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A Gentle Noble's Vacation Recommendation, Volume 3

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This third installment just deepens the plot for both our adventurers, providing a solid political plot and more questions than answers ( a great way to make us move fast towards the coming installments!!)

Opening the experience to magical beast, treasure filled mazes and a huge undergoing conspiracy makes the experience of reading this manga less action filled (as the ones before) and more info dumpy.  Still it keeps a got hook towards the main story plot and adds enough new characters and, together with the questing scenes, the story spiced up with a little of LGTBQAI+ cute rep that will be fit for all readers.

In sum, not the strongest of the volumes but one that is necessary to reach that action high that we need.

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I love my boys and love getting to see them experiencing new adventures. I can't wait to see what they do next!
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I loved this volume. We finally get to see a bit of Lizel’s world and the king looks so fun. Things are starting to get dangerous for our little Lizel but he always keeps his cool and his smile. I love this about him. I wish we could see more of Gil. I want to know more about him (also how hot is he, right). The friendships (that could become more?) in this volume is so cute. 
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A Gentle Noble's Vacation Recommendation, Volume 3, by Misaki continues the tale of a noble's unintentional trip. After defeating the underground dragon and finishing up their business in the mercantile city of Marcade, Lizel and Gil resume their journey, having promised Judge's grandfather to protect Judge along the way. But danger soon catches up to them when a strange group of bandits called the Forky Gang attacks in the middle of the night! It quickly becomes clear that someone is targeting Lizel, but who could it be, and for what reason?

A Gentle Noble's Vacation Recommendation's third volume picks up right where the previous volume left off, and then takes off running. I really enjoyed this volume and thought it moved the story along and introduced or fleshed out some of the previously introduced characters really well. I was great to see some of where Lizel came from, and how he reacts to the other characters and the possibility of being the target of a bandit gang. The art was consistent in style and quality with the previous volumes, and I thought the detail and line work was very well done. I enjoyed this read a great deal. My biggest complaint is that the volume ended way too soon for me, and I am ready for more.
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First of all, I thank netgalley for providing me with the third volume of this manga, my review will be 100% honest. In this third volume we continue with the story of Lizel and Gil, now we are joined by some characters who have already made their appearance in the previous volumes, throughout this volume we can see more of their adventures and learn a little more about the world of where Lizel comes from, maybe in the next one it will look like that world will try to rescue him. Although I like the story, I feel that it turns the same thing, I don't spend much in this part. I feel like they focused more on relationships which is good, but if it's adventure they should show more of that and not just basic adventures, since real adventures only name them. The characters are wonderful, I like the protagonists because they are polar opposites but they complement each other well, as for the secondary characters I like how they are developing them and how they are interacting with Lizel (Lizel's protection squad) I keep recommending this manga as it is quite light and easy to read. For me I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.
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Thank you to Independent Publishers Group, TOKYOPOP, and NetGalley for the eARC to read and review!

Volume 3 was good! There were a few new interesting developments foreshadowing possible dangers on the horizon. Lizel and Gil continue to surprise others by doing the impossible. We’re briefly introduced to a new character who I think will add some liveliness to the story. My favorite part was Judge and Studd basically competing for Lizel’s attention and affection - they’re so adorable! I’m really looking forward to the next volume. It’s gearing up to be a fun one.
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This manga series is so wholesome and always sparks joy for me when I’m reading it!

This volume was a bit slower, plot wise but definitely left a ton of seeds to sprout plot in future volumes. Plus, just getting to see these characters interact in softer scenes is always great to see.

I’m excited to see where Gil and Lizel go from here! Hopefully, we get to see some more new characters and their development!

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Unfortunately, I've been unable to read the first two volumes prior to reading volume three.
However I will say that the story seems to be genuinely adorable with main characters Lizel (a cinnamon-role Nobel who's turned adventurer) and Gil (a rough-and-tumble bodyguard-tour guide).

Though Lizel looks like the type that needs protection, his magic powers are more than enough to defend himself. Winding up in a city that has similarities to his own, but isn't, Lizel realizes that he's in a different world. Deciding to hire Gil, an adventurer and "tour-guide", the two set out on their own journey ; treating this as a vacation.
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The characters were great and I loved the artwork. The plot kind of meanders. A lot of the time I wasn't sure where the story was going or what the point was.  It didn't feel planned out at all, and nothing seems to have a lot of meaning. Feels like a bunch of filler scenes with no overarching story for the volume. I enjoyed it, but it doesn't leave me really eager to see what comes next.
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The story and plot keeps getting better and better! Seeing people all liking Lizel and him being badass but always with that sweet smile, he's so pure, but it makes me think that things will get troublesome now that we know someone is looking for him from where he came from...
His relationship with Gil seems to be getting intensier and deeper, loved how he now sees Gil as being her equal, something he makes it clear never happened. And Gil's face when says it! They are so cute! Another character that impressed me was Studd, loved seeing a glimpse of his past and a little bit more of him in the present.
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I had really hoped by volume three that I would enjoy this series, but unfortunately it falls flat. The queer baiting is honestly exhausting. Just make them lovers already and stop dancing around the topic because it's considered "taboo" or whatever.  The plot is dull and too inconsistent to really grab you. I've read a lot of these adventurer guild/dungeon crawl type stories, and this has to be the worst in terms of how the plot flows.  You're not given enough backstory or context to really have a clear idea where the story is going or what the point to anything is.  This isn't even a case of being dragged along for the ride. It feels like each chapter is thought up on the spot and nothing is planned out or really ever explained fully to make it sink in or have meaning.
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I still really love this story. 
This volume is a lot more chill compared to the previous two. It felt more like a set up volume for things to come in that it introduced a few new characters and focused on developing current relationships more than adventures or quests. 
I'm curious to see what will happen from here. 
Also, the art is absolutely phenomenal, it's the perfect mix of serious and cute and I'm obsessed. 

If you're in the mood for a very chill, quest/adventurers guild story with great characters than this may be the read for you!
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A Gentle Noble's Vacation Recommendation, Vol. 03
by Momochi, Misaki, Sando

176 Pages

This was a brilliant continuation of the series. I love that it picked up immediately after the dragon-slaying of Vol. 2, and that it covered the aftermath of that event. I'm utterly in love with Lizel and Gil, both as a (potential) couple and as individual characters. They both have so much diversity and colour, not only from each other but the other characters in the story.

The art is, again, STUNNING! Each character has their own personality and, though they're not in colour, it's never hard to tell who each character is and no confusion between characters when there are multiples on page, even when new characters are introduced.

It was really nice to finally meet the King Lizel works for, in his world, and to see what kind of person he is. I also liked meeting Judge's grandfather. Both were much younger than I expected, but far more intriguing. I thought they might be secondary off-page characters forever, but it will be much more interesting to have them on page from time to time.

The banter between Lizel and Gil took a cute turn, this volume, by Gil recognising how infatuated Judge and Studd are with Lizel and how he indulges them. I loved that he saw them as a cute cat/dog type of affection, and treated them accordingly, rather than the will-they-won't-they romance being introduced. I'm so in love with the idea of Lizel and Gil as a couple now that I couldn't imagine anything else working out. Though the way Gil encourages Lizel to spoil his 'pets' – as he sees them – was too adorable for words.

I can't wait for the next volume!
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After an action-packed volume two, volume three of A Gentle Noble's Vacation Recommendation proceeds at a calmer pace. There is less fighting in this one, but more fun and sweet moments between Lizel, Gil and Judge, which made me smile. Some interesting new characters and plot points have been introduced, too, so I am keen to see how things will go in volume four. As usual the artwork looks great. I read an e-ARC and the formatting was a little screwy, which led to the bottom of all the pages being cut off, chopping through text and illustration. However, I am sure that will be fixed before the official release in June. All up, this was another fun read and I am still interesting in continuing the series.

I received this book as a free eBook ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Back again on more adventures and shenanigans! Picking up where the last book left off, Lizel and Gil are resuming their journey and are facing various mercenaries and danger while also having cute friendship moments. Reading this book was just an overall fun story! I love the artwork and I love reading all the little moments and journey that Lizel and co go on!

*thanks Netgalley and TOKYOPOP for sending me an arc in exchange for an honest review*
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