glossary at the end of the book, I decided to stop reading and view a few YouTube videos and wow am I glad I did. Dressage is the bomb and so is Great Britain's equestrian Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro. Provided me with the information I needed to not just enjoy the read but embrace and appreciate the horses and dressage competition. The rider, Caitlyn Lloyd, she is talented and focused on being the best she can be. She is also bummed about how poorly she was treated in Pony Club.  The veterinarian,  Addison Gardner, she has a vague memory of the poor treatment but she does recall a very serious crush which she still harbors. 

As the story unfolds, it felt so real and believable (for the most part). I appreciated the self-talk and the communication between Addison and Caitlyn. That was such a refreshing aspect of this read. Much to enjoy as the author takes the reader on a horse and two leading ladies ride that is exciting and enjoyable. The supporting characters were wonderful especially Wren.  I look forward to viewing dressage during the Olympics.
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This is a story set in the equestrian world, not horse riding or racing, but dressage. That is already a bit difficult to follow because that world has a very particular and complex language. One of the protagonists is a rider and the other a veterinarian, so vet jargon joined dressage. And for a totally illiterate person, in that matter, as I am, it has been a bit difficult and weird at times.

Besides the setting or the different jargons, the story develops a reunion between two women who met as teenagers and who meet again in adulthood. When they were young, they met at the Pony Club and they were not exactly best friends. However, it is curious how they discover, with the perspective of the years, why their behavior then and how different are their memories of that past together. Different to the point that an event that occurred in that Pony Club is remembered in detail by one of them, almost mythified as an exhilarating fact of her adolescence, and erased from her memory by the other woman, who nevertheless continues to remember humiliating moments that the other even now does not realize she caused.

Now in adulthood, in their late thirties, Caitlyn is an elite rider and Addie is a top veterinarian, they coincide in the world of dressage competition and if all goes well they should share the adventure of participating in the Olympics. Addie is the one who is most excited about the coincidence, her first crush and now even more beautiful and tempting, but Caitlyn is a bit cautious because she doesn't know what could be coming from the woman who put her through so bad back then.

The story has ups and downs. The ups mostly starred by Addie, much more likeable and charming with her flaws and quirks. Caitlyn, perhaps due to her professional deformation, always seems more distant and cold in her dealings with humans, not so much with her horses. And there are some really silly moments, a little forced to cause uncertainty, but not very realistic or too credible. The end has not been the most remarkable either.

I recognize and appreciate the style of this author, already characteristic after several books, all of them recommended by the way, her way of relating situations, the fresh and funny dialogues, how she makes her characters overcome their fears and be sincere despite their insecurities, no-nonsense characters. Although in this case, the horsing part takes up too much space maybe.
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If I'm going, to be honest, I was going to pass on this book. I know absolutely nothing about dressage or anything to do with horses. I like horses but didn't feel like I knew enough about them to read a story centered around them. But after reading some of EJ Noyes's previous books and knowing how well her stories are written and how most of her books have kept me engaged in the storyline, I decided to give it a go. Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity for giving me the chance of reading this book, which was a fantastically good read and wrote so even people like myself who know nothing about the horse would understand the storyline.
I wasn't very keen on Caitlyn to start with, I thought she came across as a bit obnoxious but as the story emerges you realize she has reasons for acting how she does to Addie. Both characters are very lovable. The storyline is fab and I've not read another story like or similar to Pas de deux.
Caitlyn Lloyd has her eyes set on the 2016 Rio Olympics, nothing is going to derail her dream of winning a medal or possibly two in Olympic dressage. Even when her childhood so-not-a-friend reappears throwing her balanced life into disarray.
Addie Gardner's career is at its peak, she just accepted a last-minute fill-in position as the veterinarian for the US Olympic Dressage Team. But her very first crush is just an added bonus to the job. She's opening for some form of friendship with the girl who didn't even know she excited 20 years ago.
Both Caitlyn and Addie have very different memories of their childhood at pony club, and their first meeting twenty years later doesn't go well. The Olympics are approaching fast, both the woman need to set aside their past and learn to start from scratch. Form new friendships and learn to work together. Maybe they'll learn that childhood memories aren't as they seem, and may have a lot more in common than they first realized.
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Noyes has just become one of those authors that can pick a thing and make that thing compelling. In this case the equestrian sport of dressage. I know she can do sports romances, as she did do Gold which is about downhill skiing and it was received well. With dressage, she takes the very niche sport of practiced horse prancing and turns it into something that I found compelling if not always understandable. I think it is because it is told through the lenses of two people who love their jobs and love the horses. While it is a romance, the details about dressage are amazing, and it enhances the reading experience for me.

Caitlyn Lloyd is an Olympic caliber athlete who has a knack for reading her horses, especially her favorite horse, Dewy. But she also has a hyper focus on training and puts in the work to make her and Dewy the best pair on the USA Olympic dressage team. But when childhood nemesis/ crush Addie Gardner, fills in as a vet for the team, Caitlyn's laser focus wavers. Addie and Caitlyn both had not so great experiences with their old Pony Club because of their social standings. Not only were they both either middle class or working class, but they were also very much into girls. Both women harbored crushes ever since their Pony Club days, so when they surprise meet, it is a messy bit to be sure.

The story mostly revolves around Caitlyn and Addie relearning each other, and then pursuing a romance, but the horses, and everything surrounding the sport of dressage mentioned here are equally important. The way the two women approach and interact with the sport is important, not so much winning the competitions, which is a fun way to look at sports stories. It does hit some of the tropes, but it really does look into how people interact with the sport and through it how they become closer. I loved that about the book, even if I don't get dressage as a whole. That Addie is still knowledgeable about the sport and is passionate and skilled about her work with horses is a great connecting point with Caitlyn beyond their time at equestrian summer camp. They are also from closer economic classes as well, so they could better understand their struggles with money. It does a great job of recognizing that economic classes exist, and that while Addie was bullied for not having money, she made no bones that not having it does, in fact suck. It's not mentioned alot, but I appreciate it as it gives me an insight into Addie's motivations. Caitlyn, too, is very aware that she, as a person from the middle class, could struggle in the sport she choose because it is just that expensive. Little touches like that just flesh out character motivations and traits so that I could see where conflicts might arise or where the women could have some common grounds. I love it.

I only gave it four stars because it was a little hard to follow at times, especially when referring to dressage's jargon or horse jargon in general. I found the appendix at the end of the ebook I was reading, but more often than not I had to just highlight the word to look it up. Otherwise the leads are amazing, the side characters (yes, even the horses) are awesome, too, and I loved the pacing. It was a great read, and I'd recommend it for any sports romance fans, lesfic fans, or romance fans. Noyes fans will love this because its another great one from her.

*I received this ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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A very sweet story.

Caitlyn is preparing for the 2016 Olympics in Rio when a blast from the past arrives. Addie, a brilliant and talented veterinarian, can’t believe that it is Caitlyn, her old crush from Pony Club when they were teenagers is who she will be working with now that her career has earned her a place working with the Olympic team. Addie hopes they can have a chance to be friends but with different memories of the past then tension is high. Setting aside their differences for the good of the team, Addie and Caitlyn soon discover they misjudged one another. 

I enjoyed this story so much. It had drama, tension, and so many lovely moments. That conflict Addie and Caitlyn shared was a real driver in creating an exciting story as you were seeing the effects of how different people perceive and remember a situation. I loved that no matter what Addie tried hard to win Caitlyn round despite the tension building. But I also commended the way they behaved in terms of being professional. They were able to put aside their differences, even from the very beginning for the good of Caitlyn’s horse and the other team members Addie was responsible for helping. 

The best bit of this was it didn’t skip over the rivalry between Caitlyn and Addie in their pasts, but also in the setting to which this story was focused on. Dressage is a competition at the end of the day and E.J. Noyes brilliantly kept focus on this as well as the budding relationship between Caitlyn and Addie. It was very much a story that leant to putting the past behind you if the issues were trivial, but also in ensuring the people involved addressed and acknowledged the long terms effects of what transpired between them in the past. 

I could completely relate to both Caitlyn and Addie, not only their characters and current circumstances, but also their pasts. I could see their points and why each of them felt the way they did. It was very true to life and just another winning factor about this great story, highlighting that people change and reasons why someone might act a certain way. It just really reiterated the point that you do not always know everything someone is going through and that you may not even be able to see such things. 

I was hooked and enjoyed every moment of the story, so really recommend it. It was a real drama, in true romance style, and will end up capturing your heart. I really hope we see Caitlyn and Addie in future stories, as they are so cute, like star-crossed lovers and I think they have an exciting future!
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E j Noyes is one of my favourite authors, She has a unique ability to write about characters that touch your soul. you travel their journey. Share their smiles,sizzle,heartache, and their final journey. I've read over a thousand lesbian fiction books, this author makes my top ten. i recommend start with one and within a month you will want to read every word she has ever written.
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ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

I don’t think I’ve read a Noyes book I haven’t liked, and that streak continues here. This is set in the lead up to and during the 2016 Olympics and features Caitlyn, an equestrian training for the Olympics and Addie, a vet working with the equestrian team. They knew each other as teenagers at Pony Club, but have differing perceptions of what happened back then. 

There’s been a few books lately around the theme of meeting up with someone who used to bully you and then falling for them, this was different in that in the others I’ve read the bully was clear cut and (eventually) acknowledged by both MCs. This took a different tack, because while Caitlyn believes Addie bullied her, Addie doesn’t remember it the same way. I also expected this to be one of those things where the reveal comes later in the book, but this is addressed early and head on, which I appreciated. 

I really enjoyed both MCs and that Noyes let us hear both voices, usually we only get one POV. I liked that we could see how each of them saw their interactions and their past. I also appreciated the lack of the flashbacks usually used in second chance books, as flashbacks aren’t my favourite way of telling a story. The secondary characters were also good, and I have a special shout out here to Dew, I love animal characters and he was a sweetie. 

I’m not that into equestrian stuff, I watch a bit of it during the Olympics, but that’s about as far as my knowledge goes. I found the topic here interesting, but I did start skimming over some of it and the vet scenes throughout the book, as they sometimes felt too detailed. 

The romance between the MCs was organic, and I felt that they addressed the past enough to be able to move on from it and then the relationship was well-grounded.. I also give Noyes bonus points for there being no ridiculous break up and that the MCs actually discussed their issues like grown ups. I never really had any doubts about how it would end, but I enjoyed the HEA for these two. 4 stars
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Once again, EJ Noyes has written another fantastic book!  This book takes places in the high profile world of dressage, of which I knew next to nothing about prior to reading.  I have to thank our author for teaching me a lot about this very interesting sport!  Our main characters, Caitlyn and Addie, were frenemies back in their younger days and were put back in each other’s orbit when Addie took a position as the veterinarian for the US dressage team. Fortunately, they were able to communicate like adults and clear up all of the misconceptions from the past. I always love how EJ can weave a take using descriptive details and witty dialogue. The added benefit of Dewey and all of his quirks made this a really unforgettable book for me!  Thank you Ms. Noyes for continuing to write such amazing and original tales!
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I am a big fan of E.J. Noyes, who is brilliant at writing chemistry and creating tension and anticipation, and this book did not disappoint. The dressage setting gave an interesting insight into the world of performance horses and I'm so glad we finally have a book about lesbians in the Olympics. Both lead characters were very well written  and complex - they were strong and confident, sweet and vulnerable. I thought their different perspectives of their time as teenagers in the pony club were really interesting. The supporting characters were really likable too. I have no interest in horses or dressage but still loved this book. I wholeheartedly recommend it and look forward to the author's next work.
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𝗟𝗼𝘃𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗲𝗾𝘂𝗲𝘀𝘁𝗿𝗶𝗮𝗻 𝗱𝗿𝗲𝘀𝘀𝗮𝗴𝗲 𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗹𝗱 𝗻𝗼𝘄…

Noyes has a large fan base because she is a solid writer. I've read some of her books before this and I agree with everybody else.

In theory, a love story between an equestrian of the 2016 Rio Olympics US Dressage Team and the team veterinarian wouldn’t interest me because I have no interest in sports nor horses. I never even heard of dressage before this, which I blame on the fact that it’s not a popular sport in this part of the world. Okay, ignorant. *shrugs* But it's Noyes, so I read it and I ended up loving it. I didn’t even mind googling the technical words along the way. I found myself drawn to the Olympics storyline, following Caitlyn’s professional achievements closely and enjoyed her special friendship with Dewey, her horse.

The romantic storyline was pretty great too. Addie and Caitlyn were nemesis at 14 when they were both members of the Pony Club. But when they meet as colleagues years later and start rehashing their history, their recollections of the past turns out to be entirely different from each other's so it changes perspectives for them and they restart a friendship on a clean slate. The attraction was pretty quick and the chemistry turned out to be really good. And I really love how differently they communicate as adults compared to when they were immature 14 year olds. 

Noyes has given us a solid book once again. I love it.
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Because my French pronunciation is horrid, I've been calling this "Dew's book", and it most certainly is. Yes, his human, trainer, rider is a talented young woman who has a history with the new team vet...but this is as much Dew's story as Caitlyn's. I fell in love with Dew's antics, his love of peppermint candy and licorice and his goofy obsession with the cat's photo. I laughed out loud when he started flapping the photo because he was bored. And the fact that Addie bought him a stuffed cat? I fell a little for her right then.

All of the characters could be anyone we know, despite the fact that I think Caitlyn is almost perfect. Now if she could just get out of her own way, she might be happy. You can almost hear Wren, Caitlyn, Addie and the others breathing, they are so exquisitely written. I could smell the barn, and feel the reins in my hands even though I don't know the first thing about dressage. 
(And I still don't know how to pronounce the title)
This novel might well rank up there in superstar-land alongside Noyes' "Alone". It's THAT good.

This deserves much more than five stars, and I'm a little sad that's all I can give.
"Dew's Book" is now an official title (at least at my house), and if Dew doesn't charm the socks off you, then you're reading the wrong book. As with so many by this talented author, this one is a MUST READ!
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Love on Horseback
Who doesn’t love a story revolving around horses? Add in an enemies to lovers plotline and a pushy best friend and you have yourself a tale that’s not to be missed.  This is that tale! Caitlyn is a busy Olympic Dressage hopeful who trains other horses on her horse farm when she isn’t working towards her dream.  When someone she has bad memories of suddenly becomes the Team’s new vet, she is shaken and not happy but as they say, the show must go on.  Addie has been called up to be the US Dressage team vet.  It’s the chance of a life time and in spite of her boss’ passive aggressive whining about her being gone, she is really excited.  Even more so when she realizes she will have the chance to reconnect with Caitlyn.   She had a massive crush on Caitlyn when they were teenagers but the girl never gave her a second look.  Little does Addie realize that they have VERY different views of life at the Pony Club and Caitlyn’s are unpleasant.  Will they have the chance to clear the air and move on from their childhood or will Caitlyn hold on to grudges? 

I loved this book!!!! Horse stories are my favourites and this one is really good.  I loved the angst and history between Caitlyn and Addie.  They were so realistic in the way they let those hard teen years colour the present. It felt so truthful, and reminded me how things at the same time can look so different for different people.   I liked watching them overcome those feelings and come together.  I fell a little for Addie and wanted the best for her.  I was really happy when she and Caitlyn were able to move forward together.  The love story was beautiful and passion filled but it was only a part of the book.  There was a lot of it dedicated to the training process leading up to and including the Olympics.  Dew, Caitlyn’s horse was an adorable ham of a character in his own right.  He was a big part of the story and so much fun.  I couldn’t help but laugh at him and his antics, as well as his peppermint and licorice addiction.  This is one of the sweetest books I’ve read in a while and I am really looking forward to rereading it.
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First up, I have to confess that I don’t know much about horses or dressage but that’s precisely why one reads. Especially a book as well prepared by the author for a novice like me. 

This book has a completely different feel from other books of the author’s; put it simply, it’s sweet. The two main characters, Caitlyn and Addie knew each other from their time at a Pony Club when they were teenagers. While their impressions and memories of the other were poles apart, they got to work together again while Caitlyn was one of the competitors and Addie the team vet for the Olympics. 

Their collaboration started off rocky largely due to Caitlyn’s skepticism of Addie until Caitlyn mellowed and stopped putting up the resistance to her attraction towards Addie. While working together, the pair started a thing but both had doubts about what happens after the Olympics. 

4.5 stars. It is evident from the author’s writing that she has a passion for horses and dressage. Love emits through the pages from the interactions of Caitlyn and her horse; the stately and inquisitive Dewey. For dressage enthusiasts, you will experience the highs and thrills through anticipation of their performances. As for a romantic like me, Caitlyn and Addie’s love story was the icing on the cake in the world of showmanship. 

I just reviewed Pas de deux by E.J.Noyes. Thank you NetGalley and Bella Books for the ARC.
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For me an EJ Noyes book is a must read, and this one was no different-I loved the fact that some of the early years in Pony Club was loosely based on Ms. Noyes and her wife's actual experience (or some variation per Ms. Noyes <smile>).  

The main characters, Caitlyn and Addie, were very believable, both having different views of their early time together making the present time meeting that much more interesting to follow since there was variations of view points.  I will say not being familiar with the sport of Olympic dressage, I found that part of the story line very educational and I learned a lot.  

There is a good amount of tension (confrontation) and misunderstandings but it is balanced well with warmth and humor, especially with Dewey (hint he is not human).  Throw in a barn cat and you have the makings of a great summer read!  So if you like enemies to friends/second chance romances, this book is for you, once again Ms. Noyes gives us a wonderful story that will have you not wanting it to end.

I received an ARC through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, but would have written the same opinion if I had come across this author on my own.

To see my Amazon review, it is under CC-September 3-just enjoyable
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This is a terrific book, I’ll be it, a bit wordy, despite that the writing and the storytelling in this book is gripping. I love going to country fair‘s and watching Dressage competitions so this book about the US Olympic Dressage team what is a page turner for me. First there is Caitlyn and her horse Dewey who are both magnificent characters. Caitlyn has worked hard all her life to get to this point where she can compete for a slot on the Olympic team. Her main sidekick and groom Wren are a  magnificent duo and I just love the relationship. I have to the horse Dewey , who was really the main character in the story because his antics and playfulness tat  were fantastic. Then we come to the team veterinarian, Addie. Addie has worked hard to get where she is as the teams vet and was very much looking forward to this wonderful opportunity. The surprise in the story comes when Caitlyn and Addie meet up for the first time and realize they knew each other 20 years ago when they both participated in pony club activities. Only both women have very different memories of that time Caitlyn was one that was extremely negative toward Addie because of what she perceived as bullying and Addie’s view was that she was in love with Caitlyn  and wanted to get to know her better. These two work hard to get over the problems in their relationship mostly due to Caitlyn  and her anger  she still held 20 years later toward Addie. How these two lovable characters work through their issues with the backdrop of the drama of elite Dressage competition makes for a page turning read.
E J Noyes Is one of my favorite authors because her books are so well written with interesting plots and complex characters. This book is no exception and one that I highly recommend.
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When I see E. J. Noyes name on a book, I grab it.  She writes "your not so typical" stories.  This one is introducing us to the life of a Dressage Rider/trainer and her horse.  And her struggles and hard work to get to the Olympics in Rio.  And of course there is a warm and rich romance with the Olympic teams Veterinarian.  Both mc's (Caitlyn and Addie) are interesting and complex.  I loved all the description of the relationship between Caitlyn and her horse Dew.  I was not aware a horse could be so affectionate. I would have liked a little more description regarding the Dressage movements and step requirements in the arena so I googled it.  And now I am in awe and a big fan.  I now understand the melt down Caitlyn has during a very unexpected problem half way into the story.
Another 5 star review for originality, romance and interest.  I recommend any of Noyes books.
I was given this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Although I am not really a fan of equine events or activities, I am a fan of E.J. Noyes and therefore Pas du deux was a must read for me.  This book tells the story of Caitlyn Lloyd who specializes in horse dressage and has her sights set of the 2016 Rio Olympics.  Addie Gardner is a veterinarian currently residing in the horse community of Wellington, Florida, which is just to the West of Palm Beach.  Addie has been assigned to the Olympic team as the team veterinarian at the last minute.  The women share a past that dates back to their teenage years when they were in Pony Club together.  Addie actually had a crush on Caitlyn in Pony Club, but Caitlyn's only memories of Addie focus on how badly she and the "other rich girls" treated her.

Caitlyn and Addie reconnect at the lead up events in Europe to the Olympics.  Addie is excited to see Caitlyn again and has actually been following her on social media.  But Caitlyn is less than thrilled with their reintroduction, which brings back bad memories of her teenage years.  After they begin talking again and working their way through what happened during their Pony Club days, only then is Caitlyn eventually able to admit an attraction for Addie.  The book chronicles the dressage events that take place at multiple locations in Europe and then finally the 2016 Rio Olympics.  

Since this a book by E.J. Noyes, I can highly recommend it, even as someone who really wasn't too interested in the dressage subject matter.  Although, I'll admit that I learned a lot about a topic where I knew very little.  I enjoyed the realistic relationship between Caitlyn and Addie and Dewey, Caitlyn's horse, stole the show with his antics, his desire for snacks, and his health scare at the Olympics.   4.5 stars 

I received an ARC from Bella Books and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I absolutely loved this book, which is no surprise since I have loved all of E.J. Noyes' books. The story is about Addie and Caitlyn, members but (seeming) rivals of the same teenage Pony Club, who reconnect as adults when Addie joins the Olympic Dressage team as the veterinarian and Caitlyn is competing.

It's no surprise that Addie and Caitlyn's relationship was fun to watch unfold, that they had amazing chemistry, and that you were truly "rooting" for them. What I didn't expect was how much I would enjoy the setting and secondary characters. Dewey truly steals the show and (even though I have never so much as ridden on a horse) I found myself looking forward to reading more about his little quirks and personality.

(Side note to the author (not that she's reading this)) - A Dewey / Rasputin reunion scene would make for a fun one shot! It was the one thing I really wish was included.

Overall this is a great, fun read and I look forward to more books from the author in the future.
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