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I wa extremely lost on this book. There didn't seem to be any connection frame to frame. It seemed based on a story the reader was supposed to know beforehand.  The illustration wasn't to my liking either. It never changed from shades of orange and white.
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An astounding visual language here from Ba, and a great Afrofuturist story. I’ve been lucky enough to read the whole thing, and I’d highly recommend picking up the entire graphic novel - that’s all I’ll say. :)
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The art style of this book is really unique, which is always great for a graphic novel. The character design really stands out, and I liked it a lot! The book was obvious with its intention to weave elements of culture into the story, and I appreciated what was there. It's nerdy to say but I thought the foreign words were beautiful lol, I love language.

My only issue was that it was hard to get into the story because the worldbuilding was confusing. There was ancient tradition mixed with modern concepts and yet apparently an apocalyptic backdrop? It was a challenge to handle all of that plus take in the unique cultural ideas that were paramount for understanding the story. All in all, a lot to process, but manageable. I'd absolutely read the full version!
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Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a (partial?) digital ARC of this graphic novel in exchange for an honest review.

It's difficult for me to rate/review this fully, because the copy provided to me appears to only be a sneak peek. It bothers me a little that I can't rate based on the entire book and thus feel like this may be a bit of a misleading review. In any case, the 28 pages I was provided was an interesting take on folklore. I think this is my first Senegalese graphic novel, and I really liked the striking, bold art. Lots of blacks, lots of reds, and very bold lines.

The story was a little confusing to follow, especially considering the short preview I received. You're dumped straight in the middle of the story, and much like Mansou, have to find your own way. There's a brief page or two of exposition at the beginning, talking about a wizard who brought the apocalypse down and sealed himself in his ivory tower, and then we're straight in the thick of it. I found it rather confusing to follow though, even with the inclusion of side notes and clarifications by the author in-line. It didn't help that the digital copy was blurry and hard to read as well (no stars removed for the technical details, as it doesn't matter to the average reader).

In short, an intriguing but a little confusing glimpse into a post apocalyptic fantasy/sci fi world using folklore as the framework for a new story.
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*three and a half stars

this was really cool in the way that the art was graphic and expressive through telling a story with a familiar plot, but unfamiliar (to many) foundation. it's very much epic and has a multitude of interesting aspects -- from design down to the woven in folklore. storywise it has a very solid fable setup which I think all of that and everything inbetween. there was definitely some heaviness in terms of how much you had to absorb, but I think that's easily overcome if you're truly interested in what djeliya and ba have to offer. 

I LOVE that he decided to provide translations on-page and that the red of it fit in with this awesomely saturated colour scheme. speaking of love: my favourite was definitely, undeniably awa. half because she's simply a babe and half because, while I wouldn't call this character-heavy (in the way most fables are), I just thought every aspect we were given of her was cool. look forward to her if you give this one a go. also ba's growth out of 2000s cartoon network is so apparent and wonderful, I think anyone who loved those cartoons will for sure get an extra kick out of this art. 

now I didn't have this portion in my review on goodreads because this was (hopefully) just a preview issue, but I've had the same problem as everyone else. the pixelation is awful in the netgalley view -- to the point the story is distorted beyond real recognition. thankfully, the version the publisher sent out is of a quality I could fully read this, but honestly, it was still fuzzy enough I wonder if I enjoyed it to the full extent I could. hopefully this isn't an issue for the real comic because I did enjoy it even with the visual issues.
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Thank you to NetGalley and TKO Studios for providing this early sneak peek of Djeliya.
As readers, we are thrown into this world with some narration but are largely left to fend for ourselves, just like Djeliya. The beginning is fast-paced and is a great introduction to this world that, I can only assume, gets expanded and utilized as the story progresses.
One thing that stands out above all the rest is the art. The color palette is limited, but the bold use of black shapes gives Djeliya a sinister vibe, and in combination with vibrant hues, makes it visually unique and absolutely stunning.
This book is for readers who appreciate a fast-paced plot, attentive world-building, and a spin on the superhero comic book genre.
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Review for the preview - Charming story in graphic novel format. I enjoyed the art and the story but I, too, had difficulties with the quality of the upload. No stars removed for this, it's obviously a technical issue and not an issue with the book itself.
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I really wanted to read this excerpt but the text was super blurry on all my devices. It may not be the case on a physical book. I was intrigued by the description and wanted to read it because I have not come across many Senegalese Graphic Novels.
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I've struggled to write this, but I'm not exactly sure what to say. Upon receiving this it appears to be a sample of the book, only 28 pages long. 

A blend of old folklore and new world, that seemed interesting.
I enjoyed  the coloring and art style, but found the story confusing to follow.

Neutral rating left. Didn't feel there was enough material to say more. 

**Thank you to TKO Studios and NetGallery for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. **
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This is a post-apocalyptic fantasy story based on West-African folklore. The world is a wasteland in which everyone who remains is trying to survive and some want to secure a position of power. We follow our hero and heroine on their journey to the evil wizard tower as they face adventures and their pasts.

I was a little bit lost at first, but I often am in graphic novels, especially ones based in fantasy worlds. But the very clean layout and the wonderful characters made it easier and easier to follow the story and connect with the world and the story as the book went on. I LOVED the linework and the colors, so beautiful and distinct! The art gave me 90s cartoons flashbacks and made me so nostalgic, wonderful! The story, though, that is much more complex and beautiful and diverse and interesting than any of those 90s cartoon-network shows could have ever dreamed to be!

The folklore inspiration makes this so unique and interesting and I loved it a lot. The overall plot was a little too straight forward for me, but as this is targeted towards a YA audience I think it is fitting. If you like post-apocalyptic/dystopian stories and graphic novels, I would definitely recommend this one!

ARC kindly provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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i liked this a lot! everything from the art to the storyline to the characters was done really well, but what i loved the most was the west african setting and having the story being based on west african folklore was truly magnificent to see translate into art panels. the art style was expressive and the color scheme fit really get with the aura of the graphic novel. i enjoyed this so much!

— thanks to netgalley and the publisher for providing me with the digital arc in exchange for an honest review!
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The copy I received was incomplete (it had only 28 pages) and was in such a bad condition (very pixelated pdf) that it is impossible to 1) judge the storyline and 2) judge the art style. The parts I could read sounded interesting and I would have liked to be able to fully read and experience this graphic novel. 

Since I need to give a star rating on here I will give it a rating of 5 stars believing that the interest that was sparked would have been confirmed while reading the whole thing. Obviously take this with a big grain of salt. 

I will not post a Goodreads review since this could distort how this book is received when it comes out.
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2.5/5 Liked the art and representation. 

I read this through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. The PDF/e-book I was given was a bit blurry and was only 28 pages so I cannot speak for the full book so I rated up. What I could make out I enjoyed and I wish I had gotten a preview with a little more of the action.  I love the art in this and may pick up a full copy in the future.
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I really liked this preview, I found it really interesting, but adventure was starting when it ended. I hope I can read the complete version soon.
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Review is for a short preview and will be update when I can get a copy of the full book.

I enjoyed the premise and style of this book but the action sequences were a bit hard to follow either due to the art style or just it not really fitting the format (some graphic novels are readable digitally without losing the page setup/formatting and some aren't, this one is very much not). The story so far was enough that I'm curious to see the rest, despite it not really working in this format (I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for a physical copy so I can read it properly and would recommend interested readers do the same).
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These opinions come from reading the review copy which was 28 pages including cover, publishing info, and title page. Unfortunately, the file I downloaded was also not the highest quality. Regardless, the art style is expressive and can easily portray a strong, tall, stoic figure then shift to jokers. The character design is eye catching and matches the personality presented in these first pages. I love the fantasy elements and how they combine with West African lore. I'm very interested in reading more.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I got access to only  28 pages of this book and I got hooked from the start to the story . It was interesting but it ended when the real adventures started. Nice art that makes the story more captivating to follow.
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While the introductory reading sample was blurry, pixelated, and difficult to read, it’s clear that Djeliya is a vibrant story with rich characters and stunning illustrations.
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I Reviewed a sneakpeak copy made available by the publisher via Netgalley - Thank you very much for that.

I could only access the first 28 pages, hence the limited span of my review..
But I can say that the kind of illustration in that graphic novel is abstract in a way, that the color schemes, lineart and characters seem kind of off, but it‘s what makes the graphic novel so charming because it really fits into that Afrofuturistic folklore-ish vibes, that book is spreading.
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I love the mythic feel of this book, and the colorful and well-illustrated pages capture the reader's eye. I would be glad to read beyond this preview and recommend this title to others.
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