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I adored this stand alone YA fantasy novel in which local wardens are responsible for recording dreams and later fighting the same dreams when they appear on the night of the new moon.

Clementine is training to be a warden under her father, but he loses his post, she swears revenge on the challengers. While plotting her revenge, she also seeks to overturn the curse that’s haunting the entire kingdom.
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Even with this story being recorded using the synthetic voice,(it wasn't a bad listening experience, it just lacks the emotion of a real person)  I really enjoyed it. The story and the characters really drew me in, Especially in part 2 when the action really picks up. 
I loved Clementine and Phelan. They are enemies, turned friends, who are slowly falling in love with each other.. Even with all the lies and secrets between them.. 
Everything about this story was so unique.. I love the way they use their magic to fight other peoples nightmares, I love the backstory of the cursed kingdom.. This story is full of twists  turns and I loved every minute of it. and I can't wait to get my hands on a physical copy.
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I couldn't finish the Night Circus, but I enjoyed this one. (Which is really saying something since I was listening to a robotic synthesized version.) Out of all the robotic audio books I've started for NetGalley first reads, I think I've finished two. This one and a new one by Pitticus Lore. 
DLB was very original, unexpected, and satisfying. It kept my attention the whole time and I was glad it didn't devolve into a sex or gore fest.
The ending was a little abstract/unexplained/convenient for me, but the book as a whole was entertaining. I'd read more by the author in the future.
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4.5 stars!

Clementine was the character everyone dreams of writing. She is quick, clever and caring- I loved getting to know her and I think she is the kind of character that could star in many series and always be fresh and engaging. 

This story was a crazy ride. It was slow to build at the beginning but like a roller coaster once it hit the summit it did not slow down. That pace did take a long time to build up though. 

I think this book was super unique with their magic system however that is my one complaint also because I didn’t fully grasp how some things worked as far as power sources and negative effects of magic utilization that may be incurred. I think if this was a series maybe that could have been fleshed out a bit more. I just didn’t understand the basis of it past usage for defense by the wardens.

The characters that join Clem on her adventures are also great and I loved Phelan. He was so fun and odd and mysterious. I felt like all of the side characters really built and supplemented the story very well.

I also think the lore of the kingdom and the 7 wraiths being woven in was super intriguing and the lore really supported and propelled the story forward.

I am a big fan and I highly recommend this- Ross’s previous duology is also magical.

All thoughts are my own offered in exchange for a galley audiobook. Thank you so much to x and NetGalley for this offering.
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I think I'm going to avoid fantasy audiobooks for a while and try to focus on reading physical or e-copies of the fantasy books I'm interested in. While there was nothing wrong with this particular audiobook, I just struggle to focus on fantasy audios. This audiobook was actually really good, as was the story; this is completely on me!

I haven't read the books everyone compares this to, but honestly, it was just a really good fantasy without knowing anything about the comparison titles. The plot was riveting, and it was easy to get lost in the world (when I wasn't zoning out). I really liked the author's writing style, so I'd love to read more by her!
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Rebecca Ross does an amazing job of weaving readers straight into the heart of a fantastical world. Magic, love, and betrayal abound. All of the best page ingredients mixed together with the perfect dose of a fresh, new approach to a magical realm. Listeners will hold their breath until the end.
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Dreamy in every way, the beginning of the book is intriguing and it made me carding about the characters and therefore wanting to know more. I love the relationship that every character had, it seems genuine. Although almost at the end of the book, in my opinion the story slowed down a little bit, for plot purposes I think I was reasonable. Had a satisfying ending and a great development of characters. This book is full of magic, treason and plot twists, Loved it!
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I received this voice galley and it was the first one I’ve ever received so I did not understand what I would be listening to when I started. I did not enjoy the voice galley. 

However, I do understand that it was lacking personality due to it not being an actual audiobook narration, therefore my review for the story itself is that it was okay. I tried really hard to not let the non-audiobook voice galley narration not get in the way of me listening to the story but it was hard. Overall I did not have anything against the story, but I did not love it. It’s hard for me to pinpoint what I didn’t love in the story because the voice galley made it hard to enjoy. 

Therefore the voice galley is a one star for me, but the story itself is currently a 3 star, I will update this at a later date when I can listen to an actual audiobook of this book and see if that changes my rating/thoughts on the book. 

Thank you NetGalley for a copy of this book. This is my honest voluntary review.
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Thank you to Harper for an ALC of this in exchange for an honest review!

What if your nightmares could come to life? For as long as Clementine can remember, Azenor has been cursed. At night, nightmares plague the streets, and magicians are the only ones who can ward them off. When her father is challenged for her wardenship and loses, she and her father must pack up and leave. 

Her father might be okay with it, but Clem is not. And she wanted revenge. 

This was, as expected, AMAZING. I loved everything baout it. Rebecca Ross' writing is beautiful and lyrical as ever, and her ability to completely suck you in is astounding! I loved the premise, the world building, and the characters. The enemies to lovers slow burn romance is just top notch. Definitely worth a read! Cannot recommend it enough
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This title has a gorgeous cover and I think that the mystery of it will suck readers in. The writing, unfortunately, is a little stunted. 

I did enjoy this book overall, but did have to stop a few times and then slog through until my interest was caught again. Ross’ writing was a little long-winded and seemed to go of topic occasionally. Although I did appreciate the descriptions of people and settings, it was a bit much.

The main characters were pretty well developed and were easy to understand. I would have actually liked a little more depth to the outlying characters as they tended to fade into the background.

The magic in this book is a little confusing and I’m still not sure I fully understand what was happening. It was definitely a new take on dreams and magical powers, but I felt there was still something missing. 

I think that Ross has more to come with these characters and although I am intrigued, I won’t be running to follow along. I will give this to my more devout fantasy readers and see if their interest is higher before going further.

The narration was somewhat stale with this one. Although some synthetic voices are able to project some forms of expression, this one felt very deadpan. This may have affected my enjoyment of the novel.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me to read and review this book.

This book is just as wonderful and fanciful as the cover suggests. The characters are all well-written and robust. The ambiance is amazing. And the plot moves along nicely. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Azenor and its interesting folklore and legends. The magic system is perfect, not too complex, and just enough for the characters to accomplish the plot. I will definitely be ordering this book to have a paper copy on my shelves!
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Dreams Lie Beneath was utterly stunning and captivating. I wish I can give it more than 5 stars. I love to read anything with a magic system and Dreams Lie Beneath did not disappoint me. I absolutely adored Clementine. She was bold and smart.  There’s a curse in Clementine’s town that brings the town’s people nightmares to life. It is up to Clementine and her father a magician to help the townspeople. That’s until two strangers arrive and challenge Clementine and her father to take over the village. Clementine suffers from the loss and vengeance becomes her motivation. Phelan was also my favorite character and I absolutely adored him. I loved all the fantasy elements and it easily became my favorite novel from this year. I can’t wait to have a physical copy because the cover is stunning!! Thank you NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read an amazing book!!
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I will without a doubt be buying this book for my own collection. I am an avid fantasy reader, and in my eyes this book is without flaws. I truly think that it encapsulates everything a fantasy reader would want, while adding a layer of its own originality that makes it so special and unique. This quote in particular just spoke to me, "One does not realize how powerful a dream is, in the sleeping world as well as the waking one, until it has been stolen from them." There is just something so melodic and special about the way this author tells this story. There were so many times where even though this book it thought to be fantasy, I thought a lot of the quotes or situations could be applicable to the readers real life as well. This book truly felt like it was written with a reader like me in mind. It has everything I could want from a story, it has enemies to lovers, hidden identities, one bed, revenge, a fiesty main character, pride and prejudice, cruel prince, Hazel wood, and Night Circus esque vibes that truly made this book one to look out for. Because I read a lot of fantasy, I tend to find some themes redundant. But THAT WAS NOT THE CASE with this book. I love the complexity of this multilayered magical world. This simultaneously felt like a slow burn, that also kept up a good pace throughout. I will say that as someone who has frequent nightmares, the premise of the book would be a nightmare in my own life... but also it made it that much more addicting to read. I love Clementine. I love her name, I love her character, I love who she from start to middle to finish. I loved the twists and the turns in this book and thought that they were both unexpected, but also made sense. Overall I am just obsessed with this book. I think it is absolute perfection and I am so excited to rave about it long after it is published, because I truly think that this book is a force of nature. Rebecca Ross is for sure an auto buy author for me from here on out. Utterly brilliant.
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I received this complimentary ARC from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for this audio Arc. I loved this book even with the synthetic voice in the ARC.  Magic and mystery, family drama, and friendship all in one. This is a unique story full of twists and turns.  It has such an interesting premise, dreams coming to life every full moon. I think our high schoolers will enjoy this story.
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An excellent YA dark fantasy, with a bit of horror! The character development and world building make sure that you "feel" the full experience of the book. I definitely like that it is a stand-alone, so I don't have to keep waiting for and wondering if/when the story will continue. A lot of books have lost my interest after the first one lately anyways. Dreams Lie Beneath is so well written that I just couldn't stop listening/reading. Thank you for a truly original storyline and plot!
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I was so hopeful for this one since I have loved all of Rebecca Ross's books but this one was just not for me. I was intrigued at first but I think the way the magic system was setup and the way dreams were extracted was confusing at times and just was a little hard to always feel drawn into what was happening. I have enjoyed most of the Harpercollins audios done for early release but this narrator was not as easy to listen to. The concept for Dreams Lie Beneath is so interesting and Rebecca has such a whimsical way of writing that I am sure many will love this book. It is one I will probably try in physical format after release again.
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yoooo that last line!!?!! this was really good.

 Even though the last line left me wanting another 100 pages to explain wtf just happened I love a good stand a lot fantasy, that is so fresh and unexpected. I find we don’t get that enough, particularly in YA. 

I haven’t read The Night Circus so I can’t really speak on how good of comp this is, but before I even read the goodreads description comparing the two I thought it reminded me of The Hazel Wood, stories layered within the stories that you don’t know what’s fact or just folklore. 

also the enemies to lovers + magical disguise was such a good suspenseful combo!!

I received the audiobook from Harper Audio via Netgalley for review
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Thank you NetGalley for the eARC!
I have loved Rebecca's book "Sisters of Sword And Song" and was screaming crazy when I got this ebook. With an amazing heroine, a plot unlike any other and heartwarming relationships, I couldn't help falling in love with this gorgeous book! The intriguing plot had me devouring the pages and I was so eager for more of this beautiful world Rebecca has created. The well-developed and interesting characters totally caught my attention. This book kept on coming with the twists and turns and betrayals, it had me hooked! Even though I cried a lot, I'm going to miss this world. I'd recommend it to everyone! I'm, of course, desperate for more from Rebecca. 

5 beautiful stars for this wonderful miracle of a book!💖
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I really enjoyed this book. It started a little slow but within no time it picked up. The author did an amazing job.
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Thanks NetGalley for this advanced audiobook listen, but I gotta say, having Alexa read the audiobook was weird to say the least. She had some weird pauses, especially anytime someone was addressing Clem directly at the end of a sentence. It was very cringe. In addition to that, I couldn't spell half the names just from hearing her robot voice say them throughout the whole book (Im-o-ny? Em-er-is? I also could not even begin to guess at the Wolf's daughter's name, someone assist, please!)

Alexa aside, how was the book? Gotta say, it must be pretty darn incredible for me to have spent 12 hours listening to a robot tell me the tale. I'll admit, the first few chapters had me thinking this was going to be a DNF, but then I was so hooked. Magicians fighting literal nightmares? Backstabby court intrigue? And a slow-burn romance??? The magical land, the characters, the mystery, I loved it all, but she really got me with that romance. I really enjoyed Ross's Sisters of Sword and Song book, so I probably should dive into her Queen's Resistance series next, because her books are really quite enchanting!

Even Alexa couldn't ruin this book for me. I am crazy psyched to get a physical copy of this and read it all over again!
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