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I love John Wayne, he is an old fashioned kind of guy, knew what his fans wanted, and he delivered! I was young when his last films were made, but I grew up with his movies on Cable, he never grows boring! These sayings are not all of his best quotes, I prefer when someone who respects him, his patriotism, his love of country, family, his loyalty to friends,  who knew him best, I prefer hearing from them.
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"That'll be the day.." - John Wayne

Some of my best memories from growing up center around John Wayne. My grandfather loved his movies, and he passed that down to my father, and me. I grew up on his movies, and I am now passing that on to my children. You know you have a parenting win when you hear your kids using some of his quotes from movies, and you just know you are doing something right, 
In "John Wayne Speaks" we get the iconic quotes, a bit of background, and fleshing out the man himself. As I was reading this book, I laughed, I remembered scenes from the movies, laughed some more - then finally had to turn the movie on to watch. So between bouncing through the book and the movies, it took me a bit to finish this one - because I didn't want it to end! 

Mark Orwoll did a fabulous job - and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to read it and share my thoughts on the book. For John Wayne fans, you are going to love this one. For those who are not sure who John Wayne is (blasphemy), this is a great starter into the larger-than-life actor.
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Full of John Wayne one liners and other information. Throughly enjoyable!

Thank you to NetGalley for an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.
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Good read with tons of John Wayne movie quotes. And also his biography. Good reference book. A must have for John Wayne fans
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John Wayne Speaks by Mark Orwoll is where you find the quotes fans remember the most.  This would make a great gift for the John Wayne fan in your life.
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I received a free electronic ARC of this excellent biography from Netgalley, Mark Orwoll, and St. Martin's Press. Thank you all for sharing your hard work with me. I have read John Wayne Speaks of my own volition, and this review reflects my honest opinion of this work.

My husband and I are both pushing mid-70's so we are the second generation of moviegoers that hold many fond memories of the Duke. And both of our parents used John Wayne's quotes and actions as learning tools and templates of acceptable behavior in a world gone frantically mad.

Thinking back, we did the same with our kids. Often, the very same quotes. "'Sorry' don't get it done, Dude. You call the tune, you pay the piper. My church has been the mountains and solitude - No doors at all. There is no word in the Apache language for 'lie'. Whippersnappers! It's not a threat, it's a promise. Whoa, take 'er easy there, pilgrim." And the most impressive expression of disappointment of all -Would John Wayne DO THAT?

It has worked out well as a teaching tool for our generation of parents. Our kids are still whippersnappers, but they live by the cowboy code, as expressed by The Duke. As do their kids. And their grandkids. Parents, be sure you add a few of these 178 Duke movies to your family time in front of the tube. We could do with more Americans learning the proper way to cowboy up.
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My Mother was a big John Wayne fan so it was stepping back in time with this book to Saturdays of John Wayne movies . As he was a die hard conservative  his views are not in align with mine at all  but reading his words did bring back memories of times gone by.  A enjoyable read for those who want to walk down memory lane and remember their parents affection for this one time movie star.
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I was so excited to see this book.  Reading through this book brought so many memories of Saturday afternoons watching the "Duke" with my dad. It really didn't matter which of the movies we watched it was the time spent together.  So seeing this film quotes really takes me back to those days.  I can hear his voice in my head when I read these quotes.  The author does a good job of categorizing the different quotes.  There was also a lot of research that went into finding and choosing the quotes. One of my favorite categories is the warnings, insults, intimidation and ultimatums.  This is where you find the quotes you remember the most. Share this book with the John Wayne fan in your life and maybe watch one or two of the movies and find the quotes.
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I received an advance copy of, John Wayne Speaks, by Mark Orwoll.  If you are a big fan of John Wayne, then you will ,love this book. Quotes from John Wayne, broken up into themes.
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