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A Letter to Three Witches

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I received a free ARC.  This is my honest review.

This was a fun cozy paranormal mystery about 3 cousins who find themselves performing witchcraft despite the Council's ruling orherwise.  There is a fourth cousin determined to cause the other three misery.

It's a quick, funny read and I await the next in what is sure to be a series.
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Note - I received this digital arc for free as a courtesy of Net Galley and Kensington Books, Kensington in return for an honest feedback. 

Rating - 3/5

When I first decided to pick this title up, I half expected it to be a mystical Halloween based story - a sort of casual read with magic and romance infused. To sum up - kind of like a Halloween Netflix feel good film. However I hate to say it but the story really didn't meet my expectations. 

A Letter to Three Witches by Elizabeth Bass is casual standalone story with a blend of magic, mystery, a touch of romance, marriage drama and so on ( You can kind of get the gist from this). Basically a family drama with chaos ensued on the basis of a single letter that the protagonists trio namely Gwen, Trudy and Milo receive from their foster cousin / Gwen's foster sister Tanith who is kind of like a grey character in the story. So how the cousins who have been banned from using magic due to an error on part of their ancestor resolve a series of problems set into motion by that letter without letting the witch coven or their human better halves know kind of form the basic plot 

Overall a neat single time read although it did get a bit chaotic in between with so many sub plots that never helped the story move forward.  But the ending made it a worthwhile read.  

The story had so much potential for being a great 5 star read as there were few fun sequences and comedic dialogues etc. in the story however there were a few things I felt could have been better. To start with, the arc I received had a few grammatical errors that require work. Secondly too many plotlines which together started to make the entire story a drag without reaching anywhere. This sort of made me dwindle out of interest multiple times across the book. Plus in an attempt to make the story a casual read, the whole story felt like there wasn't single bit of seriousness or foundation given to the mythical aspects. Everything seemed too mellowed. 

If you are someone who is fine with a very casual read, then this book is perfect for you. Plus the ending kind of seemed like a cliff hanger to me which looks like there may be a chance for a sequel to be made. Hopefully the sequel might be more eye catching to me !!

The book publishes on Jan 25th, 2022. Likewise feel free to add me on Goodreads, Net Galley, Edelweiss and Book Sirens for more reviews.
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Thanks to the publishers, Netgalley and the author for an ARC of this book.  I am leaving this review voluntarily.

It's never to late (or early) in my opinion to read a witchy Halloween book.  only 10 months to go until my favourite time of the year!

This is a very cute book about a magical family who, due to some ancestral mis-magic-ment that caused the Dust Bowl natural disaster, are banned from practising magic.  This is usually not a problem for Gwen and her cousins, Milo and Trudy, but when they get a letter from Gwen's meddling foster-sister, things start to go awry.  

I enjoyed this book, although it did get a little messy in the middle when there seemed to be too much happening without the story moving forward.  But the magical ending made it a worthwhile read.  The dialogue was pithy and the Halloweeniness was on point.  

A lot of fun.
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This is a fun, light-hearted comedy about three witches who have never been allowed to practise magic. But a letter they all receive changes that, driving them to magic in spite of the rules forbidding them to cast any spells. 

The plot is madcap, the characters are quirky, and the romance is sweet. My favorite chapters were the ones told from the point-of-view of Griz, a black cat with a unique and funny way of looking at things. I recommend you pick this book up if you're in the mood for an enjoyable story with magic, mystery, and a touch of romance.

Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for giving me an Advance Reader Copy for review.
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I found this to be an entertaining story! Many thanks to Tannith for sending that letter to Gwen, Trudy, and Milo setting things in motion for color changing rabbits, magic toads, missing people, a mysterious aunt, and enchanting cupcakes! Despite the supposed dangers from the council for practicing forbidden magic, I found this lighthearted and funny because I always like magic and even a bit of love.  

This definitely seems to be a first book and I would love to be able to dive back into this world to find out more of the history and why the council blamed Gwen's family for causing the dustbowl.  I also really want to try one of Trudy's cupcakes, like maybe the Strawberry Bliss ones!
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This had promise. I felt it was an interesting premise and I was enjoying it to begin with. I felt it didn’t take itself too seriously when really it’s a book about witches and magic. But I felt it was slow and didn’t really go anywhere, and I didn’t find connections between various plot points. Sadly, this dwindled out of interest for me.
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I had a few issues with the story set up, like it didn't feel realistic that entire generations of witches would allow themselves to be banished from practicing magic, but then I remembered that this was fiction and allowed myself to relax a bit. I warmed up to the characters and enjoyed watching the story unfold. I kinda fell in love with Esmerelda the rabbit, and the other various talking animals were pretty funny, too. I ended up having a lot of fun with this one. If you don't ask a lot of questions, I think you will like it, too. This book's specific style and depiction of witches really pushed it from a 4 star to a 5 star book.
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DNF 25%
I really wanted to like this, but I think I gave it a fair chance. It was moving extremely slow for me, and I think a lot of the plot was filler. A lot of the dialogue seemed unnecessary to me and I was waiting for the mystery to really kick into gear. The author did do a good job of adding some humor though. Maybe I'll pick it up again sometime, but for now, I'd rather spend my time reading something I enjoy:)
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I thought the book would be up my alley because of how interesting the blurb made it sound, but unfortunately I found A Letter to Three Witches plot a bit directionless, and wasn’t pulled into the story like I hoped.
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This is a light and funny read with an amazing premise. It's a quick read that is really funny and is well-written and awesome. I was drawn in by the cover and premise and its a great read.
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This book was so fun to read! It was fast paced and the characters really spoke to me. The comedy and romance were very interesting to read. I love witchy books so when I saw this book on Netgalley I just had to read it.

Thanks to Netgalley for this ARC. All thoughts and opinions are my own
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Guess who’s holding on to the witchy season for dear life! Yup, to no one’s surprise, it’s lil’ old me.

I was thrilled to get an ARC of this book, but, in all honesty, I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did. 11 times out of 10, I’m reading a romance novel or a fantasy romance or anything with a romance and a happy ending, and, while this one did deliver on those elements, the romance was not at all the main story arc. The fact that I didn’t mind it says wonders, lol.

This particular coven is located in the small town of Zenobia, New York, and it’s made of four witch cousins – Gwen, our main character, who runs a small business where she and her employees perform odd jobs for people in town; Trudy, a married mom-of-two who is approaching her forties and runs a cupcake business; Milo, who’s currently working on his dreamy boyfriend's mayoral campaign; and Tannith, the mean, callous, diabolical one of the group, who was raised by Gwen’s parents after her own passed away and has basically been the Regina George of this family.

The book starts as Gwen, Trudy and Milo all receive letters from Tannith informing them that she is moving to New York City at the end of the week and is taking one of their significant others, who she has enchanted – which is odd, considering that the family is not allowed to practice magic due to an ancestor’s catastrophic mistake while casting a spell about 90 years ago.

The letters unite the three cousins as they try to find out who Tannith has hexed: is it Daniel, Gwen’s boring entomologist boyfriend? (Does she even mind if it is?) Is it Brett, Milo's boyfriend, with his genuine political ambitions and beautiful smile? Is it Laird, Trudy’s skeptical, know-it-all professor husband?

Unfortunately, figuring out who Tannith’s victim/future lover is turns out to be kind of complicated, since none of the men are currently in town (suspicious much?).

Other than general panic, anger and confusion, the letters cause Gwen, Trudy and Milo to go, well, a little out of control, setting them up for a hilarious adventure.

The romantic lead appears in the form of Laird’s nerdy mentee, Jeremy, who seems to be hanging around way too much for comfort in these weird times. Is he a Watcher, sent to spy on Gwen and her family to make sure they’re not using magic? Or does he just want to smooch her? 😏

I loved this book so so much. It was laugh-out-loud funny and super sweet. I couldn't put it down!

Also, turns out you can’t legally publish a book about witches without having them name their business something witch-related; in this case, Gwen’s business is called Abracadabra Odd Jobs and Trudy’s business is called Enchanted Cupcakes. So, no lawsuits here. 😉
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I absolutely loved this book! I was so engrossed by the characters right off the bat. Elizabeth Bass's writing is out of this world, if you've been in a reading slump this is a great place to start, it absolutely blew me away!
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I wanted to like this book so much, the first 20% I was thinking it was going to be interesting and then it just got really boring and I just didn’t care about the characters anymore.
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A Letter to Three Witches is a lighthearted and fun read full of zany characters. 

Nearly a century ago, after a disastrous incident that lead to the Dustbowl, the Grand Council of Witches forbade one particular family of witches from practicing witchcraft. 

Today, Gwen and her family are still abiding by that order. That all changes when Gwen receives a startling letter from her adopted sister, Tannith. Tannith’s letter declares that she has bewitched one of the family’s partners and intends to run away with him by the end of the week. 

What follows is hilarious magical mishap after hilarious magical mishap. Get ready for some enchanted cupcakes, transformations, and a cast of blundering witches. 

This novel is a quick read and told mainly from Gwen’s perspective.

After reading some dark thrillers recently, it was fun to switch things up with this entertaining novel. By the end, I still had some unanswered questions, which makes me wonder if there will be more books to follow this one. 

I recommend this if you’re looking for a light and funny witchy novel. 

Thank you to Kensington Books for the arc provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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A fast paced laugh-out-loud story. With playful banter and romance for readers of all ages. Bass creates a world of love, witchcraft and self discovery. Which I of course will be recommending to my audience!
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Thanks NetGalley, the publisher and the author for sending this to me, in exchange for an honest review. I want to start with my favourite aspect of it: FAMILY DYNAMICS. I really like how the biggest source of support to Gwen. was her family, how she was so close to them and her inner circle where formed by cousins and family. However, the story felt immature, the characters felt silly and unpolished. The plot sounds really good just like a fun read but it has a lot of sub-plots and none of them could keep my intrigued or captivated my attention:(. I hate some tropes in books and unfortunately this books has them all. I don’t stand for man talking bad about women. I am meaning, when character A  tells Gwen he doesn’t like character B ‘cause she is “artificial” and proceeds to say that our main character is natural (+ the intern monologue Gwen has) . The book it’s quick and, like I said before, has amazing family dynamics, probably the best ones I ever read considering the characters personalities. Thank so much, again, NetGalley and the author.
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I am always sad to give a review of a book that did not meet my expectations.
What I was hoping for was to read a fun and/similar version of the Charmed series.

What I got, was an underwhelming plot where i did not care about the characters nor the storyline and although it had some laugh out loud moments, it did not succeed in keeping my interest. Most importantly, I was so disappointed in the lack of magic (which may be due to my expectations on it) but it was a letdown all the same since we are indeed dealing with witches! I did not mind the contemportary setting I was just waiting to read more on the magic and the quirks that accompanied their lives, but there was too little of that which affected my enjoyement of the book negatively which is why this was a two star read for me.

Thank you to Netgalley for the ARC and I hope this book finds its audience :)
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Thank you to Netgalley and publishers for this eARC.

Wow I absolutely loved A Letter To Three Witches.
It centres on a family of cousins that through ancestry have been outcasted and forbidden to practice magic. In fear of the Watchers finding them and the consequences of doing magic, the three cousins stayed away until recently upon receiving a letter from Tannith.
The three cousins have to contend with dilemma after dilemma, whilst navigating their normal everyday lives. 

The characters in this story are well developed and they all served a purpose. I thought it was great the way things turned out. I found myself needing to read more as I was drawn into the story, however I did guess the outcome of the "bunny" when it was first introduced but it didn't spoil the story for me. 

I honestly loved this magic story, it definitely did have "practical magic" vibes and was a nice chick lit read.
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Thoroughly enjoyed it. Comedy, romance and fun. Thankyou for giving me the chance to read this in advance. Highly recommended and you won’t be disappointed
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