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Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 13

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The main battle begins!
After the other Z-Fighters fight against the escaped prisoners, Moro descends to the ground. Powering up Saganbo, it looks like Krillin and Piccolo may lose, when Goku returns to Earth. Using his new technique of Ultra Instinct -Sign-, Goku defeats him and then is able to stand toe to toe with Moro, who starts testing him. Both power to full and fight hard.
Vegeta senses that Goku needs help, so he quickly demands that he be taught Instant Transmission from the teachers on Yardrat. Mastering it faster than anyone before, Vegeta goes to Earth, and begins his fight against Moro.... next time...
DBS is a "get what you expect" fighting manga. I still love it after all this time.
Can't wait to see Moro defeated.
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My 10 yr old was so excited to get to read this book early. He loves Dragon Ball and already has a collection of volumes. Needless to say this one was another that he really enjoyed and will be asking for Christmas to add to his growing collection.
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