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A “humming” noise which affects the population by making them run and run and run.  Which is exactly what this book did!  It took ages to read because I found I’d rather do something, anything else than pick it up.  Was it horror, sci fi, thriller?  It couldn’t seem to make its mind up and neither could I.  I like J D Barker’s books but not so much when he works with others so will give those types a miss in future.  Also there are other words available besides “went”!  After the first few I couldn’t help looking for more and wasn’t disappointed.  It’s a shame because the description was good and so was the cover.
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I have always loved J.D Barker titles and enjoyed his previous book co-written with James Patterson so I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to read something new by the 2 authors.

I was immediately drawn in by the premise of ‘The Noise’. A whole town seemed to have disappeared leaving behind only 2 little girls and a dog. Tennant didn’t seem badly affected by what had happened but Sophie had turned into something else. She seemed possessed. I was hooked!

This turned out to be a deviation from my usual kind of read. I can’t resist a good thriller but this is my first time delving into science fiction. The story was captivating and it read quite like a movie. I did feel like it was too long though and almost lost interest at some point because it felt like the plot was getting repetitive. However, I was curious enough to keep reading until the end. The storyline is quite creative and the pacing is great. I think fans of sci-fi, dystopian, apocalyptic reads will especially enjoy this one.
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I would like to thank Mr. Barker, Mr. Patterson and of course NetGalley, for the ARC of this thrilling novel set for release in mid-August. My review is strictly my own thoughts and opinions.

The novel centers around two young girls Tennant (16) and Sophie Riggin (8). They are 4th generation survivalists living in small village on Mt. Hood, Oregon. While out checking their traps, they hear an ear-piercing "noise" and are rushed off by their dad and placed in an underground cellar. When they are able to leave the bunker, they find complete devastation. What has caused this? As people in Oregon are becoming infected, a team of scientists from all different backgrounds is quickly assembled to try to figure out what is happening.

This was a very intense novel that had me guessing the entire time. As a voracious reader of the Thriller genre, I pride myself on predicting the outcome of most novels. This one had me guessing the entire time and the moment I had something figured out, the story switched gears and I was guessing again. A must-read for any J.D. Barker or James Patterson fan.
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Let me begin by saying I am a huge fan of Michael Crichton’s books, thrillers that add that *Chefs Kiss* Sci-Fi element I love so much about his writing, which kept me coming back for more. 

THE NOISE, by James Patterson & J.D. Barker, is a mixture of Thriller, Sci-Fi, and a dash of menacing Horror found when reading Barker’s books (Yes!).

As you dive into the story, you are immediately pulled into a scene wherein two sisters, eight-year-old Sophie and sixteen-year-old Tennant; while checking rabbit traps in the forest, are overcome by a deafening crescendo of screams. 

As the novel progresses, tension builds as the need-to-know drives the narrative forward. Each chapter divulges speculation in a piecemeal fashion that keeps this reader yearning for the reveal—What is causing THE NOISE?

Unfortunately, without giving too much away, I’m left with more questions than answers regarding how certain scenes play out and the relation to the storyline as a whole, making plausibility a factor in the plot progressing—by this, I’m not referring to the suspension of disbelief regarding fictional elements. 

Though this book did not tick off all the boxes for me, I can’t wait to read what Patterson and Barker come up with next.

Thank you, NetGalley and Little, Brown, and Company (Hachette Book Group, Inc.), for providing me with an eBook of THE NOISE at the request of an honest review.
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I am a Patterson fan but this book was not my favorite.  It is a sci fi thriller and not very relatable.  I understand that there are many government things that we do not understand but this is extreme and out there.  Usually, I read a Patterson book in two days but this was a struggle to get through in a week.  I do not recommend this book.
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For years, the area I live in (Windsor, Ontario) was dealing with a hum. It could be heard as a constant undercurrent of noise that was extremely annoying and at times, down right aggravating. It was finally figured out where it was coming from and eliminated. This story intrigued me, although their noise was a lot worse. 16-year-old Tennant and her 8-year-old sister Sophie live in a forest community with her parents and about 100 others in the shadow of Mount Hood. One day while out checking rabbit traps, they hear screams, feel a huge vibration, then a high pitched noise. There father grabs them and throws them into a storm cellar slamming the door. Tennant had wax in her ears to block the sound of injured rabbits, so she wasn't affected, but Sophie was. When they came to, Sophie has blood seeping from her ears, eyes and noise and she has developed some superhuman strength. She attacks Tennant, but she is eventually able to restrain her. When they go back above ground what they find is horrifying. Everyone is gone, some tramples, some have fallen down a crevice and others have disappeared. The government begins an exhaustive investigation, but as a hoard of people move toward large towns like zombies and others join along the way, they seem to be running out of time.

So, my reactions are mixed reactions on this one. I am not a horror or Sci Fi fan, but I did get hooked on the unique spin on the impending catastrophe. The story was well paced and I was cheering for the sisters and our main protagonist, Martha, a doctor. But the ending fell short for me. I didn't really understand the final explanations surrounding the "noise" and the conclusion felt rushed. I actually listened to it three times, thinking I missed something. Of course there was a lot of loss of life and a government cover up so citizens would be lulled into returning to their safe, contented life. I know I am probably an outlier, but this book is not one I will be recommending.
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I really enjoy reading books where JD Barker and James Patterson write together. I enjoy both of their books on their own, and together is even better.

This book is full of action and suspense right from the very beginning. The pace is quick throughout the book which left me turning pages quickly to see what would happen next.
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I will admit it took me so long to get into this book. I must have picked it up at least a dozen times but couldn't make it more than half way through. The premise was very compelling, however, the military/government conspiracy plot line wasn't working for me. 

And then I found the audiobook. 

I listened intently to the entirety of The Noise in two days. I couldn't stop. With a full cast giving me that immersive experience I needed I finally found my medium and I was hooked from start to finish. 

Fast paced, great characters and a uniquely terrifying plot makes The Noise a big win for me. I'm so happy I kept pushing myself!
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The Noise is a science fiction thriller, a collaboration between two acclaimed authors. James Patterson and J.D. Barker have expounded on the idea that the digital age has taken over. A sixteen year old girl and her eight year old sister become thrust into the middle of a world to which they have not been a part of in any meaningful way. What is the overwhelming noise that has tried to invade the far recesses of their minds? How can they escape it?

Science fiction is supposed to be a glimpse into a possible future, far fetched ideas that are not too far off from reality. This book definitely is implausible, but the main core of the story reads more like a cautionary tale. The science is a little lighthanded, with some details definitely glossed over, but the story is entertaining in its own way. The biggest issue with the book is that it is repetitive and choppy. There are too many characters going in their own directions, resulting in a lack of cohesiveness. For these reasons, I would hesitate to recommend it to other readers.

Disclaimer: I was given an Advanced Reader's Copy of The Noise by NetGalley and the publisher, Little, Brown and Company. The decision to read and review this book was entirely my own.
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Teenage Tennant and her 8-year-old sister Sophie come from a long line of mountain-dwelling survivalists. While out checking rabbit traps, a low hum quickly turns into a deafening roar with no obvious source. As the sound grows ever louder, Tennant and Sophie are thrown into a storm cellar by their father. Not far away, a team of scientists, doctors, and government officials are gathered to answer three questions: What is the noise? Where did it come from? and most importantly, how do we stop it?

The story is shown through multiple points of view, starting with Tennant, Doctor Martha Chan, and Lieutenant-Colonel Fraser. There's not much that can be shared without the risk of spoilers. The character development is well laid out, though I didn't feel that there was much depth to any specific character. They seemed surface-level. The book also has graphic descriptions of gore, which I loved, but if that isn't for you, stay clear. If you want a story that's immersive, accessible, fast paced, and not to much of a thinker, this one's for you.
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The Noise by James Patterson and JD Barker was an uncomfortable the best possible way! This tale of 2 young sisters, Tennant and Sophie, who somehow survive some kind of disaster (natural? man made? no one knows)  is one of the most original and frightening books I've read. The sisters live with their survivalist parents somewhere in Oregon in a small village. One day, their dad shoves them in a cellar and then they hear the loudest shaking and rumbling of the earth. They are not sure what happened. Once the noise stops, Sophie, the younger sister,  is acting really weird. When they come up out of the underground shelter the earth and all the people have been flattened. 
At the same time, Martha Chan, a doctor, is flown by the government to this site to try to figure out what happened. The military has set up camp near the area and she must follow their orders. She does not like this at all and isn't sure who to trust. 
Please read this book! It gave me the same sense of dread I felt while reading Birdbox. I even had nightmares about certain parts of the story and woke up thankful it was just a dream! JD Barker's books always leave me feeling unsettled and I like it!  Thanks to the publisher and Net Galley for the advanced copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
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Thank you Netgalley, the publisher and James Patterson and J.D.Barker
I have read James Patterson for years and love his work. I have also read J. D. Barker and lov3 his work.
Together they smash it. 
Once you start this novel you cannot put it down, a true page turner.
Please continue writing together, you both are phenomenal.
5 glowing stars
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This thrilling collaboration between J.D. Barker and James Patterson had me riveted from the first paragraph until the unexpected, horrifying, and utterly satisfying end. Make sure you read this on a free day because you won't want to stop.
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The Noise by James Patterson is very thought provoking.  If you  think Covid-19 is something to deal with, wait until you read this.
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Sisters Tennant and Sophie live in an isolated community in the mountains, while outside checking rabbit traps, when their fathers pushed them into a trapdoor.  When they resurface, the whole community has disappeared.  FBI and other specialists are brought in to figure out what the incident that occurred was.
More sci-fi horror than crime that I would normally read.  I did struggle with the plot and length of the book but an interesting plot.
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This was a brilliant fast-paced read.
Paranormal? Scientific? Disease? something is affecting mass populations in a wave of destruction across multiple towns.
Somewhat convoluted in parts with a rather abrupt end, this was still an action-packed enjoyable read.
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Barker and Patterson are back with The Noise (The Coast-to-Coast Murders was excellent).

Something is causing a massively serious problems on the West of the United States. The story moves along taking the story from different viewpoints and parts of this are an echo of Dean Koontz and the superb Watchers.  There are also some nice touches until the reveal as to what is actually happening.

The decision needed to be made towards the end by those needing to make it was an impossible one.

The conclusion left me wanting more and after finishing this I felt that this was a theme that seemed to run throughout the story, I just wanted less build up and more back story.  However, this was still very good read.

Thank you NetGalley for the ARC in return for an impartial review.
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This book was very fast paced and captivating.   You just can’t stop reading.  All elements combined make for a multilayered thriller.  
Many thanks to Little Brown and Company and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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This was my first James Patterson book, and I wanted to give it a try because I was intrigued by the pairing with J.D. Barker. Horror and the paranormal are my go-to genres. The story moved like a speeding train, which I loved, and I imagine that's the James Patterson brand.

I couldn't wait to continue reading for the plot. I would have given this four or five stars if it had better character development and a more satisfying ending. I would have liked a deeper connection with Martha and Fraser, especially. And of all the possible causes for The Noise, the conclusion was, for me, the least intriguing of the possibilities.
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Great plot, shame about the paper thin characters. This was an overdue ARC from netgalley, picked up on a whim, but for me it didn't make good on what seemed like an interesting premise. The characters where just tools of the plot not the other way round and in some cases I had no more idea of who they where at the end as at the beginning and the ones I did know seemed just too unremarkable to hold my interest.
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