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My Hero Academia, Vol. 28

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My hero academia is just a great manga. I love where the story is going, the art, the action, and the characters.
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ARC from Netgalley.
While this Volume is intense in ramping up towards the final battle (or what I hope will be the final battle) it suffers from another manga trope: a Volume of building up with almost nothing serious happening.
Summary: Mirko and Endeavor fight the Nomu in the hospital. Shigaraki wakes up. His decay quirk starts destroying everything in sight. The heroes gather up people and themselves and get everyone out of the town as it decays. Shigaraki starts heading straight for Deku, calling Gigantomachia for backup. Heroes continue to fight Nomu, and Aizawa is essential to holding them back. Deku and Bakugo lead Shigaraki away from the refugees. Aizawa starts using his powers to keep Shigaraki away from his students. Shigaraki is about to take out Aizawa when Deku and Bakugo begin to fight him. End of Volume.
UGH... the story is good, don't get me wrong... but too drawn out.
I'll keep going.... but come on. FIGHT ALREADY!
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It has been building up to this moment, Kohei Horikoshi and his team have done it again, giving a larger-than-life battle and intense moments and situations. Volume 27 was one of the most emotional of the series but this volume had to have been the most thrilling since the Shie Hassaikai Arc beginning in Volume 14.

This Volume collects Chapters 268-276, each page was packed with action and suspense, an arc that has dire consequences for the UA Heroes and the world, while one of the main focuses was Tomura Shigaraki and All for One’s ascendance over the villain’s successor and Eraserhead, focusing on his actions and thoughts while fighting the High-Ends and Woman. Speaking of Dire Consequences, if you recall in the last volume that Miriko was fighting not only High-Ends but she attempted to stop Tomura by breaking his Life Tank, the cost? Her left arm and severe injuries, but luckily Miriko have a high pain tolerance and Endeavor to cauterize the wounds quickly. Another thing about this arc so far has been the quirks, Horikoshi has brought us a fascinating world of both Heroes and Villains and the Quirks for each character grabs the attention of the reader (especially for me in this case,) Kyudai Garaki, the Doctor who was willing to risk it all and his life for Shigaraki as he would for One For All, revealing to be a quirk called Life Force, where it allows the user to double their life span, causing them to age at a slower rate, making them look much younger than they are.

The Artwork in this volume is stellar, whether it be through the intense fight sequences between the Nomu and the heroes, or that incredibly drawn moment in Tomura’s mind where his humanity came back briefly before turning his back on it to embrace his role of becoming All For One’s Successor. From the Well-Drawn Choreographed fighting, the subtle nods to both Japanese and American Superheroes, and of course, the drama this Volume had me on the edge of my seat. it is a MUST HAVE for fans and followers of this series.
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I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about this series. It never goes exactly where I think it's going to go, and it has some of the most fascinating characters I've ever encountered.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Viz Media for a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

My Hero Academia's energy remains high in Vol. 28. The teachers and mentors shine in this volume, and readers are treated to more of MHA's characteristic spirit of teamwork and adventure. Horikoshi's art is fluid and dynamic, but at times, the use of speed lines makes the art a little difficult to make out. There were times that I wished the lettering was a little more organic and had more of a hand drawn quality to complement the art, but I understand the limitations of the localization pipeline (tight deadlines, heavy workload, etc), and overall, John Hunt's lettering is fantastic.
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Like always MHA delivers a fun and very entertaining story!! This truly is on of my top 5 manga series ever! So glad I got to read this one already! Downer... will be even longer before the next one officially came out!
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Holy shit, that was intense.

The current arc is action packed. Every hero, well known and new, are coming out to fight the main villain and I'm seriously worried about my faves.

This manga series has been slowly building towards something, and to be honest, I didn't know where it was leading but this storyline has not disappointed.

It feels like it's coming to an end, which I hope it's not, but after (hopefully) defeating Shigaraki where will the manga lead? I'm excited to see how it will progress.

Thanks to Net Galley for providing me with an arc in exchange for an honest review.
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