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Komi Can't Communicate, Vol. 13

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This was a great continuation to the series. It is a fun and easy read. I can't wait to see who Komi makes friends with next.
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This manga is really starting to settle into it's groove.  The gimmick isn't petering out, the characters don't feel stagnant, and the series doesn't feel like it is being unnecessarily stretched out. 
 A volume that shows what a kind person Komi is and shows the benefits she has gotten from working so had with Tadno to make friends.  The arc with Rei is super heartwarming and I like the glimpse into more of Komi's family dynamics and the end of her visit with Komi is very satisfying.  The horror movie arc is more silly, but there are some nice Tadano moments and I love meeting the Katai family!
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As of Volume 13, the series is well into its main story line, having developed many of the characters and moving the story along at a well deserved pace.

Also, as the story progresses and more characters are introduced, some of the earlier characters that made me uncomfortable are getting less "screen" time (Ren Yamai is really inappropriate. Like extremely so. She needs to leave the series entirely). While the series feels slow at times and you want Komi and Tadanos relationship to progress more quickly, it wouldn't feel deserved. 

I have really enjoyed seeing more of the Komi and Tadano's home lives as the series has progressed. I think their siblings relationship is by far my favourite thing about the series! All the little scenes with Hitomi and Shousuke are something I look forward to. The entire dynamic between the two families is super cute. Really looking forward to seeing how the series progresses down the line and if Komi can get her 100 friends.
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Another great installment to the series! I love all the silly summer shenanigans everyone gets up to in this volume. I also CRAVE Komi and Tadano time spent together. Though, I'm starting to get real impatient because this romance is a super slow burn. Still, it's sweet and makes me excited to read the next volume.
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Another solid installment in the Komi series! I loved how much we get to see Shoko speak with her voice in this particular volume.  I also love the look at social anxiety in other characters, as it truly looks different for everyone.  Some have communication disorders out of choice, and others from paralyzing fear like Komi. 
I also love that we see Komi and Todano both wanting to take the next step, but they don't know how. It's sweet.
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