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I absolutely loved the scientific explanation of how different foods interact in the refrigerator.  I learned how fruits and vegetables ripened at different rates based on their placement in the refrigerator.  The explanations were clear and concise.
The photography was inspirational.  Every person may not have the funds to purchase all of the same storage containers but the book shows ways to economically organize your refrigerator contents.
I would highly recommend this book to someone who has a love for organizing or someone who is just starting out in life.
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This book felt like a cross between being shamed for wanting a different refrigerator and a refrigerator model book. It had some helpful pieces in it that talked about how to organize a fridge in different ways you can utilize your fridge. I honestly could care less in an organizational book to read about how a refrigerator works or to feel shame for not wanting to keep a small fridge and preferring something bigger.
I did find a lot of decent organizational tips and I plan on trying some of them out. The pictures were amazing I loved having a visual of how she set up different refrigerators in different types of fridge organizations. It's a very technical book.
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Surfant sur la tendance, ce livre est d'une aide coloré et une source de tips utiles pour organiser son frigo.
J'ai apprécié cette lecture et en est retenu tout pleins d'idées fonctionnelles pour ma cuisine.
Très bien expliqué ,pas lourd visuellement ce qui permet une lecture fluide et agréable et des belles photos pour accompagner les articles.
Je le conseil +++
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This book was just meh for me.  I love a good organizing guide, even if it’s mostly stuff I’ve heard before, but this one was just really unoriginal overall.
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A very practical book about how to best keep your food in your fridge fresh. The pictures are eye-catching. It is almost part technical manual, part recipe book, and part instagram.

This might be a fun gift book for a young couple or young person starting out on his/her own. As a middle aged woman, I didn't find much in there I didn't already know, but it was a very pretty book. I don't think I would use many of the recipes, but some people might like them.

Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC of this book.
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I learned SO much from this book! I am no expert on how to store certain foods to prolong their use in my kitchen, but this book is helping me work my way there. I really like how this makes me feel more competent in the kitchen by helping me organize everything in a healthy manner. Thank you to NetGalley and Mariner Books (formerly HMH Books) for a copy of this book for an honest review.
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Book received for free through NetGalley.

I meant to review this book sooner but I got bogged down by the first part of the book as it offered so much information and I never even got to the storage guide or recipes yet. This book is amazing! Even ignoring the recipes I can see this being the perfect reference guide that you go back to time and time again. The images are incredibly brilliant and perfect. So glad I came across this book and I haven't even finished it... yet.
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I really enjoyed the Tips and scientific info on the best way to store foods to prevent waste especially for berries as I struggle the most with keeping those fresh!
This book is great for anyone looking to organize their fridge for high nutrient use or to just be more intentional in your fridge organization.
I recently reorganized our pantry and I’m so excited to start on our fridge as well thanks to Fridge Love! 
She encourages being patient with this process and coming into it knowing that it will take time and practice to get better. The author encourages you to be happy and utilize the fridge you have now-if it works then it’s fine! No need to buy a new fancy fridge to take part in fridge love.

She also Helps you identify your goals for your fridge organization with 4 different “types” understanding that everyone’s goal and wants/needs with their fridge will be different. 
I chose the “The Fresh Fridge” because I want to eat more fresh produce while still maintaining some processed foods (like our vegan prepacked dinners). But I don’t want to meal prep for a whole week. This method will encourage eating more fruits and veggies while helping me learn how to make them last longer!
Talks about the air flow, temperature, and more “technical things” your fridge has (I skimmed most of this as it was very info heavy). This comes in handy when talking about how to organize. 
Nice to see Eco friendly solutions for storage including silicone bags and cloth covers instead of plastic bags. I definitely have been wanting to use less plastic so glad to have these suggestions to try!

Overall very helpful tips for organizing your fridge and extending the shelf life of your food ☺️
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We recently bought a house that came with a new fridge and I hate it, but it's a pandemic and it feels silly to buy a new one just because I don't like the design of my current one (side by side), so I was very excited to read this book and it didn't disappoint. 

There are so many gorgeous photos of well organized fridges. I appreciate how the author talks about buying produce in season and how to buy the freshest ingredients before moving onto preparing them for storage in your fridge. Her usage of glass jars and storage containers makes a lot of sense - things are visible and it cuts down on environmental waste. She encourages the reader to use what they buy, helping you to waste less and save money. There are loads of delicious, healthy recipes at the back of the book which I liked immensely, since the author is a Nutritarian. It means she follows the diet in the book “Eat to Live” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman which is mainly plant-based, gluten-free, low in salt, and fat..
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If you need a major fridge overhaul, pick up this book. If you get lost in a spiral of organization photos and videos on Instagram, pick up this book. There are lots of great tips for not only making your fridge aesthetically pleasing, but efficiently laid out, and suited to your lifestyle. You'll find tips for ensuring your food stays fresh longer, that your fridge is cooling properly and effectively, and that you'll minimize food waste by actually using what's inside.

I appreciated that the author stressed not running out and buying a new fridge to solve your problems, that what is suggested can be achieved in most any fridge! 

I found some helpful tips to use, but the scope was maybe more than I personally will use or tackle myself. 

Thank you for the chance to read and review this title!
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This was such an aesthetic book to read. Loved the pictures, which definitely inspired me to look for ways to be better at organizing my fridge. It's amazing how there's a science to it, and was to keep your food as fresh as possible and being efficient with fridge space. Even if you don't plan on doing a whole fridge makeover, it provides a lot of good tips and insights that you'll always keep in mind whenever filling your fridge with new grocery items!
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I was immediately enticed by the title and the photos on the front cover because who doesn't yearn for a better organized refrigerator? Yet, I found it hard to approach this book as there was a certain amount of guilt involved and a certain amount of self-reflection. Not pretty!
This is a book I'd give to someone starting out on their own, or to a couple just starting life together. This is the time for forming good habits. So, as a gift, thumbs up!
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Loved this book because it helped me understand better how to organise my fridge in order to avoid waste but what happens to produce when it's kept in the fridge or out of it and why it's best to keep some products in or out of the fridge. The recipes are simple and interesting.
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I thought this book would simply be about organizing ones fridge, but it was so much more!
Author Kristen Hong does discuss organizing the fridge and categorizing your fridges contents, but she also discusses the history of refrigeration, how to prep and store all of your fruits and veggies, gives a basic run-down of the nutritarian diet and also includes a bunch of yummy vegan recipes! This was unexpected and very much appreciated.
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Hong takes an in-depth look at the refrigerator, including historical roots and how to adjust your settings, to give practical advice on organizing your home fridge. This is definitely aspirational--lots of photos of perfectly clean fridges with identical jars and containers, plus her smiling family enjoying the food from sad containers--but has useful tips, too. She covers shopping, prepping, chopping, and making your fridge work for you and your family. Plus interesting recipes.
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So A+ to the author for embracing her love of fridges - although I did find the history of refrigerators a complete snorefest. However, she should also get an A+ for ideas on extending fruits and veggies and how to pair them together and mason jar storage ideas. The only issue is that I'm in a rental so I don't have the ability nor would I want to buy a ton of fridges. You need space, like lots of it, to accomplish what she has done. I guess this helps people to have aspirational future home buying goals to get a place with multiple fridges or the ability to install extra ones. Also from a practical standpoint, I'm still not sold on the benefit of spending sooo-o much time on this endeavor when you have only one fridge. I'm single and still couldn't find enough room with the storage items to fit everything in.   However, I love that this book was written and someone actually focused on this subject!
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I have mixed feelings while reading this because a part of my idolization of the perfect fridge, as part of my want for a perfect life. Having grown up in chaos, the want for something like this is not uncommon. But in reality, it is unattainable to most people. Even the guidance given in this book isn't enough to make it feasible for most people. Whether due to money or due to a lack of spoons.
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I just love this book. There's something immensely satisfying about an orderly, colourful fridge. Definitely inspired me to utilise my many glass jars to display fresh fruit and veg in appetising ready-to-snack-on ways.

I also valued the technical lesson on how a fridge basically works (useful if you want to prolong the shelf-life of your produce), as well as the lovely vegan recipes at the end. But most of all, of course, I loved the suggestions on how to make my fridge look like the beautiful photos.
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Take your fridge organization to the next level.. Kristen Hong will teach you about how to make the most out of your food. Detailed explanations of how to best utilize each section of your fridge and freezer, meal prep guidance, best practices (storage, life span, prep tips) for a huge variety of foods and over 100 plant-based recipes.
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I have to admit I was really drawn to the cover of this book, although over all I have mixed feelings about the book. The pictures are beautiful and some of the concepts I was really onboard with. I definitely want to make more sustainable changes in order to reduce food waste and learning that the average American home wastes $1,800 dollars per year is quite a shock. I unfortunately wasn't really interested in the history of the fridge, or the different ways that air flows around a fridge (although, saying that, it may come in useful to know not to store produce within 4 inches of the back of the fridge to allow airflow....). Some of the recipes felt quite basic but some were also really sensible and easy ways to introduce much more fresh fruit and veg into a meal. I will definitely try some of the overnight oats, hummus and broth recipes! If you are a Marie Kondo fan and want to take your organisation to the next level, maybe this is the right book for you.
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