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Great book of healthier Mexican recipes. I appreciated that these seemed to use mostly readily available ingredients. The intro section covers information on The Mexican Kitchen and The Mexican Pantry, for equipment and items that are common and good to have on hand. Recipes are in chapters on Salsas & Dips, Appetizers & Sides, Soups & Breads, Salads, Meat & Fish, Poultry, Meatless Mains, Rice and Beans, and Desserts. Recipes are also included for sauces that are used in some of the main recipes.
The review copy I received did not contain any photographs of the dishes. There were pages that seemed to be placeholders for photos to come, but they were not with every recipe, so I assume that the final book will not have photos of every item.
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Thank you to The Experiment (publisher) and NetGalley for an advanced copy. 

There are so many delicious and healthy recipes in this book that I will definitely be buying a hard copy once it's released. My husband and I recently started following the Mediterranean way of eating and so many of these recipes either fit perfectly or can easily be adapted to be compliant. I really cannot wait to try so many of these recipes! 

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Healthy Easy Mexican is a tutorial guide with recipes developed by Velda de la Garza. Due out 12th Oct 2021 from The Experiment, it's 272 pages and will be available in paperback and ebook formats. 

Traditional Mexican food has a less-than-stellar reputation as being full of unhealthy fats and ingredients such as lard, salt, high-fat cheeses, and sour cream. The truth is that much of the traditional cuisine is full of indisputably healthy foods such as avocado, citrus, beans lentils & other legumes, fiber rich corn, and other really good nutrition-rich ingredients. This cookbook is full of well-curated appealing recipes developed by a nutritionist and healthcare provider. 

The introduction includes important background information covering ingredients, preparation, an overview over fats, and pantry stocking information including healthy alternatives. The recipes are arranged thematically: Salsas & Dips, Appetizers & Sides, Soups & Breads, Salads, Meat & Fish, Poultry, Meatless Meals, Rice & Beans, and Desserts. Each recipe includes a title, yields, ingredients in a bullet list sidebar, followed by step-by-step cooking instructions. Recipe ingredients are listed with both American standard measures and metric measures (yay!). Nutritional information includes calories, fat, fiber, sodium, saturated fat, cholesterol, and the diabetic exchange values for each recipe. 

Roughly 25% of the recipes will contain photographs (not provided with the early eARC for review). The final release copy will also contain a cross referenced index. One thing I liked about this particular book (in addition to the healthier take on Mexican food which is a *huge* favorite in my family) is that the recipes all include the dish names in Spanish in the header. It's a simple way to learn a few words of Spanish as a bonus in additional to family friendly and tasty food. 

Four and a half stars. This is a well written book full of good recipes. It would be a good choice for public library acquisition, cookbook fans, and lovers of Mexican cuisine looking for healthier & lighter alternatives.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.
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I wasn't able to download a copy of the book through the ARC system at NetGalley. Support contacted me and offered to send me a PDF to my personal email, I agreed but never received.
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This cookbook had some really great recipes.  The recipes were easy to understand and not too complicated for the average cook.  I enjoyed the illustrations and look forward to making these recipes for years to come.
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Nice photos, good looking recipes. Many tempting dishes. The tortillas that I tried worked out great.  Lots of easy dishes.
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This cookbook is attractively packaged (illustrated). It offers a routine collection of Mexican-style recipes which do not seem to use an abundance of healthy ingredients. The recipes seem dated. The cookbook is not one I would add to my collection as a go-to Mexican cooking reference. I believe my customers would show little interest in buying the title either. I do appreciate the opportunity to preview the title via the publisher, through NetGalley.
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Mexican food doesn't have to be deep fried and oozing with cheese to be delicious! Get all the flavors you love without all of the calories. Authentic recipes for all of your favorites all from a registered dietitian!
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How many cookbooks are both heart-healthy and full of heart? Healthy Easy Mexican is just that--a jewel of a cookbook for anyone who loves Mexican food and wants to prepare authentic, boldly-flavored, and healthy Mexican dishes at home. Written by Velda de la Garza, a registered dietician of Mexican heritage, it avoids the pitfall of many cookbooks written by dieticians/nutritionists that feel like they were developed in a food lab—long on nutrients but short on flavor. That is definitely not the case here. De la Garza modifies traditional recipes (including many from family and friends) to make them healthier while increasing seasonings and vegetables to make the dishes even more zippy and robust. And she zeroes in on naturally healthy and distinctively Mexican ingredients (avocadoes, tomatillos, beans, chiles, cilantro, jicama, corn tortillas) and features them in the book’s 140 vibrant and satisfying recipes.

The recipes from the author’s own collection give the book a personal touch, and I’m particularly drawn to these de la Garza clan favorites: Salsa Ranchera; Light Red Chile Sauce; Onion and Tomato Relish; Mexican Chicken Noodle Soup; Spicy Braised Chicken; Corn Cakes; Rice with Corn and Onions; and Mexican-Style Pinto Beans. And as the granddaughter of a vaquero (Texas cowboy), de la Garza speaks with authority when talking about Cowboy Bread (although hers substitutes oil for shortening). 

Cooks short on time might want to try easy recipes like Grilled Quesadillas with Scallions and Lime; Chile Quesadillas; Chile-Lime Jicama; and Garlic-Lime Rice—all of which can be prepared in a flash. Cooks looking for something more unusual might want to try Nopalitas Salad (made with young cactus pods) or Tlalpeño Soup (named for the Tlalpeño area of Mexico City where it originated). And slow cooker devotees will want to make Pork Pernil Tacos and Chicken in Orange Sauce. Anyone who has wanted to try their hand at making Chicken Tamales (or one of two vegetarian variations of this notoriously time-consuming dish to prepare) should try de la Garza’s simpler method for cooking these. 

Healthy Easy Mexican uses common grocery store ingredients and offers advice on stocking a Mexican pantry in order to make easy yet flavorful meals. Mexican Spice Blend (a mixture of cumin seeds, black peppercorns, garlic, and water) is easy to blitz in a blender and serves as the foundation for many of the book’s recipes.  No special kitchen equipment is required to make these recipes. 

And there are other features worth noting. The book is beautifully designed with full-color illustrations of Mexican tile marking the beginnings of each section/chapter. It includes primers (also full-color) on Mexican cheeses and chiles and how to use them. De la Garza suggests mixing reduced-fat cheeses with full-fat cheese to make dishes taste richer while keeping calories in check—a great tip. Spanish names for recipes are given, which is a welcome touch. Nutritional information is included (as well as diabetic exchanges). 

The book devotes a chapter to meatless meals and suggests ways to use leftovers. Although inexpensive recipes abound, dishes that might be considered more of a splurge (especially seafood like salmon, red snapper, and swordfish) are also well represented. Many of the book’s desserts, like Fresh Papaya with Raspberry Yogurt; Mangoes and Strawberries with Cream; and Watermelon Agua Fresca feature fresh fruit. Chocolate lovers, ever mindful of their health, may want to finish their meal with Mexican Chocolate Meringues made with Abuelita chocolate. 

Mexican food is popular worldwide, and de la Garza’s fresh, healthy, and delicious take on the cuisine has the potential to make a significant and positive difference in the way that we enjoy it. In addition to being an essential book for home cooks, this is an important title for all adult general library collections and should be available in bookstore cookbook sections. It will also be valuable to nutritionists and dieticians developing menus in schools, hospitals, and retirement communities. 

Thank you to NetGalley and The Experiment for providing me free pre-publication access to this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Brilliant recipes to try typical Mexican food and not overindulge. 
The recipes are authentic with all the Mexican foods we know and love but with enough information to know what exactly we are preparing. Low calorie dishes, full of fruit and vegetables!
You can replace certain ingredients to match your preferred diet and the recipes aren’t too long. 
It’s easy to read and follow and the dishes come out colourful and yummy.
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I am now inspired to cook a little more Mexican. I was happily surprised when I first looked inside this book. There were a lot more recipes than I had anticipated, and I think this book was formatted and organized quite well. That being said, I would have liked to see a few more pictures of the recipes themselves.  Ingredients are simplified, as promised, which makes both shopping for ingredients and preparation easier. My main complaint, however, is the "healthy" aspect to this book. Ingredient substitutions and recommendations felt like the sort of thing I was reading 20 years ago (e.g. low fat/non fat substitutions). I read in one review that this is actually a refreshed version of an older book, so that is probably why. Overall a good book with a wide assortment of recipes that I would maybe adjust for nutritional preferences.
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Overall a great cookbook for those looking for lighter Mexican recipes. I really enjoyed the recipe for tomatillo salsa, and can't wait to try more. I would have liked more photos, but overall a decent book.
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I loved this beautiful cookbook. A lot of easy recipes with a lot of ingredients I typically keep in my pantry. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to make easy but delicious recipes.
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I am always looking for delicious, authentic but healthy Mexican food recipes. This book has it all. The recipes are simple and straightforward with short ingredient lists which I always appreciate. The food is low calorie and sure to please even the pickiest eater in your family.
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If this cookbook doesn’t make your stomach rumble while reading it, read it again bc clearly you were wrong. Tons of flavorful, lightened up Mexican recipes. Easy to follow directions and easy to find ingredients.
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All the recipes seem very traditional but delicious. We tried out a few of the appetizers the other day and were not disappointed! Will definitely continue to test out more recipes.
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Mexican food is so delicious! And here, in California, it is plentiful. However, everyone should try to eat healthier. In a restaurant, you may be eating foods fried in lard. If you create the same dish at home, you can control the fat and calories. So, how does the Healthy Easy Mexican cookbook achieve the healthy part? Olive or canola oil instead of lard. Low fat cheese and sour cream (and even plain Greek yogurt) replaces traditional full fat dairy. Brown and white basmati rice replace regular white rice. Taco/tostado shells and tortilla chips are baked in the oven instead of frying them. Relatively minor charges can quickly up the healthy factor in your meals.

“This cookbook shows that many of our traditional recipes can be modified to be healthier and still taste great.”

This cookbook has every recipe you will need to replicate the food common to Mexican restaurants. I will save a ton of money buying deli salsas and guacamole by using the recipes included here. There are even recipes for enchilada and chili colorado sauces included.

The Healthy Easy Mexican cookbook is a great resource for those love Mexican food but not the calories within it. Many of the recipes are innovative (i.e., Mushroom Enchiladas). Others will let you know how to use some of the exotic Mexican ingredients in your market’s international aisle. I’m already planning on making the Shrimp Rice with that dried shrimp spice I’ve always wondered about. All the recipes have full nutritional information and even diabetic exchanges. Well done! 5 stars!

Thanks to The Experiment and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.
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This cookbook claims that it has taken many traditional Mexican recipes, incorporated newer food trends, and modified them to be healthier. Some of the author's suggestions - eating more produce, using herbs and spices for flavor, limiting sodium and sugar intake, watching out for highly processed food - I agree with. Other "healthier" suggestions I found more questionable, and sometimes even contradictory. Margarine? Fat-free cheese?  However, due to the constantly changing research on nutrition and varied expert opinions, I suppose it really comes down to what you think is healthier for you, and what you want to put in your body. Luckily, it's easy to make substitutions as you see fit. 

Most of the recipes have limited, easy to find ingredients, and a fairly quick prep time. If you've ever wanted to make your own soft tortillas and/or hard taco shells, the included directions are simple to follow. I made the Mexican rice and slow cooker pork pernil tacos for my family, and they enjoyed both dishes although I did make a few modifications to the recipes. If you're comfortable using recipes as a base that you change you suit your own needs, and would like to try your hand at making some traditional Mexican sauces and dishes from scratch, this might be a recipe book that you enjoy.
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An easy to follow recipe guide that will have any lover of Mexican food ready to cook. Delicious, you an not go wrong any recipe choice in this book.
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5 stars, Totally Tasty Mexican Food

Healthy Easy Mexican by  Velda de la Garza

This cookbook would make a nice addition to your pantry shelves.  It has a nice selection of Mexican food recipes.  Here's a list of the recipe categories:

Salsas & Dips
Appetizers & Sides
Soups & Breads
Meat & Fish
Meatless Meals
Rice & Beans

All of the recipes are easy to prepare and quite tasty, too.  Nutritional information is included for all recipes.  I found some of the recipes called for boiling the tomatillos on the stove, in broth.  We roast our tomatillos, it's easy for us.  You can adapt the recipes to your liking. Highly recommend it.  Beautiful Mexican tiles, appear throughout, and probably comes complete with color photos of at least some of the recipes, but since I have an eBook copy, the photos did not show.

Warmest thanks to #netgalley for the complimentary copy of #healthyeasymexican I was under no obligation to post a review.
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