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A Letter to Three Witches

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Generally a fun book. Three cousins who have their lives unbalanced by a rouge cousin who puts their romantic lives in upheaval. Each of the main characters has a pretty clear voice. It is fun and very light reading. I wish that there was more magic in in. Although it does have some, it is mostly in error, or them trying to figure out what to do since they haven't had the magical upbringing of other witches. To me, it reads a little as the story being unfinished. There is some good humor, lots of silliness that wasn't always engaging for me, and definitely some plot holes. I wish the romance had been crafted better, I didn't really care for Jeremy. 

I didn't love this book, but I did enjoy it. Give it a try if you are looking for something lighthearted that doesn't require to much presence.
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I want say thank you for sharing this book with me, but I just couldn't get into it.  The characters irritated me and so I quit reading.  Now - in all fairness to the author -- this is just me.  I feel sure other readers will really enjoy the book.
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This was a funny, light hearted book that is perfect to read curled up on your favorite chair. Loved the relationship between the cousins and the narrative of Griz the cat. Hope there is a sequel.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a ARC in exchange for my honest review. 

A Letter to Three Witches was a decent read filled with magic, family drama, love, and an ominous letter. It was an easy and fast read but unfortunately, the story and overall plot development was a bit lackluster and slow paced. 

The characters in this book were likable and entertaining as they each had their own amusing storyline. I will say that I did enjoy all the magic and witchy aspect of this book. My favorite character by far was Griz, the black cat as his POVs were just so interesting. 

The ending did wrap up pretty quickly and just felt rushed. However, it was still a nice conclusion. Overall, this book had a good premise and there were some enjoyable moments, it just didn’t really hit the mark for me.
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This is a very cute and lighthearted witch-y book. I liked how the perspective switched between Gwen and the cat. It added nice humor and loads of cuteness. The plot and character development are all pretty predictable, and Tannith is a cartoon villain. Despite this, the book was overall super cute and fun to read. All the relationships the cousins were in were slightly problematic with major trust issues and miscommunication; however, this wasn't really a central part of the book, which made it more bearable. This is a perfect read if you're looking for a cute and funny witch story.

Thanks NetGalley and publisher for an eARC in exchange for an honest review!
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A Letter to Three Witches is a light and magical romcom that gives off Bewitched vibes. It’s short, funny, and full of perfectly awkward situations.

Our story follows the “Cousin Coven” of Zenobia as they try to figure out what trickster Tannith is up to and try to keep their marriages in tact. Milo, Gwen, and Trudy all come from a family that is banned from using magic.

So when crazy and unexplainable events occur, they try to get to the root of the problem before anyone gets caught. They sneak around, spy, and accidentally enchant cupcakes.

When relationships take a turn for the worst, the trio seeks the help of estranged Aunt Esme. But she only causes more mystery and confusion for the group.

I think this book was short, sweet, and funny. It’s a cute and light hearted read. But the book did have a few issues. The pop culture references were a bit awkward and will not make sense in a few years. The cheating aspect and the way the relationships ended up were not something I enjoyed. There were a number of plot holes and lose ends that just weren’t wrapped up. But beyond that, it was a very funny story to follow and the Cat POV was my favorite!
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Gwen and her cousins are witches that aren't allowed to practice witchcraft. I went into this book thinking it would be like Practical Magic, but it was a bit all over the place. This family drama had quite a few subplots. It was a quick read. Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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A Letter to Three Witches is a quirky story of three cousins fumbling through problems they were raised to avoid. Their family had been banned from practicing magic due to an allegedly errant great grandparent. Now, they wind up having to quickly learn how to practice magic, in secret, to avoid further punishment to their family. All the while, cousin Tannith is stirring the metaphorical pot to cook up trouble after she fled from their hometown of Zenobia where things aren't always as they seem. This story was funny, light and a super fast read.
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This was such a quirky and quick read. It’s not the sort of thing I’d usually pick up, but I saw it advertised on NetGalley and put in a request (thank you for granting me early access!). I’m glad that I did, as this was the pick-me-up I didn’t realise I needed.

It’s about three witches, Gwen, Trudy and Milo - close-knit cousins in a family of witches that have been banned from performing magic. But then a strange letter arrives from their other cousin, Tannith, that throws everything into chaos that only magic can fix… 

I found this to be really enjoyable. I enjoyed the premise, the characters balanced each other out well, and the book had a great deal of pace to it. I didn’t expect to devour it as quickly as I did, but it certainly got me out of the reading slump I was in.

Overall, I’d recommend this to anyone who enjoys books about magic and witches, or is looking for something light-hearted and fun to read.
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This was a very pleasant, entertaining and easy read!

The writing style was smooth and made the reading process effortless. I got 25% through the book in the blink of an eye!

I really enjoyed Gwen’s narrative voice, and Griz’s POV was hilarious and original.
The plot itself was rather simple and a few twists were predictable— but it wasn’t a bother, because it was overall well executed.

I enjoyed following the cousin’s adventures, even if I was a bit less interested in Milo since he was not as much around as Trudy. I was however surprised to like Esme!

Regarding Jeremy, his part in this entire thing was unfortunately a bit odd to me and I’m struggling to see how anything could have sparked between him and Gwen so quickly, when he really was just acting weird and they didn’t even interact that much until like 80% of the book.
Another detail that bugged me was how late things started wrapping up— it felt like a lot of information, action and revelations compared to the pace of the events so far!

Last thing, this book should definitely not be taken too seriously. I mean this in the sense that not everything should be read literally, it has a real humorous streak to it. For instance the sudden drop of a random and quirky fact about a character, or some completely eccentric and fun detail thrown in the middle of a serious explanation, etc!

I had a good time reading A Letter To Three Witches. I’m giving it a solid 3.5 stars, rounded up to 4. If you’re looking for a quick and diverting read, nothing too serious, and a plot with witchy elements, just go for it!

Thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books!
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This is a first for me. Fantasy is not a genre that I typically read but I have found this fun and intriguing. It definitely gets your mind off of today’s a normal when you can enter a world of fantasy and fun. Congrats on this book.
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A Letter to Three Witches is a modern witchy book heavy on the details. This is a story about 3 witchy-cousins who have been prohibited to practice magic due to some terrible happenings in an ancestors past. A family member makes things difficult and each of the cousins learn a little (or much) about themselves and their relationships. 

Kudos to the author for coming up with a witchy plot like this one. It's fresh, new, and unlike anything I've read previously. I love all things witchy and this book was fun. 

Honestly, I thought the best part about this book was the perspective of Griz the cat. Parts of this story are told from a pet's perspective.... AND IT IS DELIGHTFUL. 

I found this to be  fairly quick read. The plot and dialogue are fast and funny and I'd say this was an okay read. At times, the plot felt so chaotic and shallow but the details were so lovely. I think a lot of people will like this book, I'm just not someone who loved it.
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Thank you Netgalley for this ARC for an exchange for an honest review.

This was really fun to read I must say.  Go for it.
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I was not expecting to enjoy this book as much as I did. The only way that I can describe the plot of this book is as a pretty fun chain of unfortunate events. The main characters of the story are Gwen, Trudy, and Milo, who all happened to be cousins and exiled witches. After they received a letter from Tannith, another cousin, all of their love lives start to fall apart with unforeseeable consequences, and at the same time, they face several magical disasters of their own making. Overall, the story was good with a few plot twists. However, I would have liked to see the Grand Council of Witches in action. I would recommend this book to people who are looking for an easy read with a few twists. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books, I had the opportunity to read the eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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A really fun book overall. This one reminded me of taking Scarlett Witch with two other witches and creating a scenario of them living life with magic included. It was actually a lot of fun overall.
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Lovely witchy book! Three cousins (Gwen, Trudy and Milo) come from a family of witches, but… Because one of their ancestors made a “mistake” their family line isn’t allowed to practice magic.
There is a fourth “cousin” Tannith, but she’s not actual family and she’s up to no good, she’s scheming to shake things up a bit.
Things go wrong, magic is used and well… our cousins need to fix things. I loved the characters & especially Griz the black cat. It’s a nice and easy read!
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Disclaimer: Although I received this book in exchange for my honest review…all the  thoughts and feelings are my own!!!!!  

This was a fast paced funny and cute book.. I loved Gwen so much …Trudy and Milo were ok. 
.The characters were intersting and well written. It was a fast read and I didn’t find this boring or uninteresting. 
I will definitely read more books of this author…

Thank you so much NetGalley and Elizabeth Bass for providing me a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review!
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Quirky and adorable, A Letter to Three Witches is a cozy read that makes me long for autumn breezes and Halloween hijinks. The witch community Elizabeth Bass creates in Zenobia, New York reminds me of nostalgic childhood memories watching Halloweentown with my sister. The characters are suitably strange, devious, and downright hilarious, as is the world they live in. 

However, I wish the book had been longer overall; there was so much potential for a deeper development of the protagonist's character arc, a deeper dive into the protagonist's romantic relationships, and a deeper explanation of the low fantasy world in general. I found myself shocked about 20 pages from the end, not believing that Bass could neatly wrap the story up so quickly without plot holes. There were plot holes, but that being said, part of the book's charm is that the reader needs to jump into it with a good amount of suspension of disbelief. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I will post this review to my blog and to my Goodreads.
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Overall, A Letter to Three witches is an okay book. Bass's writing is enjoyable and the characters/plot is face-paces and witty. Although, this also meant that both didn't get as developed as I would have liked. Considering there were about 3-4 different plots going on at once, the story didn't get the details it truly deserved. It would be a great recommendation for readers who are trying to get introduced to the world of romantic fantasy. It's a quick and fun read so I am excited to see more of Bass writing in the future.
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A Letter to Three Witches is a truly charming confection. Fast-paced, funny, and unendingly lighthearted, this cheery tale of witchcraft, family, love, and self-discovery is the perfect armchair romp for a quiet afternoon. 

One major high point of this novel is that the quality of Elizabeth Bass's prose is a cut above what's often found in paranormal romances. Her fluid, well-paced sentences and effortlessly breezy style kept me happily engrossed in the story's world for its duration. Good writing combined with loveable characters and a zippy, just-complicated-enough plot is all I could ever want in a witchy romantic comedy; this book does not disappoint.

I would recommend this title to anyone looking for a sweet, entertaining, undemanding read that truly delivers on its promise of magical, mood-lifting entertainment. 

I received a free e-ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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