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I'm So (Not) Over You

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The dialogue in this just did not work for me. Nothing felt like it sounded like it would ever come out of someone's mouth, and the love interest did. not seem attractive to me in terms of personality.

However, that's a very "me" issue so that shouldn't stop anyone from checking it out!
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An absolute and utter delight. This is a highly recommended first purchase for all collections, particularly where romance is popular.
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Adorable, and fun romp about love heartbreak and all the foolish choices we make. Cute book, well worth the read.
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An absolutely delightful debut romcom. This book is funny and sexy and you will love Hudson and Kian (and their supporting cast). I particularly appreciated the variety of locations in this book. Our main characters live in Boston but are both from the south (Georgia and North Carolina) and Jackson does a great job of showing us how where they're from affects who they are in Boston. I loved that this book deals with giant socio-economic differences in a relationship and feeling like you come from two completely different worlds (Hudson's family owns a multi-billion dollar business, Kian grew up middle class). Add to that crackling banter and steamy chemistry and you have a very, very good debut.
This book is a delight and I look forward to more books from Jackson.
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Twentysomething Kian is doing his best to get over his ex, when the man in question tracks him down with a proposition: pretend they're still together at a family wedding, and Hudson will help Kian get a coveted job in investigative journalism. Kian reluctantly agrees, but wonders if he's made a mistake as they travel to Hudson's home in Georgia and it's obvious there's still a spark between them.

This book had a lot of things going for it, including great chemistry between Kian and Hudson, but it just didn't quite hold together. There were some story problems (no spoilers, but for example, we never find out why Hudson broke up with Kian in the first place). Subplots were set up but never resolved. It just didn't feel quite finished. Hopefully Jackson will figure some of this out before the book officially releases.

Thanks to Netgalley, the publisher, and the author for the ARC to review. All opinions are my own.
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